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Sunday, July 31, 2011


Some insiders have described the atmosphere in the courthouse as a “breath of fresh air” and others have said “there is cooperation around here built around doing positive things rather than twisting arms.” For the first time in a very long time Liberty County voters have elected citizens from among us that are in no way connected with the good ole boy system that has been taxing and spending and using political tactics to take what they wanted. The result has been a group of people who have answered the budget crisis we have here in Liberty County with a great deal less controversy and delay than we have seen in Washington D.C.

If voters want to see growth of a continuing cooperative effort to reform our local government in substantive ways, they must hope that our commissioners and county judge use their power and influence to bring in new people with fresh ideas and energy. The next opportunity they have to do this will be the way they handle the replacement of long time county tax collector/assessor Mark McClelland.

Four people have been named as replacements to be considered for replacing McClelland. The four names are JoAnn Smith, Dennis Odell, Ricky Brown, and David Taylor. We have no reason to believe any of these people have not been good parents and good citizens, but in order to continue to build a positive forward marching courthouse without some of the problems of the past, two of these candidates seem to be better than the other two.

First, long time Liberty County employee JoAnn Smith has been part of McClelland’s team for many many years and anyone wanting to see change and a fresh approach will by definition wish Mrs. Smith the best but hope she is not the choice of commissioners court. Despite the well known fact she is within months of her planned retirement, Mrs. Smith is most likely to receive support from long time Democratic officeholders Todd Fontenot and Melvin Hunt. Both of these men may still be having trouble digesting the decisions voters made in the last election and they may ignore any message voters have sent and support Mrs. Smith.

Second, former County Judge Phil Fitzgerald’s personally appointed assistant to help with FEMA, Dennis Odell has several problems that don’t eliminate him, but would make many voters wonder why commissioners and the county judge would choose anyone like Mr. Odell with a cloud over their selection. The first cloud is Odell’s connection to Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald has been indicted for serious crimes and Odell was in a position to see discrepancies that would have caught him much earlier. Instead, Odell publicly brags that the records he was paid to keep will prove Fitzgerald is a criminal. Can we afford Odell in another position where he can just file away crimes like he did in the FEMA scandal? We need public officials to take responsibility and stop allowing people around them to rip off us taxpayers. Odell may somehow think opening his files when federal officials demand his cooperation proves he is ready for higher office, but should we agree with him?

Choosing either of the other two gentlemen reported to be in the hunt for this office would signal to voters that the commissioners and the county judge understand their desire for fresh faces with professional approaches to public service. Ricky Brown is well respected by those who know him in the Dayton area and he is known as a very capable, community-minded asset to this community. David Taylor is also known to possess many of the attributes we look for in public servants and most of those who have worked for him say he is the best boss ever. Though all four of the candidates may do a good job if selected, considering the shift toward positive change in the courthouse, these two gentlemen have distinct advantages over the other two.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Court date set for "Motion to Disqualify" Liberty County ADA Joe Warren.

Liberty County First Assistant District Attorney Joe Warren has had a "Motion to Disqualify" filed against him in the 75th Judicial District Court of Liberty County. The motion stems from Joe Warren's recent arrest for one felony charge of  "Tampering with a Witness" - Misdemeanor "Deadly Conduct" and Misdemeanor "Terroristic Threats".

Local Attorney James D. Evans III will have his "Motion to Disqualify" Joe Warren heard in the 75th Judicial District Court on August 12, 2011 at 10:30am.

Evans represents two of the nationally known alleged Cleveland Rape Case Defendants where Joe Warren is the ADA in the case.  Joe Warren's boss Liberty County DA Mike Little - has refused to dismiss or remove Warren from this case or any other criminal cases now pending in Liberty County, Texas.

LINK: Attorney Evans' Motion to Disqualify Joe Warren from the Liberty County Courts

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Liberty County Sheriff's Department Big Bust, Large Criminal Operation Closed Down

In the late evening hours of yesterday, July 27, 2011, Deputies from the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office, operating on a crime stopper tip which was received via the Department’s Web Site went to a location on County Road 389 near the Pebble Creek area of Liberty County.

Upon arrival, Deputies located numerous firearms, including, but not limited to shotguns, semi-automatic shotguns, rifles, handguns and even a L.A.W. (laws) rocket launcher. Also located at this crime scene was an undisclosed amount of methamphetamine, narcotics paraphernalia, undisclosed amount of U.S. currency and a “growing operation” for marijuana.

Sheriff’s Deputies have remained on the scene all night preserving this large scale crime scene. Sheriff’s Office Investigators have returned to the location this morning to continue the processing of evidence and recovery of numerous stolen items, including, but not limited to , four wheelers, motor vehicle parts and other mechanical devices.

At this time those arrested in the course of this incident are not being released pending further additional arrests directly related to this Investigation. Should the booking photos be authorized for release later today by Investigators, those will also be forwarded.

Please note, this is a large scale operation, whereby the investigative process will be labor intensive and time consuming. Due to the high temperatures expected today, Sheriff’s Office personnel will be working in rotating shifts, processing the crime scene.

It should also be noted, the original tip, which came through our Web Site, was handed to a new specialized unit here at the LCSO. This unit, comprised of 5 Deputies, including a K-9 unit, work together by responding to reported high crime locations and follow up on crime stopper tips as they are received. This unit has been specifically designed as a “pro-active” unit and lieu of being a “re-active” response to Law Enforcement. This unit was authorized by Sheriff Patterson and has been in operation for the last month. These dedicated professionals, in a very short time, have already made a tremendous impact in Liberty County. Their efforts have netted numerous major arrests (including the capture of several wanted fugitives), recovered numerous stolen firearms, illegal firearms, large amounts of methamphetamine, methamphetamine related apparatus and products, cocaine, marijuana and approximately $25,000.00 in U.S. currency, which is being processed for asset forfeiture through the Judicial System.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Three months till sign-up to run for Liberty County DA.

Liberty Dispatch "prospective" Liberty County District Attorney Candidates.


1. Wes Hinch
2. Karen McNair
3. James Evans
4. Julie Cain Halstead
5. Steve Green
6. Michelle Merendino
7. Rick McGuire
8. Jerry Andress
9. Jay Arnold
10. Jamie Carter
11. Jim Farmer


1. Wes Hinch
2. Mark Beausoliel
3. Zack Zbranek
4. Regis Fontenot
5. Logan Picket
6. Bruce Stratton
7. Bruce Mintz
8. Gary Dennison
9. John Archer
10. Barbara Norwood
11. Michael "Blue" Little

Dear Liberty Dispatch,

I told you several weeks ago about observing some strange behavior outside of one of the houses of a local Republican activist. I hope you listened and have been acting on my tip.

The recent international phone-hacking scandal controversy involving British tabloid newspapers has really waked me up as to how invasive someone can be if they are there is enough at stake. Employees of some of the British media were accused of engaging in phone hacking and obtaining illicit information by bribing police officers and exercising improper influence on politicians and the police.

It is the stories surrounding this scandal that really should alert anyone who is questioning or in opposition to people in power in Liberty County. Reports have talked about all kinds of surveillance equipment. It would not be unusual for instance, for some of the enemies of LD to have access to equipment that would allow them to sit in a vehicle around the corner and monitor telephone calls and computer activity. It would be illegal to do without a search warrant but when you’re dealing with criminals, I doubt that would shock anyone.

Also, have you all considered that your telephones or you computers may have been compromised? The reports I saw indicated this could be checked out. I don’t want to be conspiracy theorists that are alarmists, but I really would like corruption in this county to come to an end and for the messengers to be vindicated.

Friday, July 22, 2011


Today I wanted to gather information from the energetic, innovative Justice of the Peace for precinct #1 Bobby Rader that might would shed light for us all on the path forward for Liberty County. Judge Rader is unquestionably one of the hardest working public officials in this community and one of the most well liked, but as an occassional contributor to Liberty Dispatch, I wanted to hear a little more about his view of public service and get a hint as to his political future.

As I knocked and entered the room with Judge Rader’s invitation, he welcomed me warmly and invited me to sit down. “I was just trying to put something down on paper to help you with whatever your going to write about today”, Judge Rader said. He stopped typing and turned around and later handed me the paper he had just started.

“A friend once told me that if you worked somewhere and were not part of the solution then you were part of the problem.”

That single comment should be music to the ears of anyone who has endured the last twenty years or so of scandalous behavior in and around our courthouse. That attitude, if carried out aggressively, is what solves budget problems, what constantly and consistently sets high standards and helps to achieve ever expanding goals. But is that just some kind of platitude or an Obama-like sound byte, or is it what we have seen, and can expect to continue to see from Judge Rader?

Judge Rader appears to be the type of public official who runs into the fires rather than away from them. He has made his JP office the most productive office in the county and has set up routines that are time consuming and sometimes controversial, but always true to the comment above. He exposes himself to questions from people who do not understand the law by taking on some roles that he could avoid.

Always at the jail at 5:00 AM and highly accessible to magistrate cases when the District Judges are elsewhere, he carefully follows the guidelines given to him by the Judge Cain and Judge Morefield. If there is a  controversy about bail or any other decision involved in this volunteer duty, Judge Rader may take the heat of differing opinions without the benefit of an opportunity to rebutt his critics because he is simply trying to make the system work better. He has learned cooperation among public officials can make the system work better for the entire community. He does his part. He considers himself part of “the solution”.

