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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dear Liberty Dispatch,

Oh how different it must be to walk in the world well known and powerful and to claim your fall from grace was being caused by the same culture that lifted you to the heights. To have sat on your hands and watched as the least among us could find no audience for their claims of innocence and then in your day of trouble to point to the system you have been helping to run and to point to those in it and to proclaim you have been done wrong.

Those that have felt the rotten courthouse culture we have had around here for years has caused them to be dealt with unjustly must really be shedding crocodile tears. Oh but wait Judge Fitzgerald, your accuser is not local, he is federal. He has no ties here. He has no reason to believe one person over another. This outsider has a reputation just the opposite of the culture you have helped to perpetuate. He has a reputation of following the facts. So any comparison with others folks claiming their legal matters in Liberty County have been determined by politics ends there.

But hearing the acknowledgment of a political culture that exerts influence in Liberty County’s justice system should not end here. This should be the beginning Judge Fitzgerald. Many have pointed at our system and proclaimed what you now have, but people like you denied it. This can be a new beginning for you. Start with the names of the people you are accusing. Spell them out! Who are you talking about? Your known nemesis? Are you talking about revenge and on your budget slashing attempt? Or are you talking about the mail thief who was gathering information to defame one of your opponents? Oh it truly is a political world you come from.

But let me make a suggestion to you. Rather than point to people who may have told about your FEMA contracts for revenge for things you have done or things you have been involved with, why don’t you do something to lessen your penalty and to help Liberty County. Why not point to the one whose budget has been dramatically increased? The “politics” of turning over information that may lead to the arrest and conviction of your enemy is not illegal. In fact, it helps keep our public officials cleaner than they otherwise would be. But wheeling and dealing to hide or suppress evidence and benefiting by that with a larger budget among other things - that kind of finger pointing may benefit your case as well as benefit the public.

Or you can take your chances on telling the good people in Beaumont what a political bunch of “gotcha politics” we have over here. But if you do stick with your current defense, please think of all of the known attempts to indict those who have spoken up about your FEMA contracts. Think of the Grand Juries and the people in the District Attorney’s office and attempts to imprison people that have not taken one red cent from taxpayers - now that is political!


Monday United States Magistrate Judge Earl Hines will preside over perhaps the most infamous case alleging fraud by a public official in Liberty County history. The case should feature the evidence brought forth by U.S. Attorney John Bales alleging former Liberty County Judge, Phil Fitzgerald and former Liberty County Commissioner, Lee Groce used their elected positions to fraudulently influence and award debris removal contracts to a company in return for sub-contracts being awarded to Fitzgerald’s brother-in-law, Mark Miksch. It should also feature a vigorous defense focused on how those charges are not valid. But it may not. What Judge Hines may not be prepared for is the attempt to shift this case away from the devastating events emanating from the Hurricane Ike’s landfall on September 13, 2008 to the world of backroom wheeling and dealing that KSHN’s Bill Buchanan and Fitzgerald have been living in for decades.

Liberty Dispatch has been told Phil Fitzgerald is represented by Beaumont attorney Lum Hawthorne, but we have reason to wonder if Lum has taken a backseat to Buchanan and Fitzgerald. Rather than take an opportunity to defend himself, once again Fitzgerald through KSHN radio is claiming innocence and blaming this all on his political opponents. Rather than take the opportunity to explain why a county official is entitled to have $612,000 of taxpayer money in his bank account, Buchanan and Fitzgerald are behaving more like the November 2010 general election is at stake. KSHN seems intent on a media campaign that simply repeats that “the former county judge did nothing wrong and will be vindicated in court”. Less than 100 days ago efforts like that put Fitzgerald and Groce on the list of unemployed former public officials. Liberty County voters have a history of almost always re-electing incumbents, but both men got trounced on election day. There have been plenty of political prosecutions around here, but in order for it to be a legitimate defense the person claiming to be a victim better be armed with reasons why they are innocent.

Up until now Fitzgerald seems to think the efforts made by Buchanan and KSHN, along with his own denials (“can’t wait to tell his side of the story”), is a valid defense. Liberty Dispatch can’t help but wonder out loud if a very experienced highly paid attorney like Lum Hawthorne would himself direct the defense towards this kind of strategy. But Hawthorne to this point seems to be endorsing the media campaign. KSHN (with their special access to Fitzgerald) is reporting that Lum Hawthorne has written a letter on behalf of his client that asserts the FEMA fraud charges “originated with Judge Fitzgerald’s political opponents who fed the U.S. Attorney information” that was incomplete or incorrect. Liberty Dispatch wonders why Hawthorne would go along with such rhetoric. The results of the last election would seem to suggest that voters do not believe there is any “incorrect or incomplete information”. Why not tell us what it is? Or is the defense hoping that just the idea of politics being involved will help absolve them of any wrongdoing?

Taxpayers in a federal court may not be impressed by the “shoot the messenger” strategy that Liberty County politicians and Bill Buchanan have used for years to intimidate challengers to their agendas and to do whatever they wanted to do around here. Most of us do not appreciate any attempt to put a whistle-blower on trial, nor will we fail to ask the pertinent question: “Is politics relevant to the guilt or innocence of a public official who has been proven to have used a FEMA generator illegally and who appears to have tried to hide the financial trail of over $3,000,000 worth of FEMA contracts that lead back to him?”

The political system is adversarial by design and the public depends, in part, on being informed by the people that want their opposition out of office. Most should hope for more public officials and political activists that speak out against practices like the ones alleged in these indictments.

If anything, by the end of it the Fitzgerald case should point to that part of our system that really is broken in Liberty County, the media. The importance of the first amendment’s protection of press is so people in positions like Bill Buchanan can vigorously expose wrongdoers without being shut down, not so they can try and redirect potential jurors. Buchanan by his relentless campaign on behalf of Fitzgerald and other behavior through the years is viewed by some as an enabler at a minimum. Fitzgerald and Buchanan have depended on politics to have their way on many things and they have made a great deal of money through politics. Now what do they want to say? Is the political world they have used to create their own little worlds is no longer working for them? How is that a defense against these charges?

Are they now going to complain about the same the politics of the courthouse or the rules in an investigation or the process of indictment? Look at this “reporting” by KSHN for example: “The lawyer also points out that government attorneys refused his offer to speak with them before they presented the case to a grand jury.” Buchanan knows there is nothing unusual about this but he will saturate the public airwaves with this kind of stuff as if it is a legitimate defense. His spin on stuff like this is legendary. But does it explain away all of the money that came his friend’s way?

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Some people may announce that the controversy is over before most of the public even hears about it, but Liberty County taxpayers may have a very different view after seeing the prisoners tracking out of the Zack Zbranek law offices just before lunch on Friday January 21, 2011. As some observed almost $100,000 of county property being returned to the courthouse by prisoners in orange jumpsuits, they would be more than justified if once again they patted themselves on the back about voting overwhelmingly to evict Judge CT Rusty Hight from his position as the District Judge of the 75th District Court.

Defeated and embittered, in his last days in office, rather than do his work by holding court, Judge Hight decided to strip the offices of the newly elected judge of all of the books used by judges to reference court cases. This kind of behavior may have been just a vengeful attack on his opponent, but it hurts everyone that loves this county or loves justice. Newly elected District Judge, Mark Morefield was not available for comment.

Records obtained from the County Auditor’s office through an open records request indicate that over $90,000 in the last six years have been spent to keep the library in the 75th judicial up to date. The County Auditor’s office indicates a great deal more money has been spent on black letter law books for that office, but copies of invoices only go back to September 30, 2004. All of that money is taxpayer money and you don’t have to a law degree to know those books belong to Liberty County.

