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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Real Face of Jesus- 3D

Last night, the History Channel aired "The Real Face Of Jesus," a documentary featuring the work of computer artists who recreated the face of Jesus in 3D based on the Shroud of Turin.

The Shroud of Turin, a blood-stained linen that many believe was the burial cloth of Jesus Christ, has been questioned for centuries on its authenticity. But new tests are underway to verify it, and the team featured on "The Real Face Of Jesus" has no doubt the Shroud is real.

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Monday, March 29, 2010

Dear Liberty Country

Liberty County, as you may have read, I ruffled some feathers with my last press release. The time has come for WE the PEOPLE to ruffle the feathers of our elected officials. The government should be run by the rule of law. Our Forefathers set up this Republic of the United States of America, so everyone was protected from each other and yes, the government.

Liberty County, I do want the position of Liberty County Commissioner, Precinct 2. I will obey the laws set forth by Local, State and Federal governments. I will to do a good job for the citizens of Precinct 2 and Liberty County. A message to all of the other elected officials. If elected, do not involve me in any wrongdoings because I for one cannot lie”. I will be forced by the law to enlighten the people of any wrongdoings. I will do this even at the cost of my elected office. I would rather be a one term Commissioner, than have to lie awake at night in fear of a prison sentence, like some are now.

If I am not elected, I will not go away. I have worked in many of the socialized countries around the world and I have seen what they are. I do not want my America to become one. Last year, I finally decided to pull my head out of the sand. I encourage you to do so. I may have been enlightened due to my past history of working overseas and seeing firsthand what socialized countries are like. I see that our country is on the fast track to becoming one. Who knows what standing up for what is right will bring upon me? It may bring retaliation against me. When I was just 17 years old I was prepared to die for my country. I am prepared for whatever it may bring upon me now. I know that sacrifices need to be made for our Republic to stand. Who else will stand with me for the Republic of the United States of America? Many of us have put our hands over our hearts or saluted and said the pledge of allegiance. Remember when you said this it states: "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands".

Marcus Brand

Thursday, March 25, 2010

HELL NO! That’s What He Said!

I officially have a new hero! Minority Leader John Boehner is stepping up to the plate as a leader and growler of the National Republican Party.

It is wonderful to see the passion that Republican Leaders are exhibiting in an effort to champion the cause of Freedom by telling the Democrat Party we are not going to buy into their Socialist Reformation.

There have been voices out there who have challenged the Obama, Pelosi, and Reid reign of terror in the past few months (It seems as though the Obama Administration has been in power for much longer than a year) but the fervor of patriotism is being ramped up to a level that I never thought could be achieved. I believe that we can now understand how the Founders of this Country felt when they realized what a blessing the formation of the United States was for the patriots who were alive during those early years.

It is becoming quite obvious that the only way for the American people to awaken out of this political nightmare is to find a message, communicate that message, and continue to energize opposition to the Obama, Pelosi, and Reid tyrannical take-over of the American way of life.

The message is quite easy to identify. We need to elect Conservatives in the upcoming November Election. We need to ask for the help of and assimilate the Tea Party Supporters, Independents, and any other freedom loving political group to unite in a concentrated effort to repeal the recently passed Health Care Bill.

This concentrated effort needs to emanate from the Bottom Up. The only way to change back the hand of time in November is to identify and elect Conservative Candidates from the local level up to and including National and State Congressmen and Women.
Time is of the essence. Set your heart on fire and become involved in the political war that is going to occur during the few months remaining before the November Election.

Posted By: Andy McCreight

Monday, March 22, 2010

Obamacare Passes

With absolutely no bipartisan support for the much-maligned Obamacare bill, the Democrats finally pushed the controversial piece of (crap) legislation through the House of Representatives at nearly 11 p.m. on Sunday night with a final vote of 219-212.

There remain a few procedural votes and the reconciliation process in the Senate to overcome, but for all intents and purposes, Obama will sign the bill and that will be that.

Where does the GOP go next? Is the rallying cry for November "To Repeal!"?

Commentary: This "historic" vote was purely a straight line Democrat vote. What the Democrats have done to Republicans who are against the health care bill fiasco is this... they have soundly rammed this bill down our throats. Hopefully Texas and other states will sue the Federal Government to reverse the damage Democrats have done. What the Federal Government has done to us is a lot like what Bruce Stratton, Charles Kammerling and Picket have done to us via the Liberty County Hospital District and their related fraudulent front corporations. Come this November, we need to send a strong message to the Liberty County Democrat Party, one that will be heard all the way to Washington!

Because of being taxed by the Liberty Hospital District and now Obama's health care, Liberty county residents are going to pay for indigent care twice. Obamacare substitutes everything the Liberty Hospital District claims it does for the taxpayers. Since Obamacare has passed, it makes the Liberty Hospital District obsolete and even more of a ripoff.