But Judge Rader will tell you his aggressive active role as JP does not make him infallible nor does it solve all of the problems and challenges of the county. Justices of the Peace are not attorneys and they are not law enforcement. What this Judge has done is to uses the resources available to him, including the valuable experience of Darla Diaz, a good working relationship with both District Judges and the County Court at Law Judge, and knowledge and experience in law enforcement and a good relationship with them.

Four questions Judge Rader was asked that our readers may like to know the answers from:

1) After years of working to improve JP precinct #1, name something you are still working on

Judge Rader said, “The juvenile problem”. Of course we can always say there is a lack of funds, but saying that does not help solve the fact that the more we overlook and give a pass to juveniles committing their first crimes, the more it encourages some of them to commit worse and worse crimes.” Judge Rader has indicated in the past that if all of our public officials including judges, the County Attorney and District Attorney, and the Probation department would work together to solve this growing problem, some things could be done even without more funding.

2) When you point out the quote from your friend about being a problem solver, are you concerned you set yourself up to be criticized by those who are complaining about the corruption in and around our courthouse?

Because the state of Texas requires that a public official step down as soon as they announce their candidacy for another office, Judge Rader’s answer will remain off of the record so as not to be misconstrued to step into the realm of that law. Judge Rader obviously feels that from his job as JP and his office in the annex, he can not be aware of or solve all of the county’s problems.

3) On the subject of corruption, Judge Rader was asked about the case of Assistant District Attorney Joe Warren. Specifically he was asked with Warren being accused of, and arrested for witness tampering and threatening his next door neighbor with a gun, did he believe Warren should be allowed to continue to handle cases as ADA?

“In cases where someone has felt I was not going to be fair, I have recused myself,“ Judge Rader said as he want on to talk about how the importance of even the appearance of anything unfair should be a top consideration in our courts.

So if you were Joe Warren you would recuse yourself?

“Well, I am not sure he can do that. As a judge I certainly have done that a number of times” Judge Rader responded (Pointing out specific times he had done that - even one case where it was really questionable how anyone would consider it necessary for another judge to be called). “The justice system needs to be above reproach”, Rader continued (he went on to talk about how all judges, including himself may make a mistake, but they need to all go the extra mile to even make the appearance of impartiality a priority).

4) So what do you think District Attorney Mike Little should do about Joe Warren in light of his arrest and pending trial?

(Judge Rader indicated that only the District Attorney or others prescribed by law could address this problem. When reminded he was an elected public official that was known for being a problem solver and that readers wanted to know how this case was being viewed by someone other than media, he did continue to respond to this area of questions). Judge Rader answered, “I would think that the law addresses this kind of situation. I am not an attorney but it seems like there would be laws that told a District Attorney what he had to do in a case like this.”

As a side note, for years it is a known fact among some of the most active local Republicans that Democrats have given Bobby unmitigated hell because he ran on the Republican ticket. We should all appreciate that he continues to be the most open politician in the county. If you want to know why he has done something or exactly how he justifies a ruling etc. All you have to do is ask Judge Rader. Unlike, our District Attorney, Judge Rader will initiate conversations about anything said about him or his office, even if it was said in the media. He addresses matters because he thinks the public deserves an explanation for actions public officials take. Undoubtedly, the few remaining Democrats who have participated in this ritual of trying to ostracize Bobby Rader will now do it more carefully than in the past.

Story and Editorial by LD Contributor

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Difficult Day for LCSO Deputies turns worse....


1st call – Jack Couch           58             w/m         
2nd call – Dale Peavy          37              w/m
3rd call – Lewis Boatman    64              w/m


No word yet on who the deceased were. There have been many people writing and contacting LD asking if some of these people are related to the corruption probe and/or arrest. We will post the names when they become available.

As released yesterday afternoon at approximately 2:45 p.m. two tragic incidents involving firearms were responded to and handled by Deputies from the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office. However, at approximately 4:25p.m. a third serious incident occurred off of Highway 146 near C.R. 2125 in Liberty County where two Liberty County Sheriff’s Deputies were at an undisclosed location attempting to serve a warrant on a wanted individual.

Unfortunately, a series of events occurred and the person whom Deputies were there to place into custody fled from the residence armed with a firearm. This individual proceeded to flee from the Deputy Sheriff’s and took cover behind a small structure located on the property. As Deputies attempted to negotiate with him, a single gunshot was heard.

One male, positively identified as the person whom Deputies were there to arrest and had witnessed run from the residence with a firearm was in fact found deceased with a single gunshot wound behind the structure where he had taken cover.

No Deputies were injured as a result of this incident and no shots were fired by any of the Sheriff’s Deputies. At this time the identity of the deceased is not released for notification and investigation of the incident. This incident brought the total Deaths, caused by gunfire in Liberty County in one day to three, an unprecedented series of tragic events for Liberty County.

Yesterday, July 20th, 2011, shall be a day where the Dispatchers, Deputies and their Supervisors are all reminded just how difficult, trying and often times demanding their jobs really are. So much tragedy and trauma consumed in one day is extremely difficult for anyone to bear. However, working together, supporting each other through difficult days or a series of serious incidents such as these often brings out the very best in the dedicated men and women of the LCSO.

When you see these folks on the street, please try to remember, whether it’s the Dispatcher on the other side of the 9-1-1 line or a Deputy out on Patrol, their job is a difficult one and very often with nothing but criticism in return. However, a simple “thank you” goes a very long way in making their job just a bit easier and lets each one of them know, though not often said, they are truly appreciated.

Sheriff Patterson and the members of the LCSO would like to take just a moment to say “thank you” to the citizens who called the Sheriff’s Office late yesterday, thanking the LCSO for doing a good job and asking if our Deputies were o.k. Your calls and kind words were greatly appreciated. The support we here at the LCSO receive from our community only encourages us in our endeavor to make Liberty County a safe community for us all.

Prior days story:

Today, Monday, July 20, 2011, Deputy Sheriff’s from the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office responded to two separate self-inflicted gunshot scenes. Both incidents resulted in the death of each individual who was shot. The first incident was located on the north side of Liberty County while the second, unrelated incident was located on the south side of Liberty County. Each incident occurred during the morning hours before the noon hour.

While miles apart, each incident sounds as a profound warning to everyone, please, take care of each other. Watch out for friends or family members who may be exhibiting any signs of serious depression, anxiety or expressing suicidal thoughts or tendencies. Anyone who believes they know of another who may in trouble please seek help from Mental Health Authorities or your local Law Enforcement Agency.

Deputy Sheriff’s with the LCSO respond to numerous calls for service from citizens throughout Liberty County every day. Today, however, was an especially difficult and tragic day for all involved. The loss of life, the loss of a loved one to a family and the traumatic effects on Deputies who respond to these calls are all evidence of the toll these incidents bring to bear.

Additionally, the Sheriff’s Office wants to remind citizens, when a major incident occurs, more especially, when multiple major incidents occur, please understand, the hold time on the telephone lines and the response time of a Deputy Sheriff to a non-emergency call can be extended to longer times than normal. Members of the LCSO strive to respond to all calls as quickly as possible, however, with the resources, assets and personnel available some delays can be experienced and expected.

No information as to the location or persons involved in these two tragic incidents shall be released, citing notification to next of kin.

Rex Evans, Captain
Liberty County Sheriff’s Office
2400 Beaumont Ave.
Liberty, Texas 77575

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Texas State Rep. John Otto Brags About Sending Us More Taxes, Again...

State Representative John Otto is at it again. First he and Liberty County Attorney Wes Hinch try to start a multi-county water district to meter and tax our water wells, now he is trying to tax our internet purchases. He comes home to Dayton and gives us eyewitness accounts of what conservatives led on like the recent pro life legislation and then later we find out what he led on while in Austin. John Otto once again led on trying to raise new taxes.

Otto called it the “Nexus” bill, but no matter what you call it, it is Otto’s newest scheme to raise taxes. When reading Otto’s bill it is difficult to not be reminded of when he and County Attorney Wes Hinch promoted a scheme to tax us on our water wells. That effort was defeated and Otto and Hinch were forever branded as politicians who tried to associate with conservatives while acting like tax and spend Democrats.

Eventually the fiscal matters bill had this added as an amendment, John Otto said he originally authored the tax as a bill to redefine what it means to be a retailer doing business in Texas. Taxpayers will see Otto’s efforts as an effort to redefine what it is to be a Republican. Otto continues to try and hide the thrust of his work as our representative. He continues to find ways to take money out of taxpayers’ pockets and send it up to Austin for politicians to play with and call it something other than a tax.

The good news is that online retail giant’s is taking legal action to remain sales tax exempt for internet sales. Additional good news is that recent redistricting of the area John Otto runs for office in may turn up a real conservative to run for this position.

