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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Reaper Cometh...

In the next few weeks, Liberty Dispatch will be releasing some very hard hitting stories of corruption and public official misconduct.  Stay tuned...

Sunday, August 29, 2010

'Little' Understanding...

The end of the year 2009 in Liberty County politics was most encouraging for those of us who have been concerned with all the scandals in the local courthouse and the “fundamental change” being forced upon us by the White House. The District Judge of the 253rd Court, Judge Chap Cain, announced publicly his doubts about how our County Judge had handled FEMA money. The rest is history.

The question most of us should ask is this...what is up with our District Attorney? We would imagine every man worth his salt is wondering why anyone would want the job of district attorney that Mike Little has and NOT handle things like the investigation of the FEMA scandal or the Glenn Vickery DWI scandal. Isn’t that the whole reason someone would want to have such a job – to seek justice and to make the system function according to the rule of law? Has his office spiraled downhill into making decisions based mostly on politics? Is someone giving him marching orders?

It is difficult to understand Little’s behavior otherwise. Is it true he has traveled and teamed up with Phil Fitzgerald to accuse Phil’s accusers of something in the Beaumont’s courts? Isn’t Fitzgerald the main person of interest to the feds in the FEMA scandal? Is it true that while federal prosecutors have pursued a case against Fitzgerald, Little is being directed by Fitzgerald or someone else to get a grand jury to indict Judge Cain? If so, for what? And why?

Did Little and Fitzgerald and other Democrats know Judge Cain was switching to the Republican Party and decide to punish him? Does someone have something on this District Attorney and he follows their orders to keep his secrets? Why didn’t our District Attorney handle the investigation when Cain’s mail was tampered with and then the ensuing conspiracy of Democrats who tried to falsely accuse him of exceeding campaign contribution limits? Knowing Liz Beausoliel was involved in that incident, is Little’s absence in this case an indication he took sides with former Assistant County Attorney Mark Beasoliel in the feud between Judge Cain and Beausoliel a few years back?

Understanding Little’s behavior is difficult. His devotion to the Democrats and partisan political goals are unsurpassed in our county. It reminds us of how he chose to prosecute Janet Harrelson years ago, the only player in that fiasco who didn't break any laws, and chose not to prosecute anyone else– when everyone knew she could not have done anything without help from (many) other officials. But for now we are thankful voters sent a message in the Republican primary by rewarding Judge Cain with nearly 70% of the vote and returning him for four more years on the bench. Undoubtedly, his concerns about local FEMA abuse and Obama spending money like a drunken sailor resonated well with conservatives.

Perhaps we will all see who is driving Mike Little and if he is all that is left of the good old boy party that has gone from scandal to scandal in the last few years.


One family asking voters to let them rule two courts?

Can you imagine a world where your political ally and fellow political schemer is the County Judge, where one of your closest political allies and a tenant in one of your offices is one of the three major judges in the area, where your father-in-law is in charge of the opposing political party and where his best friend is in charge of the county business in the area you live, and your nephew is in charge of one of the major judges? And you, well you are one of those three major judges. That is the world C.T. “Rusty” Hight envisioned after this election.

But the world according to Judge Hight was in trouble before the primaries were decided. His County Judge, fellow Democrat Phil Fitzgerald, thought he could coast through the Democratic primary because he knew there weren’t fifty Democrats who even knew his opponent. Hight didn’t figure on Fitzgerald losing in the primary, but Fitzgerald was beaten worse than any incumbent County Judge in the history of the county.

The next miscalculation was Michelle Merendino, Hight’s close ally and tenant who he encouraged to run as a Republican for the 253rd District Court so he could defeat Fitzgerald’s arch enemy (District Judge Chap Cain – the person who exposed Fitzgerald’s wrongdoing to the world). Republican voters overwhelmingly chose Judge Cain in an election that sent Merendino back to the space she rented from Hight to continue to practice law in Hight’s court.

Then Hight was blindsided when his father-in-law, the one he counted on helping him convince conservatives to be okay voting for a Democrat (even though Lester Wisgerber’s record shows he clearly has the philosophy of a liberal) was rejected by Republican voters in favor of someone most of the voters had never met or even heard of before this election.

After the primaries the world according to Hight was left with only two possible victories. And the nearly eighty year old best friend (Norman Brown) of Rusty Hight’s father-in-law was the weakest part of his plan to rule and reign in a world of his own making. But the other part of his plan is still intact and is the most important way for Hight to dominate the courts and have something even close to a world like he hoped for.

The stop gap measure for Hight is Zack Zbranek, Hight’s nephew. If Zack’s strategy works (to make political signs like his brother’s signs were years ago and to spend a lot of money on billboards and advertising and run on his family’s famous name among Democrats and Hight’s coattails) then Hight can dominate two of the three courts.

With Fitzgerald working closely with Democrat District Attorney Mike Little to get a grand jury to indict Judge Cain and to go after other Republican activists, at least the most important part of Hight’s dream world is possible. Or is it…? Would voters put two of the most ardent partisan cut throat Democrats on the benches of a courthouse that has been spirally down amidst scandal for years? That is what is left of Hight’s plan. The fact that they are allies of Barack Obama and nephew and uncle to each other should disqualify them for anyone tired of the Liberty good ole boy system.

This is a race of two Democrat judges who are related. They are running a campaign of quasi nepotism, a disturbing recipe for more corruption in Liberty County. The aroma emanating from these two people vying for a major slice of the judiciary in Liberty County has a vile stench; voters should be on high alert.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Local DA desperate, statement from his victim...

In an act of desperation, Liberty County District Attorney, Mike Little has conned an unknowing grand Jury in Liberty County. Local Dayton Realtor, Bob Edwards was the grand jury foreman for Mike Little signing an indictment against Eddie Shauburger. Liberty County DA, Mike Little is so desperate to bring a charge, any charge... against his perceived political enemies, he is prosecuting people for perceived crimes in Harris County.  Sources have indicated that the Harris County DA refused to take the charges against Shauberger... so then, Mike Little broke the law and charged Shauberger for an alleged crime committed in Harris County.  Outrageously, the Liberty County indictment indicates the supposed crime originated in Harris County still, Dayton Realtor, Bob Edwards signed a true-bill indictment against Shauberger.  The charges against Eddie Shauberger will never hold.  No matter how you feel about Shauberger, no one is safe, the legal system in Liberty County is broken, this indictment against Shauberger is strong evidence.

The statement below is from Eddie Shauburger to Liberty Dispatch:

In the spring of 2006 I received a call from then Liberty County Republican Party VP, Charlotte Kramer to meet with her at the Republican Headquarters located in the old Mercy Hospital building in Liberty. I went to meet with her and we were the only two people in the building.

She was nervous and seemed upset. She said that she thought someone had been following her and she was afraid the building was bugged but she had something important to tell me. She began to tell me that she was on the Grand Jury and they were investigating Democratic Party activist John Archer. At that point I stopped her and told her not to tell me anything else and reminded her that Grand Jury proceedings were secret and were not to be discussed outside the Grand Jury room. I noticed while I was talking to her that on her desk was the names and phone numbers of everyone who was serving on the Grand Jury with her.

She also told me that that she had been meeting with owner Allen Youngblood and he had told her that he had Hugh Bishop of the District Attorneys office investigating then newcomer Ray Akins (who was at the time the Republican candidate for Commissioner Prec. 4 and running against Norman Brown a long time friend of Republican Party Chairman (at that time) Lester Ray Wisegerber). I told her this seemed improper to use public law enforcement assets to investigate innocent citizens for personal interests. At that point I realized the Republican Party that I had helped build had turned into nothing more than a self serving organization that represents the ambitions of only a select few.

