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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Her 'Liberal' Traces Are Fading...

(08/17/2011) After a current sampling of the top ten stories on the Cleveland Advocate, past Advocate editor Vanesa Brashier's name isn't on one story.

Recently HCN replaced editor Vanesa Brashier with news editor Mr. Roy Kent.

It is alleged that with current lawsuits against Brashier and others looming, Brashier has been replaced by HCN for legal defensive reasons.

Liberty Dispatch wishes new Advocate editor Mr. Roy Kent the best in his attempt to bring back some normalcy to the Cleveland Advocate and Dayton News.


Anonymous said...

What a blessing to the community her being gone...

Anonymous said...

Vanesa's problems is that she wasn't happy with just reporting the news, she had to be the news and center of attention.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, she never could figure out that the community didn't advertise because she was so wonderful. Also that the universe didn't revolve around her.

Anonymous said...

She was a legend in her own mind.

Anonymous said...

I hope Phil, Lee and Kelly sue her @ss off.

Anonymous said...

That would take a lot of suing...

Anonymous said...

She got corrupt and it bit her.

Anonymous said...

truth is, she's now listed, in the contact pages, as doing seven HCN rags- all as online editor, asst to roy kent. Translation: she's a mere typist, (typing up all this stuff, for print/managing editor, Roy Kent, to read and select from)!!! I'd love to see her gasoline bill and vehicle wear and tear costs, if she actually commuted daily, to all seven of them!!!

She probably works at home, though (if she had sense enough to negotiate that.) After all, where in Kingwood, Humble or Lake Houston- could a desk or chair be found, to house her bulk?? Those ain't "off the rack" items. You're talking 'special made.' Would you, if you were Roy Kent, want to pay to have reinforced concrete installed in all those news offices???

How about the disability insurance, or medical premiums for folks her size--- they're ASTRONOMICAL!!! She couldn't QUALIFY for most policies, especially life insurance (there ARE no folks her size, at the senior centers or nursing homes. They simply don't have that life expectancy, and the insurance underwriting industry darned well KNOWS IT!!!)

Her rags are: the former, (almost extinct,) three pack: Cleveland Advocate, Eastex Advocate, Dayton News,- plus the lake houston, atascocita, humble, and kingwood rags.

HCN, for advertising rate hikes, if nothing else; has been creating paper clusters- to make a mandatory cluster placement for ads, and jack up the rates. Gone, are the days of buying an ad in a single paper. Oh no, you have to pay for the entire cluster or multiple clusters, or HCN network wide. It's an ad revenue scam, pure and simple. This is, plain and simple, the business revenue model of ASP Westward (parent company on HCN), for all three of its huge paper clusters (Colorado, Houston area, and east Texas.)

In the comparable, north houston cluster, the print editor is listed as the managing editor, with the online one as the underling. see:

This confirms the original poster's position, that she was demoted. True, she decides nothing, as to what goes into the final, print copy.

FYI: The north cluster includes Montgomery County, Conroe Courier, Spring, Woodlands, Klein, rags, etc...

This explains the sudden flooding of lake houston, humble, kingwood stories into her three former rags. Basically, the cluster has to cater to the money, in the Kingwood area- with the Advocates/Dayton threesome, basically in subscriber and advertiser insolvency status. The demise of her former three pack has long been expected, due to her numerous dastardly deeds and schemes.

FYI: Roy Kent offices in the Kingwood office on Kingwood drive. Again, a clue as to the story selection mentality, of the newly formed, northeast cluster of BTW: I look for the physical office in Cleveland to close. In fact, there were rarely more than one or two stories' difference between any issue, or all three of her former rags.

There is no separate office for the eastex rag, which theoretically "serves" (HA!) Shepherd and Coldspring. Their competitor, the San Jac news- with physical offices and staff in both San Jacinto county cities, blows them out of the water (as does the local rag, contained in the Shepherd Grocery (McClain's (sp?)) store's flyer)

Anonymous said...