After losing at the polls in the November election, former Judge Hight added to his legacy of allowing sex offenders to go free and wheeling and dealing cases with friends of the court and allowing District Attorney, Mike Little to selectively prosecute political enemies. He can now forever be remembered by the way he not only quit kissing babies after the election was over, but how he quit holding court. He now can say he took the tools purchased by taxpayer money and needed by all judges and left WE THE PEOPLE to pay the price for his theft. How proud he must be of his public service!

In a ridiculous effort to justify taking public property, former Judge Hight claimed he merely took his brother-in-law’s- the late J.C.”Zeke” Zbranek’s law books. But believing that excuse would require someone to believe our former District Judge had no inkling of the laws having to do with ownership and that he was not bright enough to remember purchasing boxes and boxes of books and stocking row after row of shelves in his office in the courthouse. Most of that was done after Judge Zbranek was retired and many of the purchases were made after Judge, Zbranek’s death. How could anyone believe those books were former Judge Hight’s brother-in-law’s? And if someone still wants to give former Judge Hight the benefit of the doubt, the explanation of why he still refused to return the books when dates are in the books and the county receipts are on file.

On top of all of that, anyone that thinks this was just an oversight or mistake needs to know one other thing. Judge Hight openly considered taking all of the furniture too!

This issue is resolved according to some. On December 17, 2010 County Attorney, Wes Hinch was asked to help resolve the problems identified after newly elected District Judge, Mark Morefield walked into his new office and found the entire wall full of law books were missing. Wes Hinch immediately requested documentation from County Auditor, Harold Seay. Wes Hinch awaited documentation clearly showing county ownership of most of the books as supporting evidence before preparing a request for an Attorney General’s opinion.

As Judge Hight continued to stonewall any efforts to get him to return the books, Judge Morefield continued to hold court and referenced his own books a block away in his old law offices, or sometimes he borrowed books from other judges in the courthouse. Judge Morefield did what he needed to do to catch up the court docket rather than cause more delays for people who have waited for their day in court since Judge Hight shut it down in December.

Instead of filing a complaint and investigation, while waiting for documentation, the County Attorney decided to write a letter to Judge Hight asking him to produce any agreement between Judge Zbranek and Liberty County that would justify him even keeping the books that were purchased during Judge Zbranek’s tenure. That letter seemed to be the catalyst for Judge Hight inviting Liberty County to retrieve their property out of his offices in the Zbranek law offices. Wes Hinch did not file charges against Judge Hight and Liberty County District Attorney, Little would not do anything to protect the people’s interest when clearly grand larceny had been committed. These two seem team up quite often lately – and it is always teaming up to DO NOTHING.

Taxpayers and voters and all of us regular folks at this point may wonder why didn’t Judge Hight just return the books himself (instead of Judge Hight sending word the stolen books could be retrieved) but he didn’t. In order to secure county property, Wes Hinch called on Jim Teal rather than Sheriff Patterson like he should have. Teal, the supervisor of The Intermediate Sanction Facility within the jail, secured prisoners and dollies to move the books and properly restock the District Judge’s office. How ironic it would be if any of those convicts were imprisoned for theft. Wes Hinch used the county’s tax money to return the stolen books and he used convicts to help cover a crime.

Those who pay the salaries of public officials may wonder where DA, Little was in December and the first three weeks of January. DA, Little’s name is inexplicably missing in every account of this story Liberty Dispatch has heard. DA, Little’s missing in action on this could be attributed to all of the close political ties he has with fellow Democrat Judge Hight. DA, Little’s relationships and his past practices in that courthouse could have made everyone involved reluctant to approach Little and trust Little with this case after hearing story after story of not only Little’s selective prosecution, but Little’s personal vendetta against high ranking public officials. Even high ranking public officials may have had to pause to consider what good it would do to call law enforcement when this is one of the District Attorney’s pals.

Not to miss out on the irony of the whole scenario, Judge Hight was the Judge and Little was the prosecutor not that long ago when former Courthouse Maintenance Director Buddy Craig was shown no mercy for many months because he had some county property stored at his house. Buddy Craig is a heck of a nice guy and a hard worker with a reputation at least as good as his accusers. DA, Little and Judge Hight never accepted Buddy’s assertion that he simply was storing the material in the best place. DA, Little tried to nail Craig with some prison time. He was not offered an opportunity to return the material even though Buddy Craig’s story was more credible than Judge Hight’s even though there was evidence presented to corroborate his story.

The allegations and evidence charged that Judge Hight committed grand larceny and Zbranek accepted stolen property. Liberty County Attorney, Wes Hinch and Liberty County District Attorney, Little turned a blind eye to these crimes just like they did with the Judge Phil Fitzgerald and Lee Groce crimes. These men are not elected to cover up crimes for certain people.

It appears true once again that justice in our courthouse with Little as District Attorney depends on who you are and how you fit in with Little and Little’s buddies’ agendas. If that is not true then prepare to see a trial very similar to the one we saw in the Craig case. Prepare to see what would have happened if you or I had taken a District Judge’s books and kept them for weeks with this kind of lame excuse. Prepare to see Judge CT Rusty Hight disrobed and defenseless.

Friday, January 28, 2011


The US Attorney’s Office in Beaumont hosted a press conference Friday morning and announced the criminal indictments of Phil Fitzgerald, Lee Groce and Fitzgerald’s brother-in-law Mark Miksch. The former pubic officials from Liberty County are alleged to have violated conflict of interest laws in a scheme involving the pocketing of over $600,000 (plus) dollars in FEMA disaster relief funds during the debris clean up after Hurricane Ike. Conspicuously missing from the list of indicted public officials in matters related to all of this was the name of Liberty County, District Attorney Mike Little.

In what appears to some to be a small matter compared to the big money alleged to have been pocketed in the dump truck/debris scheme, the details surrounding the 155 kilowatt generator purchased by and for the benefit of Liberty County still are unresolved. Fitzgerald is alleged to have used the generator for the benefit of one of his businesses, but stories swirling around the courthouse since those very difficult days after the storm allege DA Mike Little help to cover up information that would have resulted in all of this coming to the public’s attention much quicker.

It has been alleged Phillip “Chip” Fairchild gathered and turned over evidence of a crime to Little and Little ordered Fairchild to be quiet about the crime and to tell no one. Liberty Dispatch has reason to believe Fairchild has been involved in a number of matters that would make it easy to coerce him to not pursue the legal conclusion concerning the evidence he presented to Little. The possibility of blackmail or a quid pro quo exists.

With all of the fanfare surrounding all of the much anticipated indictment of Little’s political allies, Fitzgerald and Groce, the District Attorney still has several allegations of selective prosecution swirling around his head. Federal investigators are still looking at the doubling of the county budget and the incredible increases Mike Little has gotten because of Fitzgerald and Groce during a slumping economy. The “off the record” slush fund Little appears to have in cases from confiscating property from criminals he prosecutes could be delaying the justice process. Hopefully, the feds are investigating all of this and will disclose their results to a very overtaxed public who is tired of corruption and deception from the county leaders.

According to sources, Liberty County District Attorney, Mike Little told Groce and Fitzgerald they were free of any criminal charges as long as he got his increased budget. There is a legal theory out there that Little was guilty of official misconduct and extortion as relates to Groce and Fitzgerald. The legal theory goes on to make available a way for either Groce or Fitzgerald to mitigate the cases against them. It is anyone’s guess which one will “cash in” on this deal. This opportunity along with more future evidence of selective prosecution and official oppression will give Liberty County a real insight into the manipulation of Mike Little'.

Mike Little was not invited to the press conference in Beaumont as held by the US Attorneys office.

Its let’s make a deal time, who will win the grand prize?

