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Friday, October 29, 2010

Dear Liberty Dispatch

Mr. Akins I want you to know I am excited the election is finally here! This is my first time to vote. In fact I may be the first person in history to vote before I get a driver’s license! I am waiting until the first week in December to finally take my driver’s test, but I am inspired to vote next week by many things. One is we have some good local candidates that will do a good job and I want to make sure I help them with my vote. One is all of the crazy behavior by people we hired in previous elections and my opportunity to tell them I think they need to pursue other career opportunities. A lot of my inspiration to vote comes from the ObamaCare and other tax and spend policies both around here and at the capital.

But my dad and I both think the most inspirational reason to vote this time is when President Obama explained the reason why he was going against what most of the American people wanted. Our whole family uses what the President said as kind of a joke every now and then. He said “we won.”

I was seventeen years old when he said that. I was raised by a dad who is a serious Republican and a mom who wants me to be a Democrat. My dad knew by my reaction to the “we won” comment that I was forever on his side. That one statement explained a bunch of stuff about politics to me. I had always wondered why things always stay the same around here. I now know.

You and the men and women at The Liberty Dispatch have done your part, now I will do my part Mr. Akins. Then we can tell these people why we are doing things different. It is simple Mr. President, “you lost.” Sorry mom.

Taking Liberty Back, Part 1. “The tide turns.”

The Hammer Returns, Stay Tuned...


“IF” has always been a very important word to notice when analyzing anything. Politics is no exception. For instance it is accurate to say “IF “conservatives show up at the polls in Liberty County and decide to allow no excuses or explanations by Democrats across the ballot, not one of President Obama’s cronies will survive the November 2nd election.

A recent CBS poll indicates conservatives, who make up four in ten likely voters nationwide, strongly favor Republican candidates. In our part of Texas and Liberty County those numbers are even greater in favor of conservatives. The same poll indicates most voters associate conservatism with Republicans and liberalism with Democrats.  Liberty Dispatch has helped the Republican Party and Liberty County enhance... and even propound those average numbers even higher.

“IF” Nancy Archer or some Democratic operative is successful in hiring vans and paying people to pick up Democratic voters and bring them to the polls as has been done in the past, our local election could be close. But even though the same CBS poll shows 77% of liberals plan to vote Democratic, they only make up just about a fifth of likely voters nationwide this year and even less than that in South East Texas. It would take a super human effort however, because polls also show more Americans are deciding the surest and swiftest way to rid our government of what ails it is to vote straight ticket Republican.

“IF”, as alleged in the past, Liberty County Democratic candidates is having success paying the poor and minorities to round up voters and help them to vote a straight Democratic ticket, there may be some way for them to even win something here in this county.

But “IF” people that want to stand up and be counted and force the liberal leadership’s hands off of the controls of our government, and we do it in great numbers by encouraging other like minded people to vote… we will win this election despite all of the ways the word “IF” can effect an election, ultimately voters who do not want the country to veer any further left and corrupt can take comfort in the fact that it is up to us.

Liberty Dispatch Contributor

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dear Liberty Dispatch

I appreciate the job you have done. Especially this year.You have filled a great deal of the role the local media should have. By default you have taken up the slack of what one of your articles called a watchdog. We who keep up with local politics all know! You have tried to open up the doors behind the smoked-filled rooms of the high and mighty judges and the wasteful commissioners. You have cracked some light into this county and some of us are actually starting to believe it won’t always be like it has been. The press should have done that. You have NOT run endless ads and been paid for your efforts. I am sure you do not have time for pictures of little leaguers and the other human interests stories that seem to be all that fill the non-advertising space the pages and the airwaves from our local media.

November 2nd is up to us now. Either this is just the end of a big election that cleans up a courthouse that appears on Houston news far too often and for all the wrong reasons or this leaves the same people who have participated or sat by and ignored all of scandals in our local government. Regrettably, too many of the incumbents in that courthouse seem to think about nothing but themselves and the paycheck we give them and this election is all about who gets the good parking spaces to them. A simple change away from the political brothel the Archers have madamed could be the beginning a great reformation that will restore liberty and, by doing that – putting power back in the hands of people who are responsive to the needs of the people, RESTORE LIBERTY COUNTY. It's up to the people. We are so close. In 20 years in politics, I have never seen as large a percentage of the public self-motivated to take out any and all related to the cronyism we have had. For those of us who believe this county has tremendous potential, now is the chance for the public to demonstrate it.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Message from former Republican Chairman, Richard Pegues.

Today I listened to the last public forum on KSHN radio between the two candidates running for Liberty County Clerk. One exchange in that meeting really stood out when I was listening, but as the day wore on I forgot about it. I forgot about it until I read Allen Youngblood’s website and saw an attempt to twist an honest effort to be a good citizen into something exactly the opposite.

Thinking back on the radio program, clearly someone sent in a question meant to turn off any voter considering Paulette Williams’ candidacy. Bill Buchanan, the moderator of the forum, read the question. “This is a question for Paulette Williams. Is it true you sued the county over the hospital election?”

I have known Paulette Williams since going to church with her and her two boys back in the middle 1980’s. She is a very honest and caring person. She is also very thoughtful, community-minded, and patriotic. Knowing all of that, I leaned forward to hear how Paulette would answer the question. I should have known.

Very straightforwardly, Paulette explained the election procedures that County Clerk Delia Sellers had either violated or ignored. Paulette was not mean-spirited but very matter-of-fact and specific. She explained that even though her complaint was irrefutable, the Department of Justice’s decision was to do nothing because there was no proof that Delia’s incompetence or partisanship affected the outcome of the election. Paulette then explained even though she knew Delia might use the lawsuit to hurt Paulette politically, she would do the same thing again because elections should be run correctly.

I have spent very little time around Paulette Williams in the last twenty years, but her handling of that question and that situation, reminded me of why I have such a high opinion of her. She has become well versed in election law in her efforts to help elect conservatives to local office and she felt it was her duty to stand up and make sure the integrity of the election was not compromised. Rather than pervert her effort in political forums and on liberal websites, Paulette Williams should be saluted. Common sense dictates that it is Delia Sellers who should be held responsible for any expense incurred from the lawsuit. Sellers should have followed the election law and she should stop minimizing the election procedures.

I was County Chairman of the Republican Party for three terms and though I sometimes had a good relationship with Delia, I did bump heads with her over the same kind of derelict of duty. I also was the victim of her collusion with some of the local media to make me look like the bad guy when she didn’t fulfill her responsibilities. I took it in stride much the way Paulette did. It just reminded me of how partisan and how political Delia can be when the chips are down.

The 2010 election may require something more than tolerating our County Clerk’s political tricks. Since she is on the ballot and there are allegations much more serious about Delia, it may be time to ask the Secretary of State to remove her as the Elections Officer. Because it has been alleged that Delia has committed serious crimes involving documents she dealt with in her capacity as the County Clerk, those making the charges might want to approach the District Attorney’s office, the County Attorney’s office, and the Secretary of State’s office and ask them to begin the procedures to appoint a replacement. As Paulette said so well, the integrity of the election is important to all citizens, no matter what political party or candidate you support.

Delia Sellers is on the 2010 ballot. She above anyone else should want the election results to be above any suspicion. Like anyone else Delia Sellers is innocent until proven guilty, but… we should all go above and beyond our duty to ensure our elections are held according to the highest standards.

Richard Pegues
Former County Chairman
Liberty County Republican Party

Dear Liberty Dispatch

It is with a heart so heavy with grief that I write this tribute to my precious friend, Odell McDuffie, Jr. I first met Odell around early 2000. He was such a breath of fresh air…always happy…always smiling…ever watchful of those lives that were his responsibility.

I will never know if he was born with it or if he honed it through his years of working in law enforcement, but Odell had a sixth sense which caused you to think that he was another happy-go-lucky guy who was just enjoying life when, in fact, he was ever vigilant of his surroundings and how they affected those in his charge.

I remember when he first told me about his new girlfriend, Emily. My, oh my, how proud he was of her. I never thought that smile on his face could get any larger, any more brilliant or that his glow could be any brighter, but that Emily…she really made it happen for Odell. Emily, I hope you never doubted his love for you because it was strong in the beginning, in the middle and at the end. You and the girls were his life and he was extremely proud to talk about you to anyone who would listen.

Odell McDuffie, Jr., you will be sorely missed here on this earth, but knowing the angels are rejoicing in paradise as you join their heavenly chorus will make our burden here a little lighter. I wish you Godspeed, my friend. There will never be another Odell McDuffie, Jr. in my life for you can never be replaced.

Someone who knew Odell...

