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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


About three months before an election, the strange collection of political figures Sheriff Henry Patterson has assembled to persuade the voters to give him a second chance are counting on this community being asleep since January 2009. They are hoping that they will not have to answer for all of the confusion and the disunity and the poor leadership in Patterson’s first three years.

Along with the assumption that people have not kept up with the absenteeism and the inter-department struggles of Sheriff Patterson, they must figure out a way to make it look like he has done a great job. One way they will use is “parroting”. They will try and make it sound like Patterson has wide based support because it is widely known he has done a great job – a stretch that will require political trickery deluxe.

It has been reported that the Outsiders have decided not to sit together in meetings anymore. Part of that reason could be to make their parroting more influential. In a meeting where several people around the room all seem to be in agreement it can influence perception differently than if a group comes in together and pushes for having things their way.

But “parroting” using just parrots that are not from this county (Outsiders) would be ineffective. So the Patterson political team will have to talk some of the people who have sponsored or condoned or who are just plain uninformed about the Outsiders, to come forward to help parrot what a great Sheriff Henry Patterson has been. Businessmen and other officials may not be too excited about standing bird to bird with the Outsiders and talk about a sheriff record that does not match what the people have seen.

The campaign may have to add in some more “shut up” politics and use the intimidation of the Sheriff’s department to do it. Liberty Dispatch has already reported the threats we have received. But we are also aware that the Sheriff is alleged to have let it be known some people working for the county better not say one negative or revealing thing about his leadership. Birds of a feather stick together – Patterson seems to be doing his part with the Outsiders.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Dear Liberty Dispatch and Judge

Recently I accompanied a friend to his court hearing in the 75th Judicial District Court in Liberty County. I have visited the 75th Judicial District Court on several prior occasions when the former judge was sitting on the bench.

I just wanted to comment on the distinct difference in our new Judge, Mark Morefield and the old judge. I found the new Judge very businesslike and professional. The difference between our new judge and that of the old Judge CT Hight is like night and day. I believe our county is much better served by a real legal administrator and honest man like Mark Morefield. It is apparent Judge Morefield has a real and genuine interest in the people of Liberty County and wont be bullied by the corrupt good ole boy network.

Thank you in advance for posting my letter.

New Outsider's Story Coming- Connecting the dots...

Stay tuned.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


If Liberty Dispatch’s readers are ever asked what caused all of the questions about the integrity of District Attorney Mike Little to arise, we could give a one word answer, a two word answer, or an answer that names three of his friends that to some have linked him to a lack of integrity forever.

The one word answer is “politics”. Mike Little has been the most political District Attorney in memory, but unless you’re real involved in politics you may not have had an opportunity to witness it. When Little was appointed District Attorney over two decades ago the county politics were so lopsided in favor of the Democrats, Little never faced an opponent. All those years with no opponent are not by accident or dumb luck however. The District Attorney he replaced is the legendary W.G. “Dub” Woods. Woods went on to be an extraordinary District Judge whose reputation for upholding justice and the rule of law was totally untarnished when he retired after over three decades of public service. Judge Woods would undoubtedly be considered a conservative Republican these days, but no one would ever know it – he was too busy with the fulfilling his responsibilities to be political. Little and Judge Woods are very different. Unlike Little’s predecessor Little worked to perfect a carrot and stick approach to staying in office. He rewarded his friends and made new friends by using the power of his office to gain political favor. He punished or intimidated anyone who hinted at standing upon against him by using harsh realities a District Attorney can inject into any ambitious attorney’s career who dreams of being a D.A.

