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Sunday, August 21, 2011


WE THE PEOPLE could all be thinking about District Attorney Mike Little and County Attorney Wes Hinch this week when the county commissioners come to item #23 on the commissioners’ court agenda.

Item #23 will be a discussion about where nearly the $40,000 confiscated by law enforcement during raids of local illegal game room needs to be appropriated. The amount of money and where the money goes will be a matter decided openly.

District Attorney Mike Little has not been nearly as open about the amount and the use of the much larger amounts his office has seized. One source says Little has accumulated and currently has at his disposal between one and two million dollars outside of the money he has in his Liberty County budget. The large amounts of money Little has already spent and what he has spent it on are such a tightly held secret that no one is talking about it despite the fact Liberty County is in a budget crunch. The District Attorney has come under fire however. It was recently revealed Little is driving a new SUV thought to be purchased from these funds and not included as part of his compensation for his work as District Attorney. That revelation and a serious discussion about Little’s controversial and sizable budget increase and a conservative approach to spending taxpayer money may have led to the newly elected Republicans stepping in and cutting his budget a few weeks ago.

County Attorney Wes Hinch also has a fund he dips into besides the money appropriated to his office in the county budget. Hinch has the same deal with the hot check collections and the money that generates. Hinch, perhaps more than any other public official ought to have a place he dedicates all of his “off budget” funds. In fact, Hinch ought to be begging for some of Little’s cashola. Hinch is now infamous for pointing to a lack of funds to prosecute and juvenile crime.

Between $1,500,000 and $2,000,000! And please don’t talk about sitting on that money “like a good conservative”. This is the amount on hand. It keeps rolling in as law enforcement’s success leads to WE THE PEOPLE being able to force criminals into inadvertently helping fund the legal system. But why is this money, OUR MONEY, not openly accounted for? Why hasn’t some of it been used to help us pay employees at the courthouse instead of threatening to lay people off? Why is it not being used to hold young people accountable before they are emboldened to commit more serious crimes?

It’s outrageous how Little and Hinch- one Democrat and one Republican, both hiding money and neither doing what they can for our young people. Maybe they can legally hide money and maybe they can refuse to deal with our wayward teens, but WE THE PEOPLE, both Democrats and Republicans, can look for someone who will do this job like a public servant, rather than politicians full of excuses.

ITEM #23


321 CONNECT GAME ROOM - $2390.00,
BEACHES #I GAME ROOM - $6570.39,
BEACHES #2 GAME ROOM - $2020.00, AND
CINDY'S GAME ROOM - $5476.00


Anonymous said...

CARDINAL RULE of crime investigation: ""follow the MONEY""...
all of those 'off the books' funds need to be commandeered, and placed ""ON the books"" at the county financial offices.

It's as simple as assigning another set of budget line-item numbers, and another sheet, or two, on the ledger. Attach the receipts, disbursements, and bank statements, and whalla! above board.

Cleveland had to do the same thing with fire funds, EMS funds, airport fuel funds, etc.... to stop the pilfering and unaudited fiefdoms, throughout the city's departments.

However, I'm not positive that all of the moneys are in city hall, yet- for security, checks, balances, and most of all, MONITORING!!!

I'm fairly sure that the gun range, that 'nobody' owns, but is controlled by a certain one or two, fits the bill, as well. (see persons #5 and 7, to the right...)

word to the wise: these uncontrolled funds (and their 'owners') are ripe fields-for thievery, embezzlement, and pilfering. There's FAR too many foxes, guarding their own henhouses! Money is the root of all evil.

Anonymous said...

What's up with these game rooms? They raid emand close em and tehy show up again elsewhere. What do they do with the machines?

Anonymous said...

No Sherlock Holmes necessary, all of us know where one of these are?

Anonymous said...

Wes Hinch has disappointed me. I never heard of him being a Republican before he ran so can we give him to the other party?

Anonymous said...

You keep acting like Little and Hinch are tied at the hip,but besides going to church together what is your evidence. Besides Hinch saying he wanted to be in a picture when this yellow dog Democrat D.A. switches parties, what is youir evidence? I mean besides knowing when Little hiccups, Hinch counts to ten, what is your evidence?

Anonymous said...

Representative Otto needs to pass a bill so WE THE PEOPLE all across texas can know how much money district attorneys are taking in and how they are spending it. Who cares if some government bureaucrat in Austin knows? We should know! We shouldn't have to do anything to get that information either - it should be as easy as looking at the county budget. Is Otto a Republican or is he a Little fan?

Anonymous said...

I see Wes once a week and like him, but he looks at his job differently than I look at his job.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure what the person is talking about when they refer to the way Wes looks at his job but I can tell you the way he looks at misbehaving teens tells me he is in the wrong business. He should be a defense lawyer if a juvenile crime has to involve bodily injury to get the law's attention.

Anonymous said...

Looks to me like the Cherry Bomb game room was the biggie. Correct me if I am wrong - Democrats, when they were in charge of the county, made very few raids. Would it be correct to say they got their cut off the books and on a regular basis since they closed so few of them?

Anonymous said...

No, the "love" of money is the root of all evil. Just ask Mike Little, he "loves" his slush funds just like to child porn he gets off to on his computer.

Anonymous said...

dem's ""closed so few of them""???

try OWNED so many of them, (or the buildings that they rented space in, or intentionally looked the other way, or their friends did, or ..... )

Get the picture?

Anonymous said...

THOUGHTS TO PONDER: Could it be that Little hired Logan Pickett....say, maybe for Little's own benefit? Say, maybe by doing so... this could or would help Little remain or get in " good standing " with Mr. Mayor.

Maybe or Maybe not?

Just a thought. Now, that's silly..stupid..doesn't even make sense.

REALLY? Oh...yes..probably right.

Please disregard.

" Shake yo money maker!!!! " Game rooms...what else ya got?? GIMMIE..GIMMIE...GIMMIE!!

Anonymous said...

These game rooms are just some more of the Liberty County Mafia's way of making money. You can not tell me that these places were operating without anyone knowing they existed. They had to make a bust evey now and then to make it look like they were doing their job, cleaning up Liberty County. Then Little and crew would confiscate the money,share it withe the game room owner,so he could be back in buisiness the next week. (HAWK)

Anonymous said...

the only ones busted are the ones that don't pay off the cops (or owned by them)

Anonymous said...

Cammie Gilliland ? Bascially lived at that one in Liberty...forget the name..across from the Vet. ( Dr. Perry's home/office. )

And doesn't he " snoop " for the POOOO-POOOO ( Police department :) )

Disclosure: Possible gossip..not sure..but, it's what I heard. May or may not be true?

Anonymous said...

Oops...above comment. Disclosure works...but, actually meant disclaimer. Sorry, got confused with the double D's....DUH :)

A little early..One more cup of coffee and I should be as bright as the next bulb. Good day.