Liberty Dispatch Hits Record

Liberty Dispatch has been live, on and off the net since April 2006.  To date the hits have been somewhere in the neighborhood of around 3500 max on any given story.

After the posting of "Taking Liberty, Part 5"- for a 14 hour period, we have hit a record of almost 5000 hits.

Congratulations to the community and government for their interest in helping clean up a very corrupt county.


Comments and inquires are being made to Liberty Dispatch as to the signing of public official 

Monday, October 25, 2010

Taking Liberty, Part 5: Accountability at its best, the beginning of the end of a Real Conspiracy!

In Part 5, the “Outsiders” continue their undercover investigation into Liberty County Officials and others who have perpetuated fraud upon the people of our county. Now for the rest of the story!

Our report begins in "Taking Liberty, Part 2," wherein Constable Royce L. Wheeler, denied he was in charge of the gun range while the Outsiders were locating hidden records demonstrating Constable Wheeler was in fact in charge of the gun range. (See Attachment #1, a letter indicating Wheeler runs the range) Eventually, while under pressure of our investigation, Constable Wheeler suggested we direct our attention towards our County Clerk, Ms. Delia Sellers. According to Wheeler, Ms. Sellers maintains the requested PIA records showing who manages the range.

On 05-09-2010, a PIA request was sent to Ms. Sellers who was “non-responsive” to our request. (See Attachments #2 and #3, our PIA Request and Sellers’ Non-responsive Response) During this time of “non-responsiveness” on Ms. Sellers’ part, a complaint was filed with the Texas Attorney General's Office. The Texas Attorney General's Office then started their investigation into Ms. Sellers attempt to hide and conceal records. (See Attachments #4 and #5, our Complaint to A.G. and the A.G.’s letter to Ms. Sellers) To date, as previously reported, our Liberty County Clerk, Ms. Sellers, remains non-responsive to our PIA request regarding who manages the gun range. Additionally, Ms. Sellers remains non-responsive to questions posed by our Texas Attorney General.
At first, the investigation was without explanation as to why Ms. Sellers remains so evasive to our PIA request and that of the Texas Attorney General’s office. Then, we uncovered evidence demonstrating Ms. Sellers as a co-conspirator to fraud perpetrated on innocent people in Liberty County. This fraud will ultimately cause families and their children to lose their homes during hard economic times. We bring this issue to the forefront first, because it involves the innocent, often forgotten after falling victim to a crime by criminals.

This undercover investigation first began to produce fruit while researching the origins of the gun range via its property Deeds. We had determined in “Taking Liberty, Part 2” there had been an inappropriate taking of land from a convicted drug dealer; allegedly out of “natural love and affection which I have and bear for the COUNTY OF LIBERTY, TEXAS” for the purpose of building a law enforcement gun range. (See attachment #6, DEED OF GIFT) During our search, we discovered evidence of missing Deeds and other documents throughout Ms. Sellers' office. That discovery produced court documents demonstrating attorneys with the law firm of Pickett & Pickett, P.C. of Liberty, Texas, Cotton, Bledsoe, Tighe & Dawson, of Houston, Texas, Stephen J. Zayler, Attorney and U.S. Trustee for the Eastern District of Texas who made numerous attempts to obtain certified copies of land Deeds, but failed to find them. Additionally, we received Affidavits from two witnesses, Mr. John Stockton and Ms. Susan Barton who, while under oath stated that on July 17, 2002, they discovered that Ms. Sellers removed or caused to be removed several property Deeds. At first glace, it would appear this was just the same old story involving Stockton vs. Fairchild legal battle. However, following the evidence and the patterns/MO of Ms. Delia Sellers’ not responding to requests were repetitive, and often there were other sources to substantiate the accusations of her participation as a co-conspirator. The following incidents, in chronological order, are just some of the examples of non-responsiveness by Ms. Delia Sellers’ office. Upon careful review of Sellers perpetual personal policy of her “non-responsiveness” to legal request for information; People of Liberty County, the State of Texas and the Attorney General’s Office, including but not limited to U.S. District Judge, are examples the Outsiders use to determine the patterns of non-responsiveness were in fact deliberate acts to perpetuate fraud on the public in exchange for her personal monetary gain paid to her we now believe by Fairchild.

One Texas law firm, COTTON BLEDSOE TIGHE & DAWSON, P.C., on 06-19-2000, requested certified copies of land Deeds from Ms. Sellers that produced a non-responsive response and costing $600.00 in attorney fees for the request. Cause # 60,720, John E. Stockton, William Burton and his Wife, Susan Burton v. Russell J. Fairchild; in the 75th Judicial District Court of Liberty County, Texas. (See attachment #7, Statement letter for legal services depicting attorney’s fee for search of Fairchild Deeds) The fact of the matter is, when the attorney cannot locate the requested certified copies of Property Deeds from Ms. Sellers, someone is hiding the records of Russell Fairchild and someone was receiving money for their services. This was one of the first of many acts as a Co-conspirator of Russell Fairchild by Ms. Sellers.
An additional search was conducted after Russell Fairchild had offered up fraudulent Property Deed documents to the US Bankruptcy Court in his law suit. (See attachments #8, #9 & #10, The Phoney deed documents in Exhibit A (Pages 1-7) and two True Certified unmolested property Deed documents) Note how the whited out copy in attachment #8 begins to show text in the middle of the page after data has been whited out. Attachments #9 and #10 depict the true versions of tracts #1 and #2 from page 1 of 7. Thereafter, two witnesses on 07-17-2002 physically conducted a search of our County Clerk’s files and records, which could not produce the “Volumes” and “Pages” of approximately 67 property Deeds sought after regarding Russell Fairchild properties because Ms. Sellers removed the them or caused them to be removed from the Land Deed volume Books in her system of records. (See attachments #11 & #12, the affidavits of Mr. Stockton and Ms. Burton)

Moreover, the United State District Courts Trustee, (Mr. Stephen J. Zayler, Chapter 7 Trustee Eastern District of Texas, Attorney at Law located at 123 E. Lufkin Ave. Lufkin, Texas 75915) made numerous requests of Ms. Sellers in Bankruptcy case number 02-10536 for certified copies of the Fairchild property Deeds to no avail, demonstrating Ms. Sellers’ non-responsiveness once again. Do we detect a pattern here regarding Ms. Sellers and her non-responsive responses? Remember folks; our Co-conspirator Ms. Sellers is the only one in charge of our records and holds the key for access to those records 24-7. Keep reading folks because the conspiracy between Fairchild and Sellers thickens.

Mr. Zayler, frustrated with Ms. Sellers, filed a Motion to Pay Kip Price and Smithcorp Real Estate Services $8,625.00 for their professional investigation of the land Deed documents sought after. Folks, Mr. Zayler is a well respected attorney with 14 plus years of experience as a US Trustee. Additionally, Mr. Zayler has collected thousands of deeds to properties over the years. It is obvious at this point that a lawyer of this caliber must have experienced serious problems with Ms. Sellers and her filing system. (See attachment #13, Trustee’s Motion to Pay Kip Price and Smithcorp Real Estate Services, L. C.) This attempt produced nothing from Ms. Sellers’ record retention system. Please note that the #13 attachment (Motion/Order) includes an Affidavit from the Real Estate Abstractor demonstrating his competency and that the Chief United States Bankruptcy Judge, Bill Parker, approved the motion on 08-29-2008 and had adjudicated that Kip Price and Smithcorp Real Estate Services, L. C. was competent to do the deed searches.

Moreover, in chronological order, the Outsiders began their investigation into allegations of Ms. Sellers hiding and/or removing records from the public's eye. A PIA request sent to Ms. Sellers on 05-09-2010 only to fall upon deaf ears with her typical non-responsive response to our request. (See Attachments #2 & #3, mentioned earlier)

Then on 07-19-2010, the Outsiders filed a Complaint with the Texas Attorney Generals Office regarding Ms. Sellers' non-responsive response to their request. (See Attachments #4, mentioned earlier) Meanwhile, we, the Outsiders, were noticing the pattern of non-responsiveness by Ms. Sellers’ Office. So we looked further into the matter.

It was discovered via court documents in the Russell Fairchild bankruptcy case that Federal District Judge Bill Parker had ordered that all of the property located in Liberty County formerly owned by Russell Fairchild be sold. The U. S. Bankruptcy Trustee was then authorized to sell the property. (See attachment #14, the authority given to the Bankruptcy Trustee) However, it is important for the reader to know that Russell Fairchild was barred from selling his properties from the moment he filed bankruptcy. This is called an automatic stay, which means you can do nothing with the property without the court's permission.

