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Saturday, August 13, 2011


Disturbing stories about the continued neglect of Liberty County’s juvenile crime problem continue. The latest story zeroes in on perhaps the worst of what is becoming a shameful lack of attention to a very serious problem that is terrorizing some of our neighborhoods and encouraging juvenile delinquency.

Up to 50 class A and class B misdemeanors appear to be shelved by County Attorney Wes Hinch. We use the word “seem” because according to our sources, the juvenile probation department, local judges, and law enforcement are left out of the loop because of the assumption that any county attorney would process the juveniles and follow through with the cases.

Liberty Dispatch invites County Attorney Wes Hinch to clarify this issue and write in and let the people of this community know what he has done with these cases. Complaints persist about juveniles committing multiple crimes and bragging that there are no consequences. Ignoring young people’s disrespect for the law encourages a downward spiral of what might start out as a minor offense by a juvenile crying out for discipline. A county attorney ignoring or shelving such cases is unacceptable.

Frustration by law enforcement and people in areas in the county that have been affected continues. Law enforcement spending time and energy investigating cases and solving cases only to meet the juveniles they arrested back on the street again and finding out after the fact that there were no consequences to their previous act has to be a hair pulling event. Citizens instinctively realize that these juveniles will be emboldened by the inaction of the system and that the juveniles could become more dangerous.

Liberty Dispatch is encouraged by accounts that one of our local judges is trying to light a fire under Wes Hinch. Mr. Hinch is up for re-election this next cycle and is vulnerable in the Republican primary.


Anonymous said...

The OUTSIDER scoop, of the insider information:

Now, the opposite extreme: CISD sending over 1000 kids to criminalization, via tickets for any minor (prior detention) offense. That's on TOP OF ISS, you understand.

Add to that, illegal surveillance cameras, installed (sans any court's authorization, BTW) for the expressed purpose of CRIMINALIZING kids!!!

Add to that, all of those kids were denied all rights to counsel prior to, and during interrogations, when the admin's fully INTENDED to criminally prosecute the kids!
(In FULL VIOLATION of: Miranda vs Arizona - US Supreme Court)

Add to that, over 1000 kids kicked off the buses, then prosecuted for truancy, when they have no way to get to school.

Add to that the 600 ISS kids, getting their lunches and books stolen, as further punishment (yes, you'd be in jail, by CPS, for that- but NOPE- not as long as the perp is the gov't)!!!

Add to that, that over half of the graduating classes, have criminal records, to go with them- because their parents had no resources to provide any other venue, to school their kids.

Yes, CISD has an administrative culture of serial child abusers, covering serial child abusers, and failing to report serial child abusers. The parents don't even SUSPECT the huge extent of the scenario!

Anonymous said...

here's the rest:

Now, consider this week's quadruple whammy at CISD's admin land:

1. They get clobbered, Wednesday, by the city judge. (full documentation in hand, including their own Student Code of Conduct, showing that they had a book full of alternatives, to criminalizing the kids)!!!

2. Thursday, TEA hits them with failure of admins' duty to report, and assigned to fully investigate. There's a full CISD cover up report, in the making, read on!

(Friday, their summer 'day off', all admins' are in the second day of emergency CYA meetings, to find SOME WAY to stop the bleeding!!!

3.Multiple tv media are poised to descend on CISD, come Monday. Seems that some TEA senior drone, jackassed... in writing. giggle, giggle, SNORT!

4.The school board meets Monday evening, to flesh it out, point fingers, assign blame, get mad, and.... (care to take a wild guess who tipped them off???)

of course, only yours truly has the full set of documentations.... and dear old deposed duhhhhNesa, the duhhhChess of Dumbass, is both SCOOPED, and left out of the loop, AS USUAL!

She can't even fill out the Public Information Act requests, because she can't find out where to look, nor what documents to request!!! (She'll be calling, and screaming at Ray again, when she reads this...)lmao

and.... back to the local, corrupt church scene (which, by the way, perennially, maintains their majority of the school board too, including all three current officers (pres, vp, secy,) and two of the Lewis siblings (their brother, Ronny, was a prior member, as well))-- they'll be in voter hot water, when the media exposes the full extent of their dereliction of duty (granting contract renewals/extensions every March/April-- without checking to see if any of the recipients still "give a rip". FURTHER, they're "dead to rights" for being TOTALLY "asleep at the switch," with respect to guarding the voters'/parents' interests, while all of the above happened ""on their watch""!!!

stay tuned.... there'll be hell to pay, when the parents see the 5,6, and 10 o'clock news reports, and learn the FULL SCOPE of the conspiracy to the criminalization of HUNDREDS of CISD kids!!!