LIBERTY TEXAS: Former County Judge and Commisioner Indicted by Federal Grand Jury

The US Attorneys office in Beaumont, Texas have returned a 25 count indictment against each John "Phil" Fitzgerald, Herman "Lee" Groce and brother-in-law to Fitzgerald, Mark Wayne Miksch of La Vernia, Texas.

Press Release from the US Attorneys office:


Public officials alleged to have violated conflict of interest laws; pocketed over a half-million in disaster relief funds

BEAUMONT, Texas – A former Liberty County Judge and Commissioner, and a local businessman have all been indicted in a hurricane fraud scheme in the Eastern District of Texas announced U.S. Attorney John M. Bales today.

John "Phil" Fitzgerald, 51, of Liberty, Texas, Herman "Lee" Groce, 62, of Cleveland, Texas, and Mark Wayne Miksch, 52, of LaVernia, Texas, were named in a 25-count indictment returned by a federal grand jury on Jan. 26, 2011. The defendants have been summoned and will make their initial appearances on Feb. 1, 2011 before U.S. Magistrate Judge Earl S. Hines.

The indictment alleges that following Hurricane Ike's landfall on Sep. 13, 2008, Fitzgerald, the Liberty County Judge, and Groce, the Liberty County Precinct 2 Commissioner, used their elected positions to fraudulently influence and award debris removal contracts to a company in return for sub-contracts being awarded to Fitzgerald's brother-in-law and businessman, Miksch. As part of the scheme, Fitzgerald is alleged to have received approximately $611,000.00 in kickbacks disguised as legitimate business transactions.

Additionally, Fitzgerald is charged with the unauthorized use of a 155 kilowatt generator which was purchased by and for the benefit of Liberty County and then reimbursed by FEMA. Instead, Fitzgerald is alleged to have commandeered and used the generator to power Fitzpak, a convenience store and gas station in Moss Hill, which Fitzgerald owned and operated.

As a result of the conspiracy, approximately $3,269,456.76 in debris removal contracts were fraudulently awarded by Fitzgerald and Groce in violation of state and federal laws.

Fitzgerald and Groce both lost their bids for re-election in November 2010, thus concluding their respective positions with Liberty County on Dec. 31, 2010.

This case was brought as part of this District's partnership with the National Center for Disaster Fraud (NCDF), a nationwide initiative to protect available funds and assistance for those victims of both natural and man-made disasters such as hurricanes, floods, tornadoes and the recent Gulf oil spill. If you have knowledge of fraud, waste, abuse or allegations of mismanagement involving disaster relief operations, you can contact the NCDF by either calling the hotline at (866) 720-5721, faxing the hotline at (225) 334-4707, emailing at or in writing to National Center for Disaster Fraud, Baton Rouge, LA 70821-4909.

If convicted, the defendants face up to five years in federal prison for the conspiracy charge. Additional charges range from five to 30 years in federal prison.

This case is being investigated by the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security – Office of Inspector General, and the Office of the Texas Attorney General – Criminal Investigations Division. This case is being prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Joseph R. Batte.

A grand jury indictment is not evidence of guilt and all defendants are presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law.


Office of United States Attorney John M. Bales
Eastern District of Texas

WHEN: Friday, Jan. 28, 2011, 10:30 am

WHO: U.S. Attorney John M. Bales

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Department of Homeland Security - OIG

Texas Office of the Attorney general – Criminal Investigations Division

WHAT: Announce indictments of individuals charged with

Public Corruption and Hurricane-related Fraud

WHERE: U.S. Attorney's Office

350 Magnolia

Suite 150

Beaumont, Texas 77701

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Liberty Dispatch has learned that multiple federal indictments on several individuals will be released tomorrow, the 28th of January 2011.

Liberty Dispatch broke the original Liberty County FEMA fraud investigation story.

We would like to thank all those at Liberty Dispatch who have helped uncover the corruption in Liberty County- including KTRK, Wayne Dolcefino and HCN.

Our work continues even under pressure from the corrupt officials still in office.

We will keep our readers posted as this important story emerges.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


When will all of the spin from our local radio station end? If KSHN thinks someone is guilty, or they want them to appear guilty, their “news stories” make them sound guilty. If KSHN thinks someone is innocent, or if they want them to appear innocent, their stories make them appear that way.

KSHN‘s advocacy for prior Liberty County Judge, Phil Fitzgerald is a good example. Liberty Dispatch will not speculate on why part owner of KSHN radio Bill Buchanan has had such a well known desire to have Fitzgerald exonerated, but he has one. KSHN learned late Wednesday afternoon that former Liberty County Judge Phil Fitzgerald has been indicted in Federal District Court in Beaumont. He must have been greatly disappointed. But his efforts to discourage federal investigators from charging Fitzgerald have now failed. But don’t expect that Buchanan will give up so easily. Buchanan has tried to influence public opinion and the courts around here for over thirty years.

So what does KSHN’s little one sheet “news” say about the indictment? It says exactly what Fitzgerald’s lawyers would want potential jurors to hear: “Mr. Fitzgerald confirmed he got a phone call from the Federal District Court that he was indicted and he looks forward to getting these issues resolved. He did not know if there were one or more charges against him.” It doesn’t tell readers what Fitzgerald has been accused of and it doesn’t remind them that while most of us suffered financial damage during the hurricane, Fitzgerald was making a small fortune.

Buchanan continues to try and paint political stories and scandals the way he wants them to be, but a federal judge’s sealed indictment will detail the charges in the indictment tomorrow. The feds may have to work a little harder with KSHN working against them in the background, but hopefully Fitzgerald’s guilt or innocence will be unaffected.


At a Monday meeting, a local Dayton, Texas City council approved the purchase of new street decorations for the city. Much of the nearly $10,000 budget approval is for banners to display over Dayton city streets at Christmas, but according to one councilman none of the items in the selection they were shown celebrated Christmas.

Any effort to spend that kind of money with the kind of political correctness we hear about from liberal Democrats was nipped in the bud by Dayton City Councilman, Mr. Bill Gay. Sources revealed to Liberty Dispatch that the Councilman commented he was “offended” by the banners that had been selected.

The banners all expressed Christless sentiments about the time of year like “Happy Holidays” and “Seasons Greetings”. Liberty Dispatch joins Councilman Gay in believing the banners should say something about the birth of Jesus Christ. The conservative majority should not allow a liberal minority decide what the Christmas decorations are going to look like in our community.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

UP FOR DESTRUCTION: The Liberty Hospital District(D)

Monday night the Liberty County Hospital District Board officially called for a board of director's election to be held May 14.  The seats up for election this year are for current Board President Bruce Stratton and Board Members Jo Ann Smith and Paul Henry.

Allegations abound of Hospital District fraud and tax money misappropriations as orchestrated through multiple shell corporations and illegal tax money transfers into these shell/director's corporations. The attorneys for the Liberty Hospital District are the Norwoods of Liberty County, also Democrats.

It is believed that if people run against Democrats Stratton and Henry and win, the Liberty County Hospital District can be dismantled or changed into a more appropriate major trauma stabilization center.

Through some trickery and alleged fraud, the Liberty Hospital District has taken ownership of the Liberty Hospital.

Sources believe that the above named persons also control the Liberty County District Attorney's office, used to silence or harass Liberty Hospital District dissenters.  Lately, the Liberty County District Attorney's office and its attorneys have been the center of numerous alleged violent and sexual crimes against the people.

Many Liberty residents complain they want to be stabilized at the Liberty Hospital but do not trust their life there for an extended stay.

Many Dayton and outlying area residents who pay taxes to the Liberty Hospital District believe they are being ripped off.

The Liberty County Hospital District was formed for the sole (liberal) purpose of providing indigent medical care- from monies extorted from Liberty County property owners.