Ray Akins

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Liberty County, the time is now to stop what is called “Good Ole Boy” politics. I know for a select few this style of local government includes a really sweet deal for them. The problem is, they are the ones who don’t need any special treatment. Whether it is a permit that was signed off on, for something that was not done that was supposed to be, or an unfair bidding process that took place, it is just plain wrong. Take for instance the FEMA fraud allegations. Yes, they are the most public of the allegations at this time, but we have all heard rumors of much more of this kind of misbehavior. The whole process that took place with the FEMA money stinks and more than that it is, the selfish disregard for the law and for taxpayer money that bothers the majority among us.

With FEMA, all they had to do while going through the bidding was to excuse themselves from the bidding process due to a conflict of interest if there was a friend or relative involved. It was that simple. Then these particular allegations would not have been raised. Was it that they think they are untouchable or that no one would notice? We may never know the answers to these questions. There are rules and laws set forth by the local, state and federal governments that need to be followed. We all have heard how for years some of our local politicians have not honored these rules or followed the law. These rules were set forth by our Forefathers so that everyone could get a fair shake. It should not matter:

· Who you are.

· What clique you’re involved with.

· How much money you have.

· What elected office you hold.

All that should matter is that you are an individual created by God the Father Almighty, and that you are no better than anyone else. Most of the people follow these rules. We pay our taxes, and we make Liberty County the great place it is. Shame on those who vote for these people just because they are a special something because their buddy is in office.

Liberty County, it is time for everyone to start following the rules. It is time for everyone to start following the regulations. It is time for everyone to obey the law. It is time to stand up to our governments and not be fearful of retaliation.

I myself condemn the way the IKE cleanup bidding process and money was handled. I encourage the other candidates for office, and the citizens of Liberty County to do the same publicly. I know it may be a little uncomfortable for Charlotte Warner to be more public in expressing her disappointment and outrage with Phil Fitzgerald and Lee Groce because she has had to work closely with them in some of her past dealings, but cleaning up this mess is bigger than Charlotte or me feeling comfortable or either of us winning in this primary. This election is about changing the way the commissioner does business in all of our names. It is about defeating Lee Groce and if she will not speak out publicly in the media now and denounce the way Lee and Phil have handled all of this, then she may have a hard time criticizing people she has been close to in the general election.

It is time for new leadership. It is time to start healing our black eye of alleged corruption and allow the sun to shine through on the place we call home. We should not have to have a news reporter from Houston come to our County and open our eyes to something we know has been going on all along. We need to leave this County better than we found it. We need this community to be a place where our young people want to return.

We want this area to be a place where our children want to return, because it upholds and insists on the values we want our Grandchildren to learn.

Marcus Brand

Rep. Paul Ryan: Obama’s New Budget Will ‘Literally Crash the U.S. Economy’

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Liberty Dispatch Hits

Liberty Dispatch has averaged over 7000 hits per day in the past two weeks. In the last week we have had days where we have had over 12000 hits. Those numbers would constitute a large number of Liberty County readers.


Friday, March 19, 2010

Controversial Newspaper Editor Cited With Federal Case Default

HCN News Editor of the Cleveland Advocate, Dayton News and Eastex Advocate, Ms. Vanesa Brashier has been cited personally with a Federal Case Default. The Federal Default against Ms. Vanesa Brashier was taken as a default allegedly for her not answering or defending charges of civil conspiracy, libel and defamation in a Federal Lawsuit. The case against Ms. Brashier was filed back on November of 2008 and was styled; Sonya Scott vs. City of Cleveland, Texas etal. Brashier was served individually in the lawsuit and never answered the lawsuit or allegations which resulted in a Federal Default with alleged damages in excess of $500,000.00 – (five hundred thousand dollars).

Ms. Vanesa Brashier is most well known for her controversial and scathing news stories… along with commentary related to allegations of criminal conduct of Liberty County Judge, Phil Fitzgerald- Pct 2. Commissioner, Lee Groce- Liberty County Sheriff, Henry Patterson- Liberty County Sheriff’s Department Senior Detective, Harry Kelly and civil allegations against Sonya Scott.

Note the above named individuals are innocent until proven guilty and should be presumed innocent until proven guilty by a court of law.

Mrs. Sonya Scott’s attorney of record in the above named case is notable attorney, Mr. James Evans.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hardin Tired of Good Ole Boy Reputation

Why must we always have a black eye on our name here in Liberty County, and more specifically in the Hardin area? If it isn’t alleged FEMA fraud it is now alleged wrong doings of the sale of rock to the Liberty County EMS. It is still yet undetermined if the sale of rock to the Liberty County EMS has been done legally. According to media sources Liberty County Auditor, Harold Seay has not been able to find where any money from any of Lee Groce's rock sales in the last ten years has surfaced in the county's coffers. So we have two issues that need to be resolved. The first one is where is the money from rock sales. The second issue is how the sale took place.

Questions were raised recently after three loads of limestone driveway material were delivered to a Moss Hill property by Pct. 2 trucks.

According to the Commissioner of Precinct 2 (Lee Groce) there is a section of the law that he says gives him the ability to provide for emergency ambulance service in the county. This law says: “Under the Health and Safety Code, Title 9, Subtitle B, Sec. 774.003, this was done to defray the expense of operating and maintaining the emergency ambulance service in the county,” wrote Groce in an e-mail according to media sources. However, the code explains that “Commissioner’s Court” may provide for emergency ambulance service. Commissioners, not one commissioner!