Please note that this series of evidence against Ms. Delia Sellers spans over a 10-year period. The records show that in this bankruptcy case # 02-10536, Ms. Delia Sellers’ Non-responsiveness has cost numerous people many days and hours of searching and over $9,225.00 dollars in cost directly relating to searching for the missing Deeds belonging to Fairchilds. After 10-years of non-responsiveness, we wondered what it would take to change Ms. Sellers’ belligerence short of paying her off.

Then, the Texas Attorney Generals Office sent a letter to Ms. Sellers on 08-09-2010 suggesting she simply answer the question and reminded her that the Texas Attorney Generals Office was empowered by law to enforce PIA Statutes and laws. (See Attachments #5,) Ms. Sellers has remained moot on that subject matter ever since. However, Ms. Sellers, her office staff, and many other government officials now knew that the Texas Attorney General was watching them. Additionally, the Outsiders were now demonstrating a knack for finding hidden documents and were now publishing their findings on a regular basis for the people of Liberty County to read.

It was also discovered via court documents in the Russell Fairchild bankruptcy case that the Thomas family had recently purchased all of the property from the U. S. Bankruptcy Trustee by Order of the Federal District Judge Bill Parker.

Upon further investigation, we contacted the Thomas family where we discovered that they too had difficulty getting the Deed records to the property, but after paid professionals had failed to get the records, the Thomas family succeeded. It seemed that the pattern of non-responsiveness had changed. However, when they looked at the deed records they were surprised to see pictures of houses. It was then apparent that after Russell Fairchild had lost the rights to his properties in bankruptcy court, he managed to hide those property records with the help of Ms. Delia Sellers. Then Russell Fairchild sold the properties he no longer owned to several local families. Meanwhile, Ms. Delia Sellers and several other government officials continued to hide those property records to perpetuate the fraud upon their victims.

The Outsiders know there will be trouble for the families who bought properties from Russell Fairchild as they are living in homes they think they are purchasing, yet clearly belong to someone else. Ms. Delia Sellers and several other government employees have worked together to obfuscate the records in order to help Russell Fairchild perpetuate his fraudulent acts upon Mr. Stockton, the United States District Courts, several local families within Liberty County, and now the Thomas family. We asked the Thomas family for a statement and we were told that they would be filing a complaint with the Sheriff’s Office. Ms. Thomas said she felt bad for the families now living in the homes, some of the people have children, and it just breaks our heart. It’s a shame... criminals never think about the families they harm.

We are continuing our investigation, but a quick drive by of the properties in question showed us all we needed to know: Toys in front of one house, elderly on the front-porch of another. There are many innocent victims of this fraud and we, the Outsiders, can’t help but weep for them. Ms. Delia Sellers recently made a political statement about re-electing her as County Clerk because “we can trust her with our wills after we die.” It seems we can’t even trust her with our land deeds while we’re still alive and living on what we think is our own land.

We put a lot of trust in the people we hire as public servants, perhaps now the public can understand why we, the Outsiders, are working so hard to put an end to government related Organized Criminal Activity.

Stay tuned for our new series, Taking Liberty Back, Part 1. “The tide turns.”

#1 11-19-2009 Wheeler agreement with Sheriffs Office regarding Range Contract.pdf
#2 05-09-2010 TORA request to Sellers requesting Delegation of Authority to Manage Range & info on Keys.pdf
#3 06-03-2010 Sellers Unresponsive Response Letter and Envelope.pdf
#4 07-19-2010 Complaint to Texas AG with Attachments and copy of envelope.pdf
#5 08-09-2010 Letter from Texas AG to SELLERS.pdf
#6 05-11-2010 Response from County Atty for Hunt regarding Deed of Gift.pdf
#7 09-15-2000 Statement letter for legal services.pdf
#8 10-18-1999 Letter from Russell Fairchilds Atty Carl Pickett with attached phoney Deed to secure loan from Stockton.pdf
#9 True Copy of unaltered Deed - Tract 1 of Exhibit A page 1 of 7 - Edward Tanner Survey of 36.5 Certified Copy.pdf
#10 True Copy of unaltered Deed - Tract 2 of Exhibit A page 1 of 7 - Samuel Stong Two-Third League, A-110 130 Ac tract.pdf
#11 Affidavit of John Stockton.pdf  
#12 Affidavit of Susan Barton.pdf
#13 Trustees Motion to Pay Kip Price to find Fairchild Land Deeds 08-28-2008.pdf
#14 06-23-2010 Order on Motion by Trustee for Attorney to sell Debtor's Interest in real Property.pdf

Zack Stepped Out of the Circle

In January when the names of people signing up to run for office were revealed one name surprised many in this community, Zack Zbranek. Some were surprised because they did not know there were any more people from that family eligible to run for office. Some may have been surprised because Zbranek has shown very little interest in anything but filing lawsuits and making money from this community.

Zeb Zbranek, Zack’s brother and former state representative, chose not to run for anything in an election year where liberals and Democrats are thought to be at a decided disadvantage with voters tired of two years of liberal policies from President Obama and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Zack’s uncle, District Judge Candidate, Rusty Hight, decided he might be able to beat the odds and run away by running a campaign and downplaying years of support for liberal statewide and national politicians. But Zack decided that along with his lifetime affiliation with liberal Democrats and his lack of community involvement and the fact few people in Liberty County know him well, this was his year to go into the family business.

Recently, Zbranek seems to have convinced himself that Liberty County now has good reason to add his name to his Uncle Rusty’s on the Judges’ name plates in the Liberty County Courthouse. One voter remarked on Zbranek’s cockiness at a recent local radio station interview, “It is like he was proud of his support of Obama. He almost acts like it was some kind of great accomplishment that he voted for Obama. And that Tommy Chambers’ reluctance to embrace either candidate from the last Presidential race means everybody will now have to vote for him, Zack. It almost seemed like a staged question by Buchanan and Zack, and that Zack was almost snickering, because he got to say he voted for Obama and Chambers didn’t.”

The whole incident made me more certain than ever I was voting for Chambers. It reminded me of an old story a friend told me once that goes something like this:

“A liberal and his fiancĂ© were in a secluded place that overlooking San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge when, much to their surprise, three men in mask riding motorcycles pulled up next to their car. The masked men jumped off of their bikes and grabbed the couple before they could run. They tied the liberal’s hands up and told him to stay quiet. Then they drew a circle in the dirt and told the man not to get out of that circle until they rode off on their bikes. Then all three of the men did unspeakable things to his fiancĂ©. When the men headed to their bikes to leave, they passed by the liberal and noticed he was smiling and even giggling at times. Surprised at the man’s behavior they decided to ask him why he was giggling. Working hard to keep from letting out a full fledged belly laugh, the liberal replied, “I stepped out of the circle three times when you fellers weren’t looking.”

Zack, voters elect Judges to protect this community from serious criminals. Your Uncle Rusty ruled on case after case showing us that he is a typical liberal and doesn’t understand what we need from a judge. You have the same partisan political agenda as he does. Voters don’t care why you and Hight stand giggling like the man in this story, we just know there have been too many times too little has been done. Voters are tired of hearing political promises from people that we know will do the opposite of what this community needs.

Zack Zbranek may have a well known last name. And he may have some reason to believe we want another liberal judge to join his uncle in the courthouse. But how in the world can ANYONE think bragging about voting for a Presidential candidate (Obama) this county’s voters rejected in mass- is some kind of superior response to a question?

Zack Zbranek, how does it feel to stand there knowing no matter what you do, you are going to lose this election and your alleged Liberty County slush fund? The voters are going to send you and your corrupt ole buddies packing. No more free rides on the backs of the people!

Man Killed, Neighbor Arrested In Liberty

LIBERTY, Texas -- An ongoing property dispute among neighbors turned deadly, when one shot and killed the other, deputies said Sunday.

Liberty County deputies were called to a disturbance on FM 2830 South near Highway 90 at about 12:30 p.m. Sunday.

When officers arrived, they said they found Larry Hardy, 56, had been shot.

Investigators said Hardy was outside checking his property because land surveyors are expected to go out there on Monday.

They said Willy Stuart, 60, walked outside of his home and shot Hardy.

Hardy's brother said Stuart was upset because their family was about to start building a home on their property.

Stuart was arrested and charges are pending.

Courtesy KPRC, Houston

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dear Liberty Dispatch

Ive heard that in the next few weeks Liberty Dispatch will be posting articles that will expose for the first time specifics on some of the corruption that has taken place in our community over the years during a time of “all Democrat” leadership. Some of it will come as a shock to many people who have trusted their tax money and their vote to some of the corrupt. This article doesn’t talk about anyone that has ever won an election and it should come as a shock to no one, but some things just need to be said out loud –so everyone knows that everyone else knows.