I then went back to my office and call Lester Ray Wisegerber and told him of my concerns regarding Charlotte Kramer discussing pending Grand Jury business with me and how inappropriate it was. I also told him that I felt I had an obligation the share these facts with Liberty County D.A. Mike Little. He then told me that I better not do that and that I needed to keep my mouth shut regarding these matters. I politely ended the call and then immediately called Mike Little and set up a meeting. I met with Mr. Little a couple of days later in the conference room of the D.A.'s office and told him what Charlotte had shared with me. Mr. Little thanked me for telling him and that he would share this with Judge Hight and the Judge would have to make the decision what if anything should be done. I never heard anything else from Mr. Little regarding this and can only assume this was just swept under the rug like so many other things here in Liberty County.

From that time on I have been harassed by officials here in Liberty County continuously. I was told by a friend that Wisegerber was overheard saying that he would get me for going to Mike Little. It is only fair to point out that Lester Wisegerber is Judge Hight's father-in-law.

I want to thank the editors of The Liberty Dispatch for the opportunity to tell this story.

Eddie Shauberger

PART FIVE: Democrat- Rusty Hight, the "Sex Offender Judge"

The end of Part Four of this story said “C.T. ‘Rusty’ Hight’s behavior has an even more bizarre twist”. Well get ready because it is truly more bizarre than Zeke Zbranek, Hight’s brother-in-law and predecessor as District Judge of the 75th District Court, finding a very troubled defendant guilty of illegal sexual contact with a fourteen year old, and giving him a ten years of incarceration and turning that into probation. More bizarre than Hight giving the same convicted sex offender a very rare and inexplicable judicial clemency – even with the notice that the Houston Police Department had a female come forward and file a complaint against the convict for another sex offense. What’s more bizarre than that?

Did these proud standard bearers for the Democratic Party and the type liberalism that is infamous for thinking criminals just need a break in life just accept a nolo contender plea from a sex offender and just get unlucky and find one that needed more than a break? Is there an explanation why someone who lost custody of his own kids and his Texas teacher’s certificate would be given such a great deal? Heck yea there is! And Rusty Hight must think it is every good reason. Why else would he have paid thousands of dollars having “Re-elect Judge Hight” signs made up if he didn’t think he was worthy of the voters’ trust.

After clearing the sex offender’s record clean from his offense in Liberty County in 2004, Judge Hight filed papers in 2006 saying he had inadvertently signed documents that gave the convicted criminal clemency. Hight claimed he had made a mistake. A mistake that has made it more difficult to prosecute this known sex offender and more difficult to prove he deserves a long sentence in the future.

But was it a mistake? Stay tuned. This story will give any voter that is not a relative or close friend or indebted to C.T. “Rusty” Hight one of many cases to cite when trying to help elect a new Judge for the 75th District Court. It will also help connect one more dot to those people who have dealt with this Judge and felt politics entered into his rulings.

Part 6 will be the final part to this particular Hight case and then Liberty Dispatch will choose at least one more of Hight’s cases to show the public what kind of “experience” Hight has over the highly esteemed legal mind of his November challenger, Mark Morefield.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


HE’s BAAAACK! Surely not... It must be that pepperoni and anchovy on thick crust I ate last night. It has to be a nightmare. Someone please wake me up! This is more than I can bear! Tell me, please, that KSHN’s favorite son, Phil Fitzgerald, is not signing up to run as an independent in the same County Judge's race he was already defeated in by a two to one margin.

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed the difference in the way Bill Buchanan and KSHN radio have reported the FEMA scandal and Phil Fitzgerald’s alleged involvement? And has anyone else noticed Bill Buchanan and some of his staff are always present to question Ken Morrison’s legitimacy as a candidate and to cast a shadow on any negative comments about Phil Fitzgerald?

If this is reality about Phil signing up to run as an independent and not some kind of bad dream, then Nancy Archer has to be feeling pretty good about her surmising he was challenging Morrison’s residency so he could clear a path back to his glory days and four more years of being County Judge. I can hear her now “I told you so. John and I know every dirty trick in the book. We knew it. I told you this was going to happen. We snag us a guy to run that is scandal free and Phil messes it up.“

But Archer needs to realize this may not be a nightmare at all. It is possible….. I said possible, mind you, that Phil Fitzgerald is signing up simply because he wants to have better standing to contest, and cause the defeat of, a Kingwood, Texas resident who has no business being a candidate for Liberty County Judge. Most of us should agree, Phil is right about at least one thing, our County Judge ought to be a resident of the county.

If that is all Phil is doing, this is all more like another very bad Democratic soap opera than a nightmare. Nancy and that brain trust they call the Liberty County Democratic Executive Committee are, once again, playing starring roles in embarrassing our county and limiting our voters legitimate choices by the way they handle elections.

Soon voters will have an opportunity to bypass all of the games and scandals and elect new people to start afresh. We can elect people that want to do a good job for the entire community. It may not be as entertaining as Democrats in the last ten years, but Republicans could sure make this a community our kids would be far more likely to consider coming back to live in.

Liberty County Commissioners Served with Summons

(08/24/10- Liberty) Today at commissioner's court, agents with Home Land Security were present.  Before the start of commissioner's court, federal agents served multiple summons to appear.  The summons state the commissioners must appear at a federal grand jury on September 10, 2010- in Beaumont, Texas.

The Liberty County Commissioner's served with the federal summons were Melvin Hunt, Todd Fontenot and Norman Brown. (All democrats except for reputed turncoat Norman Brown.)

It is believed the reason for the commissioner's summons to appear is because of a broad investigation into FEMA fraud arising from activities surrounding the hurricane Ike cleanup and the resulting alleged billing and bid fraud.

Liberty Dispatch readers have shown a considerable interest in this story and look forward to a fair and reasonable investigation into FEMA fraud. Liberty Dispatch readers also have an immense respect for federal investigators and prosecutors who are investigating the overall cancerous corruption in Liberty County.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


1. Morrison exercised his rights by voting in our most recent election as a registered voter in Liberty County. Not valid because it does not cover the need for residency 6 months in advance. Of course he voted in the race, he was in it.

2. Pays Taxes – Morrison pays taxes in Liberty County. Not valid because Morrison, like all of us, should be paying taxes wherever he owns property.

3. Owns Real Estate; Personal Property – Morrison has owned property in Liberty for two and a half years and has a trailer on his property. Not valid because Morrison could have the same situation in all 254 counties in Texas and he would still have claimed a homeowner’s exemption in Kingwood. CONTIUNUOUS RESIDENCY SHOULD BE QUESTIONED (IF ANYONE BELIEVES HE HAS EVER BEEN A RESIDENT).

4. Has Driver’s Licenses and Other Licenses – The address on Morrison’s Driver’s licenses and other licenses list his address in Liberty County. Morrison's driver's license and his registration establish nothing according to his own statements. Which is it?

5. Maintains Bank Accounts – Morrison has a bank account at a local bank in Dayton. Not valid - If Morrison could have bank accounts in 15 foreign countries, would we consider him a resident of each one? Morrison maintained accounts near his Kingwood residency.

6. Belongs to Clubs – Morrison is a member of the American Legion in Dayton and the Elks Lodge in Liberty. Please! Political maneuvers don’t constitute residency, do they? He can kiss babies in every county in America and that does not make him a resident of all of them.

7. Belongs to Churches – Morrison is a member of the Calvary Baptist Church in Dayton and has previously served as its’ Music Director. Should people from Liberty County that work in Houston or attend Lakewood Church in Houston be considered eligible candidates to run for Houston city council?