Letter to LD


A combination of hurricanes and floods and the Houston media has sometimes painted a picture of Liberty County citizens as dumb toothless hicks who have all built our houses in a flood plane. It is a misconception that is reinforced ever so often when during an emergency in Liberty County the bright lights of the TV cameras find someone coming out of a non air conditioned house that has had little sleep and no bath or hot food. Most of us laugh at how wrong the picture is that is implied by these reports.

The image District Attorney Mike Little is giving Liberty County is not near as funny however. Little’s lack of action in the Joe Warren case will cast a shadow on the way Liberty County is viewed that has long lasting and serious consequences.

Little’s decision to not only keep Joe Warren on the clock and pay him while he prepares to answer charges of tampering with a witness and threatening someone with a deadly weapon makes Liberty County look like a town some people may choose to find an alternate route around. But his decision to allow Joe Warren to actually handle prosecutions may make us a county where criminals end up getting to drive right out of the jail parking lot and rejoin our community.

Little seems to be saying to anyone who questions why he is protecting Joe Warren at the expense of protecting justice, “You aren’t from around here are you boy?”

His glib attitude about such a serious matter really reflects on us all. Accepting a justice system that does not require people to at least be on administrative leave that have been arrested and are charged with such serious crimes, will speak volumes to those who watch Houston channels and local news.

People hearing about Joe Warren and his continued work with the D.A.’s office while under the cloud of investigation himself might wonder who else in the courtroom is charged with criminal behavior. The bailiff maybe? The Judge? They could even imagine a circumstance where Warren is prosecuting someone charged with the same thing he is charged with, or maybe something much less serious.

Defendants in cases might workout a legal angle and try and get their case turned over on the basis of Joe Warren’s participation. Many of us have to wonder about the expense in dollars and the cost in justice Mike Little is exposing us all to. And for what? Is Little trying to influence Joe Warren’s jury by openly supporting him to such an extent?

Next flood when a camera is stuck in front of one of Liberty County’s finest, maybe it will capture someone who is dressed nicely and who is well spoken. But even if one of the Houston channels does focus in on someone like that, the reporter could harden back to this time and ask about when Joe Warren was allowed to investigate and prosecute people while he himself was under investigation. And that person will be left with Little’s defense, “You aren’t from around here are you boy?”

The damage from storms and floods can be unavoidable. So can the damage caused by troubled employees. We are asking you again Mr. Little; please sideline Mr. Warren until he has faced a jury of his peers. Please do your job.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dear LD,

I enjoyed your recent story regarding the actions of Constable Pct. 6 Royce Wheeler and his deputies in how they took $10,000 from two black men traveling through Liberty County. It just proved one more time how the Mike Little cartel can ruin the lives of innocent people who in this case their only crime was being black and traveling through Liberty County at night.

There was one ray of hope in this story and that was the action of 75th District Court Judge Mark Morefield when he stood up to the Little cartel and gave the Lawson brothers their money back. We all know that if Judge Rusty Hight would have still been Judge these men from Ohio would have never got their money back.

My family and I are proud to have voted for Judge Morefield .and we pray that he will continue his good work.

Proud Republican Voter

Dear Liberty Dispatch,

I am reading and observing a general theme on here about places to cut county government’s expenses. May I point out no serious attempt to keep government services and cut expenses can be made without including dead weight.

Connie Paintsil appears to me to be that dead weight I refer to. She has had an interesting work history you might want to investigate if she survives the budget cuts. She worked for the City of Liberty in the collections department where rumors and concerns about cash payments of city bills were never proven to have been stolen by any particular person. She worked for the City of Liberty Police Department as a dispatcher where rumors and concerns about someone giving tips to drug dealers before raids were never proven to be any particular person.

Now Connie Paintsil works for the county down in the basement and I really could not tell you what she does to justify getting a paycheck. Besides apparently being sponsored by the taxpayers, Commissioner Todd Fontenot seems to have had an unusually protective attitude towards Paintsil. Of course, Paintsill is rumored to be a key person in organizing a get-out-the-vote effort for Democrats and Todd Fontenot is a Democrat. Figure that!

Could we please cut out the spoils system where the way we have done business around here for years is to use taxpayer money to reward people and give them resources so they can elect the people who make sure they have a position? Paintsil needs to go. While on the clock Fontenot needs to take care of the people’s business instead of his own.

Concerned Taxpayer


This week readers of either of the two local newspapers edited by Vanesa Brashier have had an opportunity to read how the controversial minority owner of KSHN radio Bill Buchanan “met Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.” and had, what Buchanan bragged about being, a “deep, fairly long conversation” with the civil rights leader. There is nothing new about liberal media types trying to link themselves and their business with small children or charity, or iconic heroes like Dr. King. It is odd however that during a time when public allegations are mounting about selective prosecution by District Attorney Mike Little – odd for two of the media to ignore what appears to be a clear case of a violation of civil rights while they are waxing nostalgic about the 1960’s.

The lack of any reporting by Brashier or Buchanan about case 1:11-cv-00249-MAC should not surprise anyone who has kept up with what has come to be known by some as the “Conspiracy of Silence” when prudent news reporting would obviously cause people like District Attorney Mike Little and Constable Pct #6 Royce Wheeler massive indigestion at best. Brashier and Buchanan continue their loyalty to the embattled Democrat.

But whether they report on such cases or not, the cases will go forward. The case referenced above involves two African American gentlemen who while down from Ohio were stopped by law enforcement out of Constable Royce Wheeler’s jurisdiction while traveling South on U.S. highway 59 just south of Cleveland. According to court papers Solomon and William Lawson cooperated with Sergeant Ralph Fuller and Constable Lonnie S. Moon. The Lawsons did not run from the traffic stop, they pulled over in a timely manner. They were both asked for their identification and they both presented valid driver’s licenses. They showed proper paperwork for the rental car and proof of insurance. When law enforcement ran the information they had on the scene, there was no evidence of any reason to detain these men. No warrants, no anything.

All semblance of a routine traffic stop ended when William Lawson declined consent to be searched when asked. He declined more than once. At that point, the Lawsons were forced to wait in the heat for an hour while a the officers brought narcotics dogs to the scene. A search warrant was never obtained.

Wheeler, Moon, Fuller, and (by this time) other members of law enforcement who had arrived at the scene from the Constable’s office conducted a search after claiming the dog detected the odor of drugs. No drugs were ever found. But approximately $10,000 in cash was found while officials rummaged through the Lawsons’ luggage. The officers on the scene were overheard by the Lawsons saying "What are two niggers doing with $10,000? (ten thousand dollars)" Liberty Dispatch finds this statement from the officers repulsive. Furthermore, their actions and the statements show just how deep the prejudice runs in local corrupt Liberty County law enforcement, local corrupt news media and also the DA's office.

Even though the Lawsons were never cited or charged or arrested for breaking any laws, the searchers seized the money and kept it. Liberty County’s District Attorney’s office actions later by filing a Notice of Seizure and Intended Forfeiture under Chapter 59 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure (June 2009). was a criminal act by DA Mike Little. The officers and DA played this scam on the Lawsons' right under the nose of local Texas Ranger Grover "Franklin" Huff- housed right in DA Mike Little's office.  We can guess this was all done with Huff's blessing.

The Lawsons sued... first in Liberty County and in may of 2011 the officials involved from Constable Pct. #6 and District Attorney Mike Little were given ample opportunity to turn red faced in embarrassment for their actions when District Judge Mark Morefield upheld the law in the 75th District Court by granting the Lawsons a “NO EVIDENCE SUMMARY JUDGMENT” against DA Little and the officers.  Congratulations to Judge Morefield for taking a stand against the DA's corruption.

But Buchanan and Brashier, both journalists living in a post Martin Luther King, Jr. and post Civil Rights Act of 1964 world, failed to do what every decent news person should do when witnessing someone’s civil rights being violated- they failed to run one story. The case 1:11-cv-00249-MAC was not reported to the public, no report was given about the financial exposure the county may have because of the DA and the Constables office.

It would make us wonder what the heck Buchanan and the civil rights hero talked about almost 50 years ago with the lack of reporting civil rights violations so obviously tied to the relationship Buchanan has to D.A. Mike Little and Brashier and Constable Royce Wheeler. The civil rights issues that violate 42 U.S.1983 and the U.S. Constitution such as unlawful traffic stop, unlawful detention, illegal search and seizure are secondary to making sure these two journalists remain supportive.

The plaintiffs assert the illegal behavior was motivated by racial animus. They are seeking way more than an apology for this attempt to steal their money. The Lawsons have filed a federal lawsuit and now expect the federal courts to award them a judgment based on loss of their liberty and violation of their state and federal constitutional rights. Additionally they expect compensation for all of the humiliation and embarrassment caused as they endured the actions of the officials mentioned.

As of the writing of this story, no criminal charges have been filed against any of the officers or public officials involved in the Lawson incident.  The Liberty County Sheriff's Office "Special Crimes Unit" (SCU) is investigating referrals and complaints related to the corruption in Liberty County. Report local Liberty County corruption to

Liberty County, Vanesa Brashier and Bill Buchanan are still covering for the local corrupt public officials by their "Conspiracy of Silence".

We appreciate 'The Outsiders' contribution of certain information used in the making of this story.


One of the most encouraging benefits of years of conservatives working to break up the Democrats’ good ole boy system in Liberty County is the efforts we are hearing from County Judge Craig McNair. One of the most recent items up for review is being smarter with taxpayer money by turning the clock back to when we just had 4 justices of the peace and four constables like most counties in Texas. Reducing the number of cars and offices and secretaries and maximizing efficiency is an idea that shows respect for the taxpayers and an adherence to good business practices.

I am hopeful this plan to go back to the number of JP’s and Constables we all see in most Texas counties will be implemented. And if is implemented, I hope officials will look at the JP office here in Liberty and model the other three after it. The JP office here in Liberty is a model of efficiency and professionalism. It handles more cases and runs a court with few complaints. This court actually brings in a great deal more funds than it pays out in expenses. It has the most active JP in the county and its business is done in a manner that makes one proud to be from here.

Managing the office on a daily basis, JP #1 has the knowledgeable and more than capable Darla Diaz. She helps organize and schedule the business surrounding the best JP court in the county. If the lines designating territories for JP offices change to reduce the number of JP’s from six to four change, it would only make sense to keep the court where it is in the county seat and close one of the rural area courts and it would make sense to hope that Mrs. Diaz continues to serve where she is now.

In fact, it may be best to make the new territories coincide with the commissioner territories. Of course, because of the census, these lines are up for review. This would be a tremendous opportunity to redraw these lines that were gerrymandered by Todd Fontenot and others, and create areas that consider the taxpayer and use efficiency and respect for the taxpayers in the rubric guiding decisions.

Favoring consolidation of the JP and Constable offices is no way meant to cast a negative shadow on all of the offices across the county or to take joy in any upstanding public servant’s sudden unemployment. People, like longtime JP Ronnie Davis, may retire or he may run again and simply work from the Liberty court and office in the annex. Others may not have that option, but good public servants should be the first applicants considered for other jobs in local government positions.

Richard Pegues, Contributor

Note: LD Reported on Diaz a month ago.

Monday, July 18, 2011


If rumors are true that Justice of the Peace Bobby Rader will be running for another office, then it is time to start considering who Republicans would want to replace him with. Conservatives need to be prepared to fill these lower court positions because many things happen at this level of the justice system.

First let’s stipulate that conservatives should not be satisfied with replacing Judge Rader with someone who has any connections to Obama. If some has any affiliation with the Democrats while Obama has been their leader, conservatives should not be willing to hear any psychobabble about “conservative Democrats” or voting in the 2010 Democratic primary because so their local vote could count. In the 2010 elections if you voted in the Democratic primary you may be a fine human being and qualified for many things, but running in the Republican primary and being qualified for conservatives’ votes is not one of them. Anyone running for this position is running to replace a man that ran as a Republican when it almost assured his defeat. No one should be able to count on conservative votes to replace Judge Rader who can’t prove they have at least a modicum of the courage he had when he first won office.

Second, the next JP for JP#1 needs to be a hard worker. Sure we have heard about some JP’s who do not work hard and some who spend most of their energy on other jobs, but to replace Judge Rader will require a go getter. Rader is at the jail almost every morning before 5:00 in the morning. He keeps a clean docket. He even handles matters for other judges. I don’t want to hear any misleading nonsense about the Judge running an insurance agency at the same time. He is the exception to what is usually true about JP’s and Constables have two jobs. His record speaks for itself. Lazy candidates need not apply. They will never fill the Judge’s shoes.

Third, the next JP here in Liberty needs to be someone who can handle the type of work the job includes and the inconvenience the job often is. Judge Rader consistently holds court, but in addition his work and his dedication to it include many phone calls in the middle of the night and looking at many gruesome sights. It requires someone who is tough, but also someone who is sensitive to the heartaches and personal tragedies of people that live in this community. I will never forget Bobby Rader looking me in the eye and consoling me over my Mother’s death after her heart attack. He had to be there to pronounce her dead. He has had to tell parents that their kids were caught with a boatload of drugs and he has had to tell husbands that their wife and child were dead on impact in a car wreck. Whoever replaces Judge Rader needs to be a special person. Whoever replaces him should not be some one who woke up one day and thought being a JP would be a neat job that pays pretty well and gives you plenty of time to do other things. We have other JP’s like that and we don’t need another one.

Finally, the next JP needs to be well thought of that when the JP areas are consolidated from 6 in Liberty County to 4, that voters will want for Judge Rader’s replacement to continue their work and be the JP in the consolidates area. JP’s and Constables from this point forward need to pass the test of voters and be seen as the 5:00 AM type of employees that keep their dockets caught up rather than the kind of employees that hire assistants or pawn their workload off on others.

The last Republican meeting I went to there were at least two people attending that are drooling over JP and Constable Jobs. They both need to consider running as Democrats because many of us have no intentions of growing the Republican Party by sitting quietly while people who clearly do not fit the profile above try to win the Republican primary. Sycophants and RINO’s will be identified and life will be dedicated to keeping people who should not be holding public office from winning elections.

Richard Pegues – Liberty Dispatch Contributor

Friday, July 15, 2011

Dear Liberty Dispatch,

Rather than KSHN All NINE minority owner Bill Buchanan simply endure insincere congratulations all week for his newly contrived selection into the Texas Radio Broadcasters Hall of Fame, why don’t you guys give him an award? Liberty Dispatch could select Brazen Billy for another award in which people will truly be pleased he receives it and feel he is worthy. This award would not require any “secret” campaign avoiding any naysayers. This award wouldn’t come from a “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” mentality. This award would be from the hearts of many of the people who didn’t get a say because of the “secret project” to get him recognized by people who don’t know him like we do.

The award needs to be made from a local group because as Mary Ann Campbell told Vanessa Brashier, “You’ve got to give people credit for what they do.” After all when Ms. Campbell told that organization in Austin that Buchanan is “all over the entire area giving out information — giving us all the information that they can provide” and that “they never stop, 24-7 ”, they had no idea of some of the antics and deception and misreporting that would fall under that declaration!

The award could still associate his name with the Hall of Fame. Just think of incidents through the years when Bill has pushed his way into a family tragedy in progress and been insensitive to their grieving. How about the “Asshole Hall of Fame”?

Or think of “eye witness sports reporting” like all of the times he has acted like a baseball has been hit “way way back” towards the outfield fence and after exciting his audience he has left the fact the shortstop caught the ball unexplained. He could be put into the “Overly Dramatic, Blind or Stupid Sports Announcer Hall of Fame”.

Or, maybe if we want to try and dig up some Austin people who have had dealings with our hall of famer, we could see if the Secretary of State’s office has recordings from Bill when he has called to “clear up an election question.” This would have to fall under the “Liberty County Democrat Hall of Fame”. Bill’s dogged perseverance in trying to get someone to say something even remotely like Democrats needed to hear is legendary among some. His creative shaping of the news and devoted “by any means necessary” assistance to the Archers and his favorite Democrats is infamous.

Since Brashier’s newspapers made certain they mentioned all of Buchanan long hours during the hurricane, why not consider giving him the “I Got Phil Fitzgerald’s Back No Matter What Award”? Maybe the people in Austin have the same disregard for punishing people who make themselves wealthy from their little convoluted dirty FEMA deals, but I doubt it and I doubt they would appreciate the extent to which Buchanan spun news stories to try and help Fitzgerald.

But when thinking of Buchanan’s deliberate efforts to change the outcome of court cases like Fitzgerald’s, why have such a narrow sounding name for the award when Buchanan’s work has been so prolific in this area? The award needs to cover his determined efforts to leave all of the weight and punishment of the law on Janet Harrelson so he could help save the Democrats from a much bigger scandal and make Greg Arthur and Don Taylor and others feel indebted to him. The award needs to cover the deliberate lies and cherry picking he has applied to his contribution to help try and bury Ray Akins and Eddie Shauberger under the jail. It needs to include his total purposeful lack of reporting on former Liberty County Democratic Party Chairman Liz Beausoliel getting caught on tape with stolen mail from the courthouse in an attempt to use false information to help defeat our longest serving district judge. It needs to include all of the public figures Buchanan has covered up for and all of the ones he has elevated while ignoring their lawbreaking.

Maybe we should call the people in Austin who gave Buchanan their award and ask them to help us with a name worthy of a person that has given to Liberty County what he has given. I don’t know what the name of the award should be. Maybe “The Evil through the Airways Hall of Fame Award”.

Whatever it may be we need to give him an award. We don’t want Austin people to have to be pressured and cajoled into recognizing one of Liberty County’s citizens achievements.

Name withheld because of retaliation by corrupt local officials and corrupt local media.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Recent budget workshops by our elected officials have revealed that in the past Liberty County’s Democratic county officials got so entrenched in the habit of continuously asking for more money that the new Republican officials and the remainder of Democrats will have to cut their budgets 25%. The money shortage is serious and could take years of watching our spending to straighten out. Readers will see at the end of this report that one of the Democrats still doesn’t get it.

The good news is the crazy spending and the expansion of local government in the past can be remedied in the future. County Judge McNair has proposed consolidating the six Justice of the Peace offices and six Constables into four, which is the number for many other Texas counties. We are one of the few counties with six JPs and six Constables, but the decision to consolidate the offices would take action and final approval by the entire commissioner’s court. “There are no vendettas or anyone out to get anybody.”