Next May's school board re-elections won't be pretty. There could very well be RECALLS... long before then! Not that this May's replacement of two of the sup't's ""yes men"" on the board, was any better...

Finally, and by far, worst of all, this couldn't possibly have happened on a worse week, NATIONALLY!

Why so, dare you ask?? Ok, follow me on this one.... both the TEA senior drone, and the CPS drone, as well as the Texas Dept of Ag drones (who put a stop to the stealing of the kids lunches, problem, but swept under the rug, the criminal admins' who DID it)!!

Explain??? ok, all of those entities, in the last paragraph, work for guess who??? Yep, Rick Perry, who's announcing his Presidential bid today, Saturday, August 13th!!!!

This scenario is pure dynamite, politically!!!

Sooooo..... Here's your 2012 Presidential election options, if the final ticket is Perry vs the Kenyan national: no jobs and bankrupt 401K's from wall street, with the social security trust fund- awarded to Mexico, in the amnesty bill.... or criminalized kids, abused by our schools- who are ineligible for the only job there is: getting shot at, in the military (oops, forgot, there won't be a military that's hiring. O-bastard's gonna gut that in 2012, just as the Clinton's did in the 90's- the last time the democraps were the ""commander in heat."")

That's EXACTLY where the debt ceiling deal's remaing budget cuts will come from....!!!
This was fully planned out, this summer, in D.C.

you can QUOTE me!

Now, THERE's a whole STACK of ""no win"" situations.

GTR said...

Things might change a bit for the better if the parents of law-breaking kids were cited for their parental neglect. The County Attorney and law enforcement people cannot be everywhere at all times, but the kids have to eat... and the parents are there to feed them and (supposedly) to supervise them, too.

Obviously, bureaucrats who sit on paperwork and don't do the job they are paid to do should wake up and do right, too.

Anonymous said...

Wes Hinch attended the Tea Party meeting we had up here and I can't for the life of me figure out how a guy like this figures he will be supported by the Tea Party. Does he understand we want smaller government, not lazy elected officials?

Anonymous said...

Are you simply trying to wake this Hinch guy up or is it your opinion that Republicans need to replace him by beating him in the primary? Please explain.

Anonymous said...

RINOs (Republicans In Name Only), always do things to make themselves appear to be one of us. they also do alot of whining behind the scenes to whoever will listen.

Anonymous said...

Wes, how about do your job! You are in a unique position to not only help protect WE THE PEOPLE, but also to impact the lives of our young people and stop them before their wheels come all of the way off.

Anonymous said...

I like Wes, but have no defense of this inaction if true.

Anonymous said...

Three suggestions for the County Attorney and all other public officials:

1) Make your best effort to help the people of this county while you have the opportunity

2) Don't worry about the politics when you are actively doing all you can to promote positive change

3) When you have a heart for doing all you can with the power you have been given by the voters, keep running for re-election. When you grow weary and want to coast or just stay out of trouble, go back to private practice.

Anonymous said...

With all due respect to LD and others on here, I say either Hinch takes charge of this and makes sure he let's us know he is handling it or I will vote for just about anyone but him. I mean why not? If he is bound and determine to prove he could care less about public criticism, let's send get him out of that courthouse.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts on this report are simple. Anytime you are talking about a district or county attorney you have to know they have the stomach for prosecuting and you have to know they also don't have too much politics going on in their heads. Mike little is as political as they come, the verdict is still out on Hinch.

Anonymous said...

Ny wife and I were wondering what the heck was going on. This behavior by unsupervised kids has become an epidemic around here. Why not do something to the parents?

Anonymous said...

Wes "Groundwater" Hinch needs to change drastically to be the kind of Republican that we need in these times.

Anonymous said...