The word answer to what caused all of the questions about the integrity of District Attorney Mike Little to arise is “pet projects”. Little has leveraged his power and position to get huge increases in his budget along with tremendous amounts of “booty” from confiscating the belongings of convicted drug dealers – all money that is unaccounted for or “off the books” according to County Auditor Harold Seay. A District Attorney that is a political animal like Little will always devote most of their time to three main things. One thing is cases that will make them look good to the public. Another thing they will make a priority is cases that suck money in and add it to what the county allots them. And last but not least, they will use their time and resources to achieve their political goals. The public is just now being made aware of the fact that many times this District Attorney has different priorities than the public. He has had “pet projects’ that has caused him to ignore or pass the buck on many of the public’s concerns. He spends loads of his “extra” time, money, and resources on HIS priorities.

A discussion of three names would help to explain what has caused all of the questions about the integrity of District Attorney Mike Little. Chip Fairchild, Phil Fitzgerald, and Greg Arthur. For the purpose of this article we will only briefly review what HAS BEEN and what WILL BE talked about concerning Mike Little’s relationship and his obsession that involves these three men.

Endless allegations about the personal and professional conduct of veteran law enforcement officer Chip Fairchild have been ignored by this District Attorney for years. Of all of the allegations the one that really caused citizens to start talking openly about (and investigate) the unholy alliances between Chip and Russell Fairchild and officials in the courthouse was the land and cattle theft of rancher John Stockton. Little has made a political career out of avoiding conflicts with people like the well connected and well respected John Stockton, but not this time. The way Mike Little figured it, Chip Fairchild has been much too valuable to him and his pet projects for Little to allow him to be investigated. Little had no way of knowing that the protection he was giving dependable friend, Chip Fairchild might become known to the public. He had no way of knowing Chip Fairchild would present evidence that could lead to the indictment of another of Little’s friends, former County Judge Phil Fitzgerald. He had no way of knowing the public and the federal authorities began to learn some about what was going on in Little’s political “family” because of a difference in goals within.

Any hope of maintaining a level of respect from those who know what has been going on was lost by Mike Little when he chose to help former County Judge Phil Fitzgerald attack District Judge Chap Cain- in response to Judge Cain raising questions about the way FEMA contracts were being handled. Rather than look out for the taxpayers and look into the wheeling and dealing of his friend Phil Fitzgerald like any District Attorney should look forward to, Little influences newly elected County Attorney Wes Hinch to join him in passing on investigating and prosecuting all of the allegations surrounding Judge Fitzgerald. Instead, it is well known in the courthouse he has tried (unsuccessfully) to find evidence to indict Fitzgerald’s enemies.

The third name is Greg Arthur. Mike Little lost a handle on the Sheriff’s Department when voters sent Greg Arthur packing. The onslaught of political revelations and the bad press and campaign against former Sheriff Greg Arthur led by Liberty Dispatch caused Little to be “on board’ with an offensive and a very expensive pet project to “get” Ray Akins. Arthur injected himself into a private business dispute and Little has spent months trying to help him by finding something he can call a crime and prosecute his political family’s enemies. Little has had a great deal of help from his political allies at KSHN and who have so muddled the reporting of what actually happened the public has little reason to understand the case. Rather than indict the people that committed a crime by forging names on checks and documents filed with the government, and rather than negotiate some kind of sentencing for those who were stealing money – Little has spent all kinds of money and time trying to persecute his political enemies and to exact revenge for Greg Arthur against Ray Akins.

Again, unfortunately for Mike Little, his routine of avoiding conflict with anyone powerful enough or rich enough or gutsy enough to not capitulate under the stress a District Attorney’s office can cause, was abandoned. Now at least three different groups of people have come forward and the public is now hearing for the first time what Mike Little has been doing for years.

In a time when we need to tighten our belts, nothing seems to stop Mike Little from opening up the purse he controls and using it try and paint a picture of who the bad guys are. His picture is much different than what the federal officials have painted. His picture is very different from what the voters have painted. With all of the power of his office and with KSHN and, Mike Little is leading a charge. While he is doing that, the taxpayer is paying the bill. If we want a true picture of what is happening, maybe all of the spending on these pet projects should be put on his campaign reports.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dear Liberty Dispatch

A few days ago I was embarrassed for Liberty County again when the Liberty County District Attorney’s office responded “not ready” to a very serious aggravated assault of a child case. The pattern of foot dragging and misguided priorities by the very political DA, Mike Little should concern every citizen of this county.