Liberty County, this is your chance to take down or restructure one of the largest democrat-liberal tax ripoffs in recent Liberty County history.

A showdown looms...

Contributor, Ray Akins

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Liberty County Attorney and Radio Station Lie to Liberty County


"Janet Harrelson Back in the News: A former Liberty County elected official has filed a petition to sue Liberty County claiming she was unlawfully removed from office. Back in 2002, the newly elected treasurer, Janet Harrelson, was blocked from being sworn in when she came under suspicion of abusing her rights as an elected official. Later, Ms. Harrelson was convicted on four counts. Two were overturned on appeal while the other two were upheld by a higher court. Now, Janet Harrelson is seeking permission to file suit against Liberty County and former Democrat Party Chair John Archer over her removal. Liberty County Attorney Wes Hinch said the big question at the moment is whether or not the statute of limitations for this type of suit ran out years ago. So far, no suit has been filed."

KSHN and Wes Hinch have apparently mislead and suppressed the truth from Liberty County- but why the conspiracy?

According to the KSHN story for tomorrow, statements from Wes Hinch and KSHN claim Democrat, John Archer and Liberty County have not been sued. Hinch and KSHN state that only a "notice or permission to sue" has been filed- that is a complete lie. Why would KSHN and Wes Hinch give cover to John Archer? Could it be they favor Democrats who have been accused of fraud?

To clear the facts and speak the truth, LD readers need to know:

1. A lawsuit against Liberty County and John Archer has in fact been filed in Liberty County and the case number is #CV1103946.
2. A fraud claim has been filed and the statute had not run before the suit was filed.
3. In the Harrelson case, Wes Hinch's connections and cover to alleged sex offender and corrupt public official, DA Mike Little appear to run deep.

According to the Liberty County Texas District Clerk's office:

Party Name Date Description Pages


Any knowledgeable observer of Liberty County politics is aware of the total reversal of fortune Republicans began to experience in the 2008 election cycle. Running as a Republican in Liberty County in 2004 was a burden that only Bobby Rader had been able to carry victoriously through the gauntlet of a November election. In a brief four year period the roles are now reversed. Political observers and potential candidates now have to wonder if anyone can carry the burden that being associated with the Democratic Party carries. Liberty County voters will undoubtedly flock to vote in the Republican primary. With that in mind Liberty Dispatch, the only local media that have openly informed their readers that everyone who writes on this website is a conservative, will periodically critique those who claim the Republican banner as their own.

Because of his recent admission of where he intends the County Attorney’s office to focus its attention on in the Harrelson case, our critique of the first two years of Wes Hinch will be today’s assignment. Hinch is a perfect example of how the effects of party affiliation have changed so much in such a short period of time. A new face to those who have worked with the local Republicans, Hinch and his supporters watched with great anticipation as he defeated Assistant County Attorney Tommy Chambers in 2008. Riding the tide of an election that saw a relatively unknown sheriff candidate beat a two term incumbent; Hinch received enough votes from people reading about the corruption in the courthouse and those angry about liberals and others to gain the edge over Chambers.

Two years later the outcome of Tommy Chambers' race for an even higher office is interesting to consider when analyzing recent political results. Chambers, much like Hinch, had never really affiliated himself with a political party. Before his run in 2008, Chambers struggled with what party to run in. A Catholic with pro-life and other conservative values in tow, Chambers was advised by many he could never help build a better Liberty County if he didn’t win. Knowing in 2008 Liberty County hadn’t had a Republican Judge since the 1800’s, Chambers decided he would run as a Democrat. Looking back at Liberty County history those running as Republicans in the 2008 election were the beneficiaries of over a decade of local volunteers re-vitalizing the Local Republican Party and the emergence of citizens becoming very verbal and very aggressive in expressing their displeasure with all of the wrongdoing by public officials. Coupled with the usual liberal garbage coming out of Washington, the weight of the Donkey Party was more than some of the local candidates could carry. Chambers was left in the losers column that election night and Wes Hinch, a relatively unknown attorney with his strongest base of support coming from a very equally divided (Democrats and Republicans) First Baptist Church of Liberty.

But to evaluate that 2008 race properly, any political consultant would tell us to review the 2010 races. Chambers to his credit never became bitter and never gave up his dream of public service. In fact, in 2009 Chambers began to talk about running for a higher office. Again he was told he should run as a Democrat. But local Republicans had had enough success in the 2008 races that Chambers decided to win or lose on the ticket he felt most reflected his values. The rest is history. Chambers won in the most lopsided victory on record for a Republican running for an open seat. He didn’t just defeat Zack Zbranek, in political numbers, he totally crushed the Democrat despite his high name I.D. and his pedigree from a well known family steeped in law degrees and political connections.

What does all of this mean – or some might be more direct and say “what is your point”? The point is Liberty County Republicans have now entered a new phase. Local races used to have either one or sometimes no Republican candidates. During the century of Democrats dominating every elective office in Liberty County, voters – even conservatives – usually had choices created by the choices in the Democratic primary. Those primary contests, unlike Republican primaries, were lively and were everything we see and experience in politics. Local Republicans, especially the party workers, need to realize that is what comes with winning. Now the Hinches and the Chambers of future races can look for their political fight to come in March as well as November. Maybe, as in Chambers case, the last election will show so much support that there is no opposition. But there are other people with a desire to serve and a dream to help lead this to county.

Those who want the Republican Party to just be one big homogenous lovefest need to realize this country became the most powerful and successful nation in history not in spite of vigorous political contests every two to four years, but because of those contests. And any student of history knows our contests here in Liberty County are nothing unusual in tone or in substance.

Local Republicans, like the subject of our upcoming first critique, County Attorney Wes Hinch, will have to learn the way they get elected or re-elected is not by silencing their critics, but by answering them. Not everyone may agree with the answers, but Liberty County should never go back to a time when we do not take a close look at job performance. KSHN and party officials should not have an unchallenged influence in choosing our leaders.

Stay tuned for a critique of County Attorney and what he has done and not done in his 25 months in office.


Here they go again despite all kinds of defaming untrue rumor mongering gossip. But like the modern day heroes of democracy and free enterprise that they are, the Tea Party activists will worry about their reputations and their legacy at a later time. This is no time to look at the long term. Heaven is recording what they are doing right now and no one messes with the truth there. The tea partiers are clamoring for the debt-ridden government to slash spending say nothing should be off limits. Tea party-backed lawmakers echo that argument, and they're not exempting the military's multi billion-dollar budget in a time of war.

Add their efforts and their decision to act now, regardless of the political consequences, to a list that includes George Washington and the founding fathers and Jesus and the disciples.

GEORGE WASHINGTON was hunted like a criminal in the American Revolution by King George and all of the resources of his country. He would have hung and been vilified in history had they been able to catch him. His beloved Mount Vernon only survived as a result of a cousin negotiating in a way Washington had left strict orders not to. Washington known for the high value he put on his reputation, was willing to risk all for what he knew to be right. It was not in the job description of any job he had. Honor and a love of liberty and a keen sense of justice drove Washington to look past today and fight for principles that would make a better tomorrow for us all.

For those who want to be honorable but may be lacking the perspective to do the same or who would act like they never have been put in the same situation, let’s get real. Injustice and corruption is around us, whether we want to admit it or not. Perhaps some have been selective in their reading of the Bible. After all they could simply focus on Proverbs where it says “a good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.” Or the book of Ecclesiastes says “a good name is better than fine perfume, and the day of death better than the day of birth.”

But those scriptures are in The Book that tell us all about people who were hunted and killed by authorities. There reputation was horrible. These ideas about a good reputation were read by many of the heroes of the New Testament who were thought to be heretics and crazy.

These men did not fall in line with recent ideas about civil discourse either. In the gospel of Matthew, Jesus tells the leaders of His day "You snakes! You poisonous snakes! How can you escape being condemned to hell?”

These men did not over emphasize what went on here on earth. They did things today because of the everlasting effects their actions would have – on society and on their own souls. Paul in his letter to Timothy says “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, in their eagerness to get rich, have wandered away from the faith and caused themselves a lot of pain.” If a reputation is more valuable than riches, but we are warned not to over value riches, doesn’t it follow that we should not over value our reputation? Of course it does, there are many places in the Bible that warn against seeking the man’s approval over God’s.

I thank God for these leaders in the Tea Party. I am sure they are imperfect and will make mistakes, but I would rather be like Peter than all of the people of his day that did less than him. If people want to demonize those who are challenging authority and claim they are more honorable, so be it. It has been going on for thousands of years.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Long running history of corruption haunts Liberty County

There are always those who want peace at all cost and those who will settle for an early compromise for the sake of their own comfort and peace of mind. Indeed, there are people even now who would agree that injustice and corruption became synonymous with much of the behind the scenes misbehavior of our courthouse, but they too would say “we have won” so let’s “cool it”, rather than finish the job of restoring justice and truth here in our county.

But the odor of things not done right lingers and its stench will either lead us to right the wrongs that were done or it will embolden those who will take a mile when given an inch. We have only “won” when the change that was long fought for and hoped for occurs for all… No one should be left as a casualty. We win only when justice is the norm and it is expected – past and present. We can not say we have cleaned up this mess when the bitter smell of unfairness is still in the air and the excess of a self serving good ole boy system can still be seen and some are left bearing the burden of a hand far heavier than that of justice.

An example of such a thing is the much talked about and much litigated Janet Harrelson case. Much of what was alleged has been overturned by higher courts, but the unpleasant odor of impropriety by our public officials has never been tried in our courts. The good ole boy system’s practice of vigilantism chose what they chose so they had in their hand puppet judge and jury. They pronounced their guilt and in many ways symbolically lynched the accused. Those who can not smell the foul odor of selective prosecution are not only in need of a nose doctor, they need an eye, ear, nose, and throat specialists.

Janet Harrelson’s assertion that she was instructed by public officials in how to help get her incarcerated son to Dayton and how to spend some time in a private home with him before he was returned to prison are not only believable, they are practically the only plausible explanation for what happened. One must have to be blind and deaf and dumb to believe just because she was the County treasure-elect that she could pull off such a thing by herself.

Are we now, because we have won one election, going to sweep past cover-ups under the rug for the sake of “minding our own business” or are we going to try lay down the foundations for keeping our local government clean and accountable? Our Founding Fathers said the foundation could only exist if we remained “vigilant”.

Shouldn’t we now ask those questions that were not asked then? Is there an environment in the courthouse now that will allow the truth to be told? Shouldn’t we pursue justice “for all”? Who helped Harrelson? Who lied to her? Who lied to investigators and who lied on the stand?

And was this organized in advance by some? And if it was, what laws does that break? When listening to the evidence in the past, some have been struck with the focus John Archer placed on making sure Harrelson was indicted before her inauguration. Additional information has revealed that Judge Cain had gone out of town. Archer may not have had all of his ducks in a row. Despite the time of night, Archer still pushed Cain, who was taking his wife on an anniversary date, to do his public duty and pre-empt Harrelson from the swearing in day the following day. Archer may have caught Cain off guard as he pulled Cain into a plan that would be bad politics for him. For years Judge, Cain has fielded questions about Archer’s actions that night. Archer called so late and set such a priority on his legal action against Harrelson that Cain was thinking more about how to properly handle his petition rather than how it would appear. There is no other plausible explanation for how a District Judge could end up at his house at midnight with Bill Buchanan, KSHN radio, and a pile of legal paper and witnesses on such an important matter. John Archer was focused on whacking Janet Harrelson; Judge Cain was focused on his anniversary, and no one was worried about the politics of a “midnight court” for the Judge.

On the night of Archer’s legal maneuvering, where were all of Archer’s fellow Democrats who Harrelson say okayed her actions? Whether they were hiding under the rug or swept under the rug, it is time for openness and fairness in our courts. The truth needs to come out. The courthouse needs to have a fresh fragrance. We are not a county run arbitrarily by District Attorney, Mike Little and his corrupt acts. And we are not a county that takes lightly all of these counts against Harrelson that were overturned. WE THE PEOPLE have reclaimed most of the courthouse. It is now time to repair the damage done where possible. Let the chips fall where they may.

Soon others who were involved in this injustice will be called to task for their conspired actions.


Anyone who has ever been involved in or knows anything about Liberty County politics will be familiar with the name John Christian Archer. Archer has made himself known for his involvement in politics, from running for state office as a young man to running the political scene of Liberty County. On the exterior, it would appear to most that Archer was a lover of his country and his county. But on closer review, those who know Archer realize that he is a master manipulator in the political arena. It was Archer whose redistricting plan for commissioner’s precincts was pushed through back in the early 2000’s and gave part of the Dayton area to the Raywood, Liberty and Devers commissioner. This was Archer’s answer to keeping the democrat voter balance in the precincts in order to keep the democratic commissioner’s in office. Can anyone spell gerrymandering?

John Archer also trained his staff well. His long-time legal assistant was no other than Liz Beausoleil, wife of questionable Liberty attorney Mark Beausoleil, who is alleged to have committed mail fraud by removing mail addressed to Judge Chap Cain and taking it to Beaumont to make copies of the check enclosed.

What was working in John Archer’s mind when he presented a 'Petition to Remove' Janet Harrelson from the office of County Treasurer back late one night in December 2002?

In a petition filed today, January 18, 2011- Harrelson alleges that the Petition to Remove, filed by Archer, was a fraudulent act. In the Petition to Remove, Archer accused Harrelson of abusing her position as County Treasurer, a case Harrelson was acquitted of by the 9th Court of Appeals in Beaumont. Thus, the allegation was fraudulent. Secondly, Archer requested Harrelson be removed from office due to breach of fiduciary which is not a reason, by statute, for removal. Archer, a Liberty County attorney, should know how to read the statutes, so we can only assume that he just didn’t care that he was filing a fraudulent document, fully knowing that doing so was not legal.

Archer recruited 15 other individuals, many of them elected officials, to sign off on the petition to remove Harrelson from office. One such official was former District Clerk, Melody Gilmore. It remains unknown as to whether Gilmore was a player in this case, but it was recently discovered that the case removing Harrelson from office was non-suited in 2007, without notice being served on Harrelson’s attorneys, which leads to an additional claim of fraudulent concealment.

Janet Harrelson through her Attorney, Joseph Willie has sued Liberty County and John Archer of Liberty, Texas.

Stay tuned…


The county commissioner for the Liberty area has now thrown down the race card almost twenty months before he faces his re-election bid in November 2012. For reasons unknown, Todd Fontenot(D) did not wait until the traditional campaign season started and instead used the Martin Luther King celebration at Turkey Creek Baptist this Sunday to reveal his judgment that Governor Rick Perry is a racists.

Among several speeches focused on honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and assessing the progress this country has made because of his leadership, Commissioner Fontenot, a two term Democratic incumbent, focused part of his time reminding the audience that Republican Governor Rick Perry did not refer to Barack Obama as “President Obama”. Liberty Dispatch is not sure when and where Fontenot is talking about and we are not sure whether Fontenot is calling everyone who fails to use the term “President” when they refer to Obama is a racist. But we are sure that Governor Perry has also referred to President Bill Clinton as Clinton.