Bill Buchanan, the part owner of the local radio station (KSHN) is unfair and deceptive in his presentation of much of the things that are political in this area. He is willing to lie and even welsh on a deal if it serves his purpose.

Case in point: In the early part of 2010 someone familiar with KSHN and familiar with the way Buchanan does business, told Mark Morefield to go down to the station and to purchase advertising for the month of October and the first week in November. Part of the reason for the suggestion was simply to reserve the prime advertising spots before the local news. Morefield is the Republican nominee for District Judge of the 75th District Court and he heeded that advice and. Lucky for him, he wrote a check and completed a deal with KSHN for the ads he would be airing in the weeks leading up to the election.

The second reason Morefield was told to go buy the ads early may have been because Buchanan is notorious for helping Democrats and hurting Republicans. So when the deal was done, not much more thought was given to having to worry about dirty politics and unprofessional media behavior (concerning radio ads anyway). Until the end of September that is... By the time Mark Morefield prepared to record his political ads, it was obvious he was not going to be an exception to Bill Buchanan’s attempts to help Democrats and hurt Republicans.

Morefield’s campaign was told that running ads in October at the time slot he had requested was not going to be possible. More of the type of psychobabble that accompanies the rhetoric a liar spews to someone who knows he is lying filled the air until an attempt to deliver the final blow. Morefield’s campaign was told he might even be too late to even buy ads at all! And that KSHN never had a contract or any kind of deal anyway!!

Mark Morefield probably won’t like this article. As an attorney, he is use to dealing with all sorts of people and he is not a whiner. He has not whined about the lies and rumors his opponent’s supporters have leaked and he has not complained about the moral superiority his opponent has repeatedly claimed. Morefield has just presented his credentials, an impressive bio with a reputation as one of the best, most knowledgeable attorneys in this part of Texas. But some of us are sick of Buchanan’s self righteous tirades. We are sick of how he tries to get the public to believe people he doesn’t like are bad people and the people he does like are good people. He is clearly a liar. He deceives the public and he is as selective in his “prosecution of the news via the public airwaves” as the worst of those who do it through the courts.

In Morefield’s campaign, fortunately for them, they saved the $1700 check and Buchanan knew his gig was up. Buchanan knew any help he could count on from his friends in the courthouse was (DOA) dead on arrival when that canceled check showed up and no services had been provided. Buchanan now only had one more shot at impressing his Democratic friends.

There may have been a check and it may have been the first money to come in for political ads but the veteran viper of deceitfulness, was quick to say the times Morefield wanted before the news were not available. Yep. Guess who has the prime time space. Morefield’s opponent, Judge Rusty Hight? Well of course…

Anonymous Concerned Citizen

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Enjoy The Winner's Circle

In a historic move, Liberty County Voters have continued to come out in force to vote against the corrupt Democrats who are running Liberty County.  The early voting straight "R" voting against the loser Democrats is strong, historic and definitive.

Meanwhile, over at the local Liberal Blogs and Radio Station there is a wailing and gnashing of the teeth.

As each day passes, slow and sure, the corrupt Democrats lose more and more of their corrupt grasp of the life, liberty and dollars of the people.  The only question is how badly these unelected people will damage and loot the people... on the way out.  Their exiting actions will be documented and recorded for historical, investigation and litigation purposes.

The Democrats are spending money, or should we say wasting money on advertising which will never save them.

Congratulations to Liberty County Republicans who are indeed securing the future generations of Liberty County with honor and distinction.

Contributor, Ray Akins

On Monday November 1, 2010, I will post my predictions of the winner's and losers along with the associated percentages.

"Trick or Treat Democrats?" Happy Halloween from Ray Akins...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Samuel Adams is known as the “Father of the American Revolution”. We all know he is famous for his leadership with the Sons of Liberty and the Boston Tea Party, but it may be that his leadership in the lesser known "Committee of Correspondence" was even more important in the story of the birth of this nation. This committee was used by American revolutionaries to counter the loyalist's media that supported the status quo. It let citizens know what was really going on.

Of course, back in that day it didn’t take near as much courage to support King George III. The newspapers that chose to support the King had the redcoats and the most powerful navy and military in the world behind them. But it was just the opposite for those who wrote about the King’s violations of the Magna Carta and The English Bill of Rights. Even before the famous midnight ride of Paul Revere and “the shots heard round the world” at Lexington and Concord the colonists favoring and speaking up for revolution against England and King George III , it was dangerous to accuse the British government of any wrongdoing. When not hanging themor burning their houses down, the King simply used the media to ruin the reputations of his opposition. He used the courts and the newspapers to make them out to be evil while he used the same political tools to promote himself and his own righteousness. When Jefferson or Franklin or Madison talked about the scandalous behavior of the king or his troops, the media would simply say “who are you going to believe – these people everyone knows are troublemakers and are wanted by the law or the King of England?’

Newspapers run by those who supported the status quo painted our Founding Fathers as lunatics who were unpatriotic and who made up charges against the King and the King’s government. The media that was protected by the King’s army wrote negative stories about anyone who came against the King. They mocked any hint of illegal or immoral activity on behalf of the English empire. The media tried to scare away anyone who was tempted to fight for LIBERTY a longside Samuel Adams and George Washington. They talked about how ungrateful and unChristian our Founding Fathers were. The media was an arm of the oppressive law breaking King of England.

Liberty Dispatch believes in the words of Thomas Jefferson: “All men are created equal, endowed by their Creator ….” We do not believe these public offices belong to any party or any person. The media has had a tough job trying to downplay the scandals and the behavior of the people in our courthouse, but they have no shame. They have played God and helped to manipulate the voters. The media has disregarded, and I am sure will continue to disregard, additional allegations against the incumbents (the King’s people) despite documents and, in some cases, willing whistleblowers. They have attacked the messengers rather than help LIBERTY to rid itself of self serving public officials.

But we here at Liberty Dispatch are convinced that now is the time WE THE PEOPLE will separate from the old guard that has disregarded the law and the high standards of this community. We believe in these closing days as the media and some of the incumbents try to make this election about us, that the people will insist it is about them- and their children and their grandchildren. We believe this community will reject the idea of one family ruling two thirds of our courts (the Hights and Zbraneks are uncle and nephew). We believe people will reject the re-election of clerks that are sworn to safeguard precious public records but have failed to do so. We believe citizens in this community will see through all of the efforts to discredit any challengers to the "powers that be" and that they will insist that these WE THE PEOPLE cut our ties with the tax and spend Democrats – both locally and nationally.

Long before this election, the media around here has been lapdogs to “the King”. Now that the community sees that our local media actually can bark, but only at anyone who threatens “the King and his power”, maybe some will confront them personally. Since this band of liberal media people never even growl unless told to by the King or his men, it might remind them WE THE PEOPLE still elect our public officials.

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Taking Liberty, Part 4: “Unaccountability, the beginning of a Real Conspiracy!”

In Part 4 we the “outsiders” continue our research, compare the actions of local government officials, and point out more corruption in local government.

We the “Outsiders” are the newest addition to the Liberty Dispatch News. We are American / Texas Citizens who use the Texas Public Information Act (PIA) and the Federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to research possible corruption in government. We are considered “outsiders” by those who respond to our PIA and FOIA requests because we do not live in Liberty County. We also happen to live far enough away from the corruption we research to avoid being poked with a stick every other day by those who would dare chill our right to Public Information, so we can bring the information to our readers. We believe that the Texas Public Information Act captures a lot of what we are about in its first paragraph:







(a) Under the fundamental philosophy of the American constitutional form of representative government that adheres to the principle that government is the servant and not the master of the people, it is the policy of this state that each person is entitled, unless otherwise expressly provided by law, at all times to complete information about the affairs of government and the official acts of public officials and employees. The people, in delegating authority, do not give their public servants the right to decide what is good for the people to know and what is not good for them to know. The people insist on remaining informed so that they may retain control over the instruments they have created. The provisions of this chapter shall be liberally construed to implement this policy .

(b) This chapter shall be liberally construed in favor of granting a request for information. (The word “Shall” means “Non-discretionary” on the part of government personnel)

Added by Acts 1993, 73rd Leg., ch. 268, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1993.

Therefore, we are proud to present our research to the Citizens of Liberty County and to Citizens elsewhere, who yearn to see how Americans can use their rights to uncover corruption within government. One of the hallmarks of our research style is our use of Public Information as evidence to back up any allegations/information. We encourage our readers to distinguish the difference between News articles that seek to prove a point with evidence. We have written "Taking Liberty, Parts 1, 2, & 3" as evidence based articles. The Outsiders will continue to investigate by applying the lawful hammer on every lead we get regarding corruption in and around Liberty County. Additionally, the undercover investigation will continue over the next 36 months. So, we will continue to dig for records and we will continue to go wherever the evidence leads us. That is our pledge and our stories will continue to be published here on Liberty Dispatch News with attached evidence until Liberty County area governments are free of Organized Criminal Activity. Additionally, please know we have a large number of government employees who are good servants of the people…we should not forget them. Therefore, if they are not included, they are thereafter excluded from the wrong doers.