Juxtapose, the new District Judge, Mark Morefield, is ready to go to work. He ignored all of his opponent’s nasty snipes at him during election time and he got right to work cleaning up the mess he was left after winning a slam dunk election in November. Despite, being booby trapped by former District Judge, Rusty Hight’s theft of most of the law books used by this office and despite having to work overtime making up for all of the days Judge Hight campaigned rather than held court, Morefield has reinforced the claims of those who were practically screaming voters needed a change in this office, by working hard and applying his expert legal mind to our local courts.

Now what the public needs is for the infamous persecution and selective prosecution of District Attorney Mike Little to be challenged by the new business-like “a speedy trial is the right of every defendant” approach to the courts. Little has developed a reputation that is so pervasive that anyone familiar with him is not surprised by his ill preparedness on even a case like the one mentioned above. While he is focusing the time and resources of Texas’ most bloated budget- in the courthouse on cases that satisfy his political goals. Liberty County Taxpayers are now paying visiting Judge Don Taylor to hear “not ready for trial”.

Little was not ready to bring the scandal involving former County Judge Phil Fitzgerald to trial either. He has not indicated he is ready to bring the Liz Beausoliel mail theft case to trial either. In fact he has taken a pass on nearly every corruption case that has come through Liberty County’s courthouse – except cases that serve his political objectives, ie – Scott Parker and Roy Bennett, Janet Harrelson and Ray Akins. All cases he had a cheering squad sitting in the political shadows.

Meanwhile, Little and his office with a budget that has not only weathered the recession, it has thrived – leaves defendants dangling in the wind running up huge legal bills in hopes he can wear them down and instead of go to court, cut a deal. Little’s game may have worked fine under Hight, but Morefield is ready to go to work. In the campaign Hight’s supporters repeatedly said Morefield was sick. They said his expertise was real estate. These statements were meant to convince people that we were stuck with Hight because Morefield couldn’t do the job. Instead, we now see Morefield is “sick” alright. He is sick of people playing politics with the courts. He is ready to go to work. Anyone attending court also has witnessed that Morefield is an expert in real estate law indeed, but he is also an expert and prepared for all areas of law that come before him.

Mike Little is currently dragging his feet with the results of handwriting analysis that he asked for on the Akins/Shauberger case. That example of Little’s modus operandi is no less representative of his abuse of office and deception just because of our affiliation with these two men. We taxpayers paid for handwriting experts to help resolve a case that Mike Little has spent huge amounts of time and resources on and what were the results. The samples were taken almost two years ago. Where are the results Mr. Little? Judge Hight allowed you all kinds of foot dragging excuse making, but Judge Morefield is ready to go to work.

Call a press conference tomorrow, Mr. Little. Explain to us why you were “not ready” on the child abuse case. Prove to us you are not hiding evidence that blows your case against Akins and Shauberger by showing the media the results of the handwriting analysis. Despite your media friends’ efforts take it look otherwise; you blew the Harrelson case and left us taxpayers with huge bills and one remaining yet to be overturned conviction. We know you have a slush fund that is “off the books”. We know you had a deal with the last County Judge and since 2006 your office has gotten more and more money, but please start getting more and more results. Many of us believe your deal with Judge
Fitzgerald should be undone, but if your office has money to burn, please show us the results.

We are ready for YOU to go to work forget the showboat stuff at election time. Start trying some cases yourself. Start taking care of the day to day business and hard work of the fighting crime, and ease up on all of the time you spend trying to get votes.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Birth of a RINO

It takes about sixteen months from conception for a rhinoceros baby to be born while a human being’s gestation period is only nine months. Nine months from now it may just be that we will see a combination of the two happen – a human rhino being born. Somewhere in America rhinos, or republicans in name only, are preparing right now for a 2012 elect run.