Nancy Archer’s or Bill Buchanan’s “State of Mind”

On Saturday August the 21st in a called press conference, Liberty County Democratic Party Chairman Nancy Archer and Bill Buchanan had an argument very similar to one Bill and I had when I was the Republican County Chairman years ago. I am now pleased to know that I must have won that argument because Bill and his staff were expressing the point of view he disagreed with back then. One of the questions asked makes a very important point. Here is the basic question:

“How can Liberty County citizens have any confidence in what Nancy Archer is presenting as ‘facts’ when the main source she quotes, the election lawyers at the Secretary of State’s office are telling you Kenneth Morrison is a resident and the lawyers someone else talked to in the same office are saying he definitely is not.”

In a conversation with Bill in the side yard at KSHN when I used that same reasoning with him years ago, Bill's response was to turn red in the face and ask if I was calling him a liar. Nancy Archer did not respond the same way. But that was a legitimate question for Bill to ask of me and it is a legitimate question for us to ask of Archer. But let’s ask the question in a bit more artful way:

“Since you are the one who provided the information to the people you talked to at the Secretary of State’s office, how do we know that the way you provided information didn’t help convince the lawyers to give you the answer you wanted?”

This was my response to Bill years ago. It frustrated him and he stormed into his building fuming about me questioning his integrity. Bill was a great deal more diplomatic with Archer Saturday, but now perhaps he can relate to the frustration I felt when trying to get to the heart of the matter.

Bill is right. Nancy Archer’s conversation with the Secretary of State will NOT be backed up by anyone at that office if a person calls there. They will tell you they responded to the information she provided. Bill is also touching on an important point when he tries to engage Archer about her only other source. When Archer refers to any prior lawsuits and interprets them to prove she is right, that is her interpretation. In a court of law a judge could interpret that entirely different or a judge could point out that cases Archer uses to “prove” Morrison’s residency in Liberty County do not apply.

Archer should get credit because she continually refers to always wanting a court to rule on the question of Morrison’s residency. Unfortunately, that is effectively what she has done. She did it when she accepted Morrison as a candidate. She is still doing it now. Archer may want to relieve herself of responsibility by saying she immediately offered Fitzgerald the opportunity to challenge Morrison's eligibility or by pointing to the words “may” or “shall”, but who is she really looking out for by passing the buck like that. So what if the election laws do not say “shall”, if you believed Morrison is not a resident then you are on the frontlines and should have defended your party and the voters of this county by challenging Morrison.

What observers may learn from listening to Bill challenging Archer is that she wanted someone other than Fitzgerald to be County Judge. Or she at least wanted Fitzgerald challenged and she was willing to look the other way if Morrison was her only option. Again, that conclusion is worthy of consideration because Archer’s own desires could easily affect her views of case law and her conversation with lawyers on this matter.

That leaves us with all of the information Fitzgerald provided and Bill kept trying to get Archer to analyze independent of her other arguments. Listeners may have to distance themselves from their opinions of Fitzgerald’s handling of FEMA money or opinions they have formed about Bill’s political involvement (or even their opinion of me or Nancy Archer) to consider with an open mind the whole question of Morrison’s residency.

But it is ultimately the voter’s “state of mind” not Morrison’s or Archers. The deadline has passed and this may or may not ever go before a court. This may never be decided on a legal basis. So the question now is how will the voter let this all affect their decision in November? Those who were already voting for Republicans or voting specifically for Craig McNair will obviously not let this affect the way they cast their ballot. But those who are still considering how they will vote are left with those questions Bill was asking.

Kenneth Morrison, as seen in pictures on this website, had a travel trailer put in at the most westerly edge of Liberty County. But does that constitute residence? He voted in Harris County just weeks before he signed up to run for County Judge in Liberty County. He claimed as his homestead a home in Kingwood in the same time frame. The only thing Morrison can stand on to claim residency is his “frame of mind” according to Nancy Archer. Nancy and her husband left here and spent thirty years (she says) in Virginia and Archer says her husband always considered himself a Liberty County resident and always voted here. But they did not live in Virginia and run for Liberty County Democratic Party Chairman. And there was no court challenge or investigation to determine whether or not John Archer voted in both places.

Kenneth Morrison consider the feelings of many in Liberty County and rather than just asking alegal question he should be graceful and step down. If he does not Nancy Archer’s decision to not fight this legally allows voters the opportunity to get the last word. If Morrison loses, that will make the point moot. If he wins, this county and its politics could be the focus of the entire state.

By Richard Pegues

Saturday, August 21, 2010


There they go again... Predictably, the local Democratic Party has come to a crossroads on one of their many crises. Liberty County Democratic Party Chairman Nancy Archer called a press conference Saturday and announced that she was "not" going to declare Ken Morrison ineligible despite several efforts including a letter from Liberty County, Judge Phil Fitzgerald stating Morrison was not a resident of the county and that time was running out if Chairman Archer wanted to give Liberty County voters a viable option.

In the attached documents readers can see very clearly that Judge Fitzgerald was very businesslike and lacked any tone of vindictiveness in what appears to be his effort to avoid further embarrassment for Chairman Archer and the Democratic Party. In response, Chairman Archer took a cheap shot at Fitzgerald for initiating action for removal of the candidate running for the office he sought and lost in the primary. She did that by assuming when Fitzgerald pointed out that she should appoint a replacement after removing Morrison that he was talking about himself. Even in her angry response to Fitzgerald she admits he never mentioned the idea he was interested in being the replacement candidate. Nevertheless, according to her own press release, the Chairman rebuffed or ignored Fitzgerald at every turn.

In an odd twist of logic, Chairman Archer blames Fitzgerald for not filing a lawsuit to remove Morrison during the primary. The Chairman and her fellow Democrats are responsible for primary applications and for signing off on the results of an election. The County Judge and Commissioners and the County Clerk have more responsibilities in the general election. Therefore, Chairman Archer implying Fitzgerald missed his chance must be in reference to his candidacy in opposition to Morrison. (Fitzgerald lost to Morrison by 429 votes in the March primary). But what candidate wants to be perceived as someone who has to file a lawsuit to win an election. Most candidates would rely on the County Chairman to turn away ineligible candidates.

Months ago Liberty Dispatch decided to pass on filing anything about the Democrat Party’s County Judge candidate from Kingwood. Pictures were taken of what appeared to be a travel trailer used for camping or hunting that the Democrat’s primary winner for County Judge, Ken Morrison, claimed was his residence and his future home site. He was not present at the trailer at that time nor has he been present at the trailer during subsequent visits. Questions were asked about his background and his claim to a strong church connection in the county. But when all was said and done, Liberty Dispatch decided if the leadership in the Liberty County Democratic Party wanted to try and peddle this kind of politics… they would learn the hard way that voters are much smarter than they think and much more alert to game playing than in the past.

Liberty Dispatch, along with some of the people who send in comments, was left with the idea that if Morrison is a resident and eligible, who is ineligible to run for Liberty County Judge. And why on earth would voters in this county elect someone from Kingwood that most people not only have never heard of, but that most county residents don’t know anyone in the county that had even heard of Ken Morrison before the media announced in January of this year that he was the Democratic hopeful to defeat their embattled incumbent.

This election has had an extra dose of political maneuvering with former campaign manager of Rusty Hight’s, Liz Beausoliel, being caught red handed in an attempt to steal Judge Cain’s mail and make it look like he was the one doing something wrong as a prime example but not the only one. Mrs. Beausoliel, wife of former Assistant Country Attorney Mark Beausoliel and former Liberty County Democratic Party Chairman, has not been indicted yet, but busy federal investigators are rumored to be finishing up their work on her case and a case involving the embattled County Judge Phil Fitzgerald (also a Democrat).