Groce said later that he did not understand why all of the questions about the rock were being asked. Groce added that his road and bridge department had provided close to a dozen loads of limestone for Liberty County EMS when they were located at a Hardin site.

The Liberty County Auditor Harold Seay was contacted by The Cleveland Advocate for the copies of the records of the past ten years of sales of rock to Emergency Medical Services. "Seay said he was not able to identify any material sales to emergency medical service companies.” (Source: Cleveland Advocate) View the full story.

The site to be used for the Liberty County EMS service may be a legitimate thing, and it could add for faster response times to the people of the area, but several questions still remain:

Why wasn’t this brought up before the Commissioners Court before the rock was delivered?

Why after 23 years of service does the Commissioner of Precinct 2 find himself in this situation again?

Why does Liberty County have to have a constant dark cloud of alleged corruption above it at all times?

What will Harold Seay and County Treasurer Kim Harris find out when they search every county record about the money Lee Groce has generated from Rock sales?

What other "rock sales" have been conducted that taxpayers need to know about?

Marcus Brand


Liberty Dispatch broke the Liberty County and Chambers County FEMA fraud fiasco, now...

Smile, you are on candid camera! After years of unresolved scandals and rumors of scandals in the Liberty County Courthouse, it sounds like this one has pictures that are forthcoming and these pictures are worth more than a thousand words.

What should have been just a routine, run of the mill political contribution by friends in the law firm Rio, Morgan, and Quinn could result in some very serious charges being brought against whomever stole a letter out of the courthouse mail. Whomever did it is on film after they made copies of the enclosed check and tried to use the mail to try and deceive the public into thinking Chap Cain had received a contribution beyond the legal limits of a judicial campaign. This dastardly deed occurred before the Republican primary election day while Cain’s race for re-election had not been settled. This failed attempt to stain the Judge’s reputation happened after he left the Democratic Party and ran for the first time as a Republican.

Liberty Dispatch has heard from numerous people how badly County Judge Phil Fitzgerald, District Judge Rusty Hight, and County Court - at – Law Judicial Democratic nominee Zack Zbranek wanted to defeat 253rd District Court Judge Chap Cain. To what degree who knows, but they had someone champion their cause in the Republican primary but Cain squashed attorney Michelle Meredino when Republicans voted for him by a margin of two to one.

We are not sure how many people were involved in the plot, but the thief or thieves made copies of a check from the law firm when they looked at one part of the check that indicated it was $500 over the legal limit. Information LD has is that the copies were made at a Fedex or related store in Beaumont, but wherever the copies or the faxes were from, Liberty Dispatch has heard from a reliable source that the Feds will announce in the next 48 hours who the perpetrator’s image is that was found on the store camera. At that time we expect the Feds to make an arrest and reveal whatever charges that will be filed against the suspect.

As we previously reported before, the plot failed on two fronts. First, Judge Cain noticed the check had two different amounts and he never cashed the check. He called his friends and they corrected their mistake. The criminal or criminals were not so smart. They just assumed the check would be deposited and Judge Cain would have to explain how come he had accepted the amount. Second Judge Cain noticed the mail had been opened and reported it to authorities.

Phil Fitzgerald, where are you?

Liberty Dispatch wants to give another warm welcome to Judge Cain. Welcome to our world and the Republican Party Judge! And congratulations for defending the first big Democratic attack of this campaign season!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

National Democrat Party Arrogance Results in Political Revolt

If you are not watching what is going on with the National Debate about the Health Care Bill, here’s your update.

The Democrat Leadership (President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid) are apparently searching out every questionable procedural ploy that they can muster in an effort to jam President Obama’s Socialist Reformation of America on the American People.

The polls are still indicating that a majority of Americans do not trust the intentions of our National Government when it comes to government programs. Apparently, the old adage of “We are from the Government and we are here to help” does not resonate with the American people.

The continued push by the President to reform America is paramount to political suicide for Democrat Office Holders all across the United States. I hate to tell the National Democrats that they are marching into oblivion on behalf of the President, but you people are crazy!

If you continue to march in Lock-Step with Barack, you will lose your Power, your $175,000 a year salary, your Cadillac insurance program, your travel expense account, and your ability to change America into your idea of how it should exist. If you were smart, you would back off of this cliff-hanging experiment and understand that the only chance you have to bring the kind of change that you believe in is in incremental steps. You Democrats are blowing the whole deal!
Having said the above, I implore you to continue with your mind-boggling self-imploding Party pursuits. It is going to be fun to watch your faces on election night in November.

P.S: If you want to survive, you not only need to put an end to this cataclysmic event that you are on the verge of creating but you need to immediately replace Nancy and Harry.

I really hate trying to help save your jobs but after all, you are Americans.
The following article was posted on the Tea Party Movement website.
NJ court OKs tea party group's bid to oust senator

The Associated Press

TRENTON, N.J.—A New Jersey appeals court is allowing a conservative tea party group to proceed with an effort to throw a Democratic U.S. senator out of office.