County Auditor Harold Seay listed some of the major cuts in each department.

1) County Judge’s budget was cut by $62,000 by eliminating the position former County Judge Phil Fitzgerald added, Special Projects/FEMA manager Dennis Odell will serve his last day at the end of September.. Attorney fees for commissioners court was cut by $70,000.
2) The District Attorney’s office was cut by $150,000 mainly through salaries. The County Court-at-Law budget for court-appointed attorneys was cut by $75,000.
3) The county auditor’s budget was cut by $40,000.
4) Part-time positions in the JP courts 3, 4, 5 and 6 were cut to reduce expenses.
5) The Information Technology department was cut from $143,000 to $75,000.
6) The building maintenance department was cut by $56,000.
7) The fire marshal’s office was cut by $12,000. Of this amount, $10,000 was for meeting attendance by volunteer firefighters.
8) The sheriff’s office received $60,000 in cuts in capital outlays and a $10,000 cut in fuel.
9) Emergency Management was cut by $50,000.

But among all of the talk of cuts and shared sacrifice Precinct 1 Commissioner Todd Fontenot reminded us that there are still officeholders in our county government who would like to charge things and claim they are long term money savers. It reminds many of us of the Democrats and the RINO Republicans in Washington DC. Fontenot again requested $81,000 in funds to build a two-acre yard/facility which would house equipment and store materials. Fontenot was warned several years ago if he pushed for redistricting precinct #1 commissioner boundaries across the river that he would come back whining for taxpayers to build him a second barn to store county equipment. Well now he wants to charge a county that is having money troubles for formulating a district to suit his political strategy. According to his own figures, Fontenot’s impractical economically unfeasible redistricting scheme has cost the county over $250,000. It is a sink hole that keeps adding extra expenses to taxpayer.

Todd Fontenot is up for re-election in 16 months and if he decides to face the voters after all of the drunken sailor-like spending, the private parking, and his expensive waste of taxpayer money in the last redistricting, we will get a chance to let him know how much we love this county by voting him out of office.

In the meantime, instead of building Todd Fontenot a building, how about using this time of redistricting the commissioners’ precincts more wisely and with the taxpayer in mind rather than the politicians.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Yesterday afternoon at approximately 4:00pm firefighters from Tarkington, Cleveland and Highway 321 Fire Departments fought a fire which was directly caused by a person who disregarded the Liberty County Burn Ban. Numerous Fire Fighters, Fire Apparatus and resources were allocated to combat, contain and control this fire on Tarkington Prairie.

This region is under a drought with very little rainfall in the last 4 to 6 months. These conditions along with high warm winds and dry timber combine into prime conditions for a raging fire which could damage, destroy and kill anything in its path. While simply “burning my trash” may seem like a “right” or “privilege” , fire is not something to gamble with. This fire could have been much more destructive by burning down several residences nearby and killed horses located in an adjacent pasture. The wear and tear of Firefighters and their equipment is also a serious consideration. Accidental and Electrical fires are tragic enough, however, fire such as these, which can be prevented by just obeying the Burn Ban. These fires are a terrible tax on the Fire Departments as a whole and our community.

In this incident, the person responsible had dug a large “burn pit” near several structures, including a residence. A fire had been intentionally ignited earlier in the day and allowed to burn down and smolder. However, with the warm high winds and extremely dry conditions, the fire was able to re-ignite and spread. With the high temperature and no cloud cover, firefighters worked tirelessly through the harsh conditions to rapidly bring the fire under control and save the residence which was threatened by the spreading fire.

As a reminder, the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office want to warn citizens there is a “zero tolerance” policy in place for any Liberty County “Burn Ban” violation. Any person found in violation shall be subject to being issued a Criminal Citation and can be subject to Criminal Arrest.

LCSO Special Crimes Unit, Deputy Guthrie and Team Raids Meth Lab Opperation.

Deputies from the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office and the LCSO Special Crimes Unit, headed by Louis Guthrie, have been developing a case in regards to a Methamphetamine Lab located on Highway 59 just north of the City Limits of Cleveland. The Special Crimes Unit working with the Texas Department of Public Safety, has been specifically targeting these extremely dangerous and explosive criminal operations with success.

On Monday, July 11, 2011, Deputies and Investigators from the LCSO arrived at a tire shop combined with a group of several buildings on Highway 59. Upon their arrival, they interrupted a “meth cook” who was actually in the process of “cooking” methamphetamine. “ This was an extremely dangerous and difficult arrest which had the potential to cause a fire or explosion due to the chemical vapors present during the manufacturing process”, said Louis Guthrie.

There were also two mini-vans located on the property which were being used as “mobile meth labs” which are designed and built for the sole purpose of manufacturing and transporting methamphetamine. A large amount of product, by-product, instruments and supplies were confiscated by the LCSO. Thousands of dollars “street amount” of methamphetamine seized. With the assistance of the Texas Department of Public Safety, members of both organizations, who are specially trained and certified in the dismantling and processing of these criminal operations spent all afternoon in high heat conditions securing the evidence obtained.

Two arrests were made. Both suspects are in custody at the Liberty County Jail. At this time their information is being withheld, pending further investigation, leading to additional arrests. The LCSO shall continue their efforts to combat these dangerous criminal operations which operate within different areas of Liberty County. Many of these operations are brought to light with the help of good citizens who care enough about their communities and provide vital information which assists Law Enforcement in locating and dismantling these criminal operations.

Sheriff Patterson and the members of the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office want to thank everyone who takes time to help us combat any suspicious or criminal activity. As always, we encourage citizens to call us at 936-336-4500 or use our web site located at , click on the Crime Stoppers Tab. Your identity shall remain anonymous. Only working together can we truly make a difference in providing a safer community for our families.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Big Fish Story

I am not from here and I am sure he has his fans, but it is more than I can bear to remain silent about the constant bragging of former County Judge Phil Fitzgerald’s special appointee to aid him with FEMA, Dennis Odell. There have been at least six verifiable first account witnesses to Odell bragging about taking Phil Fitzgerald and Lee Groce down. Let it suffice to say without any dramatic exaggeration, Odell is extremely proud of his role in sending the man that hired him when he needed a job to prison.

But after getting over the irritation caused by an exposure to Odell’s almost steroid like ego, his claim to what he considers fame should be analyzed.

If a man catches a twenty pound catfish, should the person who lent him the fishing pole he caught the big fish with brag about catching the same catfish? Surely not... If the person who lent the man a fishing pole brags about catching the big fish and is later found out to have not only not helped caught the fish but to have actually impeded the reeling in of the fish, what does that tells us about the braggart?

Several people including federal investigators, a local judge, and others have helped to bring justice to the investigation Dennis Odell brags to people about prosecuting. Among the people please note the troubling revelation that both of the chief prosecutors in the courthouse Mike Little and Wes Hinch, contributed nothing to this case. Odell is slightly better than them. He did not burn or destroy any of the paperwork generated by doing his job. But possibly worse than Little and Hinch’s role in the matter, Odell missed an opportunity to stop the crimes while in progress. The paperwork coming into Odell’s office generated by loads of debris is alleged to have indicated discrepancies that should have tipped Odell off. Odell doesn’t brag about this aspect of his part in nabbing the criminals involved in this case.

Odell is like a man that owned a fishing pole that did nothing with it. Odell could have helped protect taxpayers from getting the shaft, but he flubbed his opportunity. He was a no show the day he should have reported problems with FEMA statistics. Now he is showing up to brag about what someone else caught.

Now it is time to see who is going to come to the plate and suggest the job former County Judge Phil Fitzgerald hired Odell to do be vacated. It is time to save the county some money and save all of us hearing fish stories from the guy who was hired to watch out for us and failed.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Psycho Truck Driving Kidnapper Nabbed

In the early morning hours of July 9, 2011, the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call in reference to a kidnapping incident. The first call received by the LCSO to this incident came from the City of Humble Police Department, Harris County at approximately 1a.m.

According to information received via Humble P.D., two vehicles, a pick-up truck and an eighteen wheeler had been called into authorities by other motorist as “reckless driving towards one another”. Humble Police Officers were able to locate and stop both vehicles on Highway 59, just north of Rankin Rd. Upon stopping both vehicles, Humble Police Officers learned the persons in the pick-up truck had been aggressively following the eighteen wheeler due to the driver of the eighteen wheeler had allegedly kidnapped a female from an unknown location on Highway 59 in Liberty County. Deputies from the LCSO proceeded to Highway 59 and Rankin Rd. in Harris Co. to meet with Humble Police and investigate this incident further. While this investigation was ongoing, several of the southbound lanes of Highway 59 remained closed.

Working together, Law Enforcement Officers determined there was probable cause to place the driver of the eighteen wheeler into custody for the Felony Offense of Kidnapping. The lone victim, a young adult female of Liberty County, was injured as a result of this incident. The suspect, identified as Reeves, Joseph of Gulfport, Miss was transported to the Liberty County Jail. The eighteen wheeler was towed back to a location in Liberty County and the owner was notified as to the whereabouts of the vehicle.

