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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Shock and Awe


The Shock and Awe Liberty County Republican Party has left democrats from all areas of the county with mouths gaping and wandering around lost and in a daze.

The voting numbers indicate that the voters of Liberty County have had enough of the Party of Pelosi, Reid, and Obama. The voting numbers tell us a story of “Enough is Enough!” The Citizenry of Liberty County has raised the Battle Cry of “The Party of NO is the Party of GO”! The People of Liberty County have voiced their opinions and the message is “Please Mr. Obama-Could You Spare Some Change?”


Republican Votes Democrat Votes


5980 2285

75th District Judge:

4102 0

253rd District Judge:

5704 0

County Judge:

5356 2229

Commissioner PCT 2:

1538 656

Commissioner PCT 4:

1707 313

County Court at Law:

4305 1861

District Clerk:

4017 1855

County Clerk:

4088 1945

County Treasurer:

4390 1640

JP #1:

865 0

JP #4:

1985 416

JP #5:

745 415

JP #6:

584 328

Liberty County Republican Party it is OK to celebrate the election results that made the Earth Stand Still for this moment in time in the history of Liberty County Politics…But don’t become over confident!

Over the next few months leading up to the General Election we must continue to demonstrate the difference between the Two Political Parties in our Country.

On the one hand is a Republican Party that believes in Self –Determination, Less Government, and a Strong National Defense.

On the other hand (the left hand) is the Party that wants to dominate the lives of the citizenry from the cradle to the grave.

Tell the voters of Liberty County where you stand politically. Tell them that you are building a conservative edifice and they will break down the political walls of the democrat stronghold on Liberty County as they mark an X next to your name on the ballot come November.


Anonymous said...

Or not. We could keep on doing what we have been doing. people in the courthouse fighting over their little piece of power while every other county that borders Harris County has become a county that children can come back to and get a good job.

Anonymous said...

RE: Or not. We could

That is an interesting comment. If you notice that when our youth graduates high school and they go to college they never come back. Is it the reason that there is nothing here to come back too. Only corrupt government. It is hard to get a fair shake in this County unless you stroke the right ego's. There is no industry. The older generation had better wake up before they find themselves all alone with no family.

Anonymous said...

The party of the Klu Klux Klan (Democrat) is going to be hard to beat. There are so many with there heads stuck in the sand. Some say "I vote democrat because my daddy's daddy's daddy voted democrat. Liberty County is so full of white racist. Most are democrats. Some would question this post and say, "The party of the Klu Klux Klan then why do all the african americans vote democrat". Because the white elite way back figured out that if they throw the minorities a bone once and awhile then they can keep them down and keep the white elite up high. Vote Klu Klux Klan Vote democrat.

Anonymous said...

I just checked it out. The national Black Republican Party has it on thier website.

Anonymous said...

Because of these numbers in the primary, Republican candidates better get ready for every kind of mudslinging and every trick to turn Republicans against each other.

Anonymous said...

The honest, hard working people of Liberty County are fed up with this Counties political corruption and waste of property owners tax money,for instance,the old Wal-Mart building and the Hospital District. Are these political incumbents getting the message now? I am fed up and want my money back now. It's my money and I want it now. See you incumbents at the November elections. Do not give me one of your cards and want to shake hands, after all the crap you have pulled and voted for while you were in office. (HAWK)