Yeah but the point is, she was ripped away from her former job they are just keeping her on because if they fire her and she is being sued, it wouldn't bod well for the defense attorneys. I would bet that when her suits are settled or heard, she will be toast and relegated to the seventh level of hell. She has become a noose around the neck of HCN and her new boss.

Anonymous said...

seventh level of hell? dennis s has her dropped down there every month, for a "little visit", just out of general principles (so's she can reserve her permanent spot)!!!

Remember her little white car, that mysteriously died last summer (vanity license plate VDM: (Vanesa's Dammed Machine)?

What timing, those heavenly entities had, when they get called in, on her!!!

Too bad, her idiot church can't do ANY of it. They can beller, loud and long, sing a hymn, and pass a plate.... but that's about it! In fact, if they had even an OUNCE of divine authority or power, they'd walk into the nearest hospital and EMPTY THE PLACE. Then, they'd stop by the nursing home and morgue, and EMPTY THEM TOO!!

But nope, there aint nobody on high listening to them halleluya halfwits! I just proved it!

Anonymous said...

Laugh of the day (from last Sunday, sports fans): lmao

Yes, she can't find 500 friends, in her new assignment (more like a handful, if you check how many "likes" there are on the various stories- google: facebook kingwoodobserver, facebook atascocita observer, facebook humbleobserver, and facebook lakehoustonobserver.)

Why? the Kingwood folks have JOBS, rather major CAREERS (can't pay the huge taxes and mortgages without one). They have zero time to hang out and watch her drivel post, hour after hour.

Yes, they want to find hundreds of online fans, to command advertising rates for the online sites. (not that the Advocates did, or for long; as paid ads got almost NO RESPONSES back to the businesses. One of them, Ken Johnson sportswear, posted a 20% discount coupon- and got back ZERO of them. Now THERE'S the sheer power to ""build your business"" of buying one of her ads. He's moved out of town, into his family room- just to get away from her, the city's, and chamber's constant demands)!

She'll bomb miserably, down there in money and class land. Only in the "all you can eat," "greasy spoon" (read: ""wide load halls"") "bubba-villes"

(truckers, bus drivers, septic cleaners, and farmer/bubba's... what a "class crowd"- "you gotta wear SOCKS"- rofl),

can she, (an obnoxious, pushy "bubba-ette",) find her nitch (plus they're sick of her, and suing for damages)!

Those Kingwood Country Club ladies are fully buffed, toned, and polished; and won't be tolerant of that grotesque exhibition of slander, schemes, flab, toad, and obesity. Further, tent dresses are several LIGHT YEARS from KCC fashion!!! She's far, far, FAR- from A-list invite material. Roy Kent will get the KCC ladies association, and "Hi Neighbor" luncheon invites, not her.

Anonymous said...

her little clique and exclusion mentality is the prime reason that so many of the area's citizens are boycotting local businesses, and they're drying up weekly. Over 30, at my last count, are boarded up and gone. These ''know so much'' locals are destroying their own ""beloved"" city, as scheme after scheme fails miserably.

Anonymous said...

Fashion news: duhhhNesa tries to sell the ""fat 'hick from the sticks' " look to the Kingwood Country Club set. rofl

Do the society invites come rolling in? lol

Place your bets, folks: "Deal or no deal"??? lmao

Anonymous said...

wait until the facebook readers and ADVERTISERS.... realize that hundreds of the "likes" on her accounts, are REQUIRED ""mutual back scratching,"" from the other HCN, east texas group, colorado group, and ASP westward EMPLOYEES!!! What a scam to advertizers, claiming site followers who don't even LIVE here!!! Zero chance, that they'll ever be customers of the scammed advertizers.

Anonymous said...

what a scammer

Anonymous said...

better still, how about "LIKING" your own articles, over and over, to build a phony base and count of 'likers' to scam advertizers? see this page's multiple articles, all "liked" by the author/publisher: LMAO!!!

Anonymous said...


Here's the HCN family "liking" multiple articles on another HCN rag's facebook page> OBJECT: to scam advertisers into jacked up rates, based on a bogus readership: DuhhNesa's Dayton News facebook page shows...
See Conroe Courier ""Liking"" several articles, both as the entity, and with staffers' names, for double credit:

Anonymous said...