In "Taking Liberty, Part 2," Constable Royce L. Wheeler, denied he was in charge of the gun range while the Outsiders were locating hidden records showing Constable Wheeler was in fact in charge of the gun range. (See Attachment #1, demonstrating Wheeler runs the range) Eventually, while under pressure of our investigation, Constable Wheeler suggested we direct our attention towards our County Clerk Ms. Sellers, who according to Wheeler, has the records showing the manager over the range. A PIA request was sent to Ms. Delia Sellers who was in fact “non-responsive” to our request. During this time of “non-responsiveness” on Seller’s part, the Texas Attorney General's Office was conducting their investigation into Ms. Sellers attempt to hide and conceal records. The Liberty County Clerk, to date, has failed to give a responsive response to our PIA request dated 05-09-2010 regarding who manages the gun range. (See Attachments #2 and #3, our PIA Request and Sellers’ Non-responsive Response)

Most recently, Ms. Delia Sellers was quoted in the Cleveland Advocate, saying if she were to be replaced in the next election, it would require two people to replace her. After considering Sellers’ idea of a proper response to a lawful Texas PIA request: (Sellers sending a response letter labeled "IMPORTANT LEGAL INSTRUMENTS" wherein Sellers uses the letter to tell us her office hours and cost of copies). We are surprised Sellers did not say, that without her, it would take three people to inform us of the Clerk’s office hours. The bottom line here is simple folks, something is wrong, and Sellers is covering it up. Please understand that the Outsiders already have the answers to those questions and the evidence to back it up (as demonstrated in the previous 3 stories). The real question is how long after the release of this story will it take Sellers to sneak out the back door of her office and make a beeline to her defense lawyer? Better yet, how long before she and others run to the individual who held the office of county judge years ago??? Not long folks, we suspect.

In “Taking Liberty, Part 2” records revealed the gun range property was provided by someone who was in trouble for drugs and that his probation went away after his “donation out of love for Liberty County.”  With the help of the County Judge holding office at that time it seemed like justice was for sale.  But in Liberty County we outsiders are reporting all the evidence we can find, so sometimes that’s the way the Tookie crumbles!

After writing “Taking Liberty, Part 2” we have continued our research and have sent a FOIA request to Ms. Kim Harris, Liberty County Treasurer. (See Attachment #4, FOIA request to Harris). We asked for copies of “any and all documents, demonstrating an accounting of all monies received and all expenditures made surrounding the day to day operations of the Liberty County Firearms Facility located at 3710 FM 1010, Cleveland, Liberty County, Texas, used for the purpose of law enforcement firearms certifications during the years of 2003, through 2010.” However, in this case, unlike many other Liberty County officials within our County government, we have received a “model response.” (Please see attachment #5. FOIA response from Harris). As stated by the Warburgs and Rothschilds’ back in the 1920’s “When looking for what is wrong, its wise to follow the money trail.” Armed with the official monetary records, we began to evaluate what was going on with the range. However, the data seemed to create even more questions than answers, about 7044 additional questions.

There were several unexplained items in the report, like “Constable Wheeler received $1,150.00 on 06-28-2010, under Reference number “26023R.” There is no “ITEM/REASON” given for the expenditure. Occasionally we also find small unexplained items too, like Royce Wheeler gives himself a “REIMBURSEMENT” on or before August 8, 2010, under Reference number 59528C in the amount of $20.70. However, the discovery of ARCHIES FOOD supplying food for the range on 01-21-2010, in the amount of $262.85 raised a lot of concern. That policy of free lunches adds up to a lot of money over time. Free lunches have cost about $7,044.33 over the past 2 years or so that we are aware of to date. This is not a good policy and it is not a fair price. It's hard to get a good answer to our questions when no one admits to being in charge of the place or even how it was constructed. Remember, a request was sent to the Commissioners Office requesting information on the construction of the range and was responded to by the County Attorney’s Office stating there were no records responsive to our request. (See attachments #6 & #7, our FOIA request and the Commissioner’s Office’s Official response.)

Additionally, it should be pointed out that it is usual and customary for law enforcement officers not to accept Free food from anyone or any establishment, this is a good rule/policy. This rule should also apply to Mr. Wheeler and his deputies… However, they walk on the other side of the street, if you please, while D.A. Mike Little and yours truly Texas Ranger Frank Huff looks on. We wonder, just how does Liberty County watch over a store where no one claims to be in charge and the food is free???? It seems that Mr. Royce Wheeler and his friend Texas Ranger Frank Huff, who offices with Little, have been partaking in free lunches while under the NOT so watchful eyes and nose of D.A. Mike Little who has given his blessings on this misappropriation of funds, unofficially of course. Folks, this is just the tip of the Iceberg! When we consider that our own local City of Cleveland, City of Liberty and Liberty County Chambers of Commerce work so hard to improve our community by supporting children education, little league baseball and county wide support to many other like, kind and quality teams… supporting new businesses among so many other supporting activities across the board. With that said what does Wheeler do with our tax dollars. He buys the food from a company located in Montgomery County Texas. Just what is the bidding process to feed a gun range with no one in charge? Could it be that Constable Wheeler’s deputy’s family owning Archie’s have anything to do with it?

Even the revenue side of the gun range monetary records raise questions about why bullet casings are recycled for cash at a more distant site than local recyclers. Something just doesn't add up right.

Folk’s its time we wake up and smell the coffee! We pay for these activities out of our own pockets and we should send a clear message to our government employees like Mr. Mike Little and his best friend Texas Ranger Frank Huff, their sidekick friend Royce Wheeler, and that stonewalling County Clerk Ms. Delia Sellers. We are going to clean house in Liberty County this November election and the next election by removing these people from OUR public Offices. We will let them know, we will not allow them to change parties to become Republicans so they can continue to perpetuate their obfuscations and tautological disinformation on the people of our County. Misappropriation of government property must stop!

Stay tuned for “Taking Liberty, Part 5” Where we, the Outsiders and our network of Liberty County Citizens, will show that the records at Ms. Delia Sellers County Clerk's Office have been so obfuscated that even professional record finders could not find the deed records of many illegal land transactions.... until now... We will show in our next edition that Sellers was and is a co-conspirator to commit fraud.

#1 11-19-2009 Wheeler agreement with Sheriffs Office regarding Range Contract.pdf
#2 05-09-2010 TORA request to Sellers requesting Delegation of Authority to Manage Range & info on Keys.pdf
#3 06-03-2010 Sellers Unresponsive Response Letter and Envelope.pdf
#4 09-22-2010 FOIA REQUEST to Kim Harris County Treasurer.pdf
#5 10-04-2010 Kim Harris Response to our FOIA REQUEST.pdf 
#6 05-04-2010 FOIA request to Hunt for Contracts Bids Estimates for Firing Range.pdf
#7 06-18-2010 Response from County Atty for Hunt Commissioner denying his office has records.pdf

Taking Liberty Part #1
Taking Liberty Part #2
Taking Liberty Part #3   


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Taking Liberty Part #1
Taking Liberty Part #2
Taking Liberty Part #3 

Early Voting Starts Monday

This picture speaks for itself, lets send Obama a message from Liberty County
Early voting starts Monday for the General Election to be held November 2, 2010. Liberty Dispatch hopes Republican voters will exercise their voting rights and encourage their friends and families to do the same.

Liberty County has an opportunity to clean out the incumbents who have damaged our community for so many years with their corruption.

Liberty County Voters have a responsibility to protect our children and future generations to come.

Vote Republican!

Missing in action

Liberty Dispatch has received numerous contacts asking if anyone can verify the whereabouts of Russell Fairchild, brother of Liberty PD Detective, Philip "Chip" Fairchild. We have received information that Russell Fairchild is wanted for questioning in connection to the circumstances surrounding the death of deceased retired school teacher, Winston Smith and other crimes.

Please contact LD with any information concerning Fairchild's whereabouts.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Deaf, Dumb, and Blind

Hey Ray Akins,

I haven’t said anything up until now because I do not know Rusty Hight plus I checked your documentation out and it lines up with some things I have heard. But I will tell you right now you are a bold faced liar about Delia Sellers and Melody Gilmore. I am not a Democrat and I am not a Republican but I do consider myself friends of them both and they would NEVER, you hear me RAY AKINS, NEVER do anything illegal or unethical.