In context, Commissioner Fontenot was asserting that the lack of respect Governor Perry has shown by not including the title “President” when referring to Obama is an example of the continued racism still lingering in the white community in this country. But whether Fontenot’s rhetoric is purely partisan and motivated by an opportunity to excite a mostly black audience or whether Fontenot actually believes what he is saying, many of us would like to point out to anyone spewing this kind of divisive thinking that there are many reasons people across this country have done the same thing Perry has done and it have nothing to do with skin color. Here a just two reasons:

1) Some people simply do not believe using titles every time a public official’s name comes up is a priority – disagree as we may, this has nothing to do with race
2) Some people do not respect Barack Obama and believe his policies are destructive to this country – but their disrespect has nothing to do with race.

Perry has served as the Governor of our state longer than anyone in Texas history. A google search of Perry and racism doesn’t help Commissioner Fontenot substantiate his charges at all. A search does reveal questions about how the President has treated the leader of our state however. A search does reveal an unwillingness of this President to marshal more federal assets to protect the Texas border. A search does reveal a ‘talk to the hand” attitude by this President when he is told his healthcare plan will bankrupt this state. Google searches and personal experience by voters in Commissioner Fontenot’s precinct reveal growing problems many of us have with this President, none having to do with his heritage. So, if Mr. Fontenot wants to chide Governor Perry for bad manners, he should please leave race out of his comments

While Liberty Dispatch believes there is still work to be done to build the color blind society Dr. King spoke of, we do not believe character assassination of our Governor helps build that world nor does it build a good working relationship between our county government and state officials. We are therefore calling for Commissioner Fontenot to issue a public apology to Governor Perry. Because spreading the idea Perry is a racist was done in the black community, we suggest the apology be made there to.

Neither Todd Fontenot or Regis Fontenot will ever be the Afro-American voice in Liberty County. Their hands are unclean and not deserving of any community leadership role much less public office.

Fontenot's use of MLK day to promote himself and his commissioner reelection bid demonstrates his sleazy self promoting and self dealing.

The coming months will be very revealing.

Monday, January 17, 2011

CLEVELAND, TEXAS: Kooky City Council Members Attack Voters and Petitioners

Liberty Dispatch doesn't weight in much in Liberty County concerning individual city issues- unless corruption is involved.

One issue which has arisen that has perked our interest is the alleged disturbing illegal activities by some Cleveland, Texas city council members.

An apparent petition has been circulated in Cleveland to recall Barbara McIntyre, Durlene Davis and Cedric McDuffie of the Cleveland city council for corrupt and self dealing activities. In the middle of the skirmish between a handful of Cleveland city council members and the voters of Cleveland, subject council member/s have retaliated against the public and activist.

One outspoken member of the corruption in the Cleveland city council and recall petition organizer is a local Methodist Pastor, Carl E. Lundberg.

Further proving her self-dealing corruption, Barbara McIntyre has used the City of Cleveland's stationary and letterhead to gain an illegal advantage against Pastor, Lundberg. McIntyre has written a claimed defaming and illegal letter to the IRS in attempt to have petition supporters harassed and oppressed.

As a result of McIntyre's actions, Liberty Dispatch believes McIntyre has committed official oppression and obvious official misconduct offenses. The Texas Attorney General, Texas Ethics Commission and Solicitor General's office should be immediately brought in to investigate the Cleveland City Texas' council for corrupt acts. Unfortunately, on the county level no official corruption will be investigated or referrals made because of Liberty County DA, Mike Little's sweetheart and ex employee Durlene Davis being a council member. How can a corrupt DA and his office investigate corruption? Answer- it cant/he cant.

The voters and activist of Cleveland, Texas should be encouraged to keep up the fight for a clean government and even step up the heat on the corrupt. They should use any legal means to annihilate the corruption in Cleveland which threatens the very future of the children in that community.

Where is Cleveland Texas' city attorney to allow this kind of illegal behavior and actions which can easily result in winnable lawsuits against the City of Cleveland.

Liberty Dispatch supports Pastor, Lundberg's actions and hopes to see his goals realized in his obvious fight of good versus evil.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

“A Dream Not Yet Realized”

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere!”- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

In 2011, decades after these words were spoken by Martin Luther King, Jr., and after one of the greatest speeches of our time, Dr. King’s memorable “I Have a Dream” speech, these words still ring true as we each endeavor to improve our community and quality of life. As this writer reflects upon the past, the present and our future, I am reminded that that we still have work to do to make this a better America, a better state, and a better community.

I wonder how many of us have taken the time and made the effort to try and understand just what Dr. King was saying when he spoke this small but eloquent and powerful phrase. I can imagine that some of us only looked as far as was necessary to understand the phrase itself. Others may have applied these words in a context that relate to race relations and racial injustice. Additionally, there may have been many other connotations utilized or applied to the statement.

I would like to suggest another meaning to the statement. One more universal and one which I believe apply to society as a whole. The celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday as a national holiday did not come to be because people of color needed a national hero. It did not happen because black people across the land demanded that a black man be given be a day to be recognized by the citizens of this nation as a national holiday. It was not a token gift to United States citizens because we needed another national holiday.

The Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday, as does other holidays named for several our country’s great leaders, exists because there needed to be a memorial to what many of our citizens, (i.e., people of all races, color, creed, and national origin) accomplished in their effort to improve the quality of life our country, our communities, and the relationships among those peoples who make up our communities. The relationships that have manifested themselves in the many injustices that plagued our national and local government, our policies and practices, our societal standards, our economies, and our conduct at home and abroad.

Martin Luther King. Jr. was a believer- A believer in God and man. He was a believer that God could and would make a difference in the lives of all who believed in him. He was also a believer that all men are created equal. A believer that our laws handed down from God, as well as by man, should be applied equally to all men everywhere.

We are a community. The existence of injustice anywhere IS a threat to justice everywhere. This is true because any single act of injustice plants a seed that has the potential to grow into a destructive cancer. A cancer filled with the power to destroy the confidence of our citizens in our systems, leaders, and each other. Questions arise about our motives, our decisions, and our actions. Fear about whether justice is diligently being sought by those charged with the responsibility of leading and guiding us in our search for a better life can and do arise. Doubt takes over instead of a belief in a life whose quality is rooted in equality and justice.

Lest we never forget, we can never achieve justice, unless we have first discovered the truth. The truth is a necessary and mandatory element of justice. We are an ever changing and evolving society. It takes all of us to make a better community with an improved quality of life. Every citizen, neighbor, teacher, business owner, judge, policeman, office holder, etc. are an integral part of what our community is and represents.

Speak the Truth as a way of Life. It is our contribution to fighting injustice. Think about it.- JDE

The “Dream” is a real possibility. We must not ignore the fact that the “Dream” is not yet realized as long as injustice remains a part of the fabric of this community. Let us join hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder to stamp out injustice.

James D. Evans, III

Word on MLK

MLK was a great leader because he understood what the Bible teaches us all.




We have a lot to be thankful for but maybe more people need to realize we are not here for our own selfish reasons. This is where I believe we fall short as human beings.

This is the message I believe MLK was speaking of then and it is the message we should live by today.


Dear Liberty Dispatch,

I am pleased with the progress Liberty County has made but I am also mystified. Mystified by some who have recently (in the last few years) attached themselves to the cause some local Republicans dedicated themselves to ten years ago. Mystified by those who in the face of specific complaints about the unacceptable behavior of people like Chip Fairchild, Rusty Hight, and Mike Little have countered with backroom mutterings about these men's enemies and who have made every attempt to help these men keep their positions. Mystified by the acceptance by some who listen and even spread the demonetization of you Liberty Dispatch - as clearly you are the messenger, if not some sort of avenging angel.