Michelle Merendino, also an ally of Judge Rusty Hight, allegedly is another example of some of the recent activities of local Democratic activists. Although Merendino was badly beaten in the Republican primary by District Judge of the 253rd, Chap Cain, it is rumored that Merendino, a tenant of The C.T. “Rusty” Hight Trust and someone who has been given public defender cases (by Hight) worth thousands of dollars a year, was encouraged to run in an effort by Hight to have an influence in both political parties. When Merendino signed up to run against Cain, Hight’s father-in-law (Lester Ray Wisegerber) was the Liberty County Republican Party Chairman. Since then Hight’s connection has been beaten badly in a County Chairman’s election where voters aggressively rejected the incumbent. This may have been the first party chairman in history famous for saying “It really doesn’t matter what party you were in.” Unlike the average voter - party chairman are responsible for electing as many from their party as they can. The result of that county chairman’s race indicates voters knew Republicans needed to go back to having a strong leader rather than someone who promoted people in the other party.

And now today we have another interesting County Chairman speaking up in ways that could leave her party without a legitimate candidate for the chief executive office of the county. Today she says she is “pleased and proud”. That sounds like one vote Mr. Morrison can count as in the bag!

Letter from Liberty County Judge, Phil Fitzgerald to Nancy Archer

Statement of Liberty County Democrat Chairperson, Nancy Archer

Local Circus Show Avoided...

08/20/10- With Liberty County District Attorney, Michael Little present at the Press Conference in Beaumont, Texas called by US Attorney-

John Malcolm Bales stated:

"Promising to shatter the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas (ABT), Acting US Attorney John Malcolm Bales of the Eastern District of Texas said at a press conference on Friday, August 20, in Beaumont, that law enforcement officers “will not rest until [they] have brought to justice every criminal segment” of the white supremacist group.

Bales’ pledge followed an announcement that two people have been indicted on federal charges of racketeering and crimes related to the October 12, 2008 execution-style murder of Scott Freeman, whose body was found beside a lonely stretch of FM 787 east of Cleveland. He had been shot six times at close range by a .45 caliber pistol."

Courtesy HCN

Liberty Dispatch has learned the honorable US Attorney, John Malcolm Bales has taken the criminal prosecution of alleged Arian Brotherhood member, Steven Walter Cooke and another reputed member away from Liberty County DA, Mike Little. Because of Liberty County District Attorney, Michael Little's controversial alleged political retaliations, official misconduct and other questionable activities, the US Attorney has chosen to take the case away from Mike Little's office.

Liberty Dispatch applauds the action of the Eastern District, US Attorney's office in keeping the constitutional and responsible due process observed, something which would not happen in Liberty County Texas.

Even the US Attorney's office understands the corruption which permeates throughout the Liberty County District Attorney's office.

Thank you to the Honorable US Attorney, John Malcolm Bales for saving Liberty County Texas from the circus show which would have surely occurred if Mike Little would have been allowed to prosecute this case.

Liberty Dispatch Contributor

Friday, August 20, 2010

D.A.’s Secretary Retires – Or Does She?

The other day a good friend was trying to encourage several of us that Liberty County was changing and that politicians could no longer be certain that whoever the Democratic Party put on the ballot would be elected here. “Liberty County is tired of the liberals in Austin and Washington and all of their crazy ideas and they have begun to question why they should help those politicians by backing the local Democrats.”

Of course that is music to many of our ears but my friend offered more analysis. Part of the evidence the friend offered was that Durlene Davis no longer worked in the District Attorney’s office. Durlene Davis is infamous inside Republican circles for being the power-broker for the Cleveland area. She was on the county payroll for years and years under District Attorney Mike Little. If memory serves me correctly, she was the subject of a complaint filed by Will Cox or someone poll watching for him in 1994. In that complaint, Davis was accused of violating the rules that protect the integrity of an election in a polling place.

Davis is seen as a dominating schemer on behalf of whoever she favored in the Democratic primary and a guarantor in the general election. By “guarantor” I mean, though it has never been proven or tried in court, it was alleged she was responsible for helping to hire vans and van drivers to take the sign in sheet and ballots to voters in the black community and illegally allow them to vote. Allegedly, she also helped the voter to vote for the politician she favored and even provide “gas money” for participants.

I appreciate my friend trying to encourage us, but I am concerned the “retirement” of Durlene Davis does not include her political activism. My concern is bolstered by an article written in June 2010 in The Cleveland Advocate. I am more encouraged by an offer to supply a significant amount of reward money to anyone who can help identify and bring to justice anyone, past or present, that has tampered with elections in this county.

Below is The Cleveland Advocate’s account of what appears to be a tantrum by Durlene that received comments complaining about Davis’ racists’ methods (this excerpt is from an article posted in the June 19, 2010 before the city of Cleveland’s citywide celebration):

Councilwoman Durlene Davis spoke after the resolution was approved and stated that she feels there isn’t enough minority representation on the city’s celebration committee.

“There are no blacks, Hispanics or Indians represented at the 75th anniversary celebration,” said Davis about the event’s committee. “Why wasn’t the entire community asked to participate? They were not. That is not fair.”

She argued that since many ethnic groups make up the history and evolution of the city, more programs and music representing them should have been incorporated into the celebration.

When told that there were several black citizens already on the committee, Davis said that though she deeply respected them, they were not vocal individuals who involved themselves extensively in the community.

“They don’t participate,” said Davis. “They go to church. They go to one or two board meetings and then they go home. They are not a Barbara McIntyre or a Durlene Davis. These are the kind of people we need on the committee, not those that are going to sit up there with closed mouths.”

City Manager Philip Cook refuted Davis’ allegations and said that all the meetings were open to the public and that they have been held every Wednesday at 2 p.m. at city hall.

“We have been meeting every week for the last couple of months,” said Cook.

“There have been people that have been overlooked,” said Davis.

“No, they have not,” said Cook.

He explained that many groups, churches and businesses have received letters inviting them to participate in the celebration planning.

“In order for this city to grow, we have to be on the same team,” said Davis. “We can’t have special interest groups.”

Davis told Cook that he needed to develop a rapport with the business community. Cook then stood up and walked out of the meeting. He excused himself because his daughter needed medical attention.

City Secretary Kelly McDonald said that letters were sent out to 33 churches in Cleveland.

“They have two weeks to get into the parade and set up a booth,” said Davis. “That’s not enough time.”

Information on the 75th Anniversary has also been published in both the online and print editions of the Cleveland Advocate, Eastex Advocate and Dayton News in recent weeks. Davis herself had attended the June 9 meeting. Though according to others on the committee, it was her first meeting to attend, she was more than 30 minutes late and stayed only a few minutes before leaving. Her parting shot as she left was to say that she wanted a commemorative T-shirt showing she was a member of the committee. The committee has been meeting for the last few months in preparation for the July 2-4 event.

After Thursday’s city council meeting, Davis, believing the Advocate reporter to be Caucasian, said, “Everyone on the committee looks like you.” However, she was then corrected and informed that the reporter is Hispanic.

According to onlookers, her racially charged comments and methods in the community are believed to be irresponsible and divisive.

Liberty Dispatch Contributor

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

PART FOUR: Rusty Hight, the "Sex Offender Judge"

It is Wednesday today, the day when most of the crowds of regular folks are not in the 75th District Court to hear what deals Judge C.T. "Rusty" Hight maybe cutting with convicted criminals. What an appropriate day for the second installment on the story about one of the cases Judge Hight does NOT want voters to hear.

Here it is:

As rare and inexcusable as it is for a judge to declare judicial clemency to anyone, much less someone who is a sex offender, I can hear those who plan on voting for C.T. “Rusty” Hight no matter what facts are revealed about his tenure as the 75th District Court Judge. They will ignore Rusty’s past history of cheating and changing documents to win a custody case when he was an attorney and other things they have heard. They will immediately assume “there must be a good reason”. The reason I feel confident some people will be like this is because I tend to be that way. But for those open-minded people who choose to think the best unless something is proven otherwise, please note that what you are about to read about how Hight handled this case is much worse than just a simple but rare declaration of clemency.

The 75th District Court docket in the criminal case State of Texas vs. Jose Gregory Moore indicates the defense plea was nolo contendere and he was found guilty and given ten years probation by the then 75th District Court Judge Zeke Zbranek. The criminal docket indicates that the court was made aware that in about the sixth year of Jose Gregory Moore’s probation for indecency with a child by contact (January 14, 2000 is the date noted), Moore was working in a Houston Sport’s Club and the Houston Police Department filed a report that a complaint was filed by a woman claiming he “fondled” her.

So what does all this have to do with Rusty Hight? Is it scandalous that Hight’s brother-in-law gave such a light sentence in light of Jose Gregory Moore’s past? Is that the point being made?

First point… The Zbranek family and Hight have been proud standard bearers for the Democratic Party and the type of liberalism that is infamous for going easy on criminals. But the idea that judicial clemency is rare and that it is even rarer to see it applied to a sex offender who pleaded guilty makes it seem almost unfathomable to think that any Judge in this country would give clemency and wipe the slate clean of someone who PLEAD GUILTY AND ALSO HAD A CRIMINAL COMPLAINT FILED AGAINST HIM WHILE HE WAS ON PAROLE!

Next point… On March 22, 2004 Hight signed the Order of Discharge for this sexual predator, Moore and October 30, 2006 Hight signed Cause #F20239 which granted Moore’s motion to terminate community supervision and set aside the conviction. Hight allowed Moore to withdraw his plea and he was “released from all penalties and disabilities resulting from his conviction.”

Effectively a one two punch by Zeke Zbranek and Carol “Rusty” Hight. A one two punch on/at the people of Liberty County. The origiginal sentence was too light. And , rather than  revoke probation, the violation of probation seems to have been ignored and Jose Gregory Moore seems to have gotten special treatment.

This case and C.T. “Rusty” Hight’s behavior has an even more bizarre twist and in it we will expose as we continue to tell the story of what some may call… “The Sex Offender’s Judge”.

Another question in this series, where was Liberty County District Attorney, Mike Little in all this?  Why wasn't Mike Little protecting the people of Liberty County and the State of Texas?  The same careless disregard for the very people who voted him and Hight into office.

This thing whole story gets even better, or should we say- gets a great deal worse.

Stay tuned.

Liberty Dispatch Contributor


Wednesday August 18th is Day 164 of liberal trial lawyer and Democratic nominee for Governor Bill White refusing to release his taxes from his years in public service.

Mayor White could you please tell voters the advantage of electing a Democrat like you that hid from the Democratic President when he was in Texas for three days? Shouldn’t you, instead of Governor Perry, been at the airport to ask for more federal resources on the border?

Shouldn’t you have been there to ask him to change his mind on sponsoring the Muslim Imam as an ambassador of understanding to the Muslim world – you know the one, the Imam who wants a mosque right there near the site of the 9-11 tragedy?

Mayor, why didn’t you show up and give the President one of those conservative stop the crazy spending binges you try not to associate yourself with? You know the stuff where yiou say you weren’t for a particular version of Obamacare?

Mayor White, if you really are one of us, why didn’t you stand up for us those three days?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 163: White Still Hiding Taxes

Tuesday August 17th is Day 163 of liberal trial lawyer and Democratic nominee for Governor Bill White refusing to release his taxes from his years in public service.

White’s refusal has many of us asking “why”. Why would any political candidate with as much money as Bill White spend so much of it attacking someone who is an open book on a matter that is so well known? The Governor’s mansion is under repair because some criminal tried to burn it to the ground. Meanwhile, the Governor of Texas is living in a nice big house until the repairs are made. Scandal? White has spent mega bucks acting like this is why you and I ought to vote for him.

White is stonewalling the voters who want to know about these tax returns and don’t expect the liberal media to put any pressure on the man known as “Liberal Bill” to some. They have failed to ask him all kinds of questions so they can create the myth that he was a good Mayor in Houston.

Let’s look at just one of many of White’s “improvements” to Houston. As Mayor White decided splitting the money that came in as a result of cameras identifying people who ran red light with the private company that put the cameras in was a great idea. Question Mr. Mayor, what about that idea is good? Statistics show it has caused a slight uptick in accidents. Isn’t that why we have traffic cops? Safety? Or is this the usual Liberal Bill type of motivation – isn’t it true what you really wanted was hundreds of thousands of dollars collected in fines?

Please show the people that would consider voting for a liberal your tax returns Mayor. Oh and by the way, Governor Perry will move back in the Governor’s Mansion soon and you will need some new commercials.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Just as Judge Roy Bean became known to some as "the hanging judge", recent events may cause some to consider local District Judge C.T. "Rusty" Hight "the sex offenders' judge". As Liberty Dispatch has said, before deciding who to vote for in the November race for District Judge, it would be helpful to consider the “experience” that current Judge C. T. “Rusty” Hight is NOT touting as the reason to vote for him.

Rather than review one of the cases that we had intended to cover and that Judge Hight is NOT discussing on the political trail, it has been called to our attention that a community not too far from Liberty County is currently suffering from one of Judge Hight’s “rare” rulings – so we will begin by reviewing that ruling in this article.

In this article, we will just lay out some of the facts in order for readers to get a taste of the serious lack of judgment that Judge Hight has in dealing with serious threats to the communities he is charged with protecting. In future articles, we will quiet down those in the Hight camp who would dismiss our report as political spin or hubris with names, places, and documents and additional accounts of other cases that Judge Hight would prefer voters NOT know about.

If they are aware of it, the members of The Mills Branch Village Community Association must be very frustrated by Hight’s lack of judgment. They are probably more concerned with the effect of its results than whether the motivation is financial or political or just a liberal view that believes in going easy on criminals. Nevertheless, their community has as one of its residents one of the people Judge Hight would probably like the voters of Liberty County to not hear about.

That man was recently involved in what is now known as the 'Mills Branch sex offender case' and it was dismissed this summer on August 6th, and his lawyer says the arrest never should have happened. His client, he said, should be left alone. According to The Kingwood Observer his lawyer also said “The community, and the Mills Branch Village Community Association, are harassing his client because of his criminal history of sexual offenses.”

The Kingwood Observer reported that public records show the man was first convicted of a sexual offense against a child, fondling, in Huntsville in 1983. That charge was later reduced to public lewdness. He was again arrested in Cleveland in 1994 for felony indecency with a child after he reportedly exposed himself to a 14-year-old girl. In 2006, he was sentenced to 90 days in Harris County Jail for indecent exposure once again after he pleaded guilty to the Class B misdemeanor charge. They also reported the man is listed as a registered sex offender in the DPS sex offender registry. No risk level for re-offense is specified.

According to his lawyer, the only conviction that is correct and current information is the Class B misdemeanor from 2006. All prior convictions have been cleared from his client’s record, he said. His lawyer also said, he has no felony convictions. "He has one misdemeanor conviction for indecent exposure a few years ago. The one out of Liberty County in the ‘90s, he was allowed to withdraw his plea and was granted judicial clemency, which means he was released from any and all penalties and disabilities resulting from his conviction. It’s very rare that judicial clemency is granted, but in this case it was.”