I know for a fact Delia Sellers is not breaking any election laws. I also know for a fact that Melody Gilmore does no “8 o’clock favors” for local attorneys. You know what you are ray Akins, a rotten low down liar. You know something BIG FAT LIAR I actually know a great deal about the court system and I do believe Judge Hight and District Attorney Little are giving you “special treatment”, BUT YOU DESERVE IT.

Why don’t you take this sorry bunch of lies about my friends and commit cyber suicide? Yes, you are all into Judge Hight’s suicide attempt a few years ago and I guess you are saying he is some kind of nut because of it, SO WHAT ABOUT THIS CRAZY SUICIDE ATTEMPT OF YOURS WHERE YOU ATTACK THE PROSECUTOR THAT HOLDS YOUR LIFE IN HIS HANDS. You are the nut! No one should believe you about Delia and Melody just because you my be right on this other stuff.

I bet you want print this Mr. Big Shot. I bet you are too chicken to post when a woman challenges your integrity. I-dineout nd KSHN have your number and you are ruined in this county.


Wouldn’t you like to know

Friday, October 15, 2010


Dear Liberty Dispatch,

I never cease to be amazed at what goes on in our courthouse. I am often left with my mouth left wide open with not only how things appear and the idea of treating people equally and fair, but questioning whether something is legal or not.

Two things this week alone fall in that category and should be of interest to voters in Liberty County. The first one is the stunning violation of the election code by County Clerk Delia Sellers. A newly elected County clerk on their first day in office would know better than to pull the partisan stunt Sellers is pulling. In order to help Democrats, Sellers is allowing the Alternate Election Judge pick clerks. It seems now that Sellers’ Democratic party does not have oversight of most of the election precincts, she has become so politically driven she has re-interpreted the election code. Sellers knew clerks were chosen by the Election Judge when Democrats were the Election Judges, but now that Republicans are in charge of much of the oversight (and Sellers is a candidate on the ballot) she has decided to make up some new laws of her own. Democrat, Lee Groce does not seem to object – of course his name is on the ballot too.

The second amazing thing from the courthouse this week was District Clerk Melanie Gilmore publicly admitting that she uses her office to do favors for certain lawyers at 8:00 o’clock at night. That does not sound legal to me, but if it is, it certainly does not sound fair or even-handed. If some lawyers can have a few extra hours to get their documents filed by meeting Gilmore at the courthouse in the middle of the night and others can’t, I think that is unacceptable. The District Clerk may have been trying to brag about working long hours when she admitted this and said her job is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – but in a courthouse which has had scandal after scandal after scandal, I must wonder what all she might be doing with the district court records that she could not do in the 'light' of day.

Delia Sellers and Melanie Gilmore may be real sweet ladies, I don’t know. But I do know as a taxpayer I expect more professionalism. And I expect for things to not only be done properly and legally, but I expect them to be done with no appearance of impropriety. The integrity of our courts and our legal system is important to this community. In order to improve our system, I will vote to clean out the people who are running it and vote in new people. I have meet Donna Brown and Paulette Williams and feel like they are both smart, honest people. Now is a good time for a fresh start!

Listen to the attached public comment from Liberty County District Clerk, Melanie Gilmore.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Liberty County Justice?

Dear Liberty Dispatch:

My name is John E. Stockton and I am a resident of San Jacinto County, Texas. I would like to tell you of my experience with Judge C.T. (Rusty) Hight and his 75th District Court of Liberty County, Texas.

In September 2003 I was sued in the 75th District Court in Liberty County by the law firm of Cotton, Bledsoe, Tighe and Dawson, with Judge C.T. Hight presiding. Before the trial Judge Hight said he was considering recusing himself from the trial because of his relationship with E.R. (Ed) Norwood, one of the lawyers for the firm. Unfortunately for me Judge Hight did not recuse himself. He and Ed Norwood are life-long friends, having attended the same grade school, high school and college. During the trial a lawyer in the courtroom asked Judge Hight how he likes being judge. Judge Hight replied, I was two or three years away from being ready but I ran for judge to get it before some Republican got appointed.

I was sued for not paying attorney fees from a law suit in which I was the plaintiff and Ed Norwood was my attorney. In that suit I was quoted a fee of $25,000 t0 $30,000 by Ed Norwood for representation by his firm. After the trial I was billed for approximately $400,000, more than ten times what I was quoted. The judge, C.T., E.R. Norwood and other lawyers involved knew that I was in my seventies, living on social security and had very little cash. In a hearing before the trial Judge Hight took away my rights by not allowing me to ask for attorney fees or seek damages, such as deceptive trade practice, for having been charged many times the fee quoted by Ed Norwood.

Although I live in San Jacinto County, Judge Hight would not allow the trial to be in my home county. If he had allowed the trial to be in San Jacinto County, taxpayers in Liberty County would have saved a lot of money, but he would not have been able to help his friend, Ed Norwood. In a hearing before the trial Judge Hight said, “I believe in a lawyer getting all he’s got coming”.

During the trial it was brought out that I had been illegally charged over $62,000 for the services of David Ripkowski, a paralegal for the firm Cotton, Bledsoe, Tighe and Dawson. The firm was paying Mr. Ripkowski around $20 per hour for his services but charging me $90 an hour for his services-more than three times the cost. When it was determined in trial this could not be allowed, Judge Hight told Ed Norwood, “Don’t worry Ed; I’ll see that you get your money”. And he did.

Cotton, Bledsoe, Tighe and Dawson hired another lawyer named Mike Johnston, for a fee of $325 an hour, who also attended the same grade school, high school and law school as Judge Hight and Ed Norwood. Mr. Johnson, E.R. Norwood, Michael Sanders and Scott Camp all were untruthful during the trial and misled the jury. (Martha Stewart went to jail for being untruthful) Judge C.T. Hight knew these lawyers were not telling the truth and yet he did nothing about it. (Perjury)

E.R. Norwood told me before he could get anything he wanted in the 75th District court, saying that it was his “turf”. The jury did NOT award Cotton, Bledsoe, Tighe and Dawson what they sought in the trial. Approximately two weeks after the trial Judge C. T. Hight overturned the jury’s decision and awarded the firm many thousands of dollars-money that I did not have. Being in my 70’s and living on Social Security, I had to sell my best cows and the best part of my ranch to pay over $300,000 to Cotton, Bledsoe, Tighe and Dawson even though they had quoted me $25,000 to $30,000. It is no wonder judges and lawyers are concerned about their safety.

Cotton, Bledsoe, Tighe and Dawson charged thousands of dollars to my bill for Ed Norwood attending a board of directors meeting the firm held in Midland, TX. This certainly was not discussed with me nor approved by me, but I still had to pay for it because Judge C. T. Hight believes a lawyer should get everything he’s got coming. It is my experience and my opinion that some judges and the Texas Bar Association protect greedy, dishonest lawyers and assist them in taking from the honest and the elderly. If I lived in Liberty County I would not serve jury duty in a courtroom over which Judge C.T. Hight presided.

As of now, October 2010, I have not collect one cent on what Ed Norwood and Cotton, Bledsoe, Tighe and Dawson claim they won in trial for me, yet I have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in lawyer fees for it.

If Judge Hight and his cronies will bamboozle a senior citizen like me what will they do to you? You need to think about this before casting your vote.

John E. Stockton

"All it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing."

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Hight, Democrat Liberal Puppet

Liberty County voter alert! Judge Rusty Hight has now publicly stated his definition of a “conservative” and let me tell you it is everything we should have expected him to say. Or should I say it was everything most of us expected him to hope voters would think? He says he is a “conservative”! But for us voters, Hight left a great many things out of his definition. In fact, I am sure he did not offend one liberal with his definition.

To be real specific and cut to the point, Hight did not talk about being a “conservative” in the way he handles the business of the courtroom. Instead, Hight wants voters to redefine “conservative”. He wants us to take his word for what an honorable personal life he has lead and then call that “conservative”. But don’t we want to hear his response to people talking about his sweetheart deals for certain lawyers and convicted criminals? Don’t we want him to explain his Christmas furloughs for certain prisoners? Perhaps this new and unique definition of a “conservative” is a calculated answer to steer away from his longtime advocacy of the Democratic Party and liberal Democrats. Typical of a politician who smiles and promotes himself publicly, Hight wants us to focus on the image he has prepared for us. Not on his track record in politics and his liberal handling of criminals.

Hight asks voters to be hopelessly ignorant when he answers questions about his view of who he thinks has run the state well or the country well. Hight has told us: “ I have not supported anyone for Governor or anyone for President”. His opponent, Mark Morefield, has responded quite differently (and more honestly) by saying he believes Ronald Reagan lead this country well and he names Coke Stevenson, Bill Clements, and George W. Bush as good Governors of Texas. Hight is asking voters to who have lived in this county and who know his brother-in-law was the Democratic party Chairman and that he and the Zbranek family have been the people Ann Richards, Bill Clinton, and Senator Barack Obama would have been told to contact if they planned on going through Liberty County – their allies in their liberal cause.

