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Sunday, January 16, 2011


When choices were made by those in charge of local government in the county seat of Liberty County, Santa Claus won out. Anyone driving through Liberty during the holidays had an opportunity to see a very symbolic representation of the way our public officials have been doing business on our behalf here for years when looking at the new and very expensive Christmas decorations taxpayers paid to have displayed on electric poles.

When celebrating Christmas in a country and a state and a county and a city that elects its public officials by determining who the majority wants as leaders, we had leaders choose to emphasize celebrating the mythical Santa clause to the exclusion of displays that rejoiced over the birth of Jesus – despite that most people here believe Jesus to be the Son of God and the single most important person ever to walk the face of this earth.

Before those who have chosen themselves in their own private coronation of who should be kings and queens start playing the “separation of church and state” card or the politically correct idea that we should not offend anyone, please know that either atheism or just pure ignorance of the Constitution and the history of its application for the two hundred years before you arrived makes your arguments look stupid. All of your selective quotes and all of self proclaimed expertise will not erase the decades and the nearly two centuries of Christ being celebrated on public building, in public buildings, and around public buildings with public dollars. Though it may have sent a thrill down your leg, the Barack Obama psycho-nonsense that says to this generation that “we are who we have been waiting for” will begin and end with the arrogant and the self deceived.

Back to the parallels or coincidences or the implications of choosing the rosy cheeked winking Santa over the Creator of the world as we celebrate Christmas around here. Isn’t it ironic that from the same pool of public officials in and around the county courthouse we have a bunch of winks as taxpayers have long had to endure the corruption overflowing from our public officials? Haven’t we seen some line their little red Santa suits with money meant to help our community? Of course we have! And rather than see their cheeks grow rosy and fat from self dealing, would it not have been better to insist on the kind of character and servant hood Jesus Himself embodied when he walked this earth?

Why did the majority allow the minority to wink at us and do what they wanted to do? We should never have, and we should never again, let elected leaders or people that get pay checks from our tax money strip us of our standards. We should, with no apologies, hold them accountable. “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s” is a very important statement Jesus made about government – and in a representative democracy it makes each of us responsible to be vigilante about the decisions our government makes.

Am I advocating for more spiritual, more Christ-centered Christmas decorations? Yes, but it is a by-product of something much bigger that we should do. Am I advocating a ban on Santa Claus? I am advocating an emphasis on truth. We should insist on the government representing WE THE PEOPLE who live and pay taxes here. The non Christians who live amongst us and who pay taxes should be prepared in a representative democracy to live by the standards of the majority. All of the quotes about prohibiting the majority from trampling the rights of the minority have been used by these intellectual pretenders as a starting point to erode and eventually get rid of the standards laid out in the Ten Commandments and elsewhere that come from the God.

If our values come from the Santa mentality, the same arrogant people who have tried to be our puppet masters can bend and twist what is right and wrong around their likes and dislikes and their agenda. They can prosecute or dismiss court cases based on their own friendships, business dealings, bribes, or political considerations. They can profit off of FEMA and it be okay. They can ignore allegations of misconduct in office or they can declare themselves innocent as they slam the gavel. They can bury evidence and lie for each other and to satisfy the public use those complicit in the media to make it all seem okay, but it is not.

The truth is while Santa may wink and be bought off with milk and cookies and Jesus definitely commands us to love and to forgive, our duty because WE THE PEOPLE are responsible for what our local government does and we should send those people home or to jail if they are not doing right. They may think there is only Santa Claus to answer for but we who know better should stop them from holding positions that hurt the public and hurt their souls. When this life is over their will not be a lack of evidence that helps us receive some kind of inconsequential admonishment.


Anonymous said...

Most Christians are like turtles Ray. They pull their heads inside their shells in times of trouble. That is why your help has only come at election time. They get it but they are not going to get out of their comfort zone to help.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like someone is not paying attention. Let me guarantee you it was us Christians whowent to thepolls and took care of the problems revealed on here and problems connected to Washington. We will do it again next election. That has been the trumpet call on here and there has been no "turtle" like approach.

Anonymous said...

I voted for this mayor because Odell as the only other person on the ballot. But the Picketts have animosity toward Christianity that I was not aware of.

Anonymous said...

In many ways this Santa Claus theory of yours rings true throughout everything revealed on this website.