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Monday, March 15, 2010


Liberty County Republicans, 2010 is a crucial time for our government on the local, state, and national levels. As you can see, there are many candidates on the ballots. Are they true believers of their party’s values, or just trying to ride the wave of the Republican Party and the grassroots Tea Party movement to get a seat in power? Do they truly believe in the party’s platforms and idea’s?

I can assure you I do believe in the Republican Party’s platform and also with the Tea Party movement. I am not just riding the wave. At the age of 5 years, we had class elections and I voted for President Regan over President Carter. I was so happy he won. One could ask, did I really understand why I voted for a Conservative Republican for President at that age. My answer is to that question is the following; it is a way of life for my family. I am not a Johnny come lately true believer of the Conservative movement.

I believe in Limited Government:

The Government has made enough intrusion into our lives. We pay taxes to many government agencies and many times see little results. That is why the people are so reluctant to vote in new tax entities at our local level. We feel we will just pay more and not get any returns. Our government should stick to and focus on the governmental principles and powers that the founding fathers established. These consist of a strong national defense, individualism, and a Federal Government that does not promote a Socialist-Marxist agenda. We know how to take care of ourselves and in my opinion the National Government needs stay out of our lives.

I believe in Opportunity for all:

Everyone should have the opportunity to achieve their dreams, regardless of race, gender, or religion. The government should not inhibit this by higher taxes for small businesses. It seems the good ole boys always get ahead. If I am elected, everyone will have an equal opportunity to bid on contracts with the county.

I believe in Personal Responsibility:

Personal responsibility is what makes this country strong. We should adhere to the individualist ideology of the founders of this country. They told Britain that taxation without representation would not be tolerated and I believe that same core belief still exist in our hearts today. We may stumble and fall in our individual lives but we have to get up, continue to move forward, and not expect on over intrusive government to hold our hand. Then National Government is not the answer for a fruitful and productive life.

I believe in, Principled Innovative leadership:

If elected I will do my best to get the people involved in our government. I will hold meetings on the issues that are important to the precinct. I will also help individuals with their concerns, no matter how large or small. We as the governing body can do many great things together. I will restore faith in government, because it will be the people who help govern precinct 2.

I believe in Honest Compassion:

I have seen many times the great things we can do as a community when disasters strike. I will encourage citizens to get involved in their community. I ask the people of Liberty County to get involved. Join your local church, Lions Club, VFW, Rotary Club, etc. I am a member of some of these organizations and the good they do is inspiring. You will be able to see firsthand where your donations are used. It is not the government’s job to try and fix everything.

Last, but not least, I believe in Freedom:

Freedom that is God given, affirmed by our Founding Fathers, articulated in the Declaration of Independence, and protected by the Constitution. The government is slowly but surely taking away our freedoms that our forefathers fought for. It is time for us to take back our government and start doing as President Lincoln said: Government of the people, by the people, for the people.

It is my hope that you agree with the Conservative message that I support. I believe that the people of Liberty County want a Commissioner who believes in and stands for the Republican Platform and its ideology.

Conservatism is a way of life.

Marcus Brand

Candidate for Liberty County Commissioner Precinct


Anonymous said...

Marcus I still haven't made it by one of the events to meet you but I here good things about you. I know you will do a good job. Charlotte might do a good job too but she is a little too involved in the power clique for me. You are young enough at thirty you might one day run for a higher office if you impress everyone out here so i enjoy hearing where you are coming from. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Your little buddies tryed to tie Charlotte to our troubles with our schools but it didn't work. Your G.I. Joe, anti-Obama crap didn't work. You just can't roll in here from shooting the world up and take charge from people that have run things for years. You maybe thirty but you're not grown up enough to play ball compared to Charlotte, or Lee for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Lee may win the next election, but the commissioner job he is used to will not be the same.

Anonymous said...

Re: You maybe thirty but you're not grown up enough to play ball compared to Charlotte, or Lee for that matter.
Some posters never cease to amaze me. It seems some people have their heads buried in the sand and just come up for a swallow of beer. Mr. Brand is 35 years old. The minimum age to run for a U.S. Representative seat is 25 years old, a Senate seat-30 years old, and for President-35 years old. Yes, I guess being 35 years old and running for Liberty County Commissioner is just out of the question. LOL! Apparently you are anti-military, so I take it you are anti-American. Brave heros have given their lives for idiots like you to spout bull crap. For the record, it is known that Mrs. Warner has stated she did not want to run for Commissioner. I am sure she is a very nice lady, but if someone really did not want the job, will they really put much effort into it? And who talked her into running for a job she did not want? Now Lee, well if you have been around for 23 years and you allow yourself to get accused of alleged wrong doing, well you must have thought you were untouchable. The people with intelligence will look at the candidates and see which one is really the best.

Anonymous said...

Calling all little buddies, calling all little buddies, please report in!

Anonymous said...

Who is Ronald Regan? Have not heard of him? Did you mean Ronald Reagan? Also, to prevent someone thinking you commit plagiarism you may want to give the sites credit you take their direct statements from instead of letting individuals think you come up with them on your own.

Anonymous said...

Lee really IS afraid of Mr. Brand's candidacy!
He is down to looking for typo's now.
Anyway, if I have any typo's or misspellings, please let me know in your next post.

Anonymous said...

FYI - Lee Groce has absolutely no reason to be afraid of Ms. Warner as his opponent and he feels almost the same about Marcus Brand. This election is not about patriotism or treating a vet fairly, it is about limestone and graded roads and clean ditches. Lee takes care of the home folks and that is why he is re-elected every four years.

Anonymous said...

I expect the few people who campaign hard for Lee Groce are the home folks you refer to. Well the rest of us are tired of politicans taking our money and buying favors and votes. Marcus Brand will be the commissioner for all of us, not a select few.

Anonymous said...

Yes by all means Lee takes care of the home folks in His hometown of Tarkington, but what about Hull and some of the South end of his precinct. I think 23 years is too long for someone to be in office. I would like to see a term limit on how long Commissioners are in office. After 23 years, then an investigation into alledged criminal activities, whats next.

Anonymous said...

Well, whats next has now came up. The Precinct #2 Rock Scandel. Just another incident uncovered here. I am now wondering what has'nt been uncovered. Yes indeed, it is about Limestone and graded roads.