The three-judge panel Tuesday ordered the secretary of state to accept the group's petition seeking to recall Sen. Robert Menendez. That allows the tea party activists to begin collecting the 1.3 million voter signatures they need to get a recall on the ballot.

The court set aside the larger question of whether voters have a constitutional right to recall a federal lawmaker.

New Jersey is among 18 states that allow recalls of statewide elected officials. There is no right to recall congressmen and senators under the U.S. Constitution.
The court says it would take up that question if the petition drive succeeds.

Posted by Andy McCreight

Monday, March 15, 2010


Liberty Dispatch believes voters in Liberty County will not choose either of the two candidates on the Democratic Party platform and is satisfied to watch every Democrat in the county play lawyer in order to disqualify or qualify Ken Morrison as the candidate Democrats place on the November ballot. But the case that Nancy Archer says Zack Zbranek quoted is so radically different from Ken Morrison’s case here in Liberty County that it makes you wonder if Zbranek has studied the case he cited or any other election law.

In the case Zack points to Texas Democrats realized that they have fielded a mediocre opponent who could in no way successfully match up against Republican. Frank Corte’s 16 years of dedicated conservative service to the constituents of his district and they could not possibly be successful in an honest race at the ballot box where the voters of District 122 would have such a clear choice. Their only hope in that case was going to court and winning and changing the ballot at the last moment. Unless Zbranek thinks Morrison is the incumbent County Judge or he thinks Morrson has lived here before, we can not imagine what mistaken idea Zbranek has about the situation here in Liberty County.

Democrats desperate to win simply put out misleading information about Representative Corte claiming an empty lot for a residency. The facts were much different than what they implied however. Representative Corte and his family had resided at his current domicile of 4203 Honeycomb, San Antonio, Texas 78230, within precinct 3112, for more than 22 years and he had represented District 122 for sixteen years. Corte and his family moved the original house that was on this property in order to build a new home on that same property and for a short period moved into an apartment nearby. The Texas Election Code section 1.015. thatapplies here will not help Ken Morrison:

(a) In this code, “residence” means domicile, that is, one’s home and fixed place of habitation to which one intends to return after any temporary absence.

(b) Residence shall be determined in accordance with the common-law rules, as enunciated by the courts of this state, except as otherwise provided by this code.

(c) A person does not lose the person’s residence by leaving the person’s home to go to another place for temporary purposes only.

(d) A person does not acquire a residence in a place to which the person has come for temporary purposes only and without the intention of making that place the person’s home.

Liberty Dispatch is concerned about what kind of negative campaign Democrats will run in order to persuade voters to vote for either of their two primary candidates, Fitzgerald or Morrison. Morrison and County Chairman Nancy Archer need to find a competent attorney and quote applicable law if they want to sound believable to those voters who would consider voting for Morrison if he is deemed to be a resident.


Liberty County Republicans, 2010 is a crucial time for our government on the local, state, and national levels. As you can see, there are many candidates on the ballots. Are they true believers of their party’s values, or just trying to ride the wave of the Republican Party and the grassroots Tea Party movement to get a seat in power? Do they truly believe in the party’s platforms and idea’s?

I can assure you I do believe in the Republican Party’s platform and also with the Tea Party movement. I am not just riding the wave. At the age of 5 years, we had class elections and I voted for President Regan over President Carter. I was so happy he won. One could ask, did I really understand why I voted for a Conservative Republican for President at that age. My answer is to that question is the following; it is a way of life for my family. I am not a Johnny come lately true believer of the Conservative movement.

I believe in Limited Government:

The Government has made enough intrusion into our lives. We pay taxes to many government agencies and many times see little results. That is why the people are so reluctant to vote in new tax entities at our local level. We feel we will just pay more and not get any returns. Our government should stick to and focus on the governmental principles and powers that the founding fathers established. These consist of a strong national defense, individualism, and a Federal Government that does not promote a Socialist-Marxist agenda. We know how to take care of ourselves and in my opinion the National Government needs stay out of our lives.

I believe in Opportunity for all:

Everyone should have the opportunity to achieve their dreams, regardless of race, gender, or religion. The government should not inhibit this by higher taxes for small businesses. It seems the good ole boys always get ahead. If I am elected, everyone will have an equal opportunity to bid on contracts with the county.

I believe in Personal Responsibility:

Personal responsibility is what makes this country strong. We should adhere to the individualist ideology of the founders of this country. They told Britain that taxation without representation would not be tolerated and I believe that same core belief still exist in our hearts today. We may stumble and fall in our individual lives but we have to get up, continue to move forward, and not expect on over intrusive government to hold our hand. Then National Government is not the answer for a fruitful and productive life.

I believe in, Principled Innovative leadership:

If elected I will do my best to get the people involved in our government. I will hold meetings on the issues that are important to the precinct. I will also help individuals with their concerns, no matter how large or small. We as the governing body can do many great things together. I will restore faith in government, because it will be the people who help govern precinct 2.

