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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Update on Tarkington Prarie Burglary Case

On yesterday, August 30, 2011 in the late afternoon hours, Law Enforcement Officers from the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office and the City of Cleveland Police Department, working together in this case, were able to locate and recover over one dozen of the stolen firearms from the Tarkington Prairie Burglaries.

Also, Persons of Interest Decarious Rucker and Clifton Shedd came to the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office and initially cooperated with Sheriff’s Office Investigators. However, after a very short time, Mr. Rucker declined to cooperate further and left. Mr. Shedd was however, was placed into custody on multiple outstanding warrants for his arrest. Mr. Shedd remains in custody at the Liberty County Jail and is cooperating with Sheriff’s Investigators.

Throughout this investigation, help from an outraged public has proven invaluable. With so much information coming forward, another person of interest has developed. This individual has been identified as Scott, Lamar of Cleveland, Liberty County. Investigators with the LCSO are not indicating Mr. Scott as a suspect at this time, however, he is a person of interest in this case. Attempts to locate and speak to Mr. Scott by Investigators thus far have proven no results.

At this time, the whereabouts of the remaining firearms remains unknown at this time, however, Investigators from several Law Enforcement Agencies are continuing to work around the clock in the quest for locating and recovering these stolen weapons. Many of these weapons are extremely dangerous as they possess a very high velocity and range when fired.

This is the third “set” or group of Burglary Suspects which have been identified and stopped in recent months in Liberty County. The LCSO Crime Suppression Unit working in tandem with Investigators have proven positive results and have had a direct impact in solving these crimes. Substantial amounts of narcotics, stolen property and currency have been recovered and many citizens in Liberty County have provided extremely important information which has assisted in solving these crimes.

The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office is asking anyone with additional information, on this case or any other case, no matter how small the detail, please contact the LCSO at (936) 336-4500 or go to our web site located at (

Additionally, the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office want to remind everyone, keep your doors and windows locked. Should you have a residential alarm, remember to set the alarm prior to leaving home, even for short amounts of time. Should you see any suspicious person(s), vehicle(s) or activity in your community, please contact the LCSO immediately for assistance.

Monday, August 29, 2011


Just when you think you have heard everything in politics, Richard Baker considers throwing his hat in the political ring again. AS A REPUBLICAN!!! That is right, a Republican.

If Richard Baker is seriously considering running for District Judge in Chambers County, he must be banking on the fact that the county does not have a dominant media outlet that will effectively expose him as a sold out Al Gore/Hillary Clinton/Barack Obama Democrat. Baker must hope slipping an elephant carcass over his infamous donkey torso in a short primary season in a county that is heavily affected in elections by people who drive into Houston and don’t know their candidates as well as most rural counties will be enough to win.

There are many examples of Baker’s unrepentant love for Democrats and the philosophy of the Democrat party, but his most recent overt political action speaks volumes. Baker joined Obama in trying to strengthen the Democrat Party cause when he ran a failed campaign as a Democrat trying to defeat the conservative Supreme Court Justice of Texas. But there are plenty of other ties. Baker is one of the lawyers practicing in the building where recently embarrassed former District Judge C.T. Hight stored law books stolen out of the courthouse. Baker’s ties to Hight and to the godfather of the Democrat Party in Liberty County are deep and inseparable.

Conservatives are encouraging Randy McDonald to run for Judge Carroll Wilburn’s seat. He has displayed a far better grasp of the law and does not have the type of liberal baggage Baker has. The contrast between his even tempered nature and the hot tempered vindictive partisanship of Baker is like night and day.

Liberty Dispatch has far more respect for donkeys that are proud to be donkeys than donkeys who try to deceive people into thinking they are elephants. Baker is a big donkey and should be satisfied to run his race as a donkey. But Baker is unlikely to act in any manner that resembles a person who has integrity. He just wants power no matter what it takes to get it. He and his little lawyer nest is used to having a special connection in the courthouse and they will be jumping through hoops to re-incarnate CT Rusty High in Chambers County.

But none of that will work. The more people that meet hot-headed Baker subdued by his need for votes, the more votes it will cost him. The more people who meet McDonald, the more votes McDonald will get. Voters will sense sincerity and the lack of sincerity. The only chance Baker has to win is if he can talk McDonald into leaving Texas him for four months.

The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office is issuing a warning to residents in Tarkington, Texas

In the last month there have been nearly one dozen burglaries of homes in this area. These crimes are being committed in the daylight hours, between 9:00 a.m. at 12:30p.m.

The suspect(s) have forced open a door, entering the residence, stealing firearms. Thus far, nearly 100 firearms have been stolen by these suspect(s). Investigators estimate the time suspect(s) are actually inside a residence is approximately one minute or less. Deputies and Investigators from the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office have joined with the Cleveland Police Department, Texas Department of Public Safety and area Constables to create a comprehensive, coordinated effort to identify, locate and apprehend the person(s) responsible for these crimes and recover stolen property.

This investigation has yielded two persons of interest who Sheriff’s Investigators are currently wanting to speak to in reference to this series of crimes and stolen weapons. Those persons are identified as follows;

1. Rucker, Decoris a.k.a. “RED” Cleveland, Liberty County

2. Shedd, Clifton a.k.s “ LIL CLIF” Cleveland, Liberty County

Both of these individuals, though not currently active suspects, are being sought for questioning only at this time. LCSO Investigators have issued the following warning, however, these two individuals should be considered armed and have exhibited violent tendencies / acts in prior cases / incidents in Liberty County.

Sheriff’s Office Captain Evans is also issuing the following warning to residents; if you have any firearms inside your home, please take measures to ensure the weapon is secured in a safe or strong box of some kind. Do not leave rifles or other weapons inside of a display cabinet of any kind which allows easy access by breaking glass or defeating a small locking mechanism. Make sure all of your doors and windows are locked at all times. If you have an alarm system, be sure when you leave your home the system is activated. Additionally, talk to you neighbors, make sure they know to call 9-1-1 anytime suspicious persons of vehicles are seen in your neighborhood. The smallest suspicious detail could be the break Investigators are looking for. Also, try to change your schedule wherever possible so not to set a “pattern” or “routine” which can easily been noted or followed by criminals.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


The recent internet article written by Vanessa Brashier, the recently demoted editor of several of our local newspapers, is probably meant to harm one of the contributors to this website but it actually should serve as a reminder to us all of how unequal justice is in this county when we it involves District Attorney Mike Little. Her sudden interests in posting cases awaiting trial must be intended to take a pot shot at our colleague and to help her dear friend Mike Little. The only problem is that it has the opposite effect. It underscores the people Little has had tied up in legal proceeding for years and years. The old saying ‘justice delayed is not justice at all’ comes to mind.

