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Thursday, December 29, 2011


32 year old Linda Chapman worked in the Cleveland Annex Tax Office from March 2005 to October 2011. She worked there until she felt like policy changes were unfair and then she quit.

Mrs. Chapman left just a few weeks after longtime Democrat Mark McClelland retired and Republican businessman Ricky Brown was appointed to complete his unfulfilled term. Though the courthouse along with the tax office is by all accounts a better place to work in with a more positive cooperative spirit, Mrs. Chapman decided very quickly that she would quit and protest one of Brown’s ideas of how to improve the way the office served the community.

What upset Mrs. Chapman so much that she would turn in her resignation? What new idea would she be willing to pay a filing fee and several thousand dollars in election expenses to challenge? Was she offended that Brown’s methods would cause the taxpayers of Liberty County to receive fewer services or poor service?

No... Mrs. Chapman was offended at the suggestion that employees try and avoid missing work at the first and last of the month. Ricky Brown knew the community tended to come into the tax office more at the first and the last of the month and he simply asked employees to be mindful and to consider the customers and fellow workers when making decisions.

Brown never said come to work no matter what. He told employees to be mindful and respectful of each other and the community and if they have a choice, try to make it to work those days.

Ricky Brown has been part of a revitalization of the courthouse’s public image and its cooperative spirit. He has made positive changes for the employees, and at the same time he has been an example of how a public servant should always be mindful of working to make things better for the community. His race with Mrs. Chapman is a classic Republican vs Democrat race. The Democrat thinking the “position” taxpayers were paying her to fill had certain unspoken privileges and that she should not even consider being inconvenienced – after all she has rights. And the Republican working to make things better for everyone.

We urge voters to tell their friends to vote for Ricky Brown. We also urge Mrs. Chapman to always be self employed so any inconvenience she aims at her customers effects her performance and not everyone else. She was asked to be considerate and it resulted in her quitting. How could we expect her to work and sacrifice on our behalf if she were elected. The answer is simple. She has already showed us she wouldn’t.


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dear Liberty Dispatch,

This Outsider group should not throw stones or have other people throw stones when they live in the glass house of politics. Did they look at Henry Patterson’s campaign finance reports before this man, this outsider from another county, complained against one of Patterson’s enemies?

Patterson needs to learn all of the technicalities – the filling out the campaign forms with the names on the checks, the trusting the donor to tell where he is employed, etc. – these all apply to him too. But no voter should cast a vote for another sheriff candidate because of Patterson making the same mistakes many do – even if they are like the man pointed out, THE LAW. Patterson’s opponents in this race should receive most of the votes because they both would be better sheriffs than him. His opponents will not “import rejects from Harris County”, as Liberty Dispatch so effectively puts it. Bobby Rader and Will Cox will not have someone from outside the county file things on their behalf to embarrass a judge the voters just overwhelmingly put in office.

While I am writing, our current sheriff needs to publicly answer questions about how he has used the resources his department has had due to seizing assets of criminals. Show us where every dime, every vehicle, etc. In Chambers county, former District Attorney Mike Little is alleged to have given each one of his assistance a vehicle and access to county gas to drive back and forth to their homes in Harris County. No telling what else he did with the assets. These assets belong to the taxpayers and their use has IRS ramifications and other considerations. Just as voters should demand to see how the D.A. has spent his and if his young assistant that is running to take his place is a beneficiary of its misuse, so should Henry Patterson be required to do the same.

Let’s take a gander at the goose and see where the golden eggs have gone ! Let's see if the Outsiders have hatched some of their plans while on the payroll!!



Texas Monthly can write some pretty good stuff and they can write some pure trash, but no matter which one they write they have a large readership. Their January edition will prove to add some more embarrassment for Liberty County and our absentee sheriff, Henry Patterson and one of the Harris county men he has hired since he took office (Rex Evans).

Here is a quote from Texas Monthly in the January 2012 issue:

“I see Dead Law Enforcement Careers.” Texas Monthly goes on to say, “News sites around the world posted near real-time updates as Liberty County Sheriff’s Officers and FBI agents mounted urgent, high-profile searches of two properties on consecutive days, fruitlessly looking for a purported mass grave of up to thirty bodies. The law officers later admitted that the operation was based on unsolicited tips from a self described psychic.”

We are yet to see Sheriff Patterson books and find out whether or not he is using money and assets from criminal seizures to pay for rogue investigations by unlicensed private contractors or whether or not political hacks are on the payroll to try and fight bad public relations from things like this Texas Monthly story.

Therefore, until Patterson deals from the top of the deck we can assume Liberty County has more embarrassments to endure. It doesn’t take a psychic to know there are unusual things going on under Patterson’s leadership. Patterson has until early April to prove to the public otherwise or to paint his two opponents as worse than he is.

Stay tuned.

Outsider/s Files Ethics Complaint Against District Judge

Recent HCN story:

A resident from The Woodlands has filed an official complaint with the Texas Ethics Commission against 75th State District Judge Mark Morefield, of Liberty County, for allegedly committing several campaign finance violations.

Tom Curry, a self-described Woodlands Tea Party supporter, alleges in a sworn complaint to the TEC that Morefield committed numerous violations that included accepting corporate contributions, converting campaign funds to personal use, made an unlawful contribution to a candidate/officeholder, filed several incomplete campaign finance reports and did not fully disclose the sources of political contributions.

Curry alleges in the complaint that Morefield accepted a political contribution from a corporation and cited an entry from Morefield’s campaign finance reports that listed a $200 contribution from Security Storage of Liberty. etc.

Tom Curry is more than a self-described Tea-Party supporter.  Mr. Curry is a "Outsider" and part of the coming onslaught against our Liberty County Judges.  The Outsiders have a recent history of hiding behind the Tea-Party.  In fact, they have bastardized the Liberty and Dayton, Texas Tea-Party as an apparatus to place their own cultist into office.

This baseless attack against Judge Morefield was just another delusional "smoking gun" belief of the Outsiders Cult.  The writer in the HCN story should have better been explained as an "Outsider Kook".

The "Outsiders" are trying to make Judge Morefield a victim of their political attacks to take him out with their replacement.

Liberty County can be proud of the work of Judge Morefield and its going to take a lot more than some delusional kook cultist to replace our judge.

Judge Morefield has explained the discrepancies and the minor corrections after taking appropriate action.  Judge Morefield was running his campaign and dealing with health issues during the time in question.  This further proves the "Outsiders" are nothing more than strange cult group grasping at straws to find crimes were none were committed.  The only criminals in this situation are the "Outsiders Cult" trying to take over Liberty County.

LD supports our judges and will vehemently support them against the cultist attacks to take over the Liberty County.


Tuesday, December 27, 2011


In the 2012 Republican primary campaign advisor to all of the Outsider candidates, Eddie Shauberger predicted the more people who run against incumbent Henry Patterson, the larger his victory will be. Shauberger predicted Will Cox could not even win the Cleveland vote and that Bobby Rader would lose in the Dayton area.

Shauberger’s political analysis also includes an upset victory by Outsider candidate James Farmer. According to Shauberger, Farmer’s bankruptcy and business failings are in the past and that the fact that Farmer has never lived in Liberty County will be spun to tell voters he has no connection to the good ole boy network. (Editor’s note: Shauberger and the Outsider’s are James Farmer’s good ole boys).

Shauberger thinks Logan Pickett is too young and he is too closely associated with the problems of retiring District Attorney Mike Little. He also thinks that though many people put on their happy face when talking with the Pickett family because of how powerful they are perceived to be, most people could be happy to see their notoriety fade away with this current generation of elders.

Shauberger has told us that when he gets through smearing Bobby Rader’s name he will lose by a landslide. When asked what he could smear Rader with since Rader is known to be a real good person, Shauberger said Rader has made too many public decisions to escape being “covered in mud” by election time. When Shauberger was asked why he would do that to one of the pioneers of the current Republican change, Shauberger just glared at us like we were ignorant. A charge that we must plead guilty to since almost everyone we know wants a change in this sheriff’s race.

Sunday, December 25, 2011


There are people creeping around our yards at night undetected, looking for something of value to take and make their lives better no matter how much it costs the people in this community… No, I am not talking about the people who have been stealing decorations around here; I am talking about the Outsiders.

According to the owners of the small upstairs garage apartment on Cos Street that failed Houston Attorney James Farmer and County Attorney candidate rents from them – Farmer has spent ZERO nights of the last six months he has thus paid for. Nevertheless, this Outsider wants to sneak into Liberty and take over the County Attorney’s office. “What qualifies him?’ nothing… Even if you wish, like we do, that Wes Hinch would make contact with planet earth – An Outsider who is short on credentials is no improvement.

Eddie Shauberger has slithered back to the Oak Island community where his disguise in that community is, believe it or not, a Baptist preacher. He is a controversial preacher, but a preacher nevertheless. While in Liberty his undercover job is the chief dispenser of lies and rumors in order to get a foothold in Liberty politics for the Outsiders and get revenge for his years of continual political failure after failure. He will soon surreptitiously begin to make Sheriff Patterson look like Wyatt Earp and Patterson’s opponent, Bobby Rader look like the scourge of the earth. When in reality, Rader is perhaps the most loved and respected man in the entire county – and that is on top of being a successful judge, businessman, law enforcement professional and baseball/softball coach extraordinaire.

Creeping around Liberty County along with these two is Cliff Williams. He frequently refers to how his Outsiders do things the right way and how they have formed relationships with local law enforcement based off of mutual respect. What he leaves out is that with the exception of Sheriff Patterson and company, he has no respect. It is difficult to build respect when your bio includes no law school, but does include trying to start and make money off of an illegal correspondence law school. It is difficult to claim you do things the right way when, if you are like Cliff, you tried to run for the job of Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Texas without even a hint of qualifications or bar card. How self righteous and arrogant... Or could you summarize the Cliff William as “conman”?

When I heard thieves were out stealing Christmas decorations in the middle of the night, it was hard to believe. But Farmer, Shauberger, and Williams all rival that kind of incredulous act with their insistence that voters elect Farmer and Patterson.

Thursday, December 22, 2011


If Sheriff Patterson pulls Santa’s sleigh over as Rudolph descends into Liberty County, the following people might assume Patterson will press the big guy into dropping lumps of coal in their stocking. Patterson and his re-election team have a long enemies’ lists and the ten items that follow are not in priority order nor is the lists limited to the following:

1. Joe Warren and the grand jury that dismissed his case.
2. Every citizen that complains the sheriff is missing in action and refuses to accept the idea that his every morning breakfasts at public restaurants in Cleveland are quality and quantity voter access.
3. Bobby Rader for running for sheriff.
4. Allen Youngblood for requiring that LCSO press releases be factual and not just re-election efforts.
5. Vanessa Brashier for not listening to crazy Outsider efforts to spin news.
6. Ray Akins for staying independent and nuking Patterson’s political strategies.
7. Bill Buchanan for ignoring the sheriff.
8. All the voters in Liberty County except the ones in Cleveland for requiring that Patterson earn their vote.
9. The pot growers operating the two large fields in the Hardin area for not chaining themselves to the entrance gate to their drug kingdom so Henry could catch them.
10. The judges in the courthouse and State Rep Otto- because Patterson’s friend (Eddie)wanted to be a big shot and never could get elected.

The protection of this community is too important to trust to someone so busy selecting citizens who he wants to smut up at election time with made up Santa-like stories. Liberty County deserves leadership that doesn’t promote a culture of womanizing good ole boy-ism like Patterson‘s predecessor and doesn’t deserve rogue unprofessional political attack dogs like Patterson has unleashed.

I challenge Henry Patterson to totally separate himself from these Outsiders and to go public with how he has spent the slush fund created from seizures. Do it as your new year’s resolution, Henry... start with yourself and let’s clean this mess up!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


It remains to be seen if the projected one BILLION dollars that President Obama’s re-election team is predicted to rise will by some miracle get him re-elected. It remains to be seen whether or not the millionaire supporters Liberty County Sheriff Henry Patterson’s re-election team has bragged will fund his raise will result in his re-election. But what is a certainty and what we have all already seen is President Obama’s headstrong belief that the government spending more and more taxpayer money has just made his re-election less and less probable. And what is certain is Sheriff Patterson’s Sergeant Shultz’s “I know nothing!” strategy of running the sheriff’s department has made his re-election team’s biggest challenge is how to do a makeover so people won’t recognize the Henry Patterson who has had three years to improve his performance.

What can money do for failed politicians? Two very similar things we can all anticipate we will see as both Obama and Patterson throw money at their races:

1) Exaggerations and distortions and spin making them sound like they have been successful since being elected in 2008. They will need a great deal of money to prey on the minds of even the less informed of the electorate to sell voters that they deserve re-election.

2) Exaggerations and distortions and spin making his opponent sound like someone who doesn’t even deserve their own Mother’s vote.

It will be an interesting year to watch. Can money, record campaign spending, make people forget that a politician has failed and that a new person needs to lead us so we have a chance to improve our government?

2012 should be a great year for us all. We are coming to an end to a very tough transitional time, both nationally and locally. We have seen some success and we have seen some failure. With hindsight, the chances of us choosing to embrace people and policies we have seen fail are near zero. Our community and our country are not for sale.

Will Cox Press Release

Liberty County has been my home since 1977 and it is the place where my four children were raised. My wife and I try our best to be citizens who make a difference. Today I announce my candidacy for the Office of Liberty County Sheriff and I intend to make a difference when elected.

In 1996 I was encouraged by Republican Party officials to run for Sheriff and came very close to winning. I ran two more times after that as the Republican candidate. Now it is my decision to run again. Like Abraham Lincoln, I just don’t want to give up until I win.

When elected, I will be the Sheriff who will be available for you to express your concerns to on a regular basis.

If you were one of the over 12,000 people who voted for me in the past elections, I encourage you to give me your confidence once again, The Republican primary election will be held on April 3rd, 2012 please make it your special event and make a difference. This will be the most important election in the history of the United States. If you are registered to vote before April 3rd, 2012, you will be eligible to vote in the Republican Primary. Mark it on your calendar.

Currently I am a Deputy Sheriff for Harris County Sheriff’s Department, and have been there since 1989. If you have any questions, please contact me by e-mail at

With this announcement, my wife Shirley and I wish you a Very Merry Christmas and we make no apology for keeping Christ in Christmas.

Will Cox

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

We warned you...

Eddie Shauberger said, “We can get you elected”. This summer The Outsiders were analyzing the chances of getting their potential candidate for Liberty County District Attorney elected and they seem to have a very high opinion of Shauberger’s political acumen. Though there are many reasons obvious to most why Shauberger may not be the best person to ask, his thumbs up for James Farmer seemed like all they needed to set their plans into motion. Months after Farmer announced at a political meeting that he was running for D.A., Shauberger and The Outsiders have decided they could help Sheriff Patterson in his efforts to overthrow the judiciary more by obviously running for County Attorney. We warned Liberty County… these people, these Outsiders, are serious about “Taking Liberty County” (Ironically the title of a series of articles they wrote several months ago).

The large thick glasses and the curly, almost wild hair and scruffy facial look may not be what Liberty is use to when lawyers run for elective offices, but his looks may be the least of James Farmers obstacles. Farmer’s odd rhetoric covering a wide range of topics may not be something voters ever get a chance to hear on the campaign trail because of Patterson’s, Shauberger’s and the Outsiders’ tendency to hide out from the public with the exception of hundreds of early morning breakfasts.

One minute Farmer apologizes for having a pack of cigarettes in his shirt pocket, “I know they are bad for me and I have been meaning to quit.” The next minute he is talking about he is not a Christian but he is “real close” to becoming one (he even “went to a Jewish Passover dinner with friends not long ago”.) To add to his bizarre rhetoric in the same short conversation he intermittently refers to various court cases on topics no one in the conversation mentioned. He also goes into a weird legal rationale of why he shouldn’t have to pay taxes or file income tax forms. James Farmer is a knowledgeable person and we can see how perfectly he fits in with The Outsiders, but his intellect is misplaced. His charm may be disarming, but his goals (and the goals of Shauberger and the Outsiders) are alarming.

But all of this description of brief encounters with this man is not the most troubling things voters need to know about James Farmer. His bankruptcies and money troubles and the long list of “companies” he is affiliated with are troubling, but the effort of what many might call a failed Houston businessman to come and help with the Patterson takeover is most troubling.

Farmer has the same problem the last Democrat that ran for County Judge had. He is not from here. Remember how Ken Morrison said he was building a cabin right on the county line and that was his proof that he intended to be a county resident? Farmer rented an upstairs apartment near downtown Liberty approximately six months ago (six months is the residency requirement to run for this office). The owners of the garage apartment say Farmer has never spent one night in the apartment.

Eddie Shauberger and his Outsider friends boast that keeping Patterson sheriff and getting Farmer elected is just the beginning. They are eyeing the 2014 election and putting black robes on people they hand pick.

Candidate James Farmer has officially signed up to run for Liberty County Attorney with odd credentials, odd history and candidate qualifications apparently based in fraud. Does Liberty County need a prospective public official already trying to pull a fast one on Liberty County before they are even elected?

Monday, December 19, 2011

Liberty County 2012 Republican Candidates

December 19, 2011 (Liberty Dispatch Support)

County Tax-Assessor Collector- Richard L. Brown
County Tax-Assessor Collector- Debra Glenn

Liberty County Attorney- Wesley N. Hinch
Liberty County Attorney- James Farmer

District Attorney 253rd District- Karen McNair
District Attorney 253rd District- Logan Edward Pickett

Sheriff- Henry Patterson
Sheriff- Bobby Rader, Jr.
Sheriff- Will Cox

Constable- Pct 1 Timothy Allison
Constable- Pct 1 A.W. Bowdoin

Constable- Pct 2 Juan Alfaro

Constable- Pct 3 Danny Frankum
Constable- Pct 3 Tommy Koen
Constable- Pct 3 Darrell Wayne Elliott

Constable- Pct 4 Robert Earl Thornton
Constable- Pct 4 Chad Pafford
Constable- Pct 4 Leroy Hanel

Constable- Pct 5 L.W. Despain

Constable- Pct 6 John Joslin
Constable- Pct 6 James McQueen

Justice of Peace Pct 1- Darla Smith Diaz
Justice of Peace Pct 1- Lawrence Wilson Wagnon
Justice of Peace Pct 1- John Wayne Wilson
Justice of Peace Pct 1- Roy Dwain House
Justice of Peace Pct 1- Libby Simonson

Commissioner Pct 1- Herbert Oreschnigg
Commissioner Pct 1- Mike McCarty

Commissioner Pct 3- Chance Ward
Commissioner Pct 3- Eddie C. Lowery
Commissioner Pct 3- David S. Whitmire
Commissioner Pct 3- Bobby K. Lum

County Chairman- Ken Coleman

Monday, December 12, 2011


If you are like me and you have wondered why someone so young and so inexperienced like Liberty County candidate Logan Pickett is running for District Attorney, here are a few theories to consider. One or all may apply.

Shortly after his 29th birthday Logan Pickett has decided to run for Liberty County District Attorney and there is nothing in his career path thus far that suggest he is ready for the job or that he intended to run. So what is happening?

Theory I:
District Attorney Mike Little thinks he can force voters to choose someone in his office and he feels he needs to so he is protected by one of his employees being his successor.

Theory II:
The current employees in the District Attorney’s office fear losing their job so they pooled the persuasiveness they learned in law school and talked the youngest trainee in the department to run – so if he wins they can run the office.

Theory III:
Logan Pickett is from a family that has always had an unusually strong and disproportionate influence on Liberty and now Logan wants to increase his family legacy by being the number one prosecutor for the entire county.

Theory IV:
The Pickett law firm has always had a strong influence in the D.A.’s office and they want to keep it that way.

Theory V:
Though the Picketts have supported state and national Republicans they have never supported anything but Democrats locally and they see a chance to play catch up and become leaders in a local Republican party they have heretofore wanted to shut up.

Theory VI:
Former Judge Rusty Hight’s daughter is named after Logan Pickett’s mother (Laura) and their families are close. Just like Hight tried to beat one of his political enemies last election by running a candidate in order to obtain his revenge, he is doing the same with Logan.

Under each scenario, it could be surmised that Logan Pickett is a tool.

Perceptually, it could be stated that Logan Pickett is driven, maybe driven by the same arrogance, sense of entitlement and self righteousness that those before him like Rusty Hight have mistakenly believed.

Regardless of which one, or if all, of these theories is correct, Logan Pickett would better serve Liberty County and himself by waiting until he has the experience and the maturity to hold higher office. His campaign padding the numbers of cases he has tried and trying to make him look ready will not fool a county that is so closely in touch with each other. Deception and revenge are a bad basis for getting elected. Voters want change, not more of the same.


For years local Republicans have advertised the good things that would happen if voters put conservatives on every bench in the Liberty County Courthouse. So when the votes were counted in November 2009 and Tommy Chambers, Chap Cain, and Mark Morefield swept into the courthouse with large margins of victory, it was time to put up or shut up.

Liberty County has watched as the months have gone by and these three judges have proven to have been everything conservatives had hoped for. They joined with County Judge Craig McNair and engineered substantial money saving procedures by reducing the time taxpayers pay to house people accused of nonviolent crimes. That program alone will save the county millions over the years.

Then if you look into the day to day work, you find the two new judges are more out of the hard working mold of Chap Cain than the one of their predecessors. 75th District Court Judge Mark Morefield, for example, worked into dark thirty on November 28th to get juries for three cases. Then Judge Morefield presided over almost as many jury trials in four days as former District Judge Rusty Hight use to in a year.

But politically active conservatives are very aware that no matter how efficient and no matter how hard working and no matter fair and just everyone else is in the courthouse, if the people in the District Attorneys office drag their feet and wait as long as they did to get these three cases to trial, then fair and speedy trials will continue to be a problem. Our hats are off to the Judge in these three cases, to the juries, to the bailiffs and the court reporters and everyone else involved …… everyone except the prosecutors - Logan Pickett, and Mike Little. (Part II coming soon)

Sunday, December 11, 2011


In a lifetime most of us have seen enough corruption to have experienced a pattern that happens among public officials when they have been found out. The pattern goes something like this: First, ignore the accusations as if they go unheard. Second, if someone comes forward and gives a public voice to what was said privately, belittle or attack the messenger and hide behind the authority voters have given them or their constitutional rights. Third, if forced to reveal the facts, blame someone else.

District Attorney Mike Little and Liberty County Sheriff Henry Patterson could both be in stage three concerning allegations of them misusing the seized assets their respective have been the steward of. Both have ignored rather than responded to an outcry for openness concerning thousands, or perhaps tens of thousands, of dollars worth of assets.

Little eventually disclosed how much was still in the fund. But that seems to be some kind of gesture to pacify people or some kind of political ploy when one considers what the crux of the matter is. Since Little should know the allegations are about how the funds have been used or spent, why would he suddenly reveal how much is left in the fund if it isn’t to try and appease his accusers?

Or is Little like Sheriff Patterson and his re-election squad? Patterson and his team seem to have reacted to Liberty Dispatch asking the Sheriff the same question he enjoyed us asking the D.A. by firing off comments to us asking us who “the hell” we think we are? They also communicated and indicating that the public couldn’t care less about holding them accountable.

So if they are true to form, the next reaction we will get from the D.A. and the Sheriff after they spend time railing on us will be to assign blame. We say that because if every one on the commissioners’ court is too timid to pursue this, it will still be pursued. The assets that are confiscated are not the personal property of the Mike Little or Henry Patterson. They can holler “politics”, or they can try and put the blame on someone they don’t like, but the public deserves accountability from its public officials.

Mike Little has had three decades in the office of District Attorney and it is shocking to think the huge money that is that has been spent outside the county budget. Will he blame former County Attorney Jack Hartel? Hartel served as the County Attorney most of those years. Or will the longtime Democrat D.A. blame our new Republican County Attorney Wes Hinch?

Of course, if Little and Patterson want to see some fair and balanced reporting by Liberty Dispatch and show they are guilty of nothing, they will skip stage three of what corrupt public officials routinely do and they will disclose to the public how they have spent their slush fund money and allow the paper trail to be examined.

Liberty County will have a new District Attorney in less than twelve months and it is our hope that if we have not been able to shake Little and Patterson loose from records on this matter that the new D.A. will make the information public, and if assets have been stolen Little and/or Patterson will be treated like anyone else.

There is a pattern concerning what is usually done to public officials who misuse county assets and get caught. It is called a jury trial and a sentence of time in the slammer and a large fine. Hopefully we are just seeing a stinginess of cooperation and soon we will see commissioners’ court act and we will see everything is in order. But we are off to a slow start if that ends up being true.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Guthrie answers allegations

Liberty Dispatch posted a story asking questions about Captain Louis Guthrie and allegations surrounding him wrecking the LCSO's dually truck on South Padre Island. We suggested to Guthrie and Sheriff Patterson that the proper way of handling the allegations was to confront them and to tell the truth and get the information to those who pay their salaries (the taxpayers) out ASAP. Captain Guthrie has responded quickly and we will honor his request for an opportunity to clarify the facts. Guthrie has admitted he did have a wreck on the causeway and asked LD to withhold our story until he sends us the accident report Monday. We are yet to hear from Sheriff Patterson. We hope to pursue this story with the cooperation of officials, but we will get to the facts despite any attempts to cover them up. With their help, we will do so in a fair and balanced manner.

Stay tuned for updates.

December 10, 2011 - Liberty County Republican Candidate List to Date

December 10, 2011
Republican Candidate List to Date

County Tax-Assessor – Collector Richard L. Brown

Liberty County Attorney Wesley N. Hinch

District Attorney, 253rd District Karen McNair
District Attorney, 253rd District Logan Edward Pickett

Sheriff Henry Patterson
Sheriff Bobby Rader, Jr.

Constable, Pct 1 Timothy Allison
Constable, Pct 1 A. W. Bowdoin
Constable, Pct 3 Danny Frankum
Constable, Pct 3 Tommy Koen
Constable, Pct.3 Darrell Wayne Elliott
Constable, Pct 4 Robert (Robby) Earl Thornton, Jr.
Constable, Pct 4 Chad Pafford
Constable, Pct4 Leroy Hanel
Constable, Pct 5 L. W. Despain
Constable, Pct 6 John Joslin
Constable, Pct6 James McQueen

Justice of Peace, Pct.1 Darla Smith Diaz
Justice of Peace, Pct 1 Lawrence Wilson Wagnon
Justice of Peace, Pct 1 John Wayne Wilson
Justice of Peace, Pct 1 Roy Dwain House

Commissioner, Pct 1 Herbert Oreschnigg
Commissioner, Pct 1 Mike McCarty

Commissioner, Pct 3 Chance Ward
Commissioner, Pct 3 Eddie C. Lowery
Commissioner, Pct 3 David S. Whitmire

County Chairman Ken Coleman

PRESS RELEASE: Roy House for Liberty County JP #1

Roy House has joined the field of candidates for Justice of the Peace in Precinct 1. Roy graduated from Liberty High School in 1965 and furthered his education at Lee College and the University of Houston. Roy served a 2 1/2 year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in France where he was closely associated in leadership positions with Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Following his mission he worked locally in family businesses (aviation, construction and ranching) until joining the Houston Police Department in 1973. He served in the US Army National Guard 143rd Infantry, 71st Airborne Brigade receiving an honorable discharge in 1975 after six years of service. Roy retired from Houston PD in 1996 where he served most of his career as a detective and later as a detective sergeant. He was recognized with the coveted "Houston Police Officer of the Year" Award in 1991 for his work against organized crime having been nominated by the Harris County DA's office. Roy received many other awards during his career and was interviewed regarding cases locally and nationally many times including a two part segment on Dateline (NBC) regarding his ground breaking work in sting operations against con artists.

Roy says, "I am a life long conservative. I was conservative in Liberty way 'before it was cool' and favored the Republican Party early on. I used to get razzed a lot at school but it was usually in good fun". He ran unsuccessfully in the Republican Primary for Sheriff in the 2000 primary. "I learned a lot. I was outworked. I spent too much time working my regular job which took me out of the county a great deal. It was not the right time for me to run."

Following retirement Roy House worked as a certified officer in the fraud unit of Texas Department of Insurance. His main boss was John Cornyn who later became a US Senator from Texas. Roy also obtained a private investigator license and later investigated many cases involving fraud. He worked as a contract investigator for the civil division of the US Department of Justice on superfund clean-up investigations. Along with that he did deportee escort duties for US Immigration Service flying with stowaways from the Port of Houston to the illegal immigrants' home countries. "That ended in 2001 after the Twin Towers tragedy, but even before that happened we were taking some people back home I would suspect were potential jihadists. The rest were just people trying to beat the system."

In early 2005 Ken Defoor was asked to serve as municipal judge in Kenefick. Mr. Defoor politely declined due to his many commitments and recommended Roy House for the position. "Ken told me his recommendation to the city was to appoint a well qualified person from outside the city on the theory that an outsider was less likely to be influenced by kinships or friendships in adjudicating cases of a small town. Mine was the name he suggested and after screening and appointment I have served until now. The great thing about it was I had to get the same training all non-lawyer judges receive and then a lot of courtroom time clearing a huge back log. The people in Kenefick are great and I love serving as judge."

Judge House states, "My philosophy is taken from the US Constitution. 'All men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights...' The 'class c courts' are the highest volume courts by a huge margin. This is the court most people have dealings with as a defendant or complainant. It is in the first line of defense of society against minor crimes and infractions and when it is administered and conducted properly it greatly increases public trust and confidence in local communities."

Roy is married to Jan House. They have five children and seven grandchildren. He is an active member of the Liberty Lion's Club and serves as scoutmaster for Liberty Troop 356 which is chartered by the Mormon Church.

"I am running because I have the background and experience to do a good job in replacing Judge Rader. I am running because I believe in justice tempered with mercy. I am running because I am a hard worker and this is a hard job."

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sheriff Patterson still covering up crimes?

Sheriff Patterson and county officials in charge of oversight of the county’s assets are hereby notified that there are allegations being made by some that one of the Sheriff’s top people, Captain Guthrie, wrecked a county vehicle while in Padre Island under tawdry circumstances. Guthrie and others were there allegedly attending a law enforcement continuing education class in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Allegations like this may simply be rumors or a misunderstanding of the facts, but when concerns like these reach a certain level, taxpayers deserve those who oversee the county assets (the commissioners) take an official look into the matter and into Sheriff Patterson’s actions. Silence from public officials benefits no one.

The vehicle that is said to have been wrecked is the county dually Ford truck that was used to pull a trailer and haul stray livestock during former Sheriff Greg Arthur’s administration. Sheriff Patterson shut that operation down and farmed that work out to friends of his with the idea that it could save the county money. The status of the truck is what is now in question. If it is true the truck still is a county asset and that Louis Taylor Guthrie, one of the people Patterson imported to fill a leadership role in the LCSO, wrecked it, then where was he when it was wrecked and was he there on county business? There are allegations of a wrecked truck after a night of heavy drinking and a visit to a topless bar in Padre Island. There and are even allegations that one of the (Hispanic) women involved in their escapades says she was forced to perform sexual acts beyond her will. All culminating with attorneys from Corpus noticing Liberty County of lawsuit/s. What really happened?

If the allegations prove to be true, then questions about Patterson covering the matter up should follow since the approximate four months since it happened. If a cover up has occurred, then we are left wondering what else Sheriff Henry Patterson is covering up.

Because history tells us that matters like this in Liberty County seem to result in every official sitting around doing nothing, we will lay out how easily this is handled by good honest politicians. Patterson and/or Guthrie can simply report the circumstances concerning the vehicle, spending receipts along with their whereabouts in Corpus Christi and Padre Island and that no county policies have been violated. The commissioners’ court and/or County Attorney Wes Hinch can verify that the vehicle has not been wrecked or that it was wrecked in Liberty County or else ware and that Guthrie was in the county’s dually on county business that far from here.

In anticipation of Patterson’s re-election… his investigation team inviting us all to breakfast in Cleveland if we want to visit with the Sheriff, Liberty Dispatch and the rest of the public appreciate the invitation, but we respectfully decline and would like our Sheriff to start communicating more effectively with those of us who actually live here and pay taxes.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Republican Mike McCarty runs for Pct. 1 Commissioner Position

Long time Liberty County resident and businessman Mike McCarty is pleased to announce his candidacy for his party’s nomination for the office of County Commissioner of Precinct 1 in the March 6th, 2012 Republican primary.

McCarty has been deeply involved in the community, most notably as a member of the Liberty City Council serving as Mayor Pro-Tem for the last four of seven terms. McCarty also serves as Vice President of the Liberty Community Development Corporation and as a member of the Liberty Municipal Airport Advisory Board. He has been a part of bringing much needed infrastructure improvements to the City of Liberty and also bringing Boomerang Tubular LLC and its over 500 jobs to South Liberty County.

McCarty believes if elected he could encourage economic growth in Precinct 1 as well as all of Liberty County. He states, “It’s important to create jobs and skills here where we live. It is just as important County Commissioners adhere to a budget that does not severely burden those who live here. Transparency must always prevail and good decisions are more important than ever.”

McCarty insists Liberty County will prosper with clear direction and a unified governing body- “Good leadership with a vision must be the driving force in county government. Good ideas and good decisions are a must.”

Again, Mike McCarty is seeking the Republican nomination for Liberty County Commissioner, Precinct 1 in the primary election being held on March 6th, 2012.

Monday, December 5, 2011


Of course, being Sheriff Patterson’s communication director is not the worst job in the world. But for all the power a communication director has when his boss is constantly missing in action, there is also pressure. It is difficult to lead when you don’t have the title and Patterson has the title but refuses to lead. His idea of leadership is inviting people to ask questions at one of his daily breakfasts in Cleveland – breakfasts where he has been surrounded by an almost ex officio Sheriff’s cabinet made up of some real characters from outside of Liberty County that are as unqualified as they are unpublicized.

A review of two different newsworthy items reveals the dilemma. When editor had his fill of press releases coming out of the LCSO taking credit for things they didn’t do and exaggerating the LCSO’s role, he expressed no beef with the hard working deputies. He was exasperated by Sheriff Patterson and his public relations officer, Steve Green and more recently Rex Evans. The press releases must have appeared to i-dineout the same way they did to others – like “Re-elect Sheriff Patterson news releases”. So much so that it seems i-dineout decided to draw a line in the sand and force Patterson to recognize he needed to step up to the plate and be more forthcoming. But Patterson decided to continue to lead from the shadows.

In the absence of what should have been a simple statement from Patterson, or a responsive press release regarding questions about arrests made at multiple meth lab crime scenes, i-dineout expressed doubts about how truthful the press releases were coming out of the LCSO. Liberty Dispatch has been at odds with i-dineout for years, but the truthfulness of Patterson’s press releases has been a subject of some doubt by a great many people, not just i-dineout.

Rather than respond and tell the people that pay his salary more about the meth lab busts, his spokesman at the time, Steve Green, gets all bogged down in what he can legally withhold and all of the processes involved in PIA’s (Public Information Act ). Rather than Patterson step forward and explain what he could and then explain that until the appropriate time the rest of the details would be withheld pending investigation, Green did what he did much of the time he was in charge of communications for Patterson. He stonewalled.

And GUESS WHO has come to his defense? THE OUTSIDERS! - Which by the way tends to corroborate everything we have been saying about Patterson’s relationship to these “Outsider” people. The same people who refer us to Patterson’s breakfast when we have asked for Patterson to show the public the money trail in and out of the slush fund he has control of from seizures. So they seem to really be defending a process that makes the Sheriff unaccountable and protects them from any revelations of being paid for their services through the slush fund. Patterson should begin by telling the media what his relationship is to Eddie Shauberger and Fuddy Williams, and follow that up with evidence that no money or any other form of payment has been given to them.

The same dynamics could have happened to Liberty Dispatch as did i-dineout when we questioned the press release the LCSO did about two large marijuana fields. We knew Shauberger was bragging that the Outsiders and Patterson felt like the news of two large seizures of pot all but ended any chance that Patterson would not be re-elected. As they celebrated we tossed out a very simple question: “why did the Sheriff arrest pot plants and fail to arrests pot growers?’ 

(Reference: Eddie Shauberger went to school with Allen Youngblood and is the main source of Intel for Liberty County related information given to“The Outsiders”)

After asking the above question that we were sure was on the minds of many of the citizens of Liberty County, we awaited for some kind of sensible response, something like i-dineout got, but without the ridiculous delay and stalling. Something like- “several arrests have been made and due to the possibility of more arrests, we are withholding the names.” But no arrests were made!

Even if arrest were made later, why wouldn’t Patterson have ‘initially’ set up surveillance and arrested some of the criminals when they came to the pot fields? What was the LCSO’s response? The Outsiders response was, “Who says that was Henry’s case?”

So, the press releases that were supposed to insure Patterson’s re-election were now reduced to “It may have been some other law enforcement agency that actually did the work”...?

As was said before, it is rare for us to empathize with i-dineout, but these Outsiders and associates are promoting Sheriff Patterson and their relationship to him and the LCSO should concern anyone who believes in open government. These people have unabashedly promoted themselves as our protectors as they have slung mud on private citizens and said they will replace all of the judges we elected 23 months ago.

Being Sheriff Patterson’s communication director is a difficult position, has its perks- a lot of breakfast fellowship and a huge vacuum you get to fill on your own. But it also has the tap dancing that comes when you just can’t say certain things.

Friday, December 2, 2011


No one should mince words with Liberty County’s Sheriff. It is abundantly clear to anyone who has read Liberty Dispatch there are people who have no law enforcement credentials who have been bragging for months about investigating private citizens with no probable cause and the Sheriff’s political enemies like Joe Warren, and that they have done this on behalf of Sheriff Henry Patterson. We have time and time again expressed a desire among some of this county’s citizen for the Sheriff to come forward and disavow any relationship to these people who call themselves “The Outsiders” and to open up the Sheriff’s records to show if they have been the recipient of any of the county’s money.

Last week one of Patterson’s family members began sending in comments to Liberty Dispatch that did nothing to answer these questions, but did leave the odor of a threat. Chris Minx, Patterson’s son-in-law, may not be aware of how many times Patterson, or Patterson’s associates, have asked for similar information in order to understand their motivation. But he should realize that simple cooperation is usually better than the route that he took.

Minx, perhaps not coincidentally, mimicked the same defense of the Sheriff that we have heard from the Outsiders, “The Sheriff is available every morning for breakfasts somewhere in Cleveland.”

When Liberty Dispatch rebuffed Patterson and his son-in-law for not being forthcoming, comments began to roll in that we were attacking his family. We would encourage Patterson and his people to stop spinning these kinds of “blame game” stories and own up to their pursuit of Joe warren and Minx’s initiation of tough talk with us. In the long run, “The evidence” the Outsiders always boast about will not support their contentions.

And in the long run, voters will reject a Sheriff who hides behind his biscuit-eating. Sheriff Patterson needs to tear himself away from breakfasts with the Outsiders and Detective Eddie, Cliff and Chris Minx and answer questions via a press release. Open, responsible, honest government is what he and his friend’s say they want – then set an example.

John Otto- Change is good...

Many here on Liberty Dispatch are wondering why we have changed our opinion of local Texas State Representative John Otto.  There is a good reason why we now support Texas State Represenative John Otto.  We looked back at Representative Otto's voting record in Austin so we could formulate his conservative or non-conservative voting record.  What we found was a recent record of a man who now votes with the party and conservative ideals.  Otto's voting record was a surprise and we believe he finally gets it.  If you are a Republican you vote like one, you promote the conservative philosopy and Republican Party platform.

People can change and its appears Otto has changed for the better. It is never too late to be a good Republican.

Representative John Otto's voting record

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tommy Koen Running for Constable Pct. #3

Tommy Koen

Tommy Koen has announced that he will run in the Republican primary for the position of Constable of Precinct #3.

A lifetime resident of Precinct 3, Koen knows his community as well as anyone. He attended school in Hardin and graduated from Hardin High School in 1971. He is a lifelong member of the Hardin Methodist Church. Tommy is married to Rebecca Carter Koen. Having his roots in the Hardin area for many years, Tommy has made a lifelong commitment to the area.

Koen is also committed to his profession. After graduating from high school in 1971, he began his law enforcement career working for Liberty Police Department as a Patrol Officer. In the 33 years of his experience in law enforcement, Koen has attended many specialized classes dealing with (i.e. terrorists, evictions, family violence, etc). 24 of those years of service have been as a full time officer. Koen is a Master Peace Officer and currently works for Liberty County Sheriff’s Offices as a Patrol Sergeant. He is responsible for the supervision of five deputies that take calls for service in Liberty County.

Koen carries certifications by Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Education as an Instructor, Firearms Instructor, Field Training Instructor, and Emergency Vehicle Operations Instructor.

On his days off, Koen works security at the Hardin Chambers Center, also known as the Alternative School, in Liberty. He has done this for the past 8 school years. His job there allows him to work with children from all of the school districts in Liberty and Chambers counties, including Hardin Jr. High and Hardin High School. This experience has given him valuable knowledge in dealing with juvenile problems.

“I think that the citizens of Precinct #3 deserve a Constable who has a vast experience in law enforcement and will work full-time for the voters of Precinct #3. I have handled hundreds of calls for service in my tenure as a peace officer everything from homicide to goats loose on the roadway. I am experienced in serving warrants and handling civil issues. I would appreciate your support and vote in the March Republican Primary."

Sheriff Patterson wont answer about details of his budget.

Liberty Dispatch has had several questions about Sheriff Patterson’s strange hiring practices. Patterson’s record is clear. He hires mostly people from out of the county for the highest positions within the department.

The most bizarre part of Patterson’s hiring record is how many people he hires that have had documented employee problems elsewhere. Why he chooses to hire troubled souls to protect Liberty County is not a question we are able to answer.

The other questions about hiring people revolve around the money the money the Sheriff has from seizures. To date, the Sheriff has not made the amount of this money or the paper trail showing how it has been used easy for the general public to see. Because of this lack of openness, Patterson continues to leave open the question of his relationship to Eddie Shauberger and the Outsiders – have they received any county benefits for doing what they have claimed to be “Investigations for the Sheriff”.


Starting fifteen years ago, Republicans have been challenging the Democrats in Liberty County at almost every turn. As predicted, now Republicans have begun to run the table and win almost all elective offices. But if one were to dial back to the late 1990’s, you would here other predictions. Predictions of how different disputes would be one day when the local Democrats and their partners in the media lost control of the county were made.

Today, Liberty Dispatch unabashedly will post a very clear discrepancy between the Liberty County Democratic Party and the State of Texas with no concern about them lying or manipulating or turning the tables on us. There has been incident after incident over the years where Democrats have blown it and, with the help of Democratic officeholders and the local media have covered it up or worse.

But the donkey party needs to simply correct their mistake and leave all the political games in the past. They never were good at their manipulation, but when they had all of the power they got away with it.

Liberty County Democratic Chairman Nancy Archer has signed and posted a Notification of THE Deadline of an Election on the county’s website that indicates a final day to sign up to run in the primary that is different than the final day the state of Texas has set forth.

The implications on Chairman Archer’s unilateral extension of the deadline to December 18th are noteworthy despite the fact she is all but begging for candidates. We have said all along that democracy is at its best when there is competition and the public loses by having fewer choices because local democrats don’t have their stuff together – and these days that fact can’t have a happy face put on it.

Please note the last day to sign up for a place on the ballot, both Democrat and Republican, is December 15th.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

PRESS RELEASE: Karen McNair to run for Liberty County DA Position

Life long Liberty County resident and attorney, Karen McNair is pleased to announce her intention to seek her party’s nomination for the office of District Attorney in the March 6th, 2012 Republican primary.

“In serving the citizens of Liberty County as the lead prosecutor with the County Attorney’s Office, I am hitting a new stride, focus and fulfillment in my legal career.   It is exciting to work with the law enforcement officers serving the citizens of Liberty County to maintain and improve the quality of life for all of our cities, communities and neighborhoods.” – Karen McNair                                                         

As lead prosecutor in the Liberty County Attorney’s Office, Karen has worked diligently to implement a strict structure for enforcement of fines and probation terms to discourage further misdemeanor crime in Liberty County.  At the same time, she has worked to minimize “justice delayed” by reducing the number of days an inmate spends in jail between the offense and judgment. 

Karen explained that those implemented reductions preserve the integrity of each citizen’s constitutional rights.  Justice must be fair, impartial, and swift.  Timely completion of prosecution is mandated by the right to a speedy trial.  Those mandates further benefit all the citizens of Liberty County by reducing the overall costs of prosecution to the tax payer while assuring the constitutionally protected rights of the accused. 

“As Americans, our freedoms are ingrained in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  At all times and in every way, prosecution must respect those founding documents.  Justice must be impartial.  Justice must be swift.  Justice must be sure.  It is only then that we remain secure in our lives, our liberties and our pursuits of happiness.” – Karen McNair

Karen McNair is pleased to announce that she is seeking the nomination to the office of District Attorney in the March 6, 2012, Republican Primary Election.   

Monday, November 28, 2011

PRESS RELEASE: Local Liberty businessman has announced he will run for Liberty County Sheriff

Local Liberty businessman Bobby Rader has announced his candidacy for the position of Liberty County Sheriff, running on the Republican Party ticket.

(Liberty, Texas - 11/28/2011) Rader, who has served as Justice of the Peace since January, 1999 and as the city of Liberty Municipal Judge since 2004, brings considerable experience from the business, law enforcement and volunteer arenas to the race.

Rader, the owner of Hall, Rader and Associates, has been involved locally in Liberty since his six-year stint as a Department of Public safety trooper. In 1980, he left the Department and began a career in the insurance industry where he runs a multi-line business. During his residency in Liberty, he raised a family, remained active in community affairs and has been a visible volunteer in local civic clubs, sports groups and educational endeavors.

Rader believes that with his background he will bring much needed change to the Sheriff's Department. "Having worked closely with the past three sheriffs, I have seen things that were good and things that I believe could have been handled better. I would like to make some changes that will better serve all the residents of Liberty County."

The sheriff's position Is Liberty County's top law enforcement officer, a position that includes several components. Along with an administrative component, the job is charged with maintaining the peace and protecting the lives and property of Liberty County citizens. Final components include the supervision of the jail and maintenance of the courthouse security.

Rader has a plan to restore public faith and integrity in the Sheriff's Department. "If elected, I will implement new policy goals for this office and feel that with my experience, they can be accomplished."

His goals include:

1. Proper training in both criminal and civil law for all deputies.

2. Better working relationships with the District Attorney's office and the County Attorney's office resulting in stronger cases for prosecution.

3. Training in case preparation that will also result in stronger prosecution and higher conviction rates.

4. Strong commitment to drug enforcement arrests resulting in convictions.

5. Emergency response training for all employees.

6. Faster response to community concerns and complaints. Rader believes these changes will have a positive result for citizens of Liberty County.

"If elected, I plan to develop a strong spirit of cooperation and teamwork with all the local law enforcement agencies in Liberty County. I will strive for increased utilization of the manpower and talents of Liberty County's volunteer fire personnel who can provide valuable support with crime and accident scenes. Finally, I think we will see the ability to investigate illegal activities that occur in the jail resulting in a more secure facility."

Rader brings the tools needed to deal with the total law enforcement package- experience, integrity and desire for change.

"It has to start somewhere. I ask it to start with your vote for me as the Republican candidate for the position of Liberty County Sheriff."

November 28, 2011- First day Liberty County, Texas Republican sign-up

Click to enhance

Republican Primary candidates pose after day one sign up. 

Front: Wesley N. Hinch – County Attorney (I), A.W. Bowdin for Constable Pct 1, Karen McNair for District Attorney, Chance Ward for Commissioner Pct 3, Robby Thornton for Constable Pct 4 

Middle: Danny Frankum – Constable Pct 3 (I), Henry Patterson – Sheriff (I), Eddie Lowry for Commissioner Pct 3,  Tommy Koen for Constable Pct 3, L.W. Despain – Constable Pct 5 (I) 
Top: Robert ‘Bobby’ Rader for Sheriff, John Otto – State Representative (I), Ricky Brown forTax Assessor, Tim Allision – Constable Pct 1 (I), Ken Coleman for County Chair
(I) - Incumbent

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


When Sheriff Henry Patterson and Eddie Shauberger and The Outsiders were trying to nail Assistant District Attorney Joe Warren, they had dreams of grandeur, but courage more like their little buddy who was at home with his Mommie - Robert Valdez.

They were afraid to approach one of the judges. They claimed they thought all of the judges in the Liberty County courthouse were so crooked that instead of accepting what they called legitimate charges against Joe, they may ask questions about them.

So what did these great crime fighters do? They called and they e-mailed and they called and they e-mailed Richard Pegues. They repeatedly told Pegues they thought the judges were crooked. (The evidence?) The evidence was they had was “an open and shut case against someone in the courthouse” and they were sure none of the judges would accept the charges.

Pegues, former three time Republican county chairman initially told Eddie Shauberger their accusations were ridiculous. He told them to bring their charges and if they were worth anything, any of the judges would do the right thing. Shauberger acted like he went back to the Outsiders and Sheriff Patterson and they were reluctant to move forward. Shauberger told Pegues if he wanted to prove any of these judges was not corrupt that he could prove it by getting a green light for someone to request a warrant on someone in the courthouse. Pegues said that none of them are corrupt and he would say something next time he visited with one of them.

The next time he visited with one of the judges he asked the judge, “If someone in the sheriff’s department came to you and presented evidence of a crime by someone in the courthouse what would you do?”

The judge replied, “I would do what I always do. I would do my job.”

A Liberty County Detective (Outsider?) ultimately did confront the District judge with the probable cause affidavit and the Liberty County judge appropriately passed on issuing the warrant.

After being confronted... Pegues then told Shauberger that the sheriff or whoever should just approach the judge and expect he will do his job.

Question in the course of many exchanges on this matter one must wonder what role Eddie Shauberger plays in Sheriff Patterson’s organization. Is Eddie a detective? What is Patterson’s connection to the Outsiders? Is he somehow paying any of them? Why did they want Joe Warren so bad? They acted like Joe Warren was the worst criminal in Liberty County. Will the Outsiders now try and blame the “investigation” they show cased on Liberty Dispatch? Will they pull out or create an old e-mail and blame Pegues?

These people bragged about their “investigation”. Are they ashamed of it now? Who conducted the “investigation”? Was Eddie or any of his cult investigating Joe Warren? Are they licensed?

I guess we are all just old fashioned in thinking that the sheriff ought to run his department without folks that are not law enforcement and aren’t even Liberty County residents playing private detective.

The judges have proven over and over they will do their job. Is it too much to ask Sheriff Patterson to do the same?

Pegues Affidavit of the Facts

Monday, November 21, 2011


Richard Pegues, a former three time Republican Party chairman and a local government teacher, says that Sheriff Henry Patterson’s hit team has other private citizens in the cross-hairs as the primaries for the sheriff’s re-election bid approaches.

Pegues points out there are several unique things about Sheriff Patterson’s efforts:

1) Though their supporters are bragging that several millionaires from Liberty County will fund his campaign and get him anything he wants, Patterson’s hardest working campaigners are all from outside of Liberty County.

2) Patterson’s supporters from outside the county have said they have been “investigating” people in order to discourage anyone from coming out and working for Patterson’s opponent, longtime Republican hero Bobby Rader. “And that will make you think twice before helping Rader”.

3) An analysis of the calendar makes it clear the people from outside of this county have recently tried to hide under the guise of “media investigators”. Their bragging, and no doubt, their investigating goes back far enough that they are clearly trying to cover up they have had no private investigation license to do what they have done - breaking the law.

