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Friday, September 30, 2011

Joe Biden: Obama administration–not Bush White House–owns the economy’s problems

President Obama's administration has long cited decisions made under George W. Bush as one of the main reasons why today's economy is in such turmoil. But Vice President Joe Biden dismissed that argument Thursday, telling Miami radio station WLRN that's not relevant.

"Even though 50-some percent of the American people think the economy tanked because of the last administration, that's not relevant," the vice president said. "What's relevant is we're in charge."

Biden added that he doesn't blame people who are mad at the administration, and said it is understandable and "totally legitimate" for the 2012 presidential election to be "a referendum on Obama and Biden and the nature and state of the economy."

Listen to the complete audio here via WLRN.

By- Rachel Rose Hartman.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Texas redistricting has yielded a new congressional district and a hope among many of those who know the history of this area that Brian Babin will re-enter the public arena.

Former Woodville Mayor Brian Babin ran for U.S. House District 2 in 1996 and 1998 and like every Republican that ran for office around here at that time he lost. But he won both primaries in a crowded and impressive field of candidates.

“Had Brian been elected in 1996 many of those who know him felt he might have been the best conservative congressman in the entire country. He is impressive on all counts. Every Republican back then was talking about faith, family, and conservative values, but nobody was a more perfect example than Brian and his family,” said former Liberty County Republican County Chairman Richard Pegues.

Charlie Wilson and Jim Turner won those races over Babin simply because back in that day if you wanted to win you had to run as a Democrat. Babin was too principled to run in any party but the one that he fit in best. But now the new congressional district, U.S. House District 36, will be an easy win for Republicans. And no one running will be more qualified or more deserving than Babin.

“My Dad was dying of cancer and house bound and was so impressed by Brian that he asked to be driven to the polls. He was very sick but the reason he told everyone that came by the house that day that he went down and voted for Brian Babin was because he believed there was something special about him,” Pegues said.

Babin is a Woodville dentist and we are asking him to make one more run. Texas's 36th Congressional District will be located in southeast Texas and will include all of Newton, Jasper, Tyler, Polk, Orange, Hardin, Liberty, and Chambers counties, plus portions of southeastern Harris County. If he runs, we hope all of our readers will look for a chance to meet him and his family. They would give us the best representation in the country.

Felons Apprehended by LCSO Crime Suppression Unit

Yesterday afternoon, September 28, 2011, between the hours of 2:00p.m. and 4:00p.m., Deputies from the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office Crime Suppression Unit along with Investigators from the LCSO Cleveland Station worked together in locating and apprehending several wanted Felons in the Cleveland area of Liberty County.

The following two Felons were wanted for Felony Retaliation in regards to alleged threats / actions made towards other person(s). This particular case involved the Tarkington area Burglaries which were solved earlier this month by LCSO Investigators. Those two individuals have been identified as Rucker, Decoris and Shedd, Clifton of Cleveland. While in the process of making these arrests an additional person was arrested for Hindering the Apprehension of a Known Felon. This individual has been identified as Bowie, Amber of Cleveland.

Deputies continued to search the Cleveland area for another wanted Felon. This individual was also located and apprehended. His identity has been listed as Sparta, Richard, a convicted sex offender who was released recently from the Texas Department of Corrections, Institutional Division for the offense of Aggravated Sexual Assault of Child. Mr. Sparta was arrested yesterday for the Felony offense of Retaliation against his victim after his recent release.

At the time of this information release, all bonds had been set at $15,000.00. Deputies from the LCSO Crime Suppression Unit are stepping up their efforts to locate and apprehend wanted Felons in Liberty County. A high priority has been set for all Sex Offenders, including those who fail to register as required by State Law. Additionally, any person who is arrested for a criminal offense and said person makes any kind of threat against a victim or witness is subject to the Felony criminal charge of Retaliation.

In just a couple of hours’ time, the LCSO had successfully located and apprehended three wanted Felons, placing them into the Liberty County Jail. The additional charge for Hindering was a direct result of this operation and persons should note, any attempt to conceal or hinder the apprehension of any wanted fugitive is a crime which you can be charged and booked into jail.

The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office is asking for the public’s help in locating any wanted Felon or Sex Offender who has failed to register hiding in Liberty County. Should anyone know the whereabouts of a wanted Felon or un-registered you are urged to please contact the LCSO at (936) 336-4500 or at their web-site . As a reminder, the LCSO cautions the public, please, never attempt to detain or apprehend any wanted Felon, you should contact the LCSO or your local Law Enforcement Agency immediately for assistance.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


BEAUMONT – The United States Senate voted last night and, with unanimous consent, confirmed John Malcolm Bales as the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Texas. Bales is expected to be officially sworn in by a United States District Court Judge in the near future, but the date is not yet set.

On June 28, 2011, President Barack Obama nominated Bales to be the 32nd U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Texas.

Bales, 56, of Nacogdoches, Texas, is a career prosecutor who has been the Acting United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Texas since May 1, 2009. Previously Bales had served as the First Assistant U.S. Attorney and the Chief of the Criminal Division. The Eastern District of Texas is comprised of 43 counties stretching from the Oklahoma border to the Gulf of Mexico. The district includes six fully staffed offices in Beaumont, Plano, Tyler, Sherman, Texarkana and Lufkin with more than 100 employees, including 50 prosecutors.

Bales received his undergraduate degree from the University of Texas at Austin and his law degree from the University of Texas School of Law. Prior to becoming an Assistant U.S. Attorney, in February 1989, Bales served as a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Bales and his wife, Betsy, have been married for over 30 years and are the proud parents of six children and six grandchildren.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Yes, for the last time there is nothing anyone can do to stop someone if they want to run as a Republican. Please, enough of that kind of fatalistic conversation. The fact is anyone can sign up to run in any political party, and the faithful members of any party can protect the integrity of that party by signaling to the voters that this new guy is not one of them.

The question should be when do members of a party stand up and say that one of the candidates on their side of the ballot is not really one of them. For those who like to wax philosophical have endless conversations about such things, please talk to someone other than me. The matter of dealing with a party switcher is really pretty simple.

First and foremost past history should be your guide. