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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Support Your Local Sheriff

Liberty County residents should be aware that Liberty County Sheriff Patterson continues to do more with less.

When prior Sheriff Greg Arthur always had his hand out and Commissioners Melvin Hunt and Todd Fontenot always gave him what he wanted no matter the financial harm to Liberty County. Those same commissioners even over funded Arthur when he wanted to keep his mistress on the Sheriff’s office staff. Then when Arthur was unelected, he pressured JP Bobby Radar to hire Arthur’s mistress.

Conversely you never hear Sheriff Patterson complain or hold his hand out for personal gain. While Arthur was out chasing women, Patterson is happy to go home after work and tend to his cattle.

We have a great Sheriff that is actively going after corruption in Liberty County with little concern for re-election because he has a heart for ending the pain and harm done to Liberty County. Patterson and his special investigative unit want to make Liberty County a better place for those future generations of Liberty County.

The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office deserves our help and support and should be afforded the tools necessary to fight the corrupt undercurrent in Liberty County.


Anonymous said...

The commissioners should abolish Royce Wheeler's constables office and give the money and fuel to the Sheriff's office.

Anonymous said...

I agree and second that motion...Sheriff Patterson and Chief
Cooper have done more in way of law enforcement in Liberty County than Greg Authur did in his entire life.

When we placed Sheriff Patterson at the top of the food chain in that office, good men and women began to appear in the Sheriff's Office.

I'm voting for Henry Patterson and if declines, I would vote for James Cooper if he would ever consider running for Sheriff. Both men are a great team and Liberty County as become a far better place to live with them on the job.

God bless them and all good law enforcement deputies and officers who protect us from dark side.

Anonymous said...

uh, let's not put the Sheriff's good name in the same sentence with "squirrel" Hunt and Fontenot!

A little DECORUM, please. rofl

Anonymous said...

I will be home soon and looking forward to having a talk with you.

Anonymous said...

well if you ask me sheriff patterson needs to look into his own department and weed out the corruption and crooks there. there are several people at the sheriff's department that are in bed with the da's office andn go along with what ever they want them to do or say even on the witness stand. I feel for you when you are found out.

Anonymous said...

ahhhhh, thought we'd LOST you.
No, relax, dear readers... our FAV, the duhhhChess of Dumbass, is back... and in full form:

""A suspect is in custody who is believed to be partly responsible for a series of burglaries in the Cleveland and Tarkington."" see

Anonymous said...

I'll be wearing hip boots, in case it gets deep.

Anonymous said...

Just don't ask me to support James Carson for anything! He's learning from Dwight Esmond on how to SCREW his ex-wife!

Anonymous said...

HOLD ON, DuhhhNesa's got relatives, Chronic Proof Reading Dysfunction in hand!!!

Yes, tonight's CISD school board meeting is going to "cite" the pledge! rofl,%202011%20agenda.pdf

Ok, since you can't spell 'recite', the citation is:

United States Code (USC) Title 4, Chapter 1, Section 4

that feeble minded duhhChess of Dumbass is CONTAGIOUS, and was allowed to breed. Lord help us all! lmao

Anonymous said...

unbelievable, that school wants to educate our kids, and the main office can't handle a two syllable word! Blind leading the blind?

The only thing worse, would be duhhhNesa going into teaching language arts, grammar, and proof reading!

Anonymous said...

No, there's something worse: duhhNesa and the entire Cleveland political recall team all at Monday's CISD school board meeting- for a non event!

Now, there's a full second row,

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