I believe in Honest Compassion:

I have seen many times the great things we can do as a community when disasters strike. I will encourage citizens to get involved in their community. I ask the people of Liberty County to get involved. Join your local church, Lions Club, VFW, Rotary Club, etc. I am a member of some of these organizations and the good they do is inspiring. You will be able to see firsthand where your donations are used. It is not the government’s job to try and fix everything.

Last, but not least, I believe in Freedom:

Freedom that is God given, affirmed by our Founding Fathers, articulated in the Declaration of Independence, and protected by the Constitution. The government is slowly but surely taking away our freedoms that our forefathers fought for. It is time for us to take back our government and start doing as President Lincoln said: Government of the people, by the people, for the people.

It is my hope that you agree with the Conservative message that I support. I believe that the people of Liberty County want a Commissioner who believes in and stands for the Republican Platform and its ideology.

Conservatism is a way of life.

Marcus Brand

Candidate for Liberty County Commissioner Precinct


Home of the (Morrison) Ham Sandwich
435 County Road 6244, Dayton TX 77535
Liberty County Democrat Judge, Candidate Residence
(No one at trailer)

When cornered by the media about the residency of their County Judge candidate, Democratic Party leadership played what they perceived to be their trump card. Democrats declared that since Democratic Party County Chairman Nancy Archer and the County Executive Committee are standing by their Democratic primary winner for County Judge, Mr. Ken Morrison, little else matters. “It is kind of like you always heard, a grand jury can indict a ham sandwich”, one of Archer’s Executive Committee explained (referring to and pointing with both hands to Morrison) he is our ham sandwich.”

Ken Morrison may indeed be found to be a legal resident of Liberty County as far as his eligibility to run for office is concerned, but the attitude expressed by the party that has dominated our county politics has been revealed. First they need to realize it is wrong for any grand jury to take the attitude that they have adopted. A grand jury should indict people based on the facts, not based on a political vendetta, and not based on the idea that they can get away with almost anything or from the pressure of a corrupt district attorney. Indicting anyone they want, even a “ham sandwich”, does not serve the public well.

Democrats have decided, according to their own Executive Committee, to place their “ham sandwich” on the ballot unless someone successfully sues to invalidate him. What a startling admission of the way these people wield the power the people of Liberty County have entrusted them with. Isn’t the message here something like this: “Can we do this and nobody can stop us unless they are willing to spend some money and can find a court to overrule us?”

This debate is all within Democratic Party circles and the Republican Party should be more than happy to face either Phil Fitzgerald with the ethical questions circling his head like buzzards or Ken Morrison who seems like he is very excited to go before voters as the Nancy Archer’s “ham sandwich”. Unfortunately, Republicans better brace themselves. To elect Ken Morrison and some of the other ham sandwiches they have nominated may mean a whole lot of negative campaigning. The word on the street is that the sour cheese for this ham sandwich could be ex-defeated Liberty County Sheriff, Greg Arthur. Time will tell…

After all, everyone knows where ham sandwiches come from.

(Liberty County Ham Sandwich Fixings up 52%)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

EXCLUSIVE: Big Trouble in Chambers County, Texas

Liberty Dispatch has learned that a public law firm, Lone Star Legal Aid, is looking into the manner in which Chambers County is handling the distribution of CBDG funds which are intended to help qualified citizens of Chambers County with housing issues and to recover from the hurricane devastation of September 2008. Most counties in the area are well on their way to distributing these funds to their citizens in need, but scandal ridden Chambers County is way behind the rest. The distribution of these funds is being handled by Ms. Sarah Cerrone of the Chambers County Office of Community Development.

Lone Star Legal Aid is questioning the actions of Ms. Sarah Cerrone and her office in regards to how the application process has been handled. First of all, the forms used by Ms. Cerrone and her office are not satisfactory to meet the needs of the CBDG program. Also, the personal and private information contained in those forms has, allegedly, been compromised in that Ms. Cerrone has allowed outside parties to gather and retain said information for their on personal gain. Two other individuals who are being complained about are none other than Mark and Darlene Pagels who have been connected with several schemes to personally profit from the Ike relief effort. Facts surrounding the background of the Pagels appear extremely troubling and the subject of attorney investigator's interest. The collusion between the Pagels and Cerrone are well documented and this investigation will delay the implementation of the CBDG program in Chambers County.

Liberty Dispatch insists on a thorough investigation of these allegations and asks whether or not a third party should be allowed to come in and administrate these funds.

We have all seen for weeks the poor behavior of elected and county officials and how they try to stonewall any investigation and retaliate against anyone who asks the questions. It is our belief that good always prevails over evil and the only question is... Will the wrong doers will be brought to justice and when? It is important to note that any CBDG funds not used for housing will be kept by the County to be used for infrastructure.

Are you beginning to see the big picture?

We make one week either Darlene Pagels or Theresa Barrett will write in the Anahuac Progress how there is 'nothing to these allegations'. We guess that's just how things roll in Chambers County.

We will be updating this story as it unfolds. We have also received several inquiries from national media outlets due to the vast allegations of corruption in this county. Remember that it was Liberty Dispatch who first broke the story about the FEMA clean-up contracts in Chambers County and Liberty County. We will continue to report the truth at whatever the cost because Chambers County citizens deserve to know the truth.