4) It is alleged that Sheriff Patterson is either funding this illegal mudslinging under the guise of investigations or his millionaire friends are or his buddies from outside the county are doing this as a “love offering”.

5) One of Henry Patterson’s supporters is quite the chatterbox and he brags that Bobby Rader, a former law enforcement officer and a current judge, will be “the first judge but not the last” to be on the not welcome list formed by this group from outside the county.

6) “Chatterbox” brags that “It doesn’t really matter if you have done anything wrong, we can dig up stuff and make you look like the devil”.

7) There is no probable cause for any of these “investigations” to be funded, or even sanctioned, by Sheriff Patterson.

8) Any connection Sheriff Patterson has to these “investigations” is alleged to be a violation of free speech and clear intimidation and oppression.

9) Sheriff Patterson’s political hit team slings the stupidest accusations and calls things like affidavits from their own team “evidence” of things that are too ridiculous to ever be considered in a court of law. This is an indication of the type of investigatory efforts that our county sheriff has attached to his name – and to our counties’ name

10) Agree with this website’s opinions or not, for those people who say Patterson’s Henchman are similar in any way to Liberty Dispatch or any media think on this: We pose questions we want answers to, in many cases Patterson’s gang knows the answer before they pose the question and presents something to the public that is much different than what they know is true.

For example: Eddie Shauberger has embraced as friends Bobby Rader and Richard Pegues for years and now he is signing affidavits and producing four years old e-mails and trying to make his friends look bad - all on behalf Henry Patterson for Sheriff. Where were his questions and complaints just a few weeks ago?

Liberty County DA Mike Little Not Running

Controversial Liberty County DA Mike Little announced yesterday he will not run again for District Attorney. Little has been the D.A. for Liberty County since 1983. In his 28 years of holding public office he has never had an opponent.

Two candidates have publicly announced their intention to run for District Attorney. Both Assistant County Attorney Karen McNair and attorney James Farmer have said they will sign up in the Republican primary and compete for this office. Months ago it was said that County Attorney Wes Hinch was considering entering this race, but more recently no one seems to be certain that Hinch will even run for County Attorney as rumors have swirled about his dissatisfaction with public service.

As for the Democrats, there is no word whether the three decades Mike Little spent as a Democrat translated into giving any advantage to the Liberty County Democrat Party. Liberty Dispatch wonders if Democrat Chairman Nancy Archer is scrambling to find a candidate. With Little having a large staff of attorneys, it is possible one of them may come forward.

Allegations of homosexual prisoner rape of a black man, along with his malicious prosecution, selective prosecution and official oppression have haunted Mike Little.

The sign up period has been changed to a November 28th first day and a December 16th final day.


The holidays are almost here and it is a time of family gatherings for many Americans. A time when we learn a great deal about our family. It is also a time to think about finding answers to some of the problems we have in our family.

Perhaps more than ever, parents are looking for answers in dealing with their children and the issue of be a sore loser. With statistics indicating children living at home much longer and taking much longer to mature, parents are at their wits end trying to figure out how to help their kids grow up to be normal well adjusted adults who can compete in the real world without being a sore loser.

So what do you do? What do you do when Bobby’s team beats little Henry’s team and a little fellow on Henry’s team starts throwing a fit and throwing everything he can find at Bobby’s team?

Well, it is a little late to resolve the little fellow’s problem immediately. A could pop on the behind and telling him you will talk to him later may be the best you can do. Maturity takes longer for some than others.

But later, when everyone is gone, look for opportunities to do the following:

1. Praise effort. After playing a game, I would reinforce what you know is true about your son, and reward him for TRYING, not just for accomplishing. In your house, keep the language of trying more positive than the language of winning. So say “congratulations for putting in such an effort”. We do that in our home school, too. If they try at math, but don’t do well, they get praised much more than if it was an easy lesson they breezed through.

2. Keep talking about how God sees your child. Just keep talking about how God sees us. I wouldn’t lecture him at 7 on the psychology of winning, because I don’t think kids that age get it. I would, however, surround him with truth. Tell your children that God made them for a purpose. Tell them that they are the way they are for a reason. Tell them that God put them together in exactly that way because they are perfectly made for what He has planned.

3. Teach your child to handle disappointment. Many children have really violent emotions. It hits them so hard they scream, or pick up the board and fling it across the room. It’s not that they’re bad; it’s that the feeling is so overwhelming they don’t know what to do with that. They’re born with anger issues.

So when Henry’s team loses next time, Robert’s Mommy should already have praised him for the way he colors and the way he makes his bed and other daily things. So when the team loses, Robert is full of self esteem and Mommy can compliment him on his efforts. If Robert acts out again, spank him and go back to teaching him the same lessons when in a less competitive environment.

Remember the problem with Robert is he is immature and it may take time for him to grow up and become independent enough to deal with things like the rest of us, but with much love he can get there. And enjoy the holidays!

Local School Teacher Honored - Richard Pegues

Liberty Dispatch would like to thank Mr. Richard Pegues for his diligent contributions and work on Liberty Dispatch. We also want to warn people who google his name. Mr.Pegues has been a great soldier for the cause of democracy and some of his enemies have not enjoyed being outsmarted and out maneuvered.

Until the recent Liberty Dispatch Blog was created- Mr. Pegues only sent in letters to the editor and a few opeds as many others have. 

LD History: Liberty Dispatch Blog was created after the old Liberty Dispatch as an open forum blog for like minded people to post stories, oped and ideas related to conservative interest. Unlike other sites with special (political) interest who take meaningless PIA request, closed court case filings, years old emails and blatantly lie about their meaning, context and timing- Liberty Dispatch post' facts and news.  These special interest sites only obfuscate the truth with manufactured evidence.

As a LD Contributor- Pegues has had to endure false stories attacking him at his school teaching job and false affidavits signed against him by an "outsider criminal" who is supporting an opposing political candidate.

Liberty Dispatch would like to again thank Mr. Pegues for his long connection to the Republican platform, fight against Liberty County corruption, and help to elect the BEST Republican candidates. His efforts have not been made without a cost. His love for country and his selflessness are laudible and his critics are usually downright shameful as they will say just about anything.

Taking Liberty Part 3 - Revisited

As originally written by "Outsiders" Robert Valdez and Clifford Fuddy William. (The original Story has been pulled off LD.)

In Part 3, we, the taxpayers, research the organized corruption in the Liberty County Local Governments that routinely keep the citizens of Liberty County in the dark.
You Robert Valdez are not a taxpayer in Liberty County nor do you pay taxes (or file income tax returns) and neither was Clifford Fuddy William a Liberty County taxpayer.  Only a cult of tax dodging kooks brought into Liberty County by Henry Patterson to help him win a hopeless re-election bid.

Liberty Dispatch blog has earned the right to be the first news source to print this series for several reasons.  One of the best reasons is the great feedback received from our readers. The anonymous comments have been a great source of tips and leads. However, after two popular stories, we received our first anonymous terroristic threat. We can understand that as our stories have the organized criminal element somewhat rattled. We have even come to expect official oppression from the very public servants who are supposed to protect us. In this case, we have someone threatening to kill us via e-mail. Someday, we may know who did this, but we have zero expectations that someone like Liberty County DA, Michael R. “Mike” Little, would do anything to protect us. But what should the public expect if they ever have an issue with the DA’s office or an issue with anyone with the “right connections” to the DA’s office? We will show what kind of run around the public should expect when public officials become so cozy with one another that they feel they are protected, regardless of what they may choose to do to you…
Wow, our comments, stories and readers were so valid and important to you when you thought you could mind bend our readers into voting for Henry Patterson.  Where is your evidence that anyone wanted to kill you?  More of you and your cult's imagined thoughts of grandeur and histrionics.  This email to kill you was some more of your forged and manufactured emails in more attempts to get attention.  Ok... we have read through your endless and meaningless dribble and still can’t find any documented “run around”.

Thomas Reagan Strawn is one of the unfortunate citizens of Liberty County who happens to live right next door to a public official (Alleged Servant) that is very cozy with Liberty County District Attorney, Michael R. “Mike” Little. Back in 2003, Mr. Strawn was prosecuted and convicted by Mike Little for robbery before State District Judge Chap B. Cain III in the 253rd Judicial District Court. The conviction (most unfortunate for Little) was later overturned on appeal. This made DA Mike Little look bad in the eyes of his peers. After all, we only prosecute the guilty and only after affording the Defendant due processes of law… Right? However, this tidbit of old information is offered to help our readers connect the dots, if you please, by showing there is, in fact, a relationship between the two aforementioned individuals. (See Attachment #1, the Chambers County Internet record of Mike Little prosecuting Thomas Reagan Strawn.) With this relationship now well established between the parties, please lend us your ears, stepping back into history some six months of this year.
Thomas Reagan Strawn is a convicted felon.  Mike Little doesn’t prosecute cases in Chap Cain’s court and it was a jury trial who made the decision- out of Judge Cain’s hands.  You and Shaubeger need to get your facts straight.  Somehow because Joe Warren had problems with his neighbor it was because of retribution by the Liberty County DA’s office?  Check your intergalactic connection with your tin foil hat antenna.