At this time, due to the traumatic nature of this incident, the identity of the victim is being withheld. The suspect, Mr. Reeves, who has a criminal history stemming back to the 1970’s remains in the Liberty County Jail under a $750,000.00 bond.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


KSHN RADIO: "Motion Filed: Attorney James Evans, now of Dayton, has filed a motion to have Assistant District Attorney Joe Warren disqualified from prosecuting three separate cases scheduled in the 75th District Court. Two of defendants are charged in the Cleveland rape case. The other is charged with burglary of a habitation. Mr. Evans’ motion cites the recent arrest and charges against Mr. Warren for tampering with a witness, deadly conduct and terrorist threat. District Attorney Mike Little told KSHN the judge who signed that arrest warrant told him the allegations against Mr. Warren have nothing to do with his job or work prosecuting cases as an assistant district attorney." 

Liberty County DA, Mike Little in an apparent attempt to effect a public defense of his assistant DA Joe Warren after he had used Vanesa Brashier of the Cleveland advocate, has now turned to KSHN, Bill Buchanan radio. 

In the above news story a quote as taken from their KSHN website, Mike Little is quoted as saying "District Attorney Mike Little told KSHN the judge who signed that arrest warrant told him the allegations against Mr. Warren have nothing to do with his job or work prosecuting cases as an assistant district attorney." 

Liberty County, how crazy is that comment?  Liberty County DA Mike Little's comment proves several things. Little is trying to make you believe through his smoke and mirrors that a district judge has said its ok for Joe Warren to keep his job because his felony charge has nothing to do with his job.  His felony charge has EVERYTHING to do with his job and the reason he should be fired.

1. Again, Mike Little claims by admission he had illegal ex-parte communications with a District Judge about someone who works for him accused of a felony.
2. Mike Little makes an attempt to sucker the people of Liberty County into believing his employee charged with a felony has the right to keep his job and its ok with a district judge. LIAR...
3. Mike Little continues to violate a gag order through his media comments which are related to his assistant DA Warren placed as prosecutor on the Cleveland rape case. Mike Little's public media comments are specifically designed to defend the foundation of Warren's ability to prosecute the Cleveland rape case- all in violation of judge Mark Morefield's gag orders.
4. By keeping Joe Warren as a county employee, DA Mike Little has forfeited the insurance bond protecting Liberty County from the acts and omissions of Joe Warren- which leaves Liberty County open to a large unprotected lawsuit.
5. Mike Little has opened the door for ANY case that his office is adjudicating to be overturned- because of both his and DA Joe Warren's corrupt acts. 

Who on the Liberty County Commissioners court will recognize the legal liability Joe Warren presents to Liberty County and act to protect Liberty County?  Who on the Liberty County Commissioners court has the guts to do what they were elected to do?  We will see...

LIBERTY COUNTY DA SPEAKS FOR LIBERTY COUNTY: Liberty County DA Mike Little would have the world believe that its ok to have charged felons working for Liberty County and the State of Texas.

Apparently, Liberty Dispatch is the only media in Liberty County who has the guts to publish the facts and truth surrounding the corrupt acts and current cover up emanating from the the Liberty County DA's office.


Recently on 07/07/11- Liberty Dispatch released exclusive stories about a local attorney filing Motions against ADA Joe Warren from prosecuting cases in Liberty County. In addition LD posted information which indicated breaking news that prominent Houston Attorney Kelly Sigler was appointed as the prosecuting Attorney against Liberty County First Assistant District Attorney Joe Warren for charges of 'witness tampering’, ‘terroristic threats’ and ‘deadly conduct’.

Cleveland Advocate Editor Vanesa Brashier, is well known as one of the most liberal news editors in Liberty County and friend to corrupt public official, Liberty County DA Mike Little. In two recent articles, Vanesa Brashier tries to make her readers believe Little is somehow helping seek justice against his ADA Joe Warren. Nothing could be more further from the truth.  Even with all the commercial assets that HCN News Group has- Vanesa Brashier chooses to steal the work of Liberty Dispatch without courtesy.

Advocate, Brashier and Little's Lies/Spin

1. If as Vanesa claims- (story dated 07/97/11) Little did speak to Judge Burgess about Joe Warren, he would have had illegal and unethical ex-parte communications about one of the people in his office to a district judge. In that same story, Mike Little nervously lies in the Advocate story to send Sigler a message in the hopes that Sigler won’t indict him too.
2. Mike Little claims through Vanesa he is" filing documents to separate his office from Joe warren" but yet he still employs Joe Warren.
3. Mike Little again claims through Vanesa that the filed motion to remove Joe Warren from prosecuting cases in Liberty County is "completely without merit".
4. Mike Little Violates Gag Order- Several of the cases where local attorney James Evans filed the "Motion to Disqualify Joe Warren" are cases/clients of Evans in the Cleveland Rape Case where there is a 75th Judicial District court ordered gag order.  Mike Little was quoted in an Advocate story dated  07/08/11- (When asked for comment, Little stated that he believes the motion is completely without merit.) "completely without merit" his comment would certainly include the Cleveland Rape Cases where the same motion was filed multiple times and on the same day.

DA Mike Little- a pathological liar... He lies to the people and judges of Liberty County as he keeps an accused criminal felon in his office and prosecuting cases like everyone in Liberty County is a bunch of idiots. Vanesa Brashier of the Cleveland Advocate and Dayton News is clearly spinning lies to protect Mike Little's lies. Vanesa Brashier must also think everyone in Liberty County is an idiot to fall for her lies too.

(07/10/11- LD Exclusive) Sources have given Liberty Dispatch information that a Houston attorney who practices mostly in a supporting role for DA Mike Little and DA Joe Warren by the name of Dan Bradley- will be defending Joe Warren.  Its further alleged that legal defense fee payment from Warren to Bradley will actually come in the form of payoffs/appointments from DA Mike Little through an over billing legal fees scheme.

File this under bizarre corruption- Dan Bradley is a defense attorney who has been appointed defendants in the Cleveland Rape case where Joe Warren is the prosecuting DA.

There is a long history of Dan Bradley, Little and Warren operating in questionable alleged prosecutorial misconduct in Chambers County- before Mike Little and Joe Warren were allegedly run out for a long series of corrupt acts. 

Welcome to Liberty County Corruption and its friends... becoming clearer every day.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Local Attorney Files Motion to Disqualify ADA Joe Warren

(Liberty County, Texas- 07/07/2011) Local activist attorney James Evans has filed a motion in the 75th judicial district court asking The Honorable Judge Mark Morefield to remove ADA Joe Warren from his cases pending Warren being adjudicated.

Liberty County First Assistant District Attorney Joseph Wayne Warren 57, was recently arrested and charged with "Tampering With a Witness" - "Terroristic Threats" - "Deadly Conduct".

According to sources, today a special prosecutor from Houston, Ms. Kelly Siegler has been named as appointed by The Honorable Judge Burgess to prosecute the charges against Joe Warren.

The Joe Warren arrest is part of a wider Liberty County Corruption probe by Liberty County Sheriff, Henry Patterson and the Liberty County Sheriff's Office.

Excerpts from Evans' motion:

"That District Attorney Michael R. Little is aware of the circumstances surrounding the charges lodged against JOE WARREN. That Mr. Little, according to statements attributed to him, has elected not to suspend, remove, discharge, or prosecute MR. WARREN."

"Further, that Mr. Little has harmed and continues to harm the Liberty County Criminal Justice system by his decision. Additionally, Mr. Little's decision not to relieve MR. WARREN of his position within the District Attorney's Office (i.e., the prosecution of cases) has subjected the Courts wherein MR. WARREN continues to prosecute cases to undue negative publicity, thoughts of questionable integrity, and cause for concern by the public."

"I respectfully contend that the Court should protect the integrity and image of the Court and disqualify JOE WARREN from prosecuting cases while he has charges pending against him."

Liberty Dispatch supports the Liberty County Sheriff's Office and their hard work.  Liberty Dispatch also supports and looks forward to Ms. Kelly Siegler's work in the Liberty County corruption investigations.

LINK: Attorney Evans' Motion to Disqualify Joe Warren from the Liberty County Courts

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

OUTSIDER REPORT: Liberty County Celebrates Independence Day- Little' Cartel Exposed The Joe Warren arrest flushes out the “Little” cartel to act in concert.

People tied to DA Mike Little do his bidding or go public raising issues in an attempt to thwart justice.

This Outsider Report is intended to clear the air about misc. issues regarding the Joe Warren arrest case and the now closed Strawn dog case. Moreover the public will have an opportunity to look back at the trail of evidence of Officials tied to DA Mike Little abusing their positions and covering up the related public records.

Liberty County 1st Assistant District Attorney Joe Warren was arrested and charged on June 29, 2011, for tampering with a witness, terroristic threats, and deadly conduct. The Outsiders and The Liberty Dispatch staff posted stories about it immediately on Both original stories were based directly from a brief press release and picture from The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office. For most media outlets, this is the first mention of the Joe Warren dog/gun incident, but it has been an issue on the Liberty Dispatch for many months now. The Outsiders wrote a story entitled “Taking Liberty, Part 3” back on October 1st 2010 that covered the original incident and the cover up of that incident. Public records were denied to exist by The Liberty County DA's Office (headed by Mike Little), The City of Liberty (represented by City Secretary Dianne Tidwell) and no response received from The City of Liberty Municipal Court (headed by Judge Bobby Rader.) Now, with Liberty County DA Mike Little, City of Liberty Police Chief Tidwell, and their ilk raising issues about the arrest via certain media outlets; the Outsiders will address many of those issues with the newly released court records in hand to prove our points.