Therefore, on this weekend in which many celebrate the life of one of the greatest orators in our country’s history, please allow me to choose four quotes from Martin Luther King, Jr.’s speeches that I believe will encourage any and all who are sincere in wanting to free us to support this cause. Here are four out of many:

1) "Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable... Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals."
2) "The hottest place in Hell is reserved for those who remain neutral in times of great moral conflict."
3)"He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it."
4) “In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”


When choices were made by those in charge of local government in the county seat of Liberty County, Santa Claus won out. Anyone driving through Liberty during the holidays had an opportunity to see a very symbolic representation of the way our public officials have been doing business on our behalf here for years when looking at the new and very expensive Christmas decorations taxpayers paid to have displayed on electric poles.

When celebrating Christmas in a country and a state and a county and a city that elects its public officials by determining who the majority wants as leaders, we had leaders choose to emphasize celebrating the mythical Santa clause to the exclusion of displays that rejoiced over the birth of Jesus – despite that most people here believe Jesus to be the Son of God and the single most important person ever to walk the face of this earth.

Before those who have chosen themselves in their own private coronation of who should be kings and queens start playing the “separation of church and state” card or the politically correct idea that we should not offend anyone, please know that either atheism or just pure ignorance of the Constitution and the history of its application for the two hundred years before you arrived makes your arguments look stupid. All of your selective quotes and all of self proclaimed expertise will not erase the decades and the nearly two centuries of Christ being celebrated on public building, in public buildings, and around public buildings with public dollars. Though it may have sent a thrill down your leg, the Barack Obama psycho-nonsense that says to this generation that “we are who we have been waiting for” will begin and end with the arrogant and the self deceived.

Back to the parallels or coincidences or the implications of choosing the rosy cheeked winking Santa over the Creator of the world as we celebrate Christmas around here. Isn’t it ironic that from the same pool of public officials in and around the county courthouse we have a bunch of winks as taxpayers have long had to endure the corruption overflowing from our public officials? Haven’t we seen some line their little red Santa suits with money meant to help our community? Of course we have! And rather than see their cheeks grow rosy and fat from self dealing, would it not have been better to insist on the kind of character and servant hood Jesus Himself embodied when he walked this earth?

Why did the majority allow the minority to wink at us and do what they wanted to do? We should never have, and we should never again, let elected leaders or people that get pay checks from our tax money strip us of our standards. We should, with no apologies, hold them accountable. “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s” is a very important statement Jesus made about government – and in a representative democracy it makes each of us responsible to be vigilante about the decisions our government makes.

Am I advocating for more spiritual, more Christ-centered Christmas decorations? Yes, but it is a by-product of something much bigger that we should do. Am I advocating a ban on Santa Claus? I am advocating an emphasis on truth. We should insist on the government representing WE THE PEOPLE who live and pay taxes here. The non Christians who live amongst us and who pay taxes should be prepared in a representative democracy to live by the standards of the majority. All of the quotes about prohibiting the majority from trampling the rights of the minority have been used by these intellectual pretenders as a starting point to erode and eventually get rid of the standards laid out in the Ten Commandments and elsewhere that come from the God.

If our values come from the Santa mentality, the same arrogant people who have tried to be our puppet masters can bend and twist what is right and wrong around their likes and dislikes and their agenda. They can prosecute or dismiss court cases based on their own friendships, business dealings, bribes, or political considerations. They can profit off of FEMA and it be okay. They can ignore allegations of misconduct in office or they can declare themselves innocent as they slam the gavel. They can bury evidence and lie for each other and to satisfy the public use those complicit in the media to make it all seem okay, but it is not.

The truth is while Santa may wink and be bought off with milk and cookies and Jesus definitely commands us to love and to forgive, our duty because WE THE PEOPLE are responsible for what our local government does and we should send those people home or to jail if they are not doing right. They may think there is only Santa Claus to answer for but we who know better should stop them from holding positions that hurt the public and hurt their souls. When this life is over their will not be a lack of evidence that helps us receive some kind of inconsequential admonishment.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

CHAMBERS COUNTY TEXAS- $44.6 Million Dollar Fraud on Taxpayers

Thanks to US Representative, Ted Poe (R) we have a good insight into what kind of fraud surrounds Chambers County Texas Officials and cohorts.  Department of Homeland Security was able to secure evidence that KTRK Channel 13's Wayne Dolcefino was not able to acquire.  Chambers County Texas officials have repeatedly and illegally ignored open records act request from Dolcefino and multiple other news agencies seeking the truth.

US Representative, Ted Poe (R) along with Wayne Dolcefino and DHS should be congratulated for their part in exposing the outrageous fraud perpetrated by Chambers County Texas officials.

Liberty Dispatch readers wonder if Poe will seek an FBI investigation or congressional investigation to hold those who perpetrated crimes in Chambers and Liberty Counties accountable.

See the attached PDF document sent from DHS to Ted Poe.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Liberty Dispatch Stats for Last 45 Days

13.6% of Liberty Dispatch hits are comprised of national and international visitors.

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Monday, January 10, 2011


Liberty Dispatch never has made any bones about the belief that our democratic republic functions best when a conservative philosophy and conservative policies are guiding it. We have been very open about how much stronger the connection conservatism has to the Republican party and the deception much of the local media has used to promote Democrats. But the month of December in Liberty County affords us great opportunity to compare two local Democrats and say something positive about one while expressing outrage about the other.

“The Good” referred to in the title of this article refers to retiring Judge Don Taylor’s work ethic in his last month in office. In a time of Christmas parties and with a near ninety year old Mom celebrating a birthday, Judge Taylor was holding court so he could turn over the County Court at Law docket to his successor, Judge Tommy Chambers – a Republican. The voters who saw Judge Taylor’s court just before the holidays saw a public servant with a courtroom full of people that wanted their particular issues resolved. Taylor could have claimed vacation time or personal privilege, but he didn’t. He was anxious to try and make it to escort his Mom to their celebration, but he was courteous and professional.

In contrast, “the bad and the ugly” refers to Judge Rusty Hight. I can hear his defenders now saying this is all about cases coming before him. El wrongo! Hight is no longer a judge and therefore has no more cases. I personally never had a case before him and felt badly for anyone who did. The reason for that is the knowledge (much of it public record) of how Hight conducted business from our courtroom. He further damaged his integrity and any hope of many of us viewing him as a good public servant in the way he dealt with his last month in office.

To start with, he was mostly missing in action. Our sources grew tired of looking for him in the courthouse in December so we will have to let it suffice to say rumors that he would only hold court one day in December could not have been far off. Because he was an outgoing judge, not much attention was paid to his last day on the bench, but any open minded defender of Hight’s could research his last rulings and it would not surprise us if they argued on his behalf no more. His alleged wheeling and dealing and his partisanship and his unusually lenient sentences of the worst of criminals or those who had a financial interest with him have been well documented.

Now his unwillingness to serve honorably and leave our courtrooms in the best of condition for a new judge is forthwith added to his Liberty County Texas history. The Liberty County history of: Judge Carol (CT Rusty) Hight, a bad judge with an ugly record and of poor ethical and moral fiber.

Message to Democrats and Republicans alike: Public service means serving the public, NOT raping them!


In the last few days with the efforts of some Democrats to politicize the attempted assassination of one of Arizona’s representatives in congress, it has been interesting to watch the local Liberty County media gather up and post article after article to demonize Republicans and to help those who would try and further scrap the first amendment. But anyone familiar with history knows our political rhetoric is no worse than it has been at other times in history. And it is no where near as violent as it was from 1865 to 1901 when three U.S.Presidents were assassinated and numerous lower level public officials.