Our story begins on Saturday, April 24, 2010. On that day, Mr. Strawn’s wife, Jennifer J. Strawn, and her father, Mr. Clarence Frazier, were at home when their two dogs managed to dig a hole under their fence where sadly they killed the neighbor’s dog. Allegedly, this caused their neighbor, 1st Assistant District Attorney, Joe Warren, to take time to go home, get his handgun, and cross over his neighbors fence in pursuit of the dogs. When 1st Assistant District Attorney, Mr. Joe Warren, was confronted by Mr. Strawn’s Father in Law, Mr. Frazier, 1st Assistant District Attorney Joe Warren threatened to kill Mr. Strawn’s Father in Law while pointing a gun to his head. Ordinarily this is bad enough, but 1st Assistant District Attorney Warren also made additional threats towards Mrs. Strawn. According witnesses, Mr. Joe Warren threatened should Mrs. Strawn report the incident, 1st Assistant District Attorney Mr. Joe Warren made it clear to witnesses at the scene in this case, stating he would use his position as 1st Assistant District Attorney to prosecute Mr. Strawn “again” and send him back to prison, if they do not comply with Joe Warren’s wishes regarding the dogs. If this is Mike Little’s 1st Assistant, then what are his other assistants like?
Ok. Where are the witness statements that accuse Joe Warren of using his “Position to send Mr. Strawn back to prison if he/they didn’t comply”?  Your tin foil hat fell off when you were writing this paragraph didn't it?

Folks, this is pure unadulterated official oppression by 1st Assistant District Attorney Mr. Joe Warren. Moreover, witnesses stated 1st Assistant District Attorney Mr. Joe Warren threatened to burn down Mr. & Mrs. Strawn’s home as a way to avoid having neighbors that owned dogs. After many weeks of court proceedings and an appeal to a visiting judge, the Strawn family did get their dogs back. Additionally, it was reported that the visiting trial Judge, at the conclusion of the trial, said “there is more going on here than just a dog case.” However, the Strawn family had to live in fear and continue to live in fear, convinced the authorities would ignore their concerns about 1st Assistant District Attorney Mr. Joe Warren’s actions and threats and all reports would be covered up by all government and law enforcement agencies involved. Remember folks, all that is necessary for evil to prevail, is for good men to do nothing!
No one has touched a hair on the Strawn’s head and they have NEVER filed a police report stating such- never a reason to be in fear. More of your lies...  The only fear they have/had is what you Robert Valdez and Fuddy William have created in their minds just so they would cooperate with your UFO kooky investigation.

What say ye good people of Liberty County! Is it possible our local government officials would attempt to cover up for their 1st Assistant District Attorney Mr. Joe Warren in his criminal acts? Additionally, is it credible to state that our local law enforcement agency (City of Liberty Police Department), who is sworn to protect citizens of our County from harm by wrongful acting individuals, would take part in a cover up for their best friend 1st Assistant District Attorney Mr. Joe Warren? Furthermore, would our own Liberty County District Attorney, Michael R. “Mike” Little, partake in the same attempted cover up to protect his 1st Assistant District Attorney Mr. Joe Warren??? Well folks, after evaluating the evidence attached to this undercover investigation…you be the Judge and vote your answer this November! Rest assured Mr. Little will not remove Joe Warren from the position of 1st Assistant District Attorney!!!
Anything you don’t like or agree with is a wrongful act, nuts… How can you prove anyone covered up anything?   Did you see Bigfoot last night?  Your judgment is meaningless- get the memo…

On Sunday, August 15, 2010, armed with the above-mentioned incident / information, a Federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request was sent to the City of Liberty seeking copies of any and all reports, records, documents, police dispatch logs, case numbers, cause numbers, court numbers, names and addresses of everyone involved in this situation , including, but not limited to, 1st Assistant District Attorney Mr. Joe Warren, the Strawn family, anything that would explain the circumstances of this case. (See letter dated 08-15-10, attachment #2.)

On Tuesday, August 17, 2010, we received a BIG SURPRISE in the form of a response letter from the only person authorized by law to release information to the public via the Texas Open Records Act and the Federal Freedom of Information Act...Ms. Dianne Tidwell...City Secretary in and for the City of Liberty, Texas. Ms. Tidwell, who also is the wife to City of Liberty’s Police Chief Tidwell, informs us in her response letter dated August 17, 2010 , that the City of Liberty is “not in possession of any records responsive to your request.” (See City of Liberty Response Letter dated August 17, 2010 , attachment #3.) This was a lie and they knew it. They knowingly and intentionally lied to the public in violation of the Federal Freedom of Information Act.
So because Diane Tidwell couldn’t find a record, then she is automatically guilty of a crime.  Robert Valdez, Eddie Shaubuger and Cliff William don’t know the difference between an act, omission, mistake or due diligence... figures.  Oh mighty “Outsiders” of OZ.  What’s no surprise is how you and Fuddy live in a dream world with your own kooky little self imposed judge and jury.

On August 27, 2010 we sent a FOIA request to the City of Liberty and asked for records about police units dispatched to the Strawn's home address. (See attachment #4.)  On September 13, 2010, we received a response with attached data about dangerous dogs, but with no information about allegations against Joe Warren. The City of Liberty also asked the Texas Attorney General for protection so as not to disclose any information on Joe Warren, but again only cited to the Texas Attorney General about Joe Warren’s name coming up while talking about dogs. (See attachments #5, #6, & #7. This is the City of Liberty’s response to us, The City of Liberty’s letter to the Texas Attorney General, and the City of Liberty’s copies with sometimes blacked out information.) Somehow, it seems that the case against Joe Warren is not going to see the light of day. But not in this case if we have anything to do with it.
The City of Liberty did what any government office would do when faced with some kook asking for information they otherwise wouldn’t be entitled to.  Robert Valdez, Shauberger and Cliff William see this as a sign of guilt and/or smoking gun.  Neither is true…

If one studies the last part of attachment #7, it is interesting to see all the duplicate pages of blacked out information provided by the City of Liberty in the police Case Report: Case Number 10-0463. It appears to be 4 pages of solely a dog related incident that has Joe Warren’s name, and his wife’s name, and other personal information blacked out. However, in reality, Case Number 10-0463 has 7 pages of information that includes allegations against Joe Warren and many witness accounts and names. (See attachment #8.) This proves that the police are covering up a crime.
With his vast legal knowledge Valdez acts as if redacting personal information from a PIA request is illegal and a crime.  More of Valdez’s "connect the crop circle" theory.

Somehow, people close to D A Mike Little know that they can do anything to the citizenry without fear of ever paying the consequences of their actions and they know they can threaten to abuse their government powers to keep everyone in line and quiet. Additionally, it is also understood that District Attorney Michael R. “Mike” Little will personally deny any knowledge of this incident involving people close to him.
How do you know what DA Mike Little will say or think?  More Outsiders’ gobble gook.

On September 5, 2010, we, the taxpayers, also investigated the allegations by sending a TORA request to Bobby Rader, Municipal Court Judge of the City of Liberty. (See attachment#11.) In the request, we even provided the city case number and the police incident number, but we still have not received any response.
You’re not “We the Taxpayers” you are we the “Re-elect Henry Patterson” people and lie about the documents (context) you get through PIA request.  He never got the PIA you morons, do you have a green card for a return receipt? NO...

Generally, whenever the questions were important regarding armed threats etc…, the authorities claimed that there were no records, but if we wanted to talk about dogs, then there were lots of records.
More lies... there are no records you speak of- only lies written down from questionable witnesses statements.  Hey Valdez, NEWS FLASH: Questionable witness and impeached witness statements ARE NOT FACT, unless you want to "connect the dots".  Or better yet, when you want to connect the crop circles.

We must state at this point of our story that we do have some good people working in our local government, people who have taken the side of righteousness by supplying us with documents from within their prospective offices so the people of our County can clean up criminals in our offices of trust. Folks, the unnamed men and women have taken great personal risk to give us an opportunity to clean up our County. So please, please do not let them and your children down. Stop them from taking our children' school money, our tax dollars, land, and homes from us for their personal gain. Stay tuned for Part 4, as we continue our undercover investigation into the corruption in Liberty County…
No one has been placed in great personal risk except Joe Warren and his family with the lies posted by you Robert Valdez and Cliff Fuddy William.  A recent Liberty County grand jury no-billed Joe Warren on all counts with the evidence supplied by the great evidence manufactures’- The Outsiders aka Tax Dodger Cult con artist.