It is this Liberty County “rare” judicial clemency and the actions of Judge C.T. “Rusty” Hight on this matter that Liberty Dispatch will review in future articles. Please stay tuned and read about the bizarre and unpredictable decisions that Hight made that has helped this man to drive the streets of a very concerned community less than 60 minutes from Liberty County.

Rusty Hight with the help of Liberty County DA, Mike Little has attacked political opponents like Republican activist, Ray Akins and set his bond amount to an outrageous $100,000.00- but has given clemency to dangerous and violent level 1 sex offenders.

Hight has given special treatment to sex offenders who have come before him and even special treatment to sexual pervert attorneys (indecent exposure) like Houston Attorney, John Stewart Fason. It is evident Judge Hight does the complete opposite of what is just and right for the people of our community. Do the people of Liberty County and other places in Texas know about the damage this man has done? Do you and your family feel safer knowing how this man interprets and "makes law"?

Lets dig even deeper to understand what damage this man has done and continues to do to our community and families. The next part of this expose' will delve into the players involved in this judicial circus and their motivations.

LD Contributor

Friday, August 13, 2010

Day 162: White Continues to Hide His Taxes While He Attacks the Governor’s House

Monday August 16th is Day 162 of liberal trial lawyer and Democratic nominee for Governor Bill White refusing to release his taxes from his years in public service.

While Bill White is spending millions of dollars attacking Governor Perry for things like renting too nice of a house to live in while the Governor’s mansion is being repaired after an arsonist torched it, he continues to refuse to release his taxes from 1993-1998. During those years he held public service positions that required him by law to complete annual personal financial disclosures. While Bill White was Deputy Secretary of Energy (1993-95) and Chairman of the Texas Democratic Party (1995-98), he was required by law to complete annual personal financial disclosures. White has also failed to make those disclosures public.

Liberty Dispatch invites any Democratic officeholder who would like to distance themselves from Bill White (or Barack Obama) to take the opportunity to write in now. After two years of witnessing the changes Obama and Democrats like Bill White have in store for this country, the last plausible reason to switch political parties besides pure opportunism is here. But any Democrat wanting to switch to the Republican Party for principled honorable reasons should do it now. Those waiting for the next election cycle will be seen as trying to be on the winning team rather than trying to do what they think is right.

LD Contributor

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Part Three, Candidate "Rusty" Hight Deals...

Part one and two of the examination of the questionable decisions made with Judge C. T. “Rusty” Hight’s Trust and rental property undoubtedly did little to phase the allegiance of some of his lifelong friends and some of his family. People he has done favors for (and those who may need favors in the future) will surely continue to have the idea that he should be re-elected to one of the two highest courts in the county. However, with Hight having a Republican opponent with vast legal experience and an excellent reputation as an attorney, it is possible that if enough voters learn a little about Judge Hight’s past and present behavior that this the staunch unwavering Democrat will be the first 75th District Judge to face stiff competition from a Republican challenger in the last 100 years. Our effort to stay fair and balanced in presenting a few of the facts does not exclude us from hoping that voters will re-evaluate and talk to friends about this race.

Thus far in previous parts to this ongoing story, we have pointed out Judge Hight’s relationship to unnamed lawyers and a local investigator via the Hight Trust’s rental property and up to a possible $100,000 a year in court appointed work that he has discretion over. Court appointed lawyers are paid with our tax dollars of course. What other possible “quo’s” or unknown back scratching paybacks could be involved in a quid pro quo scheme? The possibilities seem endless, but one of the most obvious is how all of these other connections affect his relationship to them when he sits on the bench. Again, no doubt his buddies and his little following will try to slough everything off as campaign hubris and negative campaigning, but voters trying to decide who should wear those black robes for the next four years are not likely to turn a deaf ear or a blind eye to actual court decisions this Judge has reached that involved his “lawyers/tenants/court appointees”. In other words, if people convicted of child molestation or people that have been arrested over and over and over get a radical and unusually light sentence and they are defended by one of this group, most of us would like to know, would we not?

By nature I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt. But in the future as we consider a couple of cases where Judge Hight gave one of these inexcusable sentences to a convicted criminal, people like me need to be reminded. As a lawyer, Judge Hight was not only sued for malpractice by a prominent Liberty citizen, he was caught and reprimanded for changing court documents by the Texas Judiciary. Those documents could have affected people’s lives drastically if he had not been caught. Hight also was involved in what seemed to some to be clandestine effort to use his father-in-law’s position as county chairman of the Republican Party and one of his renters to gain a monopoly on the two District Courts that reside here in Liberty County (reference here is made to local lawyer and defeated primary candidate Michelle Merendino). That effort was unsuccessful, but during that campaign, Judge Hight’s former campaign manager was caught on video in a scandal that involved stealing mail and trying to destroy District Judge Chap Cain by falsely accusing him of exceeding campaign contribution limits. This begs the question: has Judge Hight’s mission to attack other elected members of our justice system become the independent mission of some of his political allies or is he directing it?

We may never appear in the 75th District Court, but can we afford to risk that. Also we must be aware not only fellow human beings we do not know may appear in that court, but our friends and neighbors may someday appear before this Judge?

It has recently been alleged, and evidence will show, that notorious Republicans have been pushed before Hight only to have been severely mistreated and had their criminal and civil cases severely prejudiced and undermined by Hight for political and personal reasons. Who will right these wrongs?

On the other hand, stay tuned as we look at how criminals with certain court appointed lawyers may be among C. T. “Rusty” Hight’s biggest fans.

LD Contributor

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dear LD

I recently found out that one of the two boys responsible for beating a boy on July 27, 2009 and then stealing his deer feeder might be released from jail by Christmas. This is appalling to me as the boy has an extensive juvenile criminal record and the family as a whole is nothing but a menace to Liberty county. I have been a victim of this family's thieving ways but could not stop them. He was responsible for thousands of dollars of wire theft in Tanner Settlement in Hardin in 2008 and thousands of dollars of damage to my farm. Two of his brothers (one of which was involved in this crime) have done time for drugs and their mother is a know menace in Liberty for both her behavior and for drugs. The only thing this boy will do once released is reoffend as he has no education and no way to support his family except to steal from us. What will that teach his young son? We need to speak out about this type of criminal. To the boy who was assaulted, please go speak to the judge and parole board. Demand that Kaleb Jackson remain behind bars for his entire sentence.

Name withheld

Monday, August 9, 2010

Obama visits Texas

As President Obama set foot on the runway in Austin, Texas Governor Rick Perry handed a letter to White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett requesting an increase in National Guard troops and law enforcement resources along the Mexican border. This issue is just one of many that most Texans disagree with Obama and the Democratic Party on. And that is the most obvious reason Perry’s Democratic opponent in the race for Governor will be nowhere to be found during the three day Presidential fundraising trip.

Liberty County voters should take note. Obama is here using what is left of the old Democratic Party machine to raise millions to push candidates and policies that have an all-time unfavorability rating in this state. For years local Democrats have bragged on their connections when they seemed popular and denied the importance of political parties and Democratic Party connections when they were unpopular. The case of Bill White is no different. Elect him and you strengthen the base of the Democratic Party and you help Obama. Period.

In state party conventions they emphasize the importance of electing local people in local offices. If local Democrats want to distance themselves from their fellow Democrats, they should denounce the fallacies policies their fellow Democrats promote. PUBLICLY! And if there are many, they should have switched parties last election. But they will not do that.

