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Monday, April 19, 2010


Liberty Dispatch would like to send kudos to the new Liberty School Superintendent, Dr. Cynthia Lusignolo, and the school board making the tough, but the correct decisions about the schools in Liberty.

In many places it is not popular and it is never flashy or grandiose to recommend focusing on the upkeep of a school’s facilities. On a consistent and overwhelming basis you will find the first money that is raided in a school budget when they need some cash is the maintenance and improvement money. Liberty ISD has been no different than most over the years, but the approach they are using with this bond issue is nothing but wise.

The difference is that Dr. Lusignolo along with her board have decided to do the right thing regardless of the fact that they could benefit more politically by spending taxpayer money on something new that all of us could see and think was progress. Instead Lusignolo is doing what is best for this community. Her respect for the taxpayer is evident in her approach.

Liberty Dispatch doesn’t know this Superintendent’s political persuasions or her affiliations but we recognize excellent planning. And we salute it.


Anonymous said...

Can they increase the millions spent on nonessential things like sports by enough to possibly dome the stadium?

Anonymous said...

They should follow Hardin ISD's approach to screw the education and get a flashy new stadium and an astro turf football field. Build the field and they will come.

Anonymous said...

Indeed this is a renovation time and not a time to spend millions of dollars on new things. I think repairing and renovating the things you now have is better than tearing down the older buildings just for the sake of having something new. Congratulation to this Supr. and the Liberty school board.

Anonymous said...

I was meeting with someone at Hardin ISD and they mentioned that budgets were tight and certain courses would not be available. I then walked outside and saw the new astroturf being laid. Where are the priorities?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I have often wondered about why Hardin has chosen some of the things they have chosen for their schools, but I just attribute it to politics. Thhey certainly have failed to take any suggestions form comments on here. But look what it has gotten trouble, defeated and embarassed Sheriff Arthur, highly controversial Commissioner Lee Groce. These people need new leaders and new politics, but they would have to admit that they have made poor choices first.

Anonymous said...

All accounts of this Superintendent say Liberty has hit a homerun in hiring her. I hope we are able to keep her around for awhile. This school borad has shown good leadership also.

Anonymous said...

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