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Sunday, February 14, 2010

PRESS RELEASE: The New Republican Party

I listened to Meet the Press this morning and now understand why the American people are so anti-establishment.

The Argument seemed to be which Party spends the most money and who is to blame for the economic situation that the United States is in.

The obvious answer to these questions is both Parties. That is why the American people are rising up in revolt. That is why the Tea Party movement has so much support. That is why people are rebelling against the monumental spending that has occurred this year. That is why people are tired of being taxed unmercifully and their money redistributed by politicians who are trying to buy votes in order to remain in political power.

In the past, the Democrat Party was conceived to be the Party of the working person.

In the past the, the Republican Party was conceived to be the Party of the rich.

These conceptual views are no longer what I believe and I think many Americans will concur.

The Democrat Party has morphed into an organization that focuses more on tearing down what America once was and it seems that they will do anything to transform the country into a Socialist-Marxist style of governing. This includes bankrupting the American dream and apparently it does not matter that this movement has and will cause severe economic damage to the average working person in this country.

The Republican Party is changing in the following sense. The average working person is looking for a Party that represents their views. They are looking for a political home. The Republican Party is changing because there is a political upheaval occurring. We the working class are beginning to demand a government that has the central message of Less Government, Less Taxation, and a Strong National Defense.

The working class realizes that in order to have a strong Economy, businesses must grow and prosper. If businesses grow and prosper, we will have jobs thereby providing a financial avenue of personal growth. The working class does understand the basics of economics.

We know that if taxes are levied to the point of taking large percentages of profit from the business world, the economic slowdown that is occurring will continue. We are not stupid and we do not want the government to be the economic engine of the country because we also know that the main object of government is to grow government!

I also am not saying that the Old Republican Party is accepting change out of the goodness of their hearts. What I am saying is that the average everyday working person realizes that the Republican Party most closely represents our views and we are demanding a place at the table.

Conservatives, Tea Party Supporters, Business Leaders and the Working Class are transforming the Republican Party into a coalition of Americans who love this country. We will not allow a transformation of our Capitalist way of life into an economic system that rewards complacency while at the same time penalizes the working class and the business world.

We are the New Republican Party.

Andy McCreight


Anonymous said...

Hell 2 the yes!

Anonymous said...

Ronald Reagan energized me to be involved many years ago. Barack Obama has now re-energized me! This time I believe we in Liberty County need to do our part in uprooting the dangerous local Democratic party that helps to support what we have all witnessed the last 12 or 13 months.

Anonymous said...

It is twisted that one of our never heard from before Republican candidates for Judge would amen your comments Mr. McCreight, but then she would huddle up with people like C.T. "Rusty" Hight who learned to almost click his heels and "heil" the Donkey party under Zeke Zbranek. The deceptions that we lent ourselves to when we allowed someone so in league with the other party to become our leader is the only thing that could slow our success this election.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Andy. What is really sad is that much of what is considered "extreme right" these days was considered the middle not that many years ago.

Anonymous said...

The challenge will be to find a way to get and keep people involved once the economy improves. It is critical to engage and accurately inform all of our citizens about what is at stake. If we allow business as usual to continue, our children will not have the benefit of the Liberty that so many have fought and died to give them. It starts on the local level and must become more than a simple party affiliation, but this is a good place to start. We cannot have a government of the people, if the people don't know what is really going on in their government. Simply stated, when elected officials are only involved to serve their own self-interest the people must have a way to identify these individuals and vote them out of office. Unfortunately, the power vested in these individuals and the immoral manner in which they use such power many times ensures that they will run unopposed. How do you convince well qualified people to actually risk their own well-being to give the public a meaningful choice? And how do you ensure that they are committed to their stated agenda? Now there is something to ponder.

Anonymous said...

This website talks about Reagan and conservatism and people refer to the Bible. The dineout website talks about Democrats and here recently tries to attach itself to Christianity by mentioning Reverend Jim Wallis. Wallis is what he calls a "progressive Christian" and he is married to another Reverend that claims the same monikor. He is the left's weak link to practicing Bible believing Cjhristians. they trot him put to try and get some of the churchgoer vote. For instance Wallis was invited by Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) to give the Democrats' weekly radio address on Saturday, December 2, 2006. He spoke about the importance of what he described as "moral leadership" in Washington, and touched on a variety of social concerns but they weren't what most people that read the Bible would call moral leadership. Just like Allen Youngblood, wallis is for government and for a Biblical interpretation that tortures the reader to connnect it to the the words of Jesus and the Scripture. Allen tickles the piano keys and uses religion for you to believe like him, rather than Christ.

Anonymous said...

Hey Andy I know you can't take sides in this county judge primary but I do like one comment by Steve Stephens during the last debatethat differentiated him from all of the others when he said that he was opposed to taxing to promote unnecessary growth in a fund balance:
“I don’t believe you need to tax just to keep growing the fund balance when you have a large enough fund balance,” said Stephens.

Andy McCreight said...

Any time there is a large pot of money sitting around that does not have a specific purpose, human nature will dominate good sense.