In his closing sales pitch Hight says this election is not about those people he is has decades of political links to, he says it is about experience and all he asks is that voters be fair to him. Now is he talking about the experience, the wonderful “freeing” experience that Liberty Dispatch has posted small samplings of? The “experience” voters should be aware of concerning Judge Hight is a consistent one. He has supported liberal Democrats and he has acted like one. He is tough on crime occasionally, but Liberty Dispatch could not even post all of the unbelievable sentences Hight has handed out to convicted criminals... and the indefensible acts of waiting one day to unharness these dangerous people on us from their probation.


Brashier and Buchanan: "Two Peas in a Pod"

The local media continue to be lapdogs for most of the Democrats despite the results of the last election and the last two primaries which have indicated a significant shift toward the Republican Party by the people who keep them in business. Vanessa Brashier, a former employee of The Liberty Vindicator and now the editor of The Dayton News and The Cleveland Advocate, and part owner of KSHN radio, Bill Buchanan, are two peas in a pod. They have been pushing voters to vote for Democrats from the first day they hit the first letter on their respective typewriters for a media outlet. This article will give a much different account of the last forum Brashier reported on.

Vanessa Brashier appears to think she discovered some kind of 'smoking gun' to help the struggling campaign of Rusty Hight when she makes a big deal about Hight’s opponent having to be stopped after going over the allotted time. But isn’t the buzzer having to be rung on someone in a debate over who gets to be the District Judge for the next four years indicative of someone who has a vast wealth of knowledge in all areas of the law and the history of this country who is trying to fully answer a three part question? Isn’t Brashier’s “smoking gun” more of an indictment against her and her own bias in Liberty politics?

If Brashier is a watchdog like the people who founded this country and signed the Bill of Rights envisioned the press being wouldn’t she report the differences in what Hight said and what she should know he does in the courtroom? Many statements made by Rusty Hight were either deceptions or complete untruths such as:

In Hight’s opening statement he tried to distance himself from the Democrat party by saying that he was part of the Judicial Branch so if you are mad at the Government, don't be mad at him because he has nothing to do with it. UUGGHH!!! If Vanessa Brashier hasn’t been asleep the entire time she has lived in Liberty County she would know that Rusty Hight, his brother-in-law Zeke Zbranek, and his two nephews, Zeb and Zack, have all been standard bearers for the Democratic Party...big time supporters of the left leaning candidates, past and present, nominated by the Democratic Party. It is deceptive and not very loyal to desert a lifetime of work in his party just because (for the first time in Liberty County) being a Democrat may not be popular with this community. Shouldn’t Brashier have pointed this out – and in all fairness pointed out Mark Morefield is a long time Republican.

When asked about "morals clauses", Hight said he requires morals clauses to be in every divorce or custody order involving minor children. This is completely untrue.  Ask any attorney in town how many times they have heard him say that no one has any morals and he is going to refuse to even put it in any order. He also said he refuses to allow a parent to have any person whom they have an intimate relationship with to be in the presence of the children between the hours of 8:00 p.m. until 9:00 a.m. He has denied these kinds of request and made it later in the night.

When there was a question about religion and the role it plays in the courtroom, Mark Morefield responded first and received an immediate, overwhelming applause. Rusty responded and Mark rebutted saying "It is the Democrats who are trying to take God out of the Pledge of Allegiance, In God We Trust out of our money", etc. If Rusty wants to position himself with voters as a warrior for Christ, shouldn’t he be outspoken towards his own party and issues like abortion, school prayer, or these other things Morefield has championed?

The next question was related to lawsuit abuse and Morefield answered with statistics and examples. Rusty Hight responded by discussing a commercial on television with people lined up outside a courthouse who were trying to get in but couldn't due to lawsuit abuse. Then he asked everyone when was the last time they drove by the Court house and saw people lined up outside. He answered his own question with, "Never". He continued by stating, “There is no lawsuit abuse”. Did Hight not realize the commercial is a metaphor, not a realistic portrayal? Does he know his assertion that he is a conservative begins to crumble with this kind of talk? People are tired of how much things cost because of lawsuit abuse! Shouldn’t Brashier be familiar enough with conservatism to ask about this and other departures from what conservatives believe?

Would Brashier have pointed out that Hight’s campaign finance report looks like few conservatives and that it is trial attorneys and PI firms who are contributing to him if Morefield had not brought it up? Hight's response was, "who better to pick the best judge...lawyers or people who don't know any better?" Could it be that lawyers are contributing to the Hight campaign because they all want Hight to remember their help when they appear before him? Hight has made it clear that he intends to seek retribution from people who support Morefield.

Hight in some of his comments sounded a great deal like some of the “rumors” that he denies are coming out of his campaign. Is that coincidence? Shouldn’t Vanessa Brashier ask about the rumors? If Hight continues to say he knows nothing about them, shouldn’t Brashier point out the amazing coincidences in his rhetoric?

Vanessa Brashier is not a watchdog. Some of the corruption that has been revealed publicly by officials has eventually been reported by Brashier, but Republicans have gotten as much negative from her as Democrats and until recently there had been no Republican officeholders for 100 years. Is that equal treatment? Is that a watchdog looking out for the community? Or is that a lap dog, Vaness. waiting to do what the powerful people in the courthouse tell you to do?

Let’s unchain Vanessa Brashier and Bill Buchanan from their roles as lapdogs and vote their masters out of office. Maybe then they will report these meetings more fairly and balanced.

LD Comment: We doubt either one of these profit motivated news outlets will ever do the right thing for the Republican Party...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Democrat Judge Candidate CT Hight Goes Shopping

Justice for Sale in Hight's Liberty County 75th Court?
In a review of Liberty County Judge Candidate, CT Hight's(D) campaign records some interesting expenditures and campaign contributors emerge.

One campaign contributor is Allen Youngblood's (i-dineout) attorney, Gerald Hoseman along with a host of other local attorneys.  Because of an alleged quid pro quo with Hight's renters and (Wednesday court) justice for sale, contributions from local Liberty County Attorneys into Hight's campaign could call into question those attorney's individual motives and ethics.

As for expenditures, queerly we see payments to Macy's in Baytown and The Vineyard  in Dayton, Texas.

Note on Hight's campaign report there is a contribution from "Vision Ministry" located at 1829 Sam Houston St., Liberty TX 77575.  This address is the 'City of Liberty'.

Curiously, Hight's campaign consultant payments are not included in his candidate expense report- this begs the question...

What campaign expenditures is Hight hiding from the Texas Ethics Commission and the people of Liberty County?

Answer: Business as usual for a corrupt public official...

Hight's Campaign Finance Report Link


Sue Troxell (R)
Write-in Candidate For Chambers County Judge

Yes Chambers County voters you do have a choice for your next Chambers County Judge write-candidate Sue Troxell. Candidate Troxell is married to Kenneth Troxell and lives on a ranch in western Chambers County where they raise cattle, horses and honeybees.

Sue Troxell graduated from Texas A&M University in 1984 with a B.S. in Agricultural Economics. She work at Fulbright & Jaworski as well as the federal courts for a U.S. Magistrate, serving each as a legal administrator.

Her opponent on the ballot is incumbent County Judge Jimmy Sylvia who is currently under federal investigation for his handling of FEMA resources after Hurricane Ike. Sue is running because many in Chambers County are demanding a choice and Sue is going to offer that choice.

LD NOTE: Due to the short time before early voting begins we will be doing follow-up stories outlining the difference between these two candidates.

Monday, October 11, 2010

HIGHT AND COMPANY "Circling the Wagons"

Do you remember who said the following quote? “There is not a conservative America and a liberal America”. If you said Barack Obama and remembered that was the beginning of a strategy to convince many people who do not ascribe to the liberal philosophy of governing to vote for him in the 2008 election, you are correct.

You would think convincing voters that a candidate is a liberal is not difficult when they have a track record. Obama had a track record. His time as a State Senator Illinois 13th district and his time as a U.S. Senator include plenty of evidence he is a liberal. Spend, spend, spend, tax, tax, tax! But that is what democrat need to do in many areas of the country and they are surprisingly cunning at doing it.