Like a baby most politicians have a formula that they will depend on to help them convince the public they deserve their vote. Rhinos have to have a special formula – it includes heavy doses of deception and self promotion.

For the purpose of this article let’s look at possibilities for the rarest and most dangerous kind of rhinos coming forth right here in Liberty County. These rhinos are rarely seen because the voting public is usually much too alert to have over half of the voters get conned out of their vote. This kind of rhino is the party switching rhino who claims their party change and their commitment to conservatism is the same kind of switch that other well known Republicans did – they simply were later to reveal their change.

It is mind boggling to think any politician would come in to this next election trying to sell this snake oil, but let’s pretend one or two do just to expound on what kind of things it takes to pull this off. Before anyone writes in to ridicule the possibility, let’s acknowledge any Democrat planning on running in 2012 who was concerned about the spend spend spend politics of our current Democratic leadership in Washington should have publicly announced their intention to run Republican months ago. No one in Liberty County has since December 2010. Anyone hanging with the Democratic Party and Obama through the last election has no rationale to switch now.

But if one were to try, what would it take for us to see one of these rare rhinos hatch between now and nine months from now? What kind of formula would their campaign use the next nine months?

First, let’s also acknowledge anyone switching this late would have to be desperate. The most controversial local Democrat on the ballot in 2012 is a good example. Mike Little has never had an opponent, but he is sure to have one or more this time. He was tied to the hip with recently defeated District Judge Rusty Hight, recently defeated County Judge candidate Michelle Merendino, and recently defeated County Judge Phil Fitzgerald. None of the scandalous accusations against these people or the crazy liberal policies of Obama caused Mike Little to announce a party switch.

If a candidate wants to switch parties, no one can stop them. Mike Little has plenty of negative baggage local Republicans should want to avoid but Little can still switch if he wants. By election time it is difficult to say whether rape and sodomy charges against him will have gone to court yet. Maybe he will have that behind him, but what political party wants new candidates with that kind of background.

It is not likely charges of selective prosecution charges will be behind him by December. It seems to be a growing possibility that any connection Little has to the Liz Beausoliel/stolen mail case will not be cleared up by then. Allegations of bloating his budget may or may not be under public scrutiny by November.

Republicans have fought this guy for year, if he turned rino the only good thing for real Republicans would be that they could beat him in the primary and all of his long time Democratic compadres would have very Little to say about it.

Of course it is a ridiculous to even think this might happen, but if Mike Little did, he would be a great example of the rarest most reviled type of rinos. The irony of having the person who has refused to prosecute and ignored all of the years of corruption run as a Republican is interesting, but what real Republican would want him.

Write in if you are a long time conservative Republican and would be excited about Mike Little or any other Democrat switching. Sign your name. Explain why you think this would be good.

Dear Liberty Dispatch

I see your website has two recent stories about an eleven year old girl being raped by many young men. One suggests she was used as bait by the authorities we trust to protect her or at least left unprotected. The other story is about a gag order to keep such things under wraps. I believe if you can study the court records in Judge Bobby Rader’s JP court you will find a gag order made for a different reason. (Note: Judge Bobby Rader is also a municipal court judge for the City of Liberty.):

It seems that of the many young men arrested and given very high bail amounts, one was given a $100,000.00 PR (Personal Recognizance), bond by Judge Rader. It seemed strange to me as he was not even a juvenile and I would think an adult to be more liable for what he does than a juvenile. His name is Carlos Bernard Ligons. It seems that Mr. Ligons' mother works for the jail (CEC CORP) and is politically connected with the Democrat Party. Judge Rader is a reputed (RINO) Republican and may be trying to keep his supporters and Democrat friends (Like Mike Little) happy.

Getting past the gag order may be difficult, but I think it needs to be investigated and made public. I hope there is a good explanation for a PR bond being approved for one suspect and $100,000.00 bonds for the rest, but it looks like the gag order is there to cover up some bias. There is no excuse for being with an eleven year old and I don't see how any single one of the young men involved deserve special treatment apart from the rest.