The title of this article, “No Three Strike Rule For D.A.”, really under-emphasizes the problems Mike Little is causing others and avoiding himself. Three may be all we cover here today but our readers could contribute to a much more extensive list of questionable behavior or worse.

Back to Brashier’s list and the almost 900 days the taxpayers have paid for Little to look for some way to rid himself of his formidable political enemy. Brashier is yet to report Mike Little’s over two year delay in sharing the results of DPS handwriting experts on the exemplars Ray Akins submitted. Akins was, and still is, a Republican activist with a mission to clean up the courthouse. Little is the last remaining local Democrat to hold a major elective office involving the justice system and he has repeatedly indicated to judge after judge and now District Judge Mark Morefield that he will share the results of the analysis of those samples, but months and now years have gone by and still he is delaying. At first Little blamed the second longest delay in current cases on the DPS lab. But more recently he has claimed physical illness to continue his delay, a physical illness that is a lie and made to get the sympathy of people in the courthouse and boot the Akins case. In reality Mike Little has lied to Judge Mark Morefield and made a mockery of the 75th Judicial District Court.

STRIKE ONE: Mr. D.A., you can add a thousand more excuses but the fact is the handwriting samples will hurt your case. They do not implicate Ray Akins. You know it and, by now, even your ace in the hole in the media (Vanessa Brashier) has to suspect it. She won’t report it or any of your other behaviors, but your endless search, your very expensive search, your time consuming vindictive political witch hunt – it will have to come to an end.

Mr. Little, it is difficult to determine whether or not you are sick but it appears it is a complete lie. But it should not be difficult to understand that you have plenty of people “you” make sick. The normal compassion we all have for the sick is somewhat jaded by the fact that you are deceptive and that you are an expert at playing the system to your on personal advantage. Again, you’ve been aided by your political and personal connections with Vanessa Brashier, et al and the lawsuit filed by a Liberty County prisoner named Blue has been kept quiet.

STRIKE TWO: Whether or not you are guilty of sodomizing this man in your office should be a matter of public interests by the media. You have enjoyed keeping people under the gun and in the media light for years, but when it comes to your own Almightiness you arrange a media blackout and attempt to manipulate the system?

And then there is your employee, the gun toting defender of dogs and self described right winger that is more conservative than us all. Sounds good, except your boy Joe Warren owned the dog that initiated the entire incident now infamous because your bizarre lack of judgment has him still working as a prosecutor while he is under indictment. Again, your “little” local reporters will not be able to hide the photo Justice of the Peace Bobby Rader says clearly shows Joe Warren’s dog did the attacking.

STRIKE THREE: We could go on and on but we for now keeping a hothead who threatens his neighbors with a gun on staff will serve as our third strike. The final strikes would come if and when the media or federal investigators look at charges of your years of selective prosecution. The cases where recently defeated and embarrassed District Judge Rusty Hight gave light sentences after people were found guilty of sex crimes against minors – and then mysteriously any record of their crimes were erased in court the next day – STRIKE FOUR, STRIKE FIVE, STRIKE SIX…

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dear Liberty Dispatch,

I got your name from a friend. I am relatively new to this county. I am a Republican and have been all of my life.

I do not want to be overly critical and upset any of what has been wonderful progress for Republicans since I have been here. I would like to know if my perception is correct however. When I read this website my understanding is that the website has been a mostly pro status quo defender of this county’s Democrat Party.

From what my friend says this website has been a game changer and made the local radio and newspaper think twice before reporting things the way they have for years.

The reason Im writing this letter to the editor is… I went to the Liberty County GOP Website and want to know, why does the Liberty County GOP website have a link to i-dineout on there? Where I am from our GOP website only puts links up to conservative websites. The site is

If our county GOP website wants to put a controversial website up they would be more likely to put up someone like Liberty Dispatch. We would never advertise for a liberal website like i-dineout. What is the thinking on this by the party’s leadership? Where is the chairman on this decision? What kind of influence does Liberty Dispatch have in helping the leadership understand that no other Republican website in America would put a link up to this liberal they have on the local website.

Please reply. Post this letter if you want to, but please reply.


When the subject of how to divide up the nearly $40,000 seized in illegal game rooms, County Attorney Wes Hinch explained to commissioners’ court Tuesday that there are specific state laws that regulate the use of seizure funds by law enforcement agencies.

Apparently in response to complaints about the secrecy of both the county attorney’s and the district attorney’s handling of seizures, Hinch began his public defense by saying “There is no slush fund”. Hinch’s evidently prepared a rebuttal and decided to use the commissioners’ court for answering his detractors who have been questioning for months why he does not have to publicly account for every dime of money his office makes through their hot check collections. Rather than account for the money, Hinch claimed hot check money funds 50% of his department.

Hinch’s offered as proof of his innocence a legal rendering of the law about when counties seize funds that were used in felony drug trafficking cases, gambling proceeds and money collected from fees charged for hot checks, officials like him can legally spend that money on training, legal education and can also be used by law enforcement officials in undercover operations to purchase narcotics. Hinch (ignoring the fact most taxpayers work Monday through Friday and that few are accountants or lawyers) welcomed anyone to review the records of the fund usage by his office.

So what did taxpayers learn about the way Hinch has spent money from seizures. They learned if they want to take a day off and bring their lawyer or their accountant Hinch says they can look at his books. Taxpayers have been left with no explanation of why the nearly $2,000,000 of money currently controlled by D.A. Mike Little and the hot check money collected by Wes Hinch.

Even if we simply consider the way Hinch pointed to ways the money can be used, we are left with more questions than we had before. The first question would be about the SUV said to be paid for by these funds from seizures and also said to be casually driven around by D.A. Mike Little. Is that legal? Who pays for the gas? Where can he drive this vehicle? Is it okay he parks this at his house? Is he claiming this on his income taxes? Hinch’s little speech in commissioners’ court should make us more suspicious about Little’s use of the money than ever before.