The dates of important events and the newly released court documents from the Strawn dog case and the Joe Warren arrest case are listed in chronological order below along with Outsider PIA requests and official government responses from the previous story: “Taking Liberty, Part 3”. These documents will be discussed in chronological order, one by one, to expose DA Mike Little and his cronies/troglodytes in lies and to bring to light the facts surrounding the Mike Little Cartel for all Liberty County citizens to view.


1. 03-07-2003 Thomas Reagon Strawn was prosecuted by Mike Little in Chambers County at this time. (date case disposed) (This record demonstrates that the Strawn family and DA Mike Little had prior relationship). Later, DA MIKE LITTLE DENIED ANY KNOWLEDGE OF THOMAS STRAWN dog/Joe Warren case. The question here is WHY?

2. 04-24-2010 The Strawn dog incident and Joe Warren gun incident in fact occurred on this date, (Joe Warren's house) however City of Liberty Police Chief Billy Tidwell, via his wife, City Secretary Dianne Tidwell DENIED ANY KNOWLEDGE of the incident. The question here is WHY?

3. 04-26-2010 Strawn dog case - Warrant for Seizure of Animals signed by City of Liberty Municipal Judge, Bobby Rader- also has Notice of Declaration of Dog as Vicious attached. The problem here folks is this; our County Attorney Wes Hinch in concert with J.P. Judge Bobby Rader, prosecuted the Strawn’s with a law that was NO LONGER ON THE BOOKS! At this point of the story we must ask the question “Did Judge Rader and Wes Hinch have any idea the law they were using to prosecute the Strawn family was current up to date law??? The answer is YES! The attorney representing the Strawn family informed Judge Rader and Wes Hinch in WRITING via a Motion filed with the court and a copy to Wes Hinch proving the law they were using was NOT LAW!!! In addition, check the date on the Warrant: The dogs were taken from the Strawn family BEFORE the warrant was signed by a Judge. And read the Warrant, it's about whether or not the dogs have been abandoned or mistreated??? Joe Warren wanted those dogs dead and now they faced a death sentence even when Texas law did not provide that for a dogs that haven't harmed any PERSON. The Strawn's dogs were declared “Vicious” without giving the Strawn family any opportunity to present any evidence to a court. It's seems the rules get made up as we go along when Mike Little's friends are involved in a case. That’s right folks, both Judge Rader and County Attorney Wes Hinch are in Bed with their friends Mike Little and First Asst. District Attorney Joe Warren and it is this relationship that demonstrates this was a PERSECUTION and not a prosecution of the Strawn family. Remember folks your family could be the next victims of the Little Cartel.

4. 06-17-2010 Strawn dog case- Notice of Arraignment/Appeal to Liberty County Court at Law from Wesley N. Hinch. Note that the Notice is CRIMINAL in nature even though the actual existing laws are Civil in nature. (No Strawn family member was cited for violating any crime.) In this appeal any non-lawyer can see the law was no longer a law and the Judge was out of line right along with Wes Hinch. The Cartel did not care about that, the Constitutional Rights of our neighbors do not apply to the Strawn family or anyone else in Liberty County if they, the Cartel, say so.

5. 06-25-2010 Strawn dog case- Motion to Quash Charge and Set Aside Information and to Dismiss. This motion by the Strawn family attorney cites Texas Attorney General Opinion regarding dangerous dog appeals being civil in nature and not criminal. The Strawn family attorney also notes that there were no sworn statements of any witness used by Animal Control to declare the Strawn dogs dangerous. The dogs were impounded illegally with an improper warrant for two months after being illegally seized without warrant, despite law requiring a hearing within 10 days. Even after the hearing was allowed, the Strawn family witnesses were not allowed to testify. Where is the rule of law? Holding the Strawn family dogs with a death sentence under these violations of the law was clearly intended to terrorize the Strawn family and demonstrate the abusive power of the Little Cartel.

6. 06-29-2010 Outsider obtained copy of the City of Liberty Police Departments Report consisting of (7 Pages) demonstrating the Strawn dog incident and the Joe Warren Gun incident. Remember folks, according to the police report Officer Wakefield reports on page 7, Joe Warren stated he wanted the dogs dead because they killed his dog. One other point that should be made, at the fence where the dog dug the hole, all of the dirt was on Joe Warren’s side of the fence according to witnesses. See top of page 7. Folks this would be what Mike Little and Joe Warren would call “Preponderance of the Evidence.” Moreover, demonstrating Joe Warren’s dog escaped from Joe’s yard and into the Strawn yard attacking and badly injuring their puppy. During the attack and the cries from the puppy, Strawn’s dogs came to the rescue of the puppy by kicking Joe’s dog’s butt! Joe, like his dog, lost his cool, and now wants to hold others responsible for his short comings.

7. 07-XX-2010 Strawn dog case - Notice of Appeal and Motion to Dismiss was filed giving the Cartel one more opportunity to do the right thing. That did not happen and the persecution continued until a visiting Judge outside of Liberty County and outside of Mike Little’s Cartel agreed the law used by Wes Hinch and Judge Bobby Rader was no longer the Law in the State of Texas. One member of the State Bar stated Wes Hinch and Judge Bobby Rader are “Stains upon the fabric of Texas”. In this motion, the Strawn family attorney adds that there were no witnesses to the dog incident, the fresh dirt was on Joe Warren's side of the fence, there was also an electric fence on the Strawn side of the fence to prevent those dogs from getting within 2 feet of the fence, a fourteen week old puppy on the Strawn side of the fence was also badly injured, and that other dogs on the Warren side of the fence were not harmed. The Strawn family attorney also suggests that Joe Warren's dog may have first come under the fence and attacked the Strawn puppy. Other dog details are given, but it is also noted that after a motion to quash the charge from the non-existent law was filed, the Liberty Animal Control declared the Strawn family dogs dangerous again, based on entirely on the same incident. This created a situation where Ms. Strawn faced TWO cases pending simultaneously about the same incident. It seems that Mike Little and his cronies like to put people through all kinds of persecution, and if they still don't win, they will just start another trial on the same incident. Like double jeopardy in criminal cases, the civil principle of Res Judicata is our right to not face an unlimited number of lawsuits over the same issue. Folks, this is not the only case in Liberty County to go this way. Sometimes, the cartel does this in criminal cases too. (And don't be expecting Vanessa from the Cleveland Advocate to mention it when it happens.) Lives have been ruined and much of the local media is mum. Not everybody can afford the kind of defense needed to beat this cartel. Can you afford to be next?

8. 08-15-2010 Outsider PIA Request to City of Liberty, City Secretary, Mrs. Dianne Tidwell regarding First Assistant D.A. Joe Warren gun incident requesting the case numbers. Here, once again, another member of the Mike Little Cartel responded in like kind and quality. After all, she is the wife of Chief Billy Tidwell, who is also best friends with Mike Little for more than ten years. This friendship between both men occurred when Mike Little and Billy Tidwell where both battling cancer. During this most unfortunate time in the life of both men, an unbreakable bond was made between them which stand the test of time to this day. While they both faced this problem together for mutual support, it demonstrates their historical connection with one another. The loyalty and trustworthiness followed by their allegiance to one another, allowing the Little Cartel to expand at the expense of Liberty County citizens like the Strawn’s and that of our Constitutional Rights. As a result, the Little Cartel has flourished for some 30 plus years in Liberty County, Texas. No one including Vanesa of the Cleveland Advocate dare cross him. This also explains why she has not reported one negative report regarding Mike Little.

9. 08-17-2010 Official City of Liberty, City Secretary, Mrs. Dianne Tidwell RESPONSE denying that the city has “...any records responsive to your request”. Once again we see the same language in this letter as all the other responses from the Little Cartel, in this way the Cartel underlings could not say anything out of line, thus in accord with one another. Mrs. Tidwell’s Official response on behalf of the good people of the City of Liberty was a lie! (See the attached Response)

10. 08-27-2010 Outsider PIA Request to City of Liberty, City Secretary, Mrs. Dianne Tidwell regarding Animal Control Reports and Records. Here again we have the same thing on Mrs. Tidwell’s part, No Truth! Because there is no truth within her… she is member of the Little Cartel and not the good people of the City of Liberty. As City Secretary on behalf of the people of the City of Liberty and the people of our County, she had a duty to seek at all times the truth and not participate in a “STAR CHAMBER” by perpetuating the deeds of Mike Little, Joe Warren, Bobby Rader and Wes Hinch. The people of Liberty County believe and insist that the people who represent the offices of the people hold in high esteem the virtue of truth! Not oppression, domination or tyranny.