For those of you who have not had the experience, let me tell you how it is to try and tell County Attorney Hinch what you expect. You start talking, he quickly takes over. You try and tell himwhat you expect from someone inhis position and why. He waits for the first opportunity to tel you what he is doing and indicates he will continue his plan. He is a walking know-it-all,do nothing politician/lawyer. All brain and no sense.

Anonymous said...

Problems in CISD are not "someone" trying to criminalize the kids. The problemis the kids are behaving in a criminal manner.

Anonymous said...

Ray, Wes Hinch is not as squeaky clean as he likes to pretend. He hasn't been totally faithful to his lovely wife. Boy do I have a secret about Mr. Hinch!

Anonymous said...

The more I hear of how Wes Hinch is doing his job,the more I am thinking that I will have to vote line by line at the next election,instead of straight Republican. Wes, you had better get off your butt and get moving or you may be on the unemployment line after the next election. We are sick and tired of do nothing people in the Liberty County Courthouse. Get movin or get out is my slogan for the upcoming election.

Anonymous said...

about that CISD report: presuming that a certain amount of those kids were either Hispanic or Black,wouldn't the lawyers of NAACP, LaRaza, etc. have a field day?

As for all of those kids- and the myriad of rights, that were infringed- this could be the banner schools case for ACLU!

Anonymous said...

Part three: 176 of those criminalizations went to kids, younger than eleven. Of those, 150 went to 9 and 10 year olds, at Eastside; 12 went to 7 and 8 year olds at Northside; and 14 went to 5 and 6 year olds at Southside!!!
(source: CISD pd report, July, 2011)

Yes, let's blame the dastardly old parents, for these unbelievably ""criminal"" kinder and first graders!!!


Wake up, people. All 1000+ of these kids aren't the parents' failings.

Kids got criminalized for defending themselves from a bully, in the halls. Yes, the victims were charged with disorderly conduct, or assault, for fighting back!!! The evidence? The illegal surveillance cameras! Apparently, self defense is no defense to disorderly conduct (but it IS a defense to murder, if you just shoot the b*st*rds! go figure...)

One substitute, at Eastside, (Feb, 2011) wrote up five kids for disturbing class. They got a criminal record for disorderly conduct- when the Code of Conduct prescribes a mere detention!

Now, try this one: The CISD pd reports show that over 600 of the 1000 criminalizations were for the following, prior detention, offenses: disruption of class (even a mere wad of paper or joking), disruption of transportation, or disorderly conduct.

Over 300 of the criminalizations were "truancy related". Now, this district considers a single tardy as "truancy," mysteriously
"meeting" TEA's requirement that it be multiple absenses (not tardies.)

One would be highly interested in seeing how many of those "truancy related" criminalizations were caused by kicking those kids off the buses, for over 2306 days (with 12 more kids, for the "rest of the year."

I particularly love the case, where a sixth grader was "set up for failure." He was given a locker, not in the sixth grade hall; but all the way across the commons and in the far end of the 8th grade hall. Day after day, he'd have just four minutes to work his way, TWICE, through 250 of those 8th graders (who just stand in a herd, between classes, blocking all passage)to get to his locker. The result: multiple tardies, led to ISS, lunches stolen,.... No, the admin's don't give a rip. Let's see that story blamed on the parents!

Anonymous said...

typical: schools blame the parents, and parents blame the schools. Either way, the kids get criminal records (in all the national databases,) permanently ruining their college, job, and military prospects. (Solely, because their "parents had no resources to provide another venue to educate their kids." They were stuck with the government, as their 'caring, nurturing' provider.) SICKENING!!!

Anonymous said...

Criminal records vs academic records? Several times, the one, more than diplomas??? 1000 criminal records vs 155 diplomas?

Sounds like CISD administration has no idea, as to what business they're supposed to be in! (not to mention that both the school board, CPS, Tx Dept of AG, the region service center, and TEA are in full DERELICTION OF SUPERVISORY DUTIES)!!!

Hello, pink slips! No contract buy-outs- Wholesale terminations: ""FOR CAUSE""! You need budget cuts? Well, start with THESE perps, by name!

Let's get some folks out of education, permanently! They're obviously, in the wrong field. REVOKE THOSE STATE LICENSES!

