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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Questionable Liberty County News Editor Removed From Position

Local Cleveland Advocate and Dayton News Editor Vanesa Brashier has been removed as newspaper editor. Mr. Roy Kent is now the editor and chief for the Cleveland Advocate and Dayton News. She has reportedly been kept on as an online reporter.

Vanesa Brashier has been a controversial figure in more than a few questionable news dealings, alleged vendettas and corruption. Additionally, Brashier has been sued by multiple individuals. Brashier has targeted many people in the community who reportedly believe they were targeted for purely personal reasons. There is word that several more lawsuits against Brashier are in the works.

Liberty Dispatch applauds Cleveland Advocate’s parent company HCN for this move toward a more community based and honest reporting future. LD also wishes Mr. Roy Kent the best in his new position. Hopefully Kent can repair some of the damage visited upon Liberty County by a prior rogue liberal editor.

Cleveland Advocate and Dayton News print editor:
Mr. Roy Kent

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