Now we have Judge Rusty Hight trying to do the same as Obama. He is distancing himself from the Democratic Party he has been so vocal about for years and trying to change the record he has established as a judge and a lawyer. Like Obama, he stands up before crowds and says whatever sounds conservative: “I have sent 900 people to jail as Judge”, he says. With the usual cast of media characters chiming in and still thinking that if they repeat something enough, voters will believe it. “Hight is a conservative,” says Vanessa Brashier (editor of The Cleveland Advocate and The Dayton News and an admitted Democrat). “He deserves to be re-elected” says the liberal radio broadcaster who has gone so far in his dedication to the Democrats that he defended people like Judge Hight’s good friend, Democrat Phil Fitzgerald.

Like with Obama, the problem is the facts are out in the public domain that prove that Judge Hight is not just a liberal, he is like one of those liberals they feature on Fox News occasionally for releasing dangerous convicted criminals. Not every criminal, but way too many. Liberty Dispatch has limited itself to just a few cases and resisted being a complaint department for the people who want their case in his court highlighted so we didn’t duplicate our point. OUR POINT IS IT IS ELECTION TIME AND JUST LIKE OBAMA, DEMOCRATS LIKE JUDGE HIGHT WANT TO APPEAR LIKE CONSERVATIVES. His record speaks for itself. Read the cases on here and go confront Hight in the next forum. Then send us his response for A FACT CHECK unless you want to get the volume and page number off of here and go to the courthouse yourself.

To make matters more obvious for the voters - the media help he is getting are the ones who always favor liberals. It is not that they don’t know what he has done, it is that they are anti-death penalty ‘easy on crime” liberals themselves. KSHN radio ran the advertisement one election year when the woman came forward and talked about Rusty Hight forging documents in order to deprive custody of a child – but they were for the other candidate then. Now they are for Hight – and all of a sudden this man is wonderful? How many lawyers or judges do you know who have been forced to admit they forged documents?

If you had just walked off of the boat from a foreign country and had studied past midterm elections in the United States maybe you would think everything is just like it always is just before polls open for early voting on October 19th and for election day on November 2nd . But you would be wrong. The idea of this being a regular ole election isn’t reality. As far as local or national races are concerned, the idea this is business as usual just simply isn’t reality. Local incumbent politicians like Hight are circling their wagons and trying to present themselves in way you would consider voting for them. Too many of the complaints and frustrations leveled at the Democratic Party’s national leadership apply to easily to local officeholders for them to think voters here will be in a mood to simply check the box by the incumbents name this year.

Things are different. Hight and other local candidates that have chosen to remain in the Democratic Party are understood to have chosen to stand by the decisions their party has been making. And those decisions are in many cases just the opposite of what most Texans wanted to be made. A health-care plan that could bankrupt the nation and bailouts that could effect generations of Americans including our great great grandchildren and a response to unemployment that has been unacceptable, and the continued investment of taxpayer money in making government bigger and bigger and more and more controlling – all unacceptable to the spirit of democracy and freedom Texans are known to love.

Add to all of that stories of corruption by by Washington Democrats like Charlie Wrangle, MaxineWaters, and others with no trial date set to determine whether they should be thrown into the jailhouse like all of us regular folks would be had we done what they did.. Just the opposite they are running for re-election! People like openly Barney Frank and other Democrats that made the Fannie Mae and Fannie Mac decisions that have caused much of our problems - they are not just running for re-election, they are blaming the Republicans and denying their major part in all of this.

It should shock no one that locals are circling their wagons. All of these outrageous things people in this community are hearing about Democrats in Washington sound very familiar. Not only are our locals tacitly endorsing the actions of their people in Washington, they have their own mini-run of the same thing going on here. Allowing our taxes to be raised by not countering the constant inflation of our property values by the Appraisal District, doubling the budget, doubling the budget, giving themselves raise after raise, acting like they know nothing about wrongdoing all around them, etc.etc etc.

We already know Obama’s professional campaign advisers have come up with all kinds of ways for him to spin things – blame Bush, blame Ed. Rove , and Ed Gillespie – say Republicans are tied to special interest (when Democrats have had more special interest money in all three of the last campaigns ….and this one).And the classic foreign investors have bought the Republicans (when it is Obama whose policies have pleased foreigners). We know they have expressed no responsibility for our predicament or plans to change course.So it is no surprise Hight and Company are doing the same thing.

So what will the local professional spinmeister do to try and get us to vote for people here that make up Obama’s base of support? What will the local media do to help the local party infamous for scandals, higher taxing and more spending and liberal court rulings?

Lastly, the question exist... Why has Cleveland Advocate Editor, Vanessa Brashier slanted her reporting so much in favor of Judge Hight and other Democrats??? Answer???

More of the same is the message LOUD AND CLEAR. “Circle the wagons and say what we gotta say about our opponents…… and then when we win, more of the same”.

Judge Rusty Hight Loves Murderers and Hates Republicans

Please post my attached comment heading and comment.

I am now sending you the fifteenth case showing how Judge Rusty Hight is no conservative, but in fact, he is a friend to convicted criminals. His heart may have a soft spot for felons but the soft spot liberals have in their heads is when they fail to realize they are not protecting the citizens who vote them in office.

Here is the last case I will send you. I hope you have the good sense to post it. All of your readers can verify the facts by looking up the cause numbers. PLEASE POST THIS:

Amanda Rodriguez, Cause No. CR25850, 75th District Judge Rusty Hight
Indicted for Murder and Aggravated Assault on July 6, 2005
Judgment, April 4, 2008
Guilty of Murder, 1st Degree Felony
Sentence: 10 YEARS DEFERRED ADJUDICATION (which means no formal finding of guilt and she is entitled to an expunction and/or non-disclosure)
$277 Court Cost, $500 Fine, $4000 Attorney Fees and 320 Hours Community Services

Guilty of murder in the first degree and deferred adjudication! I guess Hight can claim this is not like the other fifteen I sent you. It may have nothing to do with a liberal mindset, being easy on criminals or maybe sexual favors. Why else would Judge Hight let this pretty black widow off from a murder charge?

Dear Mr. Akins

Mr. Akins, I read this and thought about you. Some will say it is too dramatic for the current situation, but I believe every person facing the struggles of the times they live in deserves their just do. I have read how they attacked you as a Republican, Private Investigator from your arrival. I have read how you have been firm in your resolve to expose corruption here in Liberty County no matter how you are threatened by those trying to hold on to power. I have read how even though you are dragged up in court before these people that you continue to gather information that will eventually unravel the mess we have in our courthouse.

What I read that reminds me of you was part of the December 23, 1776 printing of “The Crisis” by Thomas Paine. Here it is:

“THESE are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated.”

Our Founding Fathers were men hunted down by The Authorities because they dared to stand up and be counted. For all of their accusations and actions, they had a hangman’s noose awaiting them if they lost.. Two thirds of the colonists did not support their efforts, but we all enjoy the fruits of their victory. Some of those who should actually be doing something to help because they know corruption needs to be uprooted, even dare question your methods – like that is their contribution.

Like others have expressed, you have my prayers and my vote will be, of course, to free this country from Obama and this county from his base support.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


In March 2004, when Barack Obama was a candidate for the U.S. Senate in the Illinois Democratic primary, he excoriated President George W. Bush for creating a "jobless recovery." The month he said that, 334,000 new jobs were created—none of them temporary census jobs—and unemployment was 5.8%.

That was then. now. The unemployment rate is 9.6%, and jobs reports are unlikely to be much better for awhile because this President (the one who was so critical of Bush) is doing a poor job. While people were trying to point out how inexperienced Obama was and how what little experience he had showed little knowledge of economics or foreign policy or much of anything else, Obama was demonizing Bush. His rebuttals to this day are to attack everyone who criticizes him. Most people in Liberty County know it. Obama’s idea of spending our way out of economic trouble is just plain stupid.

Here on Liberty Dispatch we have talked a great deal about what the worst of the local Democratic officeholders have done when they were supposed to be performing their duties. We have documented a great deal of it. We have heard the pitiful defense of those who are not doing their job. Their defense is basically a two prong strategy. They have denied the documents that corroborate what we have said are authentic. We have posted copies with document numbers and page numbers leaving no doubt as to the facts.

For over two years they have attacked and even tried to imprison Liberty Dispatch Editor Ray Akins in an effort to shut up his over five years of criticism and investigation of the corruption in the courthouse. Unfortunately for them, their attempts to discredit him do not speak to the validity of the stories written on Liberty Dispatch. A review of this year indicates, Akins has written less than 15% of the articles posted. The attempts of some in the local media and the Democratic officeholders who are wrapped up in self dealing corruption to smear the facts written on Liberty Dispatch have missed entirely. Documented facts included in articles written by several law abiding concerned citizens continue to go unchallenged.

The reason they will go unchallenged and the reason they attack and smear and try even to imprison the messengers is because if the facts continue to be revealed only family and close friends would vote to re-elect these people.