With all the media coverage, I just hope that the eleven year old can now get the protection and help she deserves.

Time to sign up for election, nine months and counting.

Less than nine months from now, sign-up for the upcoming election will begin.

Offices up for election include Liberty County District Attorney, Sheriff, Commissioner, and Liberty County Attorney- among others.

Liberty County is on the way to another historic year in Liberty County politics.  The chance for Liberty County to become a better place to live surrounds a high stakes fight that will soon emerge.

Corruption in Liberty County still abounds and begs the question- Will you act?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Thoughts on the horrific rape of an 11-year-old in Texas

The recent rape of an 11-year-old Hispanic girl in Cleveland, Tex., is assumed to be what we can expect from the so-called "'hood." Or it's just what can happen to girls who write about their sex lives on Facebook and dress provocatively - "more appropriate to a woman in her 20s," as The New York Times put it.

And remembering the Tawana Brawley scandal, we could conclude that women of color will use any excuse to save themselves from being caught doing something untoward: running away from home to be sexually free with boyfriends, selling sex and titillation or just being airheads whose fates are determined.

These are obviously sexist and racist ways to read this tragedy, which allow us to avoid the ugly fact of the matter: Our culture does not teach young women to protect themselves. All parents suffer despair when observing how naively female children choose to enlist in the obligatory "rebellion" promoted since the '60s.

Otherwise, one is some kind of a nerd who listens to the advice of parents and other adults. To move up the lurid side of our culture, one should do everything except listen to one's parents - and finish his or her homework.

The extremely strong desire to follow the trends of the moment is helped by an electronic media in which sex is attached to every activity. Girls constantly hear about how to look "hot," which usually means dressing like a prostitute. Even Tucker Carlson, that staid Republican, took to Twitter to brand Sarah Palin a "MILF." That is not scandalous because we are so far gone at this point.

None of this even vaguely excuses women for lying about being raped nor defends male rapists. Neither is innocent.

In today's world, "innocent" is a word rarely applied outside of a narrow legal definition, because most people seem to have accepted the idea that few of us are innocent, given the endless smut supposedly bubbling in our brains.

But it is still painful to hear what preadolescent girls or teenage women say when they open their mouths on the subject of sexuality and responsibility. One can easily hear the heartbreaking confusion of children as it unconsciously wrestles up through their vulgarity, their attempts at being tough, their dismissals of supposed good behavior.

Interestingly, the reactions of men with female children tends to be quite different from those who do not have them. Upon hearing what happened in Cleveland, Tex., men with daughters across the land probably blurted out things like, "They should execute all of those asses. If not, they should stay in prison for the rest of their lives."

Those who only had sons (or who had no children) were uniformly disgusted, but also perhaps sympathetic to the accused young men. But what if they had daughters of their own who had been raped because of how they dressed or with whom they consorted? Would the accused deserve sympathy then?

"Hell, no."

I do not think that rape should be qualified by the dress of the victim, even if she seems to be a "video vixen" in training. Yet irony always walks tall in American life. Those wanting to preserve their crime were caught by the same kind of electronics that may have influenced their behavior: They used their phones to take pictures and to make videos of what happened. That is how the police found out which young men were to be arrested and charged.

There it is.

By, Stanley Crouch- NY Daily

Saturday, March 12, 2011




The judges signed Liberty County DA, Mike Little's "gag order" with the best of intentions but other motives by Mike Little are at play here, not the 12 year old's protection.

Liberty Dispatch has learned that Liberty County DA, Mike Little's motivations are very suspect.  We have learned that an increasing number of national media have asked him about charges against him for the sexual assault of a black man named, Michael Lynn Blue.  The Mr. Blue case is working its way through the Liberty County courts at this time.

