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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Recently Chip Fairchild was spotted at Liberty County Democratic Party Headquarters; and his old boss, Greg Arthur was spotted at Liberty County Republican Headquarters. Normally these kinds of sightings may give credibility to rumors that these men are considering a run for Liberty County Sheriff in 2012, but neither party has some kind of magic lipstick to get these men past voters.

Greg Arthur and his controversial sidekick Chip Fairchild exited politics in a big way last election. For an incumbent and representatives of the status quo it was a devastating loss as even voters in their own neighborhood indicated they had had enough of them. After Arthur was drummed out of office by the people, it wasn't much later that Fairchild no longer had a locker at the department.

When 2012 comes around the voters are not anymore likely to forget all of the reasons Liberty County wanted a change than they would forget what a pig looked like if you splashed a little cologne and lipstick on it. The whole Harrelson scandal, the immoral behavior, and the use of office for political means is still fresh in many voters minds. People don't like to see their public officials constantly running around with different women other than their wives. And people don't want to hear repeated allegations that the leadership in law enforcement is breaking the law.

There is no magic lipstick. Even if Arthur wasn't going to be seventy years old soon. Even if Chip and his brother Russell Fairchild didn't have rumors swirling around them about all kinds of different allegations. There is no magic lipstick that covers politician who have thrown caution to the wind and ignored public opinion.

These two men who were shunned by voters may also be behind the negative publicity surrounding the new Sheriff a part of their efforts to reclaim power. The new Sheriff may need magic lipstick too if he doesn't accomplish the main thing people expect from a Sheriff - 'building public trust that leads to a feeling of security'. Sheriff Patterson's time may be running short,but if he made some key changes he could still gain the public trust.

The bottom line - some of the outspoken Republicans and some of the outspoken Democrats would surely spend much time and energy to make sure their party had a more electable nominee than Arthur or Fairchild. Patterson better make some positive changes or he too will find himself in need of magic lipstick when he faces the voters again.

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