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Thursday, February 11, 2010

*Pervert Texas Attorney, John Stewart Fason - Harris County Sheriff Department Mugshot

In the last two years, convicted of exposing his sexual organ to College Coeds at Rice University in downtown Houston, John Stewart Fason has practiced in Harris County and surrounding counties in the State of Texas.  Fason has complaints against him as he has allegedly used theft, fraud, blackmail, intimidation, lies, extortion, and misrepresentation to get people and has caused himself and his clients to be sued by this behavior.  If you become his client there is a good chance you will be sued by his illegal actions or even criminally indicted.

At this point we are awaiting a statement from the Chief Legal Disciplinary Counsel for the Texas State Bar. We are awaiting a statement concerning the securities fraud of Fason and local courts, attorneys and the indecent exposure conviction of Attorney John Stewart Fason.

Update: John Stewart Fason has a special relationship with the Texas State Bar.  Because of his special relationship with the Texas State Bar he has been able to keep his bar license.  John Fason shows us how the Texas State Bar has been infiltrated by sexual deviants able to practice law in Texas.  The bar in Texas is not a model for any state when they allow people like Fason to practice law in Texas, who knows what else they are allowing.  The Texas State bar appears corrupt and wholly ineffective. A TEXAS CONVICTED PERVERT, PRACTICING LAW IN THE STATE OF TEXAS. 

John S. Fason Texas State Bar listing and photo link

Notice on his Texas State Bar link the corrupt coverup by The Texas Bar stating: "No Public Disciplinary History" after he after he was found guilty of showing his penis to college coeds at Rice University. -OUTRAGEOUS- Proof the Texas State Bar is in fact corrupt!

Corrupt criminal pervert freak as approved by the Texas State Bar!

State Bar of Texas President, Mr. Buck Files
State Bar of Texas
Texas Law Center
1414 Colorado Street
Austin, Texas 78701

Main phone: 512.427.1463
Toll free: 800.204.2222
Main fax: 512.427.4100

Current photo of John Stewart Fason
John Fason Texas Attorney web links: and

Don't get suckered into Fason's rigged online reviews all a front to hide his his sicko perverted acts. Report this pervert to the Texas State Bar, let the bar know they shouldn't allow perverts like this to practice law in Texas or any state.


Anonymous said...

"The Receiver named in this order is also hereby appointed Master in Chancery under
Rule 171, Texas Rules of Civil Procedure, and shall have and exercise the fullest and
broadest powers under Rule 171. All references in this order to the "Receiver" are references to the Receiver and Master in Chancery."

Shame on them!!!!!

Anonymous said...

No way my family and I will ever vote for Hight, he is a crook.

Anonymous said...

No 8. Has he received written permission to travel to Liberty County for court appearances???

Anonymous said...

I doubt it... he reared his ugly head in Liberty County today in the 7th Court. Heard this story is far from over, now candidate Hight is involved.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, these public officials think they can get away with whatever they want and then beg the voters to vote them back into their arrogant scam.

Everything thats happening in Liberty County thats dirty goes back to money.

Anonymous said...

Faster Horse's, younger women and more money. Liberty county's finest at work and play. This Fason cat fits right in here in Liberty County. Put his mug shot right under Eric's.

Anonymous said...

all he is fitting in with the REST

Anonymous said...

He may fit right in at the Liberty County jail.

Anonymous said...

This pervert is being sued in Liberty County for fraud himself. BEWARE. His clients are also being sued with him for fraud. If you hire this guy expect to be sued for his fraudulent actions and representation. If you are opposing counsel, beware that this guy is a fraud. I know a good attorney in Liberty County that he duped along with the DA to perpetrate his fraud in Liberty County.