Hell, the accused gang rapists only have 1 victim. AMATEURS!

These guys have over 1000 victims. They're PROFESSIONALS!!!

Anonymous said...

CISD fired over 70 people this summer, but kept the worst of the worst! Unreal

Anonymous said...

Where in the HELL is ACLU?
How asleep can everybody be?

Anonymous said...

illegal surveillance cameras?
No court authorization?
illegal interrogations?
No right to counsel?

OMG! What court ALLOWED this?

Bob Steely, former municipal court judge: how can you LIVE with yourself?

Cleveland: and you RECALLED the council members who replaced that judge, last February? and you RECALLED those council members, for firing the city manager? (well, have you seen what your "oh, so knowledgeable", mere CLERK, who replaced him, did to your city streets)?

FBC's and FUMC's members should be tarred and feathered, and the recall folks, Barnetts, Lewis clan, Wood clan, and Powers- ridden out of town on rails!

Anonymous said...

Cleveland: OMG!
You RECALLED the city council, (who had no crimes) because they were BLACK, and weren't FBC/FUMC/Barnett puppets.


you DIDN'T RECALL these school board members, who ALLOWED ALL OF THIS (or slept through it, for three years)???

Lloyd Lewis- President

Chris Wood- V.P.

Susan Lewis Adams- secretary

Anonymous said...

Cleveland schools are legendary for their misbehaving students. I don't care if it is 1000 or 2000, if you have been to an athletic event on the right night, you have seen why officials are frustrated. Remember they are close to losing their football team's right to compete. The "it is not my fault because everyone else is doing it" defense may sound good if you are not living this, but it don't wash if you are here in the midst of it.

Anonymous said...

Hey great defense - too many bad kids for it to be the kids fault. I mean lokk at the rape case. maybe they can try that defense. Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland!!!

Anonymous said...

the recalled council members had three victims: city manager, i.t. guy, and city planner (who fully DESERVED being discharged by the council- having collectively, bankrupted the general fund, bypassed the budget, and the city was 12 million in building debt, plus two years of future street funds).

By comparision, this school board has THOUSANDS of victims- kids and parents!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey CISD public information girl: take vacation days this week, and make the sup't face his OWN music, for a change (instead of hiding behind your skirts, receptionists, security, call screeners, and locked doors)!!! lmao

Anonymous said...

Houston Daniel, (Zip code: 77575) $1000 to OBAMA FOR AMERICA on 09/22/08

John Daniels, (Zip code: 77575) $250 to OBAMA FOR AMERICA on 09/22/08

Charlotte Daniel, (Zip code: 77575) $200 to OBAMA FOR AMERICA on 09/29/08

Anonymous said...

and, exactly WHY are September, 2008 donations to the Kenyan national, or zip code 77575's citizens, of interest or NEWS to LC or LD???

as for ""Cleveland schools being legendary for misbehaving kids;"" they'll be just as "legendary" for misbehaving ADULTS, when this story's played out!

Anonymous said...

CISD's sup't, admin's, and three board officers are VERY corrupt!!!

your questions:

do you REALLY think so?
Answer: no, I KNOW so!

Question: HOW, do you ""know""?
Answer: because I EXPOSE, and put a STOP to problems of THIS MAGNITUDE; then, when I walk into the building, or the board meetings, I DON'T get a STANDING OVATION!!!

LD gets treated that way to- everywhere they go!!!

Anonymous said...

uh, don't forget ""in a meeting""! The sup't hides behind that one, too. rofl

Anonymous said...

aw, get OFF of it (and back on some juicy 'Nesa zipper stories)!!! rofl

this stuff is boring as hell! lmao

Anonymous said...

77575 is scoundrel-land central, Liberty, Texas. Are we exposing any more RINO's, and their democrap contributions?

Anonymous said...

Did our County Attorney hire as an Asst. County Attorney an attorney who used to work in the Western District of Texas for then U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton. This may give you some insight into the mindset of our County Attorney.

Anonymous said...

it true Hinch appointed one of the lawyers that worked forked for Johhny Sutton? Sutton is the lawyer known for his prosecution of former Border Patrol agents Jose Compean and Ignacio Ramos. That legal team burned two heroes and let the drug dealer have his version of the incident take influence the courts.