As of last week, attorneys have notified Chambers County of their legal intent and have stated... "We intend to do a lengthy and very invasive investigation of all related facts".

The resulting legal investigation and discovery should make the illegal behavior by those in the Chambers County Courthouse and civil conspirators, crystal clear.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Current Liberty Politics

Reliable sources have indicated to Liberty Dispatch that every Democratic officeholder that did not have looming legal problems or a yellow dog ultra partisan reputation was asked in November of 2009 to consider switching parties and distancing themselves from what almost seems like systemic bad behavior in the courthouse over the last decade.

As we know now, the only two Democrats that switched and ran in the Republican Party were the only two on record voicing concern over the most recent alleged unethical and illegal behavior. 253rd District Judge Chap Cain expressed his concern and perhaps his frustration with the mismanagement and possible illegal use of FEMA funds face to face with County Judge Phil Fitzgerald in Commissioner’s Court. That confrontation of the good ole boy system and Cain’s courage to risk his re-election by switching parties was rewarded by Republican primary voters giving him an almost two to one victory in his first Republican primary. Fitzgerald's and CT Hight's play to take Chap Cain down with candidate, Michelle Merendino was futile and sophomoric. This act was almost as futile as the mail tampering allegedly done by Merendino, CT Hight and Fitzgerald against our judge, Chap Cain.

The other candidate switching parties, Commissioner Norman Brown, won in numbers similar to Judge Cain’s in his first Republican primary. Brown, though he still has not made as strong a stance or revealed the kind of specifics of wrongdoing as Judge Cain, added his two cents on the behavior in the courthouse by suggesting the Commissioners’ Court do some things to promote and insure ethics. Some Republicans who have not been fans of Brown have held their nose as he joined their party and are said Brown should do more to clean up what he has been all around than just make suggestions. Nevertheless, whether Brown comes forward and blows a louder more helpful whistle that helps to clean up some of the mess in the courthouse, he is the only other candidate to distance himself from what has become known as a dirty courthouse. Brown however has a well known well liked challenger in November as he faces Leroy Hanel.

It is important to note that our sources tell us retiring County Court at Law Judge Don Taylor has been “very concerned” about revelations that have come to light in the courthouse. Judge Taylor may have been a third party switcher had he decided to seek re-election. His disgust with the way people were taking care of the people’s business was well known, but since his pending retirement was also well known we will never know how he would have reacted to a proposal of running as a Republican. Instead, Assistant County Attorney Tommy Chambers decided he would run as a Republican. Chambers came within a whisker’s edge of running for County Attorney as a Republican last election cycle, and voters can only surmise that Fitzgerald’s behavior along with some of the difficult positions he was put in as a result of courthouse politics, helped him to decide it was a good time to distance himself and run like he wanted to before (as a conservative). Sources tell us that Democrats plan on attaching their own ethical problems to Chambers as the November general election grows closer. How successful Chamber’s opponent will be in making look like someone who has embraced being just one of the good ole boys will probably depend on how successfully he can distance himself from his close family ties to three men Liberty County politicians who served during the time of this systematic spirally down of Liberty’s ethical reputation.

So when we say every Democratic officeholder that did not have looming legal problems or a yellow dog ultra partisan reputation was asked in November of 2009 to consider switching parties and distancing themselves from what almost seems like systemic bad behavior in the courthouse over the last decade, we also are assuming the way those who were never considered and never asked have a plan to win election or re-election. In political circles it is called “scorched earth”.

How do you get past the fact that Democratic officeholders did nothing while every scandal that has gone on in the courthouse has been discovered by outside sources and there has been no whistle blowing? How does that not get all over every Democratic candidate and look like a culture of corruption? Easy, Democrats prepare their own charges of misconduct. To counter Phil Fitzgerald receiving a great leasing deal for his dump trucks from a man connected to hi by family and one connected to him because he gave him the FEMA contract, by saying the Dayton Mayor let locals get contracts with no bid too. Never mind Mayor Stevens had no dump truck leasing situation that funneled money back to him.

Some may say Democrats have a problem with this scorched earth strategy because none of the Republicans on the November ballot are incumbents or officeholders, but that will not slow them down. They will undoubtedly try and attach Assistant County Attorney Tommy Chambers to the Glen Vickery’s DUI scandal. Never mind that Chambers was serving and doing the bidding of then outgoing Democratic County Attorney Jack Hartel and never mind Chambers wisely wrote in to his dealing with these cases an option to refile, the Zbranek’s old style Chicago like politics will cover the airwaves with the idea that this is a scandal that should force voters to vote for Zack.

Republicans were excited primary night to embrace District Judge Chap Cain as an indication of not only his, but the voters’ desire to raise the standards of this county. He took a clear and bold stand and voters stood with him election night. It is as sure as the sun will come up tomorrow that Democrats still have a plan to win. Only two candidates switched and only one retired (and he had planned on retiring), so the rest are preparing for the politics of election time. But this election, just like the last one, no matter what mudslinging goes on it is now incorrect to say “I am just going to vote in the Democratic primary, the Republican can not win locally.” This time it will be awful tempting to send a message about our courthouse, as well as the White House, and vote straight ticket and refuse to stand by those who will not help end the corruption.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

More Amazing Numbers

I keep looking at side by side Republican and Democrat numbers from the Primary Election and I remain amazed at the mind-set change of Liberty County Voters. The fact that Liberty County has flipped from being a heavy duty democrat stronghold to a majority of voters embracing the Conservative message is absolutely amazing.

