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Monday, February 8, 2010

Dear LD, a perspective of the last candidate forum.

At the Cleveland candidate forum a question concerning the unit system for Liberty County was presented to all candidates for Precinct 2. The question was: "Are you familiar with the unit system and if so, what are the advantages and disadvantages"?

Precinct 2 Commissioner Lee Groce, the incumbent, answered that he was familiar with the unit system and began to list the advantages. A more efficient system, greater accountability, better distribution of manpower and equipment, and one appointed engineer to manage the road and bridge maintenance. The only drawback was that the residents of each precinct would lose control of how roads and bridges, mowing and other maintenance would be handled. Excuse me, but the only one losing control by the unit system plan would be the Commissioner of that precinct. His "POWER" would not be as great and he is the one that would lose control. That is the main reason we
have not been able to get the unit system implemented in Liberty County.

The other candidates followed suit with their answers and echoed Mr. Groce's comments showing that they were just following his lead. This is one of the reasons Mr. Groce has stayed in power all these years, by keeping Precinct 2 residents convinced that he is the only one that can get things done.

Marcus Brand was the only candidate to answer that he would have to research the power loss of the residents and then weigh that information into any decisions.

No precinct of Liberty County would be denied any maintenance. It would simply be handled by the Road & Bridge Department engineer in a more fair & efficient manner. The County judge and commissioners would & should simply become the Board of Directors for Liberty County. This will reduce the possibility of corruption and hopefully portray Liberty County in a more positive light.


Anonymous said...

Debar Medina will be at the Lonesome Dove 1127 fm 2025 @ 6pm I think she should be the Republican you should support.

Anonymous said...

Where is the Lonesome Dove. What town?

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Did you not mean "Debra Medina?"