No, this is no time to limit free speech. It is no time to judge responses to liberals telling the rest of this country we want to control or even take away your guns. Our Founding Fathers and the writers of the Constitution would likely react with a “lock and load” type of response. Liberals, as smart as they think they are, would be wise to stop threatening to take away rights American citizens have had since this country began rather than add the first amendment to their threat.

In recent years the first amendment is always under attack by liberals. They have perverted its meaning and its intention. From the freedom of religion wording that is intended to keep the United States from having a state sponsored church like The Church of England to the limiting chains liberals would put on our right to evangelize and to celebrate Christ.

Some of these self proclaimed intellectuals will argue some kind of re-invented history of our country. Some will deny our Christian heritage and facts like some of our Founding Father were preachers and even more were evangelicals actively involved in spreading the Gospel.

But liberals have been emboldened in recent years. Many have come out of the closet. They now will openly express that they could care less about the original intent. Conversations with this kind of “intellectual” may start out refreshing because of the initial impression of honesty but quickly these people get into their self deceptive rationalization leaving out the need to go through the amendment process to change the original intent of laws grounded in the Constitution. Their new found bravery in revealing they are atheists or something besides Christians still has the yellow streak of admitting that their self acclaimed superior metacognition betrays their whole true premise. Their real message is that we should run the country like they say because they are not only far more mentally endowed than not only us, but the people who gave birth to this country.

These people were taking a victory lap after the Obama victory in 2008. But now they are spending all of their valuable think tank time trying to round up all of those inferior to them that helped put Obama in the White House. It seems that many of supporters of Obama are now either disillusioned or they have had an epiphany and are working to undo what they helped to bring about.

Those who have come out of the closet and declared their animosity or indifference to the Constitution and the Bible will not care but they should realize if this country ever returns to valuing these things again, their efforts are on record.

Oops, hold on. They may care. They may consider that a threat. I can hear some of their great minds now: “Maybe we can outlaw conservatives saying you are on record – it sounds like a hit list.”

Thursday, January 6, 2011

HISTORY MADE: Our New Liberty County Republican Judicial Team

Honorable Mark Morefield(R), Judge- 75th Judicial District

A historical Liberty County Texas Republican Judiciary

Honorable Chap Cain(R), Judge- 253rd Judicial District
The Liberty County Republican Judiciary is a first in over 150 years.

Honorable Tommy Chambers(R), Judge- County Court at Law

Honorable Craig McNair(R), Liberty County Judge

Pic of Bill Buchanan and Wendy York Harrington. Click on pic to expand.

More pictures to come...

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Dear LD, Please Post...

I would like to thank Chip Fairchild for giving copies of the Joe Warren police report from the Liberty Police Department to operatives of the Outsiders. Thank you Chip Fairchild for burning Mike Little, Joe Warren and getting Hugh Bishop thrown under the bus for what you did... What a guy!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Party Swappers

The time for Liberty County Democrats to swap Political Parties has passed as far as I am concerned. I will not support any Party Swapping at this point. We are already less than a year away from the Candidate Application Process for the Republican Primary in 2012.

I feel that if I were to support and endorse Party Swappers from the Democrat Party at this time that I would in essence give them a Political Advantage over other Candidates who may be contemplating running in the upcoming election. In my opinion, endorsing Party Swappers at this juncture would be a slap in the face of Republican True Believers.

Therefore; if a Party Swapper wishes to make the leap from being a Democrat to becoming a part of the Republican Party prior to the upcoming Primary, they do so without my support. The best advice that I can give these Party Swappers is to wait until the Primary Application Process begins and make the move in a manner that will allow Republican Voters the opportunity to voice their opinions.


Andrew (Andy) McCreight
Republican Activist
TEA Party Member

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Message from The Outsiders

The Outsiders have information indicating that Liberty County Commissioner Melvin Hunt will announce that he will be changing parties and will therefore be running as a Republican for now on. We have reason to believe he will make such an announcement on January 4, 2011 at the county courthouse during the inauguration of the newly elected officials.

The Outsiders are not certain, but suspect that Constable, Royce L. Wheeler, may also change parties soon.

While the Outsiders’ goals are “anti-corruption,” we do share the sentiments of the People of Liberty County who have already voted to end corruption and would oppose corrupt Democrats changing parties just to stay in power.

Melvin Hunt is involved with the gun range controversy among other things. Do Republicans really want to take on this baggage?

More information regarding Melvin Hunt and Royce L. Wheeler will be released as the investigation unfolds.

The Outsiders

HUNT For Republicans?

Here we go again with rumors about the Cleveland politician known for years as “the squirrel” switching to the Republican Party. Dual rumors about longtime Commissioner Melvin Hunt being indicted and about him changing parties surfaced weeks ago and, like many of the hot political rumors of 2010, they seemed to fade away – only to possibly come back another day. But is the rumor plausible? Will he be indicted? Will he switch parties?

Why would any well informed Republican activist want Melvin Hunt to switch to the Republican Party? The short answer: they wouldn’t. But many of the people running the party these days were not involved back in the days Hunt and others were effectively and aggressively cementing their names in annals of Liberty County Democratic party history. Their excitement over recent victories coupled with their lack of appreciation and knowledge of the road leading to these victories could cause some unnecessary mistakes.

New Republicans may be uninformed, but any Democratic activist in the party that is well informed knows that Commissioner Hunt has been a loyal warrior for their party. He is somewhat of a living legend. For years he has worked tirelessly to prevent the election of even one Republican. He has made phone calls and called in favors and twisted arms to do everything from stopping a Republican candidate placing yard signs in certain locations to encouraging the public ridiculing of well known Republicans to silencing criticism of Democrats and news stories about questionable activities that could still surface in our local courtrooms one day.

Whether he switches or not and whether he is accepted by Republican leadership or not, Hunt is no Republican. Only late comers to the Republican Party could possibly even consider him anything but a warrior for the Democratic Party. No doubt Hunt would continue being a Democrat if he thought he could continue to win re-election under the donkey banner, and no doubt they want him to continue his long career as a Democrat. He has been an effective guardian of their power. Infamous tales of paying people in one of his precincts to drive around and gather up voters and hand out cash for votes for Democratic candidates are only the tip of the iceberg of the legend of Melvin Hunt and his long career as “the squirrel” running the north part of the county.

Always looking to cut a deal to strengthen his hand, has Hunt found someone in the new Republican leadership circle that is so desperate to say “we win, we win” that they will embrace one of the main sources of the political stench that motivated the efforts of those who revived Republican efforts after decades of total capitulation in the mid 1990’s? Perhaps, if they do, Hunt should be given a new nickname – “the termite”. Because new movements and revived political parties always rot from within and giving Hunt that nickname may make future Republicans more conscious of the political history of the county.

The goal of the original resurgence of Republicans who wanted to run candidates and challenge the Democrats back in the late 1990’s was to rid ourselves of local politicians who were corrupt or who stood by and allowed corruptness and to find people with so much integrity they would not be able to place their names and reputations on the same team with people like the Clintons. Commissioner Hunt was one of the main ones targeted. And now over ten years later he has not even separated himself from Barack Obama at this late date. Will the 2010 election results change that? Who cares? Hunt has defined himself forever. Any Republicans embracing him or any other party switchers (at this late date) do the same.

The party should stand for something. There is an easy answer for when is “too late”? After Obama showed us what being a Democrat was all about, Melvin Hunt showed us he was on board with him. Other local officials along with Hunt who didn’t jump off of that train now deserve to be left at the station next election. If Hunt switches, any decent opponent that runs against him in the 2012 primary should receive a ringing endorsement from Republican leadership. If it means anything at all to run with the elephants, the donkeys should be trampled in a stampede to rid ourselves of the leftover good ole boy system we endured for so long.

What is the problem, do we have to HUNT for better candidates?

Liberty Dispatch Contributor