Alert: possible insolvency of Eastex Advocate.... due to lack of advertisers.

August 17th's Print copy, pages 1A-16A, shows only one business advertiser, that's even located in the same AREA CODE as Shepherd and Coldspring... a scrap metal dealer, wanting to pick up your scrap for free (he gets the recycling moneys.) ROFL!!!!!!!

No other business ads in the rag are from Shepherd and Coldspring. Most of the ads are fillers with HCN's own stuff, because they couldn't sell the space!!!

All of the non-HCN ads were from other locales in the HCN groups, with almost ZERO chance of attracting Shepherd or Coldspring customers.

What a scam!!! Small wonder that she's been demoted. Sell the ads? She can't even GIVE them away, nobody want the resulting business boycotts.

Maybe NOW.... she'll stop litering my driveway with this unsolicited garbage????

Do it again, next Wednesday.... You'll get the same treatment, duhhhChess of Dumbass!

Anonymous said...

Advertizer scams, phony "likes", phony subscriber counts, phony site users, phony distribution.... I see!

it is TIME to bestow a new title.

Kneel, one to be dishonored:

DuhhhhNesa, duhhhh Idiot, duhhhChess of Dumbass....

I hereby dub thee, for all of LC and LD folk to acknowledge.... DuhhNesa, duhhh Idiot, duhhChess of Dumbass, and forever more: Empress of CONSUMER FRAUD, SCHEMES, and SCAMS!

Arise, duhhNesa, and greet thy 'a-duhhhh-ring suhhhhhbjects!!!

Anonymous said...

well said, and EXACTLY as ordered: exposed, deposed, and dishonored! rofl

Anonymous said...

HCN cluster scam REVEALED and CONFIRMED:

Anonymous said...

How come Lewie Potez or Potez Home center doesn't clean the back of their building. Looks really bad near the new fire stations. Can't some one clean it up. Lewie too lazy to clean anything!

Anonymous said...

Wrong! The Kingwood Ladies Association will welcome her visit- for the two cocktail parties that it will take to find out that there is NO advantage to associating with her!!!

However, if she's naive enough to get her purse cleaned out at every bridge table and golf foursome, she'll always be invited, as a patsy!

If she thinks that we're naive enough to reveal all of our company, community, and club secrets, for her to exploit; we'll drop her like yesterday's news.

Thirst newshounds aren't news to us.

Anonymous said...

oh, Nesa, Nesa, Nesa.... will you NEVER learn?

Why do you keep trying to jackass dennis s? He creams you like this EVERY TIME!!!

You'll never win a pissing contest, with all of your dirty laundry... and EVERYBODY knowing it, too!!!

Stupid, stupid, stupid.
When will you ever learn?
hint: cut your losses, and quit the game....

Just go your own way, jackass your own friends/relatives, and things might get better for you.

(or don't, and we'll discuss oxycontin, more zipper therapy, more advertiser schemes, your upcoming legal cases, more career failings (want to get into WHY you aren't at the Vindicator?) ... Get my DRIFT)???

Quit trying to bite packs of dogs that are bigger, faster, and smarter than you. (yes, LD has a yard that's FULL of those.) It simply ISN'T good judgment.

Now, GIT!

Anonymous said...

HCN online scam, part next: The website have a ad pop up in the lower, right of the computer screen. The only way to turn them off is to "x them out". The trick is, that right underneath the offending pop up, is the "LIKE" button for the website.

Yes, readers, you've been scammed into being counted as a "LIKE", every time that you visit the site.

All of the multiple, fraudulent "likes" are counted, to scam advertizers.

Yo, Empress of Consumer Fraud, Schemes, and Scams....

You're BUSTED by LD!!! lmao

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you when she'll learn:

When she keeps losing future sons-in-law, two minutes after "meet the future mother-in-law" night!!!

Fathers, teach your sons:

When you find "the right girl"--look at her entire family tree, the prospective mother-in-law, and all the prospective bridesmaids; and if that's not who and what you want, to be jackassing your life, FOREVER- Get the hell AWAY from her!!!