Lawyer/politicians telling the public to just come down and look at their records is nonsense. These two men need to come clean and put out a public accounting of OUR MONEY. How much money has been taken in? Taxpayers deserve a detailed accounting of incoming and outgoing money.

Hinch telling us how the money “should” be spent has some holes in it too. First, and most obvious, is the unanswered question whether it was spent within the rules. Second, has there been an abuse within the rules. For instance, has an unreasonable amount been spent on training – trips and hotel rooms and expenses that qualify as “training” could easily been abused.

But let’s simplify for Hinch and Little. While our readers deserve open and honest government and answers to all of these questions, with we want to start with three items:

1) An explanation of Little’s SUV.
2) An explanation from Liberty County DA Mike Little of where he has spent seized monies for the past ten years.
3) The cessation of excuses about how we are too broke to deal with the county’s juvenile problem and action on this matter.

Next time Hinch stands up to “speechify” and pretend to be leveling with the taxpayers of this county, how about covering these three questions. We are prepared to get behind Hinch if he will quit making excuses and quit blaming his lack of action on the budget or anything else. But Hinch is well over halfway through his first term and if is unable to question Little about an Little's "Slush Fund" and SUV many of us see him drive and if he is not going to deal with our youth, we need to elect someone who will do this job.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


We don’t often run jokes. But this one made us laugh out loud, so we thought we’d share:

A Republican entered a restaurant in a wheelchair one afternoon and asked the waitress for a cup of coffee. He looked across the restaurant and asked, “Is that Jesus sitting over there?”

The waitress nodded “yes,” so the Republican requested that she give Jesus a cup of coffee, on him.

The next patron to come in was a Libertarian with a hunched back. He shuffled over to a booth, painfully sat down and asked the waitress for a cup of hot tea. He also glanced across the restaurant and asked, “Is that Jesus over there?”

The waitress nodded, so the Libertarian asked her to take Jesus a cup of hot tea. “My treat,” he said.

Another patron, a Democrat, came into the restaurant on crutches. He hobbled over to a booth, sat down and asked for a cold beer. He, too, looked across the restaurant and asked, “Isn’t that God’s boy over there?”

The waitress nodded, so the Democrat directed her to give Jesus a cold beer. “On my bill,” he said.

As Jesus got up to leave, he passed by the Republican, touched him and said, “For your kindness, you are healed.” The Republican felt the strength surge back into his legs, got up, and danced a jig out the door.

Jesus passed by the Libertarian, touched him and said, “For your kindness, you are healed.” The Libertarian felt his back straightening up and he raised his hands, praised the Lord, and did a series of back flips out the door.

Then Jesus walked towards the Democrat, just smiling.

The horrified Democrat jumped to his feet and screamed, “Don’t touch me! I’m collecting disability!”


WE THE PEOPLE could all be thinking about District Attorney Mike Little and County Attorney Wes Hinch this week when the county commissioners come to item #23 on the commissioners’ court agenda.

Item #23 will be a discussion about where nearly the $40,000 confiscated by law enforcement during raids of local illegal game room needs to be appropriated. The amount of money and where the money goes will be a matter decided openly.

District Attorney Mike Little has not been nearly as open about the amount and the use of the much larger amounts his office has seized. One source says Little has accumulated and currently has at his disposal between one and two million dollars outside of the money he has in his Liberty County budget. The large amounts of money Little has already spent and what he has spent it on are such a tightly held secret that no one is talking about it despite the fact Liberty County is in a budget crunch. The District Attorney has come under fire however. It was recently revealed Little is driving a new SUV thought to be purchased from these funds and not included as part of his compensation for his work as District Attorney. That revelation and a serious discussion about Little’s controversial and sizable budget increase and a conservative approach to spending taxpayer money may have led to the newly elected Republicans stepping in and cutting his budget a few weeks ago.

County Attorney Wes Hinch also has a fund he dips into besides the money appropriated to his office in the county budget. Hinch has the same deal with the hot check collections and the money that generates. Hinch, perhaps more than any other public official ought to have a place he dedicates all of his “off budget” funds. In fact, Hinch ought to be begging for some of Little’s cashola. Hinch is now infamous for pointing to a lack of funds to prosecute and juvenile crime.

Between $1,500,000 and $2,000,000! And please don’t talk about sitting on that money “like a good conservative”. This is the amount on hand. It keeps rolling in as law enforcement’s success leads to WE THE PEOPLE being able to force criminals into inadvertently helping fund the legal system. But why is this money, OUR MONEY, not openly accounted for? Why hasn’t some of it been used to help us pay employees at the courthouse instead of threatening to lay people off? Why is it not being used to hold young people accountable before they are emboldened to commit more serious crimes?

It’s outrageous how Little and Hinch- one Democrat and one Republican, both hiding money and neither doing what they can for our young people. Maybe they can legally hide money and maybe they can refuse to deal with our wayward teens, but WE THE PEOPLE, both Democrats and Republicans, can look for someone who will do this job like a public servant, rather than politicians full of excuses.

ITEM #23


321 CONNECT GAME ROOM - $2390.00,
BEACHES #I GAME ROOM - $6570.39,
BEACHES #2 GAME ROOM - $2020.00, AND
CINDY'S GAME ROOM - $5476.00

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Local Internet Editor Surfaces

Prior News Editor of the Cleveland Advocate and Dayton News Vanesa Brashier has finally surfaced.  Brashier has written a story about how past Liberty County Judge Phil Fitzgerald has medical problems and has asked for a later court date.

Liberty Dispatch has no problem with posting the news, but we do have a problem with Brashier surfacing to "hit" Phil Fitzgerald when he is down.  Brashier has a history of corruptly printing information related to peoples health concerns all in the name of first amendment rights, that's morally, ethically and probably legally wrong...

There are plenty of slimy snakes with storefront news organizations in Liberty County who peddle their ineffective sales, advertising and promotion capabilities, but harming people with their personal information related to medical issues to get attention is wrong.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Strike Two - C.R. 389

On yesterday, August, 18th, 2011 at approximately 5 p.m. Deputies with the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office, Crime Suppression Unit, went to a known narcotics trafficking location on C.R. 389 in the Pebble Creek area of Liberty County.