The Michael Lynn Blue case number at the Liberty County District Clerks office is:  CR24373

Friday, March 11, 2011


It's March 2011 and we, The Outsiders, continue to investigate & maintain pressure on the local Liberty County corruption. In our last Update we explained that we had expanded the scope of our investigations and we had expanded the scope of our Complaints to include the leadership of the Texas Rangers. In this report, we seek to inform Liberty County Residents of noteworthy changes occurring within the leadership of the Texas Rangers and our ongoing activities.

Former Texas Ranger Clete Buckaloo has been appointed to head up a new investigative unit with the Department of Public Safety. The Unit's personnel focus on combating corruption among law enforcement officers and personnel. The new unit is part of the State’s new multi-jurisdictional approach with the Texas Office of the Attorney General (OAG) in order to combat several types of crime. As the OAG’s Director of Law Enforcement, Clete Buckaloo oversees the Fugitive Unit, the Cyber Crimes Unit, the Special Investigations Unit, the Facilities Security Unit, the Criminal Litigation Unit and the Professional Standards Unit. Director Buckaloo will also coordinate the Fugitive Unit’s work with DPS, TDCJ and local law enforcement as they create the new Sex Offender Parole Violation Apprehension Teams. Director Buckaloo assumed the new post in Austin on Jan. 15, 2011. See the official press release at this website:

The newly created Director of Law Enforcement position seems very unique as it involves several government agencies and the restructuring of some agencies.

Several news stories about Clete Buckaloo exist and he was even featured on the cover of the April 2007 issue of Texas Monthly. See the following websites:,%20Clete.pdf

The Outsiders, wish Director Clete Buckaloo and his team well in their efforts to weed out government corruption in Texas. We hope that this change will lead to Complaints of government corruption being taken very seriously by the Texas Rangers as our last Update featured a Complaint and an Appeal to Texas DPS regarding local Texas Ranger, Grover Franklin (Frank) Huff and the leader of the Texas Rangers, Antonio (Tony) Leal. This brings us to the next big change in the Texas Rangers...

Antonio Leal, the youngest man to ever serve as the leader of the Texas Rangers, will be retiring at the end of this month. Also, a new interim leader of the Texas Rangers has already been selected. See: Attachment #1 (Texas DPS Press Release). Although The Outsiders are aware that there have been other Texas citizens who have had problems with Texas Ranger Leal, many of us feel that the Appeal letter featured in our last Update was likely the straw that broke the camel's back. See: Attachment #2 (Complaint Appeal to Texas DPS Director Steven C. McCraw, by Robert F. Valdez) The timing seems right, but the reader can decide for himself if Leal's retirement and the Complaint Appeal letter to the Texas DPS Director are somehow connected. However, regardless of the reason, Antonio Leal will no longer be in charge of the Texas Rangers and that change is likely for the better.

The Outsiders, would like to take this moment to encourage the citizens of Liberty County to trust that the system can work if we all stay vigilant and do our part. If people who have been wronged by government officials diligently file Complaints and actively make their issues known to the community, it can make a difference. Oftentimes, government agencies have Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) rules that require a Complaint to be filed before any investigations can begin. For this reason, citizens should seek out what the appropriate procedure is for filing Complaints when they are wronged. We live in unique times. The internet gives citizens more access to government information than ever before and the citizens are able to communicate like never before. Although not every Complaint or other action against corruption will succeed, every reasonable action someone does to fight corruption makes it easier for the next person to get justice. Even organized corruption can be curtailed if the citizens stand up for their rights in large numbers. We have seen it. When corrupt government officials know they are being watched, they do less crime. In short, good government requires maintenance by the citizenry.

This brings us to the latest Outsider activity. We have been busy sending a flurry of Texas Public Information Act (PIA) requests to all corners of Liberty County government and we have been busy with a lot of research and undercover work. A great deal of information and provable evidence has been coming in. Honest citizens and local government officials have been busy gathering information and even taking pictures of crimes large and small. We will be filing more Complaints where we are finding wrong doing and we plan to report that government related criminal activity (with the evidence to prove it) on this website soon. The Outsiders, ask that if you're a corrupt government official or one of their accomplices: please smile. It makes for a better picture.