A good example is Liberty County Judge candidate, Democrat Zack Zbranek. Tried and true Democrat to the core of his being. He believes in big government and the whole Democratic Party package. He has not, and will not, separate himself from any of it. People like Zbranek are what is keeping the Democratic Party alive in Texas and in hopes of one day returning to power. They would love to be parading Obama around arm in arm down the streets of Dayton and Liberty and Cleveland. But they would only do that openly if Democrats were in power and if voters here would accept the Obama worldview.

There is less than 100 days to the next election and each voter will receive a ballot at that time. Obama’s name will not be on it. Zack Zbranek’s name will be however. He will bring a lifetime of chasing the all mighty buck and the last fifteen or so as a trial attorney to the voters as his experience, but a vote for him if he wins will have helped Obama in his mission to change America.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


In Part One of this story (please read it if you haven’t - scroll a few stories down from this one) I mentioned I was a concerned citizen who wants our justice system to work, and who plans to vote in the next election. I also said I intended to offer my opinion, but my goal was to include information that will hopefully cause readers to believe my analysis is fair and balanced – even if they disagree. So I will stick with that idea despite efforts to intimidate or to obfuscate.

Let me start by agreeing with any who have questioned that Judge Hight’s Trust renting to people who appear before him in the 75th District Court qualifies as “some kind of Watergate scandal”. The monthly rental checks received by the Hight Trust, regardless of the amount of each, clearly by themselves, do not point to much of anything – except perhaps poor judgment.

Let me also express to those who have responded to Article One with so many four letter words you weren’t posted, that I never claimed to be a lawyer and that people who are much more schooled in the technicalities of the law can debate you as to whether these transactions are legal or whether they are based on where Judge Hight’s children live, etc. Re-read Article One and you will see that I said I would offer my opinion about what is right and what is wrong and that I would back up my opinion with rationally reasoned thoughtful discourse.

Remember I defined the term quid pro quo as a "you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours" situation, as opposed to a legal definition. I would enjoy debating any lawyers that would defend such behavior but my purpose is to present to the voters a fair and balanced view of what kind of person Judge Hight is. If there are no dots or I can’t connect the dots, then voters should pay me no mind. But if I manage to show the voters that the 75th District Court in Liberty County is being run unsatisfactorily, even those voters who have voted for Judge Hight in the past, then I ask people to help me make a change.

So Part Two of this story continues to “following the money” or as was said before - to talk about the “quid”. Again, I can just hear local lawyers who want to continue to appear before Judge Hight: “How dare these people pretend to understand the law or Latin.” Then they read the law chapter and verse and declare the Judge is in no way involved a quid pro quo according to their interpretation, prejudice, etc.

But as I said before most of us are not lawyers, nor are we jurors in a case against Judge Hight. But we are voters who can cast votes to hire and fire judges.

Therefore some of my questions are: “Is Judge C.T. “Rusty” Hight “scratching the back” of any of those people leasing the previously discussed properties from the C.T. Hight Trust?” “How much have the monthly rentals been for each tenant?” “Is it true that any (or perhaps all) of his tenant are receiving thousands of dollars in taxpayer money from work they have been given as a result of District Judge C.T. Rusty Hight appointing them to some task ( defense, private detective work, etc)?”

These are just a few of the things on my mind; there are many other questions that need to be asked. Many people who pay a significant amount of rental money each month to the C.T. Hight Trust appear before Judge C. T. "Rusty" Hight and receive court appointed work from him. In one case alone, one of these people was awarded $100,000 by Judge Hight.

Please continue to follow the money (and the interesting court decisions) with me as we take a look at the most important local race in the November election and we uncover whether Judge Hight’s sentencing has been what voters would hope – especially when it involves his renters serving as the defense lawyers.

In summary, we will study how Hight's decisions relate to those he has a financial interest in or is a political enemy of... and his personal and ethical behavior.

Stay tuned to this informative, detailed and multi-faceted expose' on candidate for Liberty County Judge, Carol "Rusty" Hight.

LD Contributor

Feds peel the onion...

With the Feds active in Liberty County and Chambers County, all eyes are upon their activity. Information has come into Liberty Dispatch which alludes to more possible federal indictments of Phil Fitzgerald, Lee Groce, Dennis Odell, Mike Little, Liz Beausoleil, Chambers County Judge, Jimmy Silvia and others. Until and even after the indictments, people need to remember that these people should be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

As late as last week, federal investigators were still sequestering records from Liberty County and Chambers County. Its also alleged that county officials from both counties have sought to destroy emails and other records which could tend to incriminate them.

It will be interesting what information comes to light when those who are accused point the finger at others even more corrupt.

Liberty Dispatch readers are hopeful the corrupt leaders in each community will soon be brought to justice.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Dear LD

The country I was born into was a country that had existed steadily, for over two centuries, as a nation in which everyone thought—wherever they were from, whatever their circumstances—that their children would have better lives than they did. I have lived in this county for many, many years and I would say most of us have felt this way about the United States and Texas and Liberty County all of our lives – until recently. That was what has kept people pulling their boots on in the morning after the first weary pause before heading to a long work day: “My kids will have it better”. They'll have it a little better or be a little more educated, they'll have a better job or a better house, they'll take a step up in terms of rank, class or status. America always claimed to be, and meant to be, a nation that made little of class, but a great deal of individual effort. But America is human.

And among us we have elected officials like some that have been mentioned locally who will use their power and their discretion to help their selves and their children at the cost of us all. They will overload the system with their wrongdoing. They will charge their profits and their schemes to the taxpayers mercilessly in one breathe and then they will dispense a perverted type of mercy out to criminals who predictably will harm society again. The system then will have to demand more of its citizens and eventually a vicious cycle of decline will cause us to lose our ability to build a better and better economy and a stronger society.

We see it in the Democratic party’s willingness to allow people to break in line, as immigrants imitate the lawlessness of some of our public officials. They will justify their “rights” by mentioning the names of their children and their desire to improve their lives. The same with the housing bubble. Though much it of it was caused by speculators and rich people over extending themselves as they took advantage of Democrats like Barney Frank and Chris Dodd’s promotion of easy lending practices, much too much of it was done in the name of the poor “so they can afford the American dream too.” As this country starts to falter the poor instead of finding a steady safety net for hard times, they will find a shrinking safety net caused by the overload – and America will then truly have some living in third world-like despair.

Those who love this country can no longer afford politicians or policies that may be defendable legally but they game the system. We must throw people out of office that have built their little kingdoms of power by using our money and our distaste for hard ball political truth. We must start now. Locally. Statewide. And nationally. The United States is in a crisis and we must listen to the good, the bad, and the ugly about those running for office and we must refuse to settle. Who cares whether Charlie Rangel of any of these other people win in court or work a deal, Liberty County needs to be the type place that votes these types out of office. Let them settle their legal problems as defeated candidates.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Feds probe Liberty and Chambers County, indictments begin...

A federal grand jury has indicted Liberty County Sheriff’s Captain, Harry Kelley (Democrat) and Gary Lee, Owner of (Humble) Sportsman Outlet, following an investigation involving the disappearance of approximately 500 firearms from the Cleveland Police Department.

The resulting federal indictments and allegations cast a dark shadow of corruption and illegal activities surrounding Liberty County Sheriff, Henry Patterson (previous Democrat). Also called into question are the activities or lack of... regarding the Liberty County District Attorneys office. Whats even more questionable about Patterson is his decision to keep those under federal investigation working on sensitive cases and investigations within the Liberty County Sheriff's Office. Defense attorneys in Liberty County could now call into question the investigations and any evidence supported by Kelly and Patterson prosecutions.