The thing that voters and candidates cannot deny is that a positive media outlet is one of the most important tools that the Republican Party can employ. If anyone doubts the power of the internet to communicate a political message, then apparently they don’t understand the Primary Numbers that I have been posting on Liberty Dispatch.

By the way, as far as I am concerned Liberty Dispatch carries the same Liberty County Media weight as any of the newspapers, blogs, or radio stations. Does anyone really think that a small town candidate like me could have ascended to the Chairmanship of the Liberty County

Republican Party without taking advantage of the huge readership of Liberty Dispatch? Don’t listen to the bitterness that is apparently running rampant. Don’t let a small group of people who are hell bent on causing division use you for their small minded political objectives.

Republican candidates you can embrace this new form of communication and get your message out or you can stick with the same old tired Democrat Leaning Media and lose. I encourage you to take advantage of Liberty Dispatch’s wide spread readership.

The following is a scenario that could have happened if the Chairpersons of each Party would have had a head-up election:

Box 1 Rye…………………….....58…………………………...30
Box 2 Moss Hill………………..118………………………….40
Box 3 Hardin…………………..207……………………….…48
Box 4 Devers…………………...71…………………………...60
Box 5 Liberty……………….…..80…………………………..29
Box 6 Moss Bluff……………....87…………………………...19
Box 7 Cleveland………………..75……………………………28
Box 8/32 Tarkington…….....140…………………………..47
Box 9 Tarkington………...…..170…………………………..73
Box 10 Dayton…………….…...173…………………………..28
Box 11 Raywood…………….....32……………………………96
Box 12 Cleveland……………….71……………………………23
Box 13 Daisetta…………………66……………………….……62
Box 14 Eastgate………………...52……………………………25
Box 15 Romayor………………..51……………………………30
Box 16 Dolen………………….....30……………………………16
Box 17 Hull…………………….....73…………………………..49
Box 18 Ames………………….....17…….………………….....69
Box 19 Liberty…………………..98.…………………….…….36
Box 20 Cleveland………….......02…...………………….….46
Box 21 Kenefick……………… 238…….……………….…....35
Box 22 Dayton………………...158….....…………………....48
Box 23 Plum Grove……….....110…………………………...17
Box 24 Dayton……………….....98..……………………….…29
Box 25/34 Tarkington………..57.………………………….38
Box 26 Dayton………………....135….………………….……27
Box 27/33 Cleveland………...118…….…………………….32
Box 28/35/36 Liberty………152…………………………...31
Box 29 Dayton……………….....46…….………………….….14
Box 30 Dayton……………….....59……………………………12
Box 31 Dayton……………….....90….………………………...31

Out of 6849 total votes 5104 were Republicans. Also if you look real close, you will find that the Democrat Chairman would have only won 3 Boxes out of the 36 that were represented.

Liberty County Republican Chairman Elect: Andy McCreight

Brand Press Release

Political ad paid for by Marcus Brand for Commissioner Campaign, Sine Brand Treasure

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Shock and Awe


The Shock and Awe Liberty County Republican Party has left democrats from all areas of the county with mouths gaping and wandering around lost and in a daze.

The voting numbers indicate that the voters of Liberty County have had enough of the Party of Pelosi, Reid, and Obama. The voting numbers tell us a story of “Enough is Enough!” The Citizenry of Liberty County has raised the Battle Cry of “The Party of NO is the Party of GO”! The People of Liberty County have voiced their opinions and the message is “Please Mr. Obama-Could You Spare Some Change?”


Republican Votes Democrat Votes


5980 2285

75th District Judge:

4102 0

253rd District Judge:

5704 0

County Judge:

5356 2229

Commissioner PCT 2:

1538 656

Commissioner PCT 4:

1707 313

County Court at Law:

4305 1861

District Clerk:

4017 1855

County Clerk:

4088 1945

County Treasurer:

4390 1640

JP #1:

865 0

JP #4:

1985 416

JP #5:

745 415

JP #6:

584 328

Liberty County Republican Party it is OK to celebrate the election results that made the Earth Stand Still for this moment in time in the history of Liberty County Politics…But don’t become over confident!

Over the next few months leading up to the General Election we must continue to demonstrate the difference between the Two Political Parties in our Country.

On the one hand is a Republican Party that believes in Self –Determination, Less Government, and a Strong National Defense.

On the other hand (the left hand) is the Party that wants to dominate the lives of the citizenry from the cradle to the grave.