Once again we would like to thank all those citizens and govt. officials who, despite all the risks, continue to contribute hard evidence to fight corruption and help the system work correctly.

#1 DPS PRESS RELEASE - Texas Ranger Chief Retires.pdf
#2 02-20-2011 APPEAL Letter to DIRECTOR of TEXAS DPS et all.pdf



Thursday, March 10, 2011

VICTIMS: Liberty County Taxpayers

As readers of Liberty Dispatch will remember, there is a case in the 253rd Judicial District Court of Liberty County concerning charges by a black prisoner that Liberty County DA, Mike Little sexually abused him by sodomizing him.  Michael Lynn Blue filed his case against Liberty County DA, Mike Little on 11/09/2010.

The charges go on to state that DA Little used or traded the sexual contact as an unwanted barter for a reduced sentence.  The case filed in Liberty County is filed under case number #CR24373.

The problem with this case beyond the obvious charge of homosexual abuse and official oppression of a prisoner is another fact- which places Liberty County taxpayers and State of Texas taxpayers in a position of abuse by DA Little.

The abuse occurring is county and state taxpayers having to effectively pay for Liberty County DA, Mike Little’s legal representation.  Furthermore, in addition to county and state taxpayers having to pay for DA Little’s representation is the outrage of someone from his own office representing him.  His first assistant Liberty County DA, Anne Streit is the one who county and state taxpayers are paying to represent Liberty County DA, Mike Little on a criminal based charge.

Texas Law* clearly states a Criminal District Attorney is NOT entitled to legal cost reimbursement.

County/State Law** clearly states the county does not have a duty to provide legal counsel for a criminal charge involving a County Criminal District Attorney.

Apparently, the Liberty County District Attorney, Mike Little has publicly suppressed the criminal charge made against him and his use of county funds for his defense.  The unauthorized use of county assets for his legal defense also rises to the charge of illegal use of county assets.

Liberty County has come a long way but this lingering injustice and corruption has stalled the progress and strides made in the recent past elections and has created a victim out of Liberty County and State of Texas taxpayers.

*State of Texas: A criminal district attorney is not a covered person under section 104.001, a criminal district attorney is not entitled to be defended by the attorney general or receive reimbursement of defense costs under that chapter. (Criminal charges, DA) See Tex. Civ. Prac. & Rem. Code Ann.  104.001-.005

**County of Liberty: As a court has determined, however, a county does not have a general duty to provide for the criminal defense of any of its officers and employees. See White v. Eastland County, 12 S.W.3d 97, 102 (Tex. App.--Eastland 1999, no pet.). A pertinent statute, section 157.901 of the Local Government Code, requires a county to employ and pay for private counsel to represent a county official or employee in an action arising out of the performance of public duties. See Tex. Loc. Gov't Code Ann. 157.901 (Vernon 1999). The court in White determined that section 157.901 creates a duty to provide for a defense in civil cases, but does not create a duty to defend an official or employee against a criminal charge. See White, 12 S.W.3d at 102. The court in White also determined that the common law does not impose a duty on a county to pay for the criminal defense of its officers and employees. Id. at 103. Consistently with the opinion in White, we conclude that a county does not have either a statutory or common-law duty to provide for criminal defense expenses of an officer or employee.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dear Editor...

I have a few thoughts on the longsuffering and the politics in our county. If I may I would like to share them with your readership.

Thomas Paine stirred the American spirit in the 1700’s when he encouraged the colonists to “oppose not only the tyranny but the tyrant”. This is one of the most famous phrases Paine wrote in his pamphlet Common Sense and it is not difficult to understand why it was important that it be said. In fact, it needs to be said now in Liberty County.