11. 09-01-2010 Outsider PIA Request to Liberty County DA Mike Little regarding Assistant DA Joe Warren gun incident and providing case numbers 10-04735 and 10-0463. After receiving the Little Cartel’s (City of Liberty) responses to out PIA request filled with their tautological disinformation, the Outsiders sent an additional PIA request for the purpose of clarification we sent to them their own case numbers, only to fall upon deaf ears…while the Cartel attempted to seek protection from the Attorney General of the State of Texas requesting a determination wherein the requested information made to the City of Liberty was protected information. A case we must remember folks was “Closed” and no longer “Active”. The Outsiders did enjoy how articulate the City’s Attorney used his words of art while projecting his obfuscations upon the AG’s Office… there is more to come this part of the story and the lies upon lies by the Little Cartel.

12. 09-03-2010 Official Liberty County DA Mike Little RESPONSE via authorized Assistant Attorney Michael Mark denying that the DA has “any records responsive to your request”. This response has a similar ring to it! Folks, anyone with access to the Internet could obtain a copy of the records showing a connection between the Plaintiff and the Liberty County District Attorney Mike Little. Assistant District Attorney Michael Mark was told by Mike Little and Joe Warren how to respond to the Outsider's PIA Request. Shortly after Assistant District Attorney Michael Mark's deceitful response at the direction of Mike Little and Joe Warren, it became more than the moral fiber of Mr. Mark could handle… so he resigned shortly after the signing of the official response to the Outsiders.

13. 09-05-2010 Outsider PIA Request to City of Liberty Municipal Court Judge Bobby Rader regarding Cause No. CT100254 and LPD Case Number 10-04735. Here come upon the “no response” at all syndromes! As stated above regarding Judge Bobby Rader decision to rule on a law that was no longer on the books… he continued to also perpetuate the Mike Little Cartel’s mode of operation by simply remaining mute on the subject matter, thus “See no evil” (the updated law concerning dogs), and now “hear no evil” by ignoring the Outsiders PIA request under the laws of the State of Texas and thereby “Speaking no evil” by remaining mute and in total deniability regarding the subject matter. Remember folks, any of us could be next to being tried before a man that knows nothing of moral fiber, truth or the teachings of our Lord. Additionally, it’s a happy people who are governed by Godly men! Folks we’re not a happy people in Liberty County with the Little Cartel operating at this control panel.

14. 09-13-2010 Official City of Liberty, City Secretary, Mrs. Dianne Tidwell RESPONSE via City Attorney Randy Gunter- referencing some provided Animal Control Reports and Records sent to H. L. Moore, one of the Outsiders investigating this case. Here comes the City Attorney paid by the people of the City of Liberty commissioned by Mrs. Tidwell and her husband Chief of Police Billy Tidwell, Joe Warren and Mike Little, among others to further perpetuate the Little Cartel's tautological disinformation at its best. Here the City of Liberty talks about providing some information about the Strawn family dog incident, without any mention of the simultaneous Joe Warren gun incident.

15. 09-13-2010 Official City of Liberty, City Secretary, Mrs. Dianne Tidwell LETTER via City Attorney Randy Gunter to Attorney General of Texas – requesting PIA determination. After reading their letter for protection from the Outsiders and all of the other reports within this story an elementary student could see their obfuscations sent to the A.G’s Office. Here is the question, what will happen after this report, when the Outsiders send their written Findings of Fact to the Attorney General’s Office for their review? The big question here is did the AG receive the full story and thereby giving the AG the opportunity to make an informed decision? Remember folks, the Animal Control reports request and records and the Joe Warren report/incident request are one in the same incident.

16. 09-13-2010 Official City of Liberty, City Secretary, Mrs. Dianne Tidwell RESPONSE via City Attorney Randy Gunter- provided Animal Control Reports and Records. Some dog reports were provided with some of the information provided redacted by the attorney seeking protection from the State. No gun incident records were provided. In others words Folk, the City Attorney was asking the Attorney General of Texas to help Mr. Little’s Cartel without fully disclosing the full story and or facts.

Court documents, complaints and reports allege Joe Warren pointed a gun at his neighbors and made terroristic threats. Next, he threatened his neighbors if they filed or pursued charges against him- i.e. witness tampering.
17. 10-01-2010 Outsiders Publish “Taking Liberty, Part 3” on this report stands on its own. There are numerous documents in PDF form for the taking demonstrating the facts at issue and the connecting to dots between the hub of the wagon wheel (Mike Little) and the spokes of the Little Cartel.

18. 06-28-2011 Joe Warren Warrant of Arrest for Tampering with a Witness, a State Jail Felony.

19. 06-28-2011 Joe Warren Warrant of Arrest for Deadly Conduct a Class A Misdemeanor.

20. 06-28-2011 Joe Warren Warrant of Arrest for Terroristic Threat a Class B Misdemeanor.


Folks, Mr. Warren was arrested on these charges after a complaint was filed with the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office. The case was investigated by one of the Liberty County Sheriff’s Deputies the same way as any other investigation. The Sheriff’s investigator made TWO (2) attempts, on TWO different days of the week to see someone, anyone within the D.A.’s Office of Liberty County Texas, only to be rejected! Mike Little’s Office “REFUSED” to see, hear, consider or talk about or otherwise consider any case the Sheriff’s Investigator had to offer. With that said, the Sheriff’s Investigator was aware of his duty to protect the rights of the victims in this case, so the Investigator made the only other decision available to him as an Investigator to report a crime and protect the victims in this case.

The case was taken to a State District Judge for review… where the decision was made that probable cause did in fact exist. At this point the case was referred with a recommendation were made to Judge Underwood to assign the case to a visiting State District Judge who ALSO found “Probable Cause” to charge Joe Warren with the charges list within this report. Folks, that’s not one State District Judge, but THREE District Judges that believe there is “Probable Cause” against First Asst. District Attorney Joe Warren for his unlawful acts.

Additionally, it’s hard to believe at this juncture, that Mr. Mike Little could make the statement that “No Judge considered Probable Cause in this case” against Joe Warren. Folks this is not Mike Little's first Rodeo, he is well aware how the system works. Mr. Mike Little refused Deputy Louis Guthrie's good faith efforts to bring this matter to light within Mr. Little’s office. Now Mr. Little has the audacity hold the Sheriff and Deputy Louis Guthrie in the spot light as bad law enforcement officers. Shame on you Mr. Little… our officers place their lives on the line every day of the week protecting us from the likes of you and Joe Warren! Mr. Little you too are a “Stain upon the fabric of Texas” Sir! Between you Sir and the reporter from the Cleveland Advocate, both of you have destroyed all faith in the District Attorney’s Office for the good people of Liberty County.

There are a many issues being raised by friends of the Little Cartel. Coming soon, The Outsiders plan to address misc. media issues regarding the Joe Warren arrest and demonstrate how the much of the local media connects to the Little Cartel. But for now, we can address these few issues:

Liberty County Assistant District Attorney Joe Warren was arrested and charged yesterday with tampering with a witness, terroristic threats, and deadly conduct. However, the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department would not release any information on what these charges stem from. Information we have gathered indicates the charges stem from an incident in April 2010 when two dogs killed the Warren family pet. Allegations are Mr. Warren displayed a gun when the neighbor came onto his property. However, according to Liberty Police Chief Billy Tidwell, he was within his rights under Texas Law. The Liberty Police Department investigated the incident at the time. No charges or complaints were filed with Liberty PD. Who filed the complaint with the Liberty County Sheriffs Department is unknown at this time.

Yes, there are many legal reasons why the Sheriff's Office is remaining quiet at this time. However, the public rarely gets such an opportunity to study the difference between the current Liberty County DA and those who work in concert with him and the current Liberty County Sheriff and those who work to uphold the law and protect them from harms way. The newly released court records above shed some light onto the original dog incident and paint a very different picture than what the media gives us. Please feel free to read through the motions in the case. It will bring many aspects of the story to life. Evidence indicates that it was Joe Warren's Boxer dog that first dug the hole between the adjacent yards and attacked a puppy on the Strawn's property. Eventually, the Strawn's two pit-bull dogs attacked the boxer and the boxer returned to Joe Warren's home thru the hole he dug and died. The allegations in the court records also show more than “Mr. Warren displayed a gun when the neighbor came onto his property.” So, when Police Chief Billy Tidwell says that “The Liberty Police Department investigated the incident at the time and Mr. Warren was within his rights under Texas Law.” When we consider the additional facts now available, we can avoid jumping to conclusions and it becomes apparent why “No charges or complaints were filed with Liberty PD.” We must ask the following question, if you were in the Strawn family position with limited means and a husband who was prosecuted by the DA in the past, going up against Joe Warren and knowing all of the above within this report, would you or I trust the City of Liberty Police Chief Billy Tidwell to do the right thing? Our answer is not on your life!

The Outsiders look forward to the Cleveland Advocate showing documents proving Deputy Louis Guthrie violated any law within the State of Texas while working for the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. The Outsiders believe Vanesa can’t produce any documents at all… nothing but obfuscations like her friend Mike Little. One other point to be made here folks… Vanesa has never talked bad about the police doing their duty while at the same time taking sides with the person criminally charged by a Judge!

Yes, Liberty County is celebrating their Independence from tyranny today.

Have a Happy 4th of July,