Many of you may remember, just a few days ago, the LCSO Crime Suppression Unit, responding to numerous complaints from residents in the area, conducted an operation which netted the arrest of multiple persons, stolen firearms, motor vehicles, four wheelers and even a “LAW’s” shoulder fired rocket launcher.

To show the sheer tenacity of some criminals here in Liberty County, once released on bond, Cook, Allen Bart and many others returned to the same location, conducting the same criminal activity. Many citizens in the area were outraged at the flagrant disrespect for the Law which was being exhibited by these individuals.

Absolutely fed up with the rising crime rate, many good people here in Liberty County are calling, emailing and writing in on the LCSO web-site and reporting suspicious / criminal activity in record numbers. Many are “demanding” something be done. This case is a prime example of these efforts. The good people in the Pebble Creek neighborhood, many of whom not only called, but, put in writing their complaints as to the almost immediate return of this criminal activity in their neighborhood appealed for the Sheriff’s Office to return and put an end to the reoccurring criminal activity.

Responding to those complaints, Sheriff Patterson forwarded the information to Captain Rex Evans who directs all Field Operations including the LCSO Crime Suppression Unit. Captain Evans coordinated an effort with Sgt. Ronnie Alexander of the C.S.U. Through Investigative measures, a Search Warrant was obtained. The C.S.U. went to the location and executed said Search Warrant, locating, for a second time, methamphetamine, supplies for manufacturing methamphetamine, marijuana and stolen property. A total of five criminal arrests were made as a result of the second operation against this location.

Those individuals arrested (Possession of a Controlled Substance) are as follows;

1. Cook, Allen Bart

2. Cook, Charles William (Son)

3. Lawson, Michael

4. Henry, Jana

5. Burden, Desira

This incident should serve as an example to everyone, by working together, good people of Liberty County along with men and women of the LCSO can make a direct impact on crime in our community. Together, we can make a difference in our community for our families and friends. The LCSO wants to remind everyone, your phone calls, your e-mails, your tips count. The information you provide is an key element of any Law Enforcement Operation.

Additionally, the LCSO Crime Suppression Unit continues to make progress throughout all of Liberty County. This unit has made to date, in excess of 30 Felony arrest and served over 35 Felony Arrest Warrants, seized in excess of $25, 000.00, closed down over 10 Methamphetamine labs, some of which were actually in progress of manufacturing Methamphetamine at the time of their arrival.

This unit is not a “stealth” or “super-secret” unit. In fact, each member operates a marked LCSO Tahoe, wears a highly visible tan colored LCSO uniform and works together in a cohesive unit, including a K-9, concentrating on specific locations where high criminal activity has been reported. This unit also tracks down all Felony Warrants throughout Liberty County and has had success in working with other Law Enforcement Agencies in other Counties locating several Felons bringing those individuals back to Liberty County to face the criminal charges brought against them in a Court of Law.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Her 'Liberal' Traces Are Fading...

(08/17/2011) After a current sampling of the top ten stories on the Cleveland Advocate, past Advocate editor Vanesa Brashier's name isn't on one story.

Recently HCN replaced editor Vanesa Brashier with news editor Mr. Roy Kent.

It is alleged that with current lawsuits against Brashier and others looming, Brashier has been replaced by HCN for legal defensive reasons.

Liberty Dispatch wishes new Advocate editor Mr. Roy Kent the best in his attempt to bring back some normalcy to the Cleveland Advocate and Dayton News.

Monday, August 15, 2011


As expected, Chambers County’s distinguished longtime District Judge Carroll Wilborn has announced he will not seek another term as Judge of the 344th District Court when his term ends December 31st, 2012. When the 344th District Court was created totally for Chambers County, Carroll Wilborn was appointed by Democratic Governor Mark White to head that new court.

After running as a Democrat since 1983, Judge Wilborn was re-elected in 2008 as a Republican. Like the District Judge Cain who also holds court in Chambers County, Judge Wilborn took his first opportunity to separate himself from Barack Obama.

The good news is the stories we hear about conservative Attorney Randy McDonald’s intentions of running for the 344th District Court. McDonald knows the law well and has many years of legal work that is honorable and that adds up to valuable experience that would make him a good judge.

The bad news is that in a rural county that doesn’t necessarily have a good centralized method of educating its citizens, longtime liberal Democrat Richard Baker is also rumored to be considering running – as a Republican! It is outrageous, but Baker is said to be expressing the idea that he will run as whatever he has to run as in order to win.

Baker ties to the most liberal and proud and entrenched Democrats is obvious to those who know his relationship to the Zbranek family. Baker practices law with the most infamous and heralded Democratic family in Liberty County – the Zbraneks. Baker’s other connection to the Democratic party was his failed effort a few years ago to beat the Republican Chief Justice of the Texas State Supreme Court.

Baker is what is known in Republican circles as a RINO, or a Republican In Name Only. Because of his close ties to former District Judge Zeke Zbranek and recently defeated District Judge Rusty Hight in Liberty County, some voters may be concerned with someone so liberal disguising themselves as a conservative. And they may again be concerned with a court that allows the Zbranek’s gaggle of attorneys to come in and practice before a judge with a possible predisposition to rule in their favor.

Liberty Dispatch is tired of hearing about Democrat lawyers and officeholders who have not made one public statement about the wrong direction Barack Obama, considering switching to the Republican Party. We consider Baker and anyone else who tries this at this late date, a deceiver and a political opportunist. We wish Mr. McDonald the best and know he will win if Chambers County gets the word out.

Burglary Suspect Arrested

Late last week, Liberty County Sheriff’s Office Investigators received information which led to a Warrant of Arrest – Burglary of a Habitation, being issued for Rodriguez, Jeffrey J. 04/18/93.

Mr. Rodriguez is suspected in several recent Burglary of Habitation(s) (homes) in the greater Cleveland / Tarkington area. As this investigation widens the recovery of more stolen property and arrests of additional suspects are expected.

The LCSO thanks everyone who were concerned and brave enough to come forward with valuable information which broke open the case. LCSO Investigators are asking anyone with information about criminal activity in Liberty County to continue providing this valuable information at any time by calling the LCSO at (936) 336-4500 or on the LCSO web site located

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Support Your Local Sheriff

Liberty County residents should be aware that Liberty County Sheriff Patterson continues to do more with less.