The abuse and misuse of office in Liberty County is well known. But we need to face the facts that Thomas Paine faced over 200 years ago and realize that it takes more than just hating corruption. It takes more than just recognizing something is wrong in the courthouse.

Paine points us to what may be common sense but something that is less common to act on. In addition to opposing corruption, Paine says we have to oppose the corrupt people involved too. By most accounts King George III was a popular head of state. But after he refused to change his ways and reacted so aggressively in response to the Olive Branch Petition, it took someone like Paine to help people to see that though the King may be loved, opposing him was the only way to be free – and the only way to free the King from being a tyrant.

The good people of this county are in many ways just like the patriots in Paine’s day. Most people are not eager to see someone lose their job or to face the consequences of their behavior. Most people hate corruption, but they do not expect to find out that the corrupt are their friends and neighbors. We almost would rather just continue to gripe about corruption and do nothing rather than find out the county is being victimized by someone that we know or someone whose family we really like.

In the days following the American Revolution and Thomas Paine’s famous writings, the British and King George III became the United States’ number one trading partner. In knowing that, we need to realize we too need to oppose our friends when they are doing wrong. We need to help take them out of a position of authority. We need to stop allowing their corruption to hurt so many people. Then, as the patriots did with the King, we can try and renew our relationship with them.


The four to one vote yesterday in Liberty County Commissioners’ Court is a sure signal Republicans are not going to sit on the fence and waste a great deal more time on this controversial issue. They voted to halt the ongoing project to remodel the old Wal-Mart store into county office space and an emergency shelter. Liberty County Judge Craig McNair made the motion, adding he would like to see the building put of for sale to recoup some of the money already spent on the project. As expected Democrat Liberty County Commissioner Todd Fontenot voted against halting the project he and Lee Groce and Phil Fitzgerald initiated.

Before local politicians simply take a loss in the real estate market, Liberty Dispatch would like an answer to the questions centering on a middleman making suspicious profits off of the county’s purchase of this property. Rumors still are adrift about Todd Fontenot, Lee Groce, and Phil Fitzgerald giving thumbs up to a middleman purchasing the old WalMart building and then selling it to Liberty County in a pre-arranged “deal”. We would love for that rumor to be false, but in the midst of one scandal after another, we would like this to be verified before taxpayers simply take hundreds of thousands of dollars of loss in a sale of this property.

We also would be interested in hearing Phil Fitzgerald’s side of the story about any agreement he believed he had with Bruce Stratton and the hospital district or if it is true he paid over a million bucks for this property and had no inkling of a deal with anyone.

Our hats are off to Liberty County Judge, Craig McNair for moving on this issue. Liberty County taxpayers needed to hear a reasonable plan to develop the property or an exit strategy. Now we can at least recover some of the money the Democrats blew and we can get the building back on the tax rolls. Somewhere soon we hope there is an end to how much and how long we will pay for the past.


Liberty Dispatch has been given information that local Liberty County Texas Ranger, Grover Franklin "Frank" Huff has been fired and/or forced to resign from the Texas Rangers.  Additionally we have information that simultaneously, Texas Ranger Captain, Antonio Leal has taken an early retirement with his last day as Ranger leader- March 31, 2011.

Numerous allegations of illegal activity including witness tampering, document tampering, evidence tampering, intimidation, harassment, official oppression, official misconduct and as a conduit for illegal activities coming out of the Liberty County DA's office- centered around Huff.

Huff's removal is seen publicly as a very positive move for The Texas Rangers, Liberty County and The State of Texas.

Huff was illegally serving as an elected official in Hardin, Texas on the school board. Last night Huff was removed from the Hardin school board.

Thanks to the Liberty County Sheriff's Office and Liberty County Sheriff, Henry Patterson for their great work and results in this corruption probe.

We will report more as more information becomes available.

NOTE: "The Outsiders" have claimed they played a major role in the investigation which led to Huff's ultimate departure from the Texas Ranger's.