Tell the voters of Liberty County where you stand politically. Tell them that you are building a conservative edifice and they will break down the political walls of the democrat stronghold on Liberty County as they mark an X next to your name on the ballot come November.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Feds in Liberty County Courthouse... Again

Yet another Liberty County Courthouse investigation is underway after an anonymous letter was sent out to members of media falsely alleging 253rd District Court Judge Chap B. Cain III accepted a campaign donation that exceeded the limits allowed by law. Now a federal investigation is confirmed by law enforcement sources.

But this is not anything new to people who have kept up with the news the last few years. Mail which entered the Liberty County courthouse has been summarily screened for years by political operatives. Liberty County officials don’t think much of mail privacy. Back in 2006, Ray Akins’ mail box was invaded by Liberty County Central Appraisal District Field Appraiser, Keith Austin. Liberty Dispatch posted a written story and a photo of Austin with his hands in Akins’ mailbox. The amazing thing about this is that no action was taken against this Liberty County employee.

Now, fast forward to this year, and we have Judge Candidate Chap Cain having his mail and his privacy invaded by Liberty County employees in the Liberty County Courthouse. Judge Cain’s mail was intercepted and opened and the political operatives decided that an enclosed campaign contribution was just the nail they were looking for to manipulate voters into burying Judge Cain in a coffin-like political scandal.

The faxed letter also shows a copy of the envelope containing a campaign donation from a law firm in Beaumont. Sources close to the investigation say that the mail is handled by the county judge’s office, but recent allegations in the media have implied some kind of pact between Cain’s primary opponent Michelle Merendino, recently defeated County Judge candidate Phil Fitzgerald, 75th District Court Judge C.T. “Rusty” Hight, and Zack Zbranek, Democratic candidate for County Court at Law. Nothing has been proven yet but, there is an ongoing investigation. Authorities must consider all people who could benefit by successfully making up a story bolstered by information obtained by tampering with the Judge Cain’s mail. Liberty County’s reputation for dirty politics is not lost on federal investigators.

The faxed letter, which in addition to Liberty County District Attorney- Mike Little, also was sent to Dayton News/Cleveland Advocate Editor- Vanesa Brashier, Controversial Texas Ranger- Grover Franklin Huff, and Liberty County Judge- Phil Fitzgerald. The letter was sent to others but, this list of people many Republicans would consider to be very friendly with Democrats and very likely to interpret the information like they wanted it interpreted. The letter correctly states that Cain received a campaign donation for $6,500 from the Beaumont law firm and that the maximum amount for a campaign donation from a law firm to a district judge is $6,000. But just like some of the political lynchings we have witnessed around here with the Buddy Craig case and the Ray Akins case prove cases are presented very selectively. The truth is that the law firm mistakenly put $6500 in one place and $6000 in the other place on the check.

The political operatives who illegally obtained the letter have tried to:

1. Hang Judge Cain.
2. Frame the Republican Party by crafting a faxed letter stating- “It is obvious from this information that Judge Cain received a campaign contribution from a law firm for $6,500. That amount is $500 more than the cap allowed by law for district judges. The real problem, and consequently, the lie from Judge Cain, is what he reported on his campaign finance form. He lists the contribution from the same law firm as being only $6,000, an amount that is obviously complying with the law, but not the amount actually received.”

Unfortunately for the evil people who did this, but fortunately for Judge Cain, is the fact that the Judge knew the campaign laws and had no intention of campaigning any way but as the law dictated. Cain, not aware of the plot, brought the check to the bank to ask them to cash it for the lower of the two amounts on the check. The bank said it would be better to just have a new check issued.

“I knew there was an error on the check and when it couldn’t be resolved by the bank, I just got in my car and drove to Beaumont to get the new check and to return the old one. I never really thought any more about it until this faxed letter came up” Cain said several days ago.

But the faxed letter has raised questions about the privacy of mail in the courthouse. Cain said that he noticed that the window pane on the envelope had been pried up, but at the time he did not think anything about it.

Cain expressed concern about his rights being violated and a new low in local politics being displayed. This kind of politics could be far more serious than the he said, she said things we have heard in past elections. Once the parties involved in the fax and mail tampering have been identified, they could face the federal charge of Obstruction of Correspondence, which could lead to fines and imprisonment of up to five years, or both. The same charges that, if convicted, people could have had filed on them as they welcomed ray Akins to town a few short years ago.

“This may seem like a new low to the Judge, but this is what met me at the county line as I just came into Liberty County, I understand how Chap feels”, said Ray Akins. “I know we don’t want to admit it, but we have a problem around here and the public is just now starting to see what a few of us have been beaten over the head for trying to stop.”

Liberty Dispatch has been aware of the February 25th letter but deferred reporting it first to the common goal of a successful federal investigation that may lead to uncovering more of this political operation and help to clean up what already has been a mudslinging tirade from enemies of Judge Cain and those who seek to stop a successful Republican election season.

In the past anything that might cast a shadow on friends or political associates of Bill Buchanan, or Texas Ranger Huff, or District Attorney Mike Little, or former Deputy Sheriff Chip Fairchild have been dealt with very selectively and very quietly.

This story will be reported but whether an investigation turns up the breath, the depth, and the width of what is going on, please stay tuned and stay alert as the season for manipulating voters has begun.

Courtesy to, excerpts from Cleveland Advocate