In unrelated news, federal investigators with Homeland Security have descended down upon Chambers County officials and documents. The Homeland Security investigation centers around the insider trading of contracts, bid rigging (collusion), official misconduct, official oppression, financial fraud, making false statements on government documents, evidence tampering and other allegations against Chambers County Officials and their families.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Obama Birthday: Barack Obama Turns 49 With Wife And Kids Out Of Town

CHICAGO — Alone on his 49th birthday, President Barack Obama fled the empty White House mansion and headed for a more intimate celebration with longtime friends in his Chicago hometown.

Obama has been living a bachelor's life for the past several days with first lady Michelle Obama and daughter Sasha visiting Spain and daughter Malia spending the month away at an undisclosed camp.

Before leaving Washington on Wednesday afternoon with the family dog, Bo, Obama got a couple of presents he didn't have to unwrap and which the White House described as being the highlight of his day: telephone calls from the women in his life.

Mrs. Obama and Sasha phoned in their happy birthday wishes, followed by a lunchtime call from Malia.

"Needless to say ... both those calls were the highlights of his day," White House press secretary Robert Gibbs told reporters who traveled with Obama aboard Air Force One.

Obama's Secret Service detail got him a present, though Gibbs would describe it only as "heartfelt."

As the presidential motorcade pulled closer to his house in Hyde Park, neighbors lined the street to welcome him home with waves and signs, including "Happy 49th Birthday President Barack Obama" and "Happy Birthday Mr. President."

Obama's birthday – though a year short of the milestone 5-0 – also was viewed in this election year as a prime fundraising opportunity for Democrats, who fear losing their hold on both houses of Congress come November. E-mails, house parties and other forms of outreach sought to capitalize on Obama's big day.

Mrs. Obama even joined the act, asking supporters to sign an e-mail birthday card being distributed by Organizing for America, Obama's political organization. More than 1.2 million people had signed it as of Wednesday morning.

The Republican Party marked the occasion with a new website offering 11 different e-cards people can send Obama, including ones mocking the ethics problems of Democratic Reps. Charles Rangel of New York and Maxine Waters of California, and noting key Democratic election losses in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts.

Obama planned to help out with the money-raising on Thursday by headlining separate events in Chicago for the Democratic Party and Alexi Giannoulias, the Democrat eyeing the Senate seat Obama gave up to become president.

The president spoke earlier Wednesday at an AFL-CIO meeting in Washington and joked about not getting a birthday cake from his "good friends" in the labor movement. A cake apparently had been planned, according to union president Richard Trumka, but he said the Secret Service had nixed the idea.

Obama said he'd have a talk with the agents then joked, "They're probably eating it right now."

Courtesy, Huffington Post

Monday, August 2, 2010

Election year antics...

The Cleveland Advocate:

"The Liberty County Commissioners Court declared an emergency on July 27 in order to use $265,000 from the fund balance to pay for road repairs and maintenance in Precinct 4.

The emergency was declared due to the condition of the roads and for the safety of school children who ride buses that must travel down the roads, according to Precinct 4 Commissioner Norman Brown.

He said that the roads have to be repaired or shut down soon for safety reasons.

“These roads must be salvaged due to rapid deterioration caused by excess rainfall and heavy trucks,” said Brown in a written statement."

Almost 80 year old Precinct 4 Commissioner, Norman Brown left his rocking chair to answer voluminous complaints about the deteriorated roads in Dayton and surrounding areas. Since Brown has become commissioner, the roads in West Liberty County have deteriorated to an outrageously unsafe level. The worst thing about about road repairs in West Liberty County is... they are repaired by former Stump Grinder, William Randall Bivins. The roads he overlays fall apart almost as fast as he puts them down.

Norman Brown's nickname is "Pothole Brown". As a candidate for reelection in November, Brown is busy fixing roads, the same roads which will deteriorate again after the election.

This, the same ole Brown who signed off (with taxpayer money) on Hurricane Ike debris removal overcharges in Dayton and Kenefick- quid pro quo?

Same ole, same ole Brown.


As a concerned citizen, as someone who wants our justice system to work, and someone who plans on voting in the next election I want to take a non-lawyer’s view of the most important local race that will be on Liberty County voter’s ballot in November. For the next few weeks, I will be offering information I don’t think most voters are aware of. Information that might affect their view of the way justice is dispensed in our local courthouse and how they intend to direct their energy between now and election day 2010. I intend on offering my opinion, but I also hope to include information that will hopefully cause readers to believe my analysis is fair and balanced – even if they disagree.

Of course all of our elective offices are important, but as far as the order of importance of local offices that are on the ballot in November, most people would agree that the two most important are the race for the District Judge of the 75th and the race for County Judge. I believe the race for 75th is more important, but even if it is not, the race for County Judge seems to be a great deal less competitive with the Democrats choosing to run a candidate who has never even lived here until this year. So I will be looking at the 75th District Court and Judge C.T. “Rusty” Hight.

Rumors about Judge Hight’s business dealings and possible quid pro quo’s have caused us to apply the old “follow the money” tactic in trying to separate fact from political spin. Before delving into the trail of money discovered connected with Judge Hight, let’s make sure we define the term we will be using as our standard. Some define the term quid pro quo as a "you scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours" situation. It is a Latin term and that definition, as opposed to a legal one, will be fine for giving the voters a fair and balanced view of what kind of person Judge Hight is.

For the sake of brevity this article will just cover part one of “following the money” or some might say it just talks about the “quid”. First let me point out that if you have heard a rumor that Judge Hight rents property to lawyers that appear before him that again I hope to answer such questions in a fair and balanced way. Please continue to tune in for future articles that help to complete this story.

I suppose a clever lawyer would say the answer is “no, of course the Honorable Judge is not renting nor does he have any undisclosed business dealings with lawyers who appear before him.” I am no lawyer, but I have a hunch a slick attorney would then read the law chapter and verse and declare the Judge is in no way in violation of the words just read.

But most of us are not only lawyers, we are not jurors in a case against Judge Hight. We are voters. We are the people who cast votes to hire judges etc. We are the protectors of liberty and fairness and justice. So let’s skip the courthouse jargon and the way some that have been jaded by law school have come to judge what is right and what is wrong. In fact to conclude this first look at this race let me just clearly state what some are calling a “quid” and some are denying.

According to documents obtained by Liberty Dispatch on February 25th 2003 “The Trust Agreement For The C.T. Hight Trust” was executed. The document list C.T. Hight as the “settlor” and his two sons, Bryan Luke Hight and Christopher Ladd Hight as the beneficiaries. Liberty Dispatch has confirmed that at a minimum some of the assets in this trust include property near the courthouse. Liberty Dispatch has also confirmed that several of the people leasing those properties from the C.T. Hight Trust appear before 75th District Court Judge C.T. “Rusty” Hight.

A defense lawyer would possibly lean heavily on the fact that these two adult children of Judge Hight no longer live under his roof and therefore their view is that Judge Hight receives no benefit as the trust names his boys as the beneficiaries. Case closed they may argue.

But I am not asking you to judge the Judge simply on the merits of the law – though that is worthy of debate. In fact, I am asking you to withhold judgment for now until the rest of the story is told in the near future. For now just note that Judge C. T. “Rusty” Hight has people appear before him in the 75th District Court who pay a significant amount of money on a monthly basis to the C.T. Hight Trust.

Please continue to follow the money (and the interesting court decisions) with me as we take a look at the most important local race in the November election.

Liberty Dispatch Contributor