When prior Sheriff Greg Arthur always had his hand out and Commissioners Melvin Hunt and Todd Fontenot always gave him what he wanted no matter the financial harm to Liberty County. Those same commissioners even over funded Arthur when he wanted to keep his mistress on the Sheriff’s office staff. Then when Arthur was unelected, he pressured JP Bobby Radar to hire Arthur’s mistress.

Conversely you never hear Sheriff Patterson complain or hold his hand out for personal gain. While Arthur was out chasing women, Patterson is happy to go home after work and tend to his cattle.

We have a great Sheriff that is actively going after corruption in Liberty County with little concern for re-election because he has a heart for ending the pain and harm done to Liberty County. Patterson and his special investigative unit want to make Liberty County a better place for those future generations of Liberty County.

The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office deserves our help and support and should be afforded the tools necessary to fight the corrupt undercurrent in Liberty County.

Saturday, August 13, 2011


Disturbing stories about the continued neglect of Liberty County’s juvenile crime problem continue. The latest story zeroes in on perhaps the worst of what is becoming a shameful lack of attention to a very serious problem that is terrorizing some of our neighborhoods and encouraging juvenile delinquency.

Up to 50 class A and class B misdemeanors appear to be shelved by County Attorney Wes Hinch. We use the word “seem” because according to our sources, the juvenile probation department, local judges, and law enforcement are left out of the loop because of the assumption that any county attorney would process the juveniles and follow through with the cases.

Liberty Dispatch invites County Attorney Wes Hinch to clarify this issue and write in and let the people of this community know what he has done with these cases. Complaints persist about juveniles committing multiple crimes and bragging that there are no consequences. Ignoring young people’s disrespect for the law encourages a downward spiral of what might start out as a minor offense by a juvenile crying out for discipline. A county attorney ignoring or shelving such cases is unacceptable.

Frustration by law enforcement and people in areas in the county that have been affected continues. Law enforcement spending time and energy investigating cases and solving cases only to meet the juveniles they arrested back on the street again and finding out after the fact that there were no consequences to their previous act has to be a hair pulling event. Citizens instinctively realize that these juveniles will be emboldened by the inaction of the system and that the juveniles could become more dangerous.

Liberty Dispatch is encouraged by accounts that one of our local judges is trying to light a fire under Wes Hinch. Mr. Hinch is up for re-election this next cycle and is vulnerable in the Republican primary.

Thursday, August 11, 2011



August 10, 2011

As the old saying goes, “A picture speaks a thousand words”…Folks, what’s wrong with this picture?

Mr. James Evans III, Attorney at Law among others will hold a hearing in the 75th Judicial District Court on Mr. Evan’s Motions to remove Mr. Joe Warren, First Assistant District Attorney from over seeing the prosecutions of the Defendants in the Cleveland Child Rape cases. The hearing will be on Friday August 12, 2011 at 9:30am before the Honorable Judge Morefield.

Mr. Warren is the prosecutor in charge of prosecuting all of the defendants in the Cleveland Child rape cases. These are the mug shots of the adult criminal line up. We have all heard about the Criminal Justice System supporting themselves by growing their own food, making their own clothing. But this is the “FIRST” time in Texas history where prisoners are providing their own “prosecutor.”

Liberty County DA, Mike Little, should be removed from office for his decision to keep Mr. Joe Warren on as First Assistant District Attorney. Additionally, undisclosed sources have informed The Outsiders that during the time Capt. Kelley was accused of wrong doings, (NOT OFFICIALLY CHARGED WITH AN OFFENSE) Mr. Mike Little stated he would not receive any charges offered by Capt. Kelley. Mike Little was joined by Mr. Wes Hinch our County Attorney stating he would not take any charges from Capt. Kelley and he should not be sent to his office, moreover he should be terminated because he is under investigation for wrong doings. However, no word has come from Mike Little or Wes Hinch regarding the removal of Joe Warren after he has been charged with crimes.

So, here’s the question folks, which one of the defendants in this line up is Joe Warren, the First Assistant District Attorney charged with the duty of prosecuting all of the other defendants in the line up? And, don’t the citizens of Liberty County deserve better?

The Outsiders

Questionable Liberty County News Editor Removed From Position

Local Cleveland Advocate and Dayton News Editor Vanesa Brashier has been removed as newspaper editor. Mr. Roy Kent is now the editor and chief for the Cleveland Advocate and Dayton News. She has reportedly been kept on as an online reporter.

Vanesa Brashier has been a controversial figure in more than a few questionable news dealings, alleged vendettas and corruption. Additionally, Brashier has been sued by multiple individuals. Brashier has targeted many people in the community who reportedly believe they were targeted for purely personal reasons. There is word that several more lawsuits against Brashier are in the works.

Liberty Dispatch applauds Cleveland Advocate’s parent company HCN for this move toward a more community based and honest reporting future. LD also wishes Mr. Roy Kent the best in his new position. Hopefully Kent can repair some of the damage visited upon Liberty County by a prior rogue liberal editor.

Cleveland Advocate and Dayton News print editor:
Mr. Roy Kent

Monday, August 8, 2011


After years and years of public service and elected office, Rick Perry is very aware of the criticism Democrats and the liberal media consistently dish out to any Republican who uses the “J” word. Rick Perry openly talked about Jesus and prayed aloud in a football stadium full of over 30,000 fellow believers. But with all of the eyes of the nation watching, Rick Perry sawed the limb off in his national debut. Whatever positives and whatever negatives come with expressing a strong believe in the Bible and faith in Jesus Christ are now Rick Perry’s as he runs to replace Barack Obama as President of the United States.

"Father, our heart breaks for America," Perry said in 12 minutes of remarks that included prayer and Bible passages – but no direct mention of politics or his presidential plans. "We see discord at home. We see fear in the marketplace. We see anger in the halls of government and, as a nation; we have forgotten who made us, who protects us, who blesses us."

