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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Local Internet Editor Surfaces

Prior News Editor of the Cleveland Advocate and Dayton News Vanesa Brashier has finally surfaced.  Brashier has written a story about how past Liberty County Judge Phil Fitzgerald has medical problems and has asked for a later court date.

Liberty Dispatch has no problem with posting the news, but we do have a problem with Brashier surfacing to "hit" Phil Fitzgerald when he is down.  Brashier has a history of corruptly printing information related to peoples health concerns all in the name of first amendment rights, that's morally, ethically and probably legally wrong...

There are plenty of slimy snakes with storefront news organizations in Liberty County who peddle their ineffective sales, advertising and promotion capabilities, but harming people with their personal information related to medical issues to get attention is wrong.

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