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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Booted Ex-Sheriff, Greg Arthur Reappears

Past Liberty County Sheriff, Greg Arthur- aka "zipper" who was literally booted out of office with a mandate, has again raised his ugly head.

Arthur has been seen visiting local Republican gatherings and "working the room".

We guess Arthur doesn't get it, he was booted because people didn't like or trust him... how soon he forgets, has dementia set in?

The trilogy of Greg Arthur, Grover (Frank) Huff and Chip (Cow Chip) Fairchild reigned terror, intimidation, threats, harassment, official misconduct, selective prosecution, official oppression and allegedly murder, upon the county for many years. Lately, the citizens of Liberty County have not had the best representation in the Liberty County Sheriff's Office but... the problems it now has pales in comparison to the corruption visited upon Liberty County by the aforementioned characters. Much of the current negative publicity in the Sheriff's Office has been orchestrated by Chip Fairchild and his minions- because of retaliation.

Someone has been lying to Greg Arthur, making him believe he would ever or could ever have a chance to win even dog catcher in Liberty County. He seems disconnected from the reality of what happened to him and must believe it was all some big mistake and how Obama must be to blame.

Greg, you lost, you were removed from office and even lost your own voting box in Hardin, Texas.

Go ahead, bring your best game and some salt and pepper to go with it... The people of Liberty County will be protected from you.

The Watchers

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