Undoubtedly, the Democrats will send out their messengers for tolerance and argue that the Christian prayer rally planned over a year ago indicates that a President Perry would treat all non-Christians as second class citizens. Of course, they will have very little proof that Perry has done any such thing as the Governor of Texas, but their intolerance of Christianity is rarely subdued when Christians dare to raise their heads and speak like many Presidents have in our history.

At a minimum Perry’s campaign has returned to the rhetoric of former Presidents like Washington over 200 years ago and Lincoln 150 years ago and now he will face the wrath of a secular media and a Democratic party that has many in it that look at Christianity as a crutch, Jesus Christ as a myth, and the Bible as a source for jokes.

Liberty Dispatch salutes Rick Perry and asks believers who read this site to pray for him and pray for America and the choices we have to make as a country in the coming days.

Two Burglaries - Many Victims

Over the course of this weekend, Deputies from the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office responded to 146 calls for service. Many of those calls were, thankfully, non-life threatening. However, sadly, some were life threatening, even involving the use of or the threat of use by firearms or other weapons.

However, after reviewing all of the reports turned in by Sheriff’s Deputies this weekend, two calls were profound enough to stand out and warrant the attention of all the citizens in Liberty County.

The first call, reported on Saturday July 31st Deputies responded to a Burglary of a Church. The Church targeted by these heartless criminals was the Tarkington Prairie Church of Christ, located on Highway 321 in Tarkington Prairie. The criminal(s) responsible for this crime stole two 4ton A/C units, forced entry through a back door, damaging the door and frame beyond repair entering into the Sanctuary. Once inside the suspect(s) removed the Church’s stereo equipment. Total estimate of loss by the parishioners has yet to be finalized, however, initial estimates are nearing several thousands of dollars.

The second call, reported on Saturday July 31st Deputies responded to yet another Burglary call. This time, the victims are the citizens of the North Liberty County region near the Woodpecker Volunteer Fire Department. According to reports, unknown suspect(s) knocked security cameras from the outside of the Fire Station off of the building and cut the telephone lines leading to the Fire Station. Forced entry was made into the Fire Station by breaking a window, damaging the frame of the window in the process. Undisclosed items were taken from the Fire Department. A complete inventory of equipment shall have to be completed to determine exactly what equipment was stolen and or damaged by the suspect(s). This crime is such a loss not only for the completely Volunteer Fire Department, it is also a tragedy for the entire community as this crime placed many citizens needlessly in danger by the damage and theft of life saving / firefighting equipment.

Both of these crimes are a reflection the rising call volume in our County. The call volume and criminal cases has surpassed projections for the busiest year on record for the LCSO. Projections were at approximately 25,000 calls for this year. However, as of present, the LCSO has already passed 20,000 calls for service with over 5 months left within this year. Over the last five years, this is an increase of over 12,000 calls for service, all the while, the LCSO has the exact same number of Deputies and Investigators as in 2007.

The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office is asking for anyone with information about these crimes to please call the LCSO at (936) 336-4500 or log onto our website go to the Crime Stopper Tip page. Either way, your identity shall remain anonymous. Only with the support and input from citizens can we truly impact criminal activity in Liberty County making our community a safer place for our families and friends.

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Who doesn’t enjoy thinking back on the great Ronald Reagan? One of my all time favorite Presidential debate moments is the part of one of the debates when President Reagan said “there you go again.” I really am enjoying it now in particular because it is such a good lead-in quote to use when commenting on the very liberal, very predictable, and very wrong-headed editorial comments by Allen Youngblood on his car wreck website.

For years I have heard from person after person after person what a wonderful person Ricky Brown is. In Republican circles his name has come up many times going back to two county chairmen ago. Ricky Brown has been mentioned as someone the Liberty County candidates committee should recruit since before Craig McNair even thought about running for county judge. But leave it to Allen “Sherlock Holmes” Youngblood to try and convince us all that there is something wrong with this recent appointment to be the interim county tax collector.

Though Youngblood tries to act like he has uncovered some big damning secret that should have disqualified our county judge from voting on who would be the interim county tax collector, all of his information should make most people like Ricky Brown’s appointment even more.

First, Youngblood’s secret spy work revealed to his readers that Ricky Brown has been a friend of the county judge a long time. That makes me think our county judge may have appointed someone he knew beyond the shadow of a doubt could be trusted with taxpayer money. It is good to once again have a county judge who is looking out for WE THE PEOPLE and it is good he appointed someone he holds in the highest of esteem.

Second, Youngblood breezes over Ricky Brown’s former position – a position that again recommends Brown as a highly qualified and highly trustworthy person. Youngblood had nothing to say that could actually discredit Ricky Brown so he just kind of skips through his article hoping he can make readers feel like he does – reminds me of an occasional effort by his counterpart in local radio.

Third, Youngblood acts as if he has a smoking gun. But his “ah ha” revelation again recommends Brown even more to those who think about what Youngblood is writing. Youngblood tries to imply that anyone who has worked at any business that has had anything to do with Judge McNair is disqualified. But Youngblood loves reading his own fleeting thoughts, so he writes beyond anything helpful to his case. He added the following description of Ricky Brown’s and Judge McNair’s past business dealings to his already flimsy and biased critique: “very normal in the course of real estate development”. So Youngblood accused and vindicated any idea of impropriety in this appointment all in one paragraph.

Youngblood is like John and Nancy Archer and maybe a few others busy liberal activists who are willing to express their goofy opinions in public – they are all frustrated. Judge McNair (and most of the other newly elected public officials) have made great strides in this county in a short period of time. Memories of one scandal after another and the residue of poor money management are the legacy of Youngblood’s beloved Democrats’ 100 year hold on power in this county. Now he is acting out because he can’t stand that the common sense approach and the success of this new group of officeholders will give little chance of his compadres mounting a challenge and winning back positions for Democrats.

Youngblood’s effort to bring a scandal to the public’s attention is not a total failure in this story. It is scandalous to many of us that Allen Youngblood would introduce the idea of criticizing an appointment when someone like Ricky Brown is the appointee. He certainly never criticized any of the Democrats’ appointees. Allen Youngblood, it seems, only gets his bloodhounds out for Republicans. He may on rare occasions snoop around when he sees a politically wounded and dying Democrat. But he will only criticize Democrats when he sees it will hurt what creditability he has left and it will hurt the Democratic Party. Otherwise his writing is like his life – leaning heavily to the left.

Too bad his name and his views will appear forever in cyberspace by Ricky Brown’s. But this article will leave most of us considering the source and it will be one more reason we are happy Ricky Brown was appointed. Most of Republicans should be happy with these results after many years of hoping Ricky Brown would one day hold a leadership position in Liberty County’s courthouse.

Many of us will look with great hope to Ricky Brown for leadership and, regretfully some among us will look to Allen Youngblood - not for leadership, but to check the car wreck scene out. “There he goes again”, Youngblood puffing on his Marlboro and chasing law enforcement’s chatter on the scanner. Go Allen go! Please Allen go… please. Please go.

Your hit piece backfired and it will continue to backfire. Almost every time a citizen meets Ricky Brown- Youngblood will be discredited even more.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Liberty County Sheriff's Office nabs Tommy Holmes for - Agg. Sexual Assault of a Child

Late yesterday afternoon, Deputies from the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office Crime Suppression Unit were assigned the task of tracking down, locating and apprehending a male, identified as Holmes, Tommy W/M 07/07/65 of Liberty County. Mr. Holmes was wanted for the Felony charge of Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child.

Throughout the investigation it was learned Mr. Homes was in fact a Fugitive on the run. Information was obtained indicating Mr. Holmes was hiding in a motel in the City of Atlanta, Texas. Deputies from the C.S.U., working with Law Enforcement Officials in Cass County, Texas were able to establish surveillance on the motel where Mr. Holmes was hiding. As a result of this surveillance operation, Mr. Holmes was positively identified by Officers on the surveillance detail and he (Holmes) was subsequently apprehended without incident.

Mr. Holmes indicated he was “going to turn himself in today.” However, members of the LCSO Crime Suppression Unit, by being resourceful and pro-active in their investigation were able to help him (Holmes) in his quest to surrender and will bring him back to Liberty County later today to face the serious criminal charge which is pending against him.

At this time there is no booking photograph available, however, as soon as one become available, it will be released.

By taking a “pro-active” stance against criminal activity, including but not limited to Narcotics, Burglary-Thefts, Violent Assaults to extremely serious cases such as the case listed above involving Mr. Holmes, the LCSO Crime Suppression Unit has been able to and shall continue aggressively seeking out criminal offenders throughout Liberty County and bring a close to Methamphetamine or other narcotics related labs/operations.

It should also be noted, citizens providing information to the Sheriff’s Office, whether by telephone or the web ( ), can remain anonymous. The valuable information citizens are providing us here at the LCSO is a tremendous asset to our endeavor in apprehending criminals and closing down criminal operations with Liberty County. With citizens and Law Enforcement working together in a pro-active manner, a significant difference can be made in our community.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Could someone please tell our District Attorney that the money he is treating as his own personal “slush fund” belongs to us?

Controversial District Attorney Mike Little could have done what some media conscious politicians would have done and voluntarily taken larger than required budget cuts in his department, but he did not. He sat through the harsh reality of the results of years of his fellow Democrats have done to this county and watched silently as layoffs and consolidations and across the board cuts were discussed. He sat like he could do nothing about it. But is that true?

The truth is a large part of the problem can be traced back to Mike Little. The media fails to connect the dots. Mike Little refused to prosecute former County Judge Phil Fitzgerald and Commissioner Lee Groce just months after the two men voted to increase Little’s already robust budget. Little turned his head and looked the other way and enjoyed the benefit of his relationship to these men – which resulted in an increase of $150,000 year after year. Little shut down anyone who talked about pursuing Fitzgerald’s use of FEMA equipment for personal gain.

But the question remains, what can Little do about helping the county in a budget crisis? The Commissioners’ Court already cut his budget back closer to the pre-Fitzgerald numbers. He can do plenty. Preliminary reports indicate Mike Little has between $1,000,000 and $2,500,000 in money generated by confiscating money in criminal cases. Little has not only sat silently like he can do nothing about helping taxpayers, he has REFUSED TO TELL WE THE PEOPLE how much money he has in this fund.

“Hello, Mr. Little, it is our money!” And when you drive that SUV you bought with the taxpayer’s money, remember that is our vehicle. You have not been given a raise that includes a vehicle. You have treated yourself to millions of perks we never offered you.

Voters can tell by all of the wrangling in Washington D.C. about the national debt and the budget that it will take years to get our economic house in order. But I am happy to report it is becoming increasingly obvious that under County Judge Craig McNair’s leadership, Liberty County may have its economic house in order by the end of the year and WE THE PEOPLE can enjoy seeing things get better and better in the years to come. But we can still do better. Zero out Mike Little’s budget, if he continues to sit back like that is his money.

Good, hard working public servants are working in our courthouse for just a fraction of what Mike Little makes. He is willing to watch some of them lose their jobs and act like there is nothing that can be done. He is willing to make all of those who keep their job work harder to make up for being short handed.

Soon and very soon, we will have a chance to voice our opinion on Little’s behavior. Soon, some of those employees who make about 20% of what Mike Little makes, they will get to let him know how they feel about him. And we won’t be left short handed; we will be left with a fresh start. We will be left with a courthouse culture with a relatively clean slate. A culture that we can hope once again will work hard to serve us all well.

Democrats treat the taxpayer’s money like it is their own and Liberty County DA Mike Little is a classic example. Liberty County history shows democrat financial thinking is self-absorbed and narcissistic- the reason Liberty County is in such a bad financial state. Mike Little historically is the last chapter of this arrogant, corrupt and dark Liberty County financial history.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


As of 08/01/11, Liberty County DA Mike Little has taken over the three cases ADA Joe Warren was to prosecute against clients of defense attorney James Evans. Two of Evans’ clients are charged in the alleged “Cleveland Rape Case”.

Readers will remember that Liberty County DA Mike Little refused to suspend or fire ADA Joe Warren after he was arrested for “Witness Tampering” – “Terroristic Threats” and “Deadly Conduct”. In response to Mike Little’s and Warren’s corrupt actions, attorney Evans’ filed a “Motion to Disqualify” ADA Joe Warren. In a highly anticipated move, it is alleged that Liberty County DA Mike Little is attempting to cover-up his corrupt acts by quietly removing Warren from Evans’ cases.

Evan’s motion against Joe Warren of a “Motion to Disqualify” will move forward on 08/12/11 at 10:30am. It is also anticipated that other defense attorneys in the alleged “Cleveland Rape Case” will also join or follow Evans’ motion in order to responsibly protect their clients interest.

The Joe Warren arrest is part of a broadening ‘corruption probe’ by the Liberty County Sheriff Henry Patterson, Special Crimes Unit and Department.


After almost two hours in closed session, the Liberty County Commissioners Court, named Ricky Brown, 57 of Dayton as the interim Liberty County Tax Assessor/Collector. Brown will serve in that position until December 31, 2012 and longer if he is elected in the November 2012 elections.

Commissioner Melvin Hunt opened nominations by pushing current Tax Assessor/Collector Chief Deputy Doris Jones. That motion was seconded by Commissioner Todd Fontenot. As Liberty Dispatch predicted, both of these two long time Democrat politicians supported the retiring tax collector, Mark McClelland’s handpicked choice for replacing himself.

Just as Liberty Dispatch hoped, the first two votes against Doris Jones were from Republican Commissioners Charlotte Warner and Norman Brown. Liberty County Judge Craig McNair, also a Republican, broke the tie with his “no” vote.

Next, Commissioner Norman Brown nominated Ricky Brown and Charlotte Warner seconded that motion. Commissioners Fontenot and Commissioner Hunt voted against that motion, and again Judge McNair broke the tie with his “yes” vote. Ricky Brown, the retired president of Capital Farm Credit, and current Dayton City Council member, was sworn into office at the conclusion of the commissioner’s court meeting.

Immediately following the meeting, Chief Deputy Doris Jones filed her retirement papers, effective July 31st, seventeen months before she was thought to be planning her retirement. With all due respect to Jones, her actions after the meeting should help to confirm that Brown was the best choice. Rather than stay on and help the transition and serve the people of Liberty County, Jones is refusing to serve the same seventeen months in the same job she had planned to serve before McClelland’s unexpected retirement. Jones instead has opted to use her immediate, on the spot retirement, to show her contempt for the selection, or perhaps the whole process. This sudden decision by Jones is a regretful move for someone who has day in and day out done her job in the tax collector’s office.

But the voters should be shaking their heads “yes” to the selection of Ricky Brown. As one person wrote in the LD comments: “Honest and fair, excellent supervisory skills, no connections to the courthouse, has an excellent background in business/finance and can be trusted to do the right thing... I'll take Rick Brown any day!!!”

While some may see the above abbreviated analysis of this selection indicates something overly partisan, they must consider the goals of many in casting their votes in the last election included getting away from the good ole boy system. Many, who wanted to end the good ole boy system immediately, bristled at the idea of a public servant like McClelland trying to force his replacement to be chosen. Many voters want a fresh start. Besides, few voters ever want someone so close to retirement appointed, much less one that gained an appointment by the influence of someone connected to a political machine that is clearly on its way out.

McClelland, a diehard Democrat, may have retired prematurely because he had very little chance of carrying his Democratic credentials to victory in November 2012. Who knows? When major shifts happen in politics, it may be common for politicians to want to have someone friendly towards them to come after them. When that happens it lessens criticisms and revelations that could occur after they leave. The nominations and the vote today were predicted by Liberty Dispatch. The result is a good one. The next tax collector has no ties to the last one. For those who suspect some good ole boy wheeling and dealing was going on, it is time for celebration. For others, you will soon find that Ricky Brown will make an excellent tax collector.

Monday, August 1, 2011

LCSO Top Ten Most Wanted - 5 of ten most wanted arrested in last 72 hours

As of this afternoon, August 1, 2011, five of the ten persons who currently comprise the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office “Top Ten” most wanted have been apprehended within the last 72 hours. The Sheriff’s Office new pro-active “Crime Suppression Unit” actively sought out these individuals over this weekend and into today. Assisting in this endeavor today were two Investigators from the LCSO’s Cleveland Station.

The five fugitives in custody have been identified as;

Tanton, Billy Joe DWI/With child under 15yoa in vehicle

Evans, Timothy Probation Violation –P.C.S.

Herrin Jr., David P.C.S.

Coleman, James D.W.I. 3rd Offense

Baustista, Rigoberto P.C.S.

All of these Fugitives have been wanted for some time and are now in custody. By working with information received from the public, Sheriff’s Deputies with the Crime Suppression Unit were able to locate and safely apprehend these persons, clearing their outstanding Felony warrants. Once again, by working together with citizens and taking a “pro-active” stance against crime, the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office has been able to close out more cases and make more arrests.

The “Top Ten” list can be accessed, 24 hours a day at along with helpful information about the LCSO and several additional formats to assist with services such as anonymously reporting criminal activity, filing for extra patrols and our newest service, on-line reporting, where citizens can complete a minor incident/information report without any delay and obtain an on-line case number , immediately receiving a copy of the report for their records via their e-mail.

While the LCSO’s web site has proven to be a valuable asset for the Department, nothing can replace the strength of combined efforts from concerned, alert and motivated citizens with members of the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office in making our community safer.


Monday morning County Judge Craig McNair and all four of our county’s commissioners met to choose a replacement for retiring Liberty County’s retired tax collector Mark McClelland. The result was the appointment of Ricky Brown of Dayton.

Congratulations to Mr. Brown! Conservative Republicans have stood on the sideline for decades and watched the good ole boy system replace, appoint, and elect Democrats and people who have been unwilling to help change the county. Your appointment is encouraging to all of us who want professional business people to go into the courthouse and with fresh eyes look to improve the way business is conducted in our county.

Friendly service from the tax collector’s office is important and a sense that everyone is being dealt with in a fair and equal manner is imperative. The tax collector’s office deals with a variety of citizens, but inevitably some are under a great deal of stress when they come down to pay taxes. That office has some really good people in it and helping them create a friendly warm work environment with a professional approach tempered with a compassionate tone is what most taxpayers expect. Ricky Brown will be good at all of this.

The majority of negative comments about this department sent to Liberty Dispatch have involved the duplication of voter registration cards and suspicions about past large payments made to John Archer and other financial arrangements Mark McClelland made to deal with delinquent taxes. Someone new and sharp like Ricky Brown gives Liberty County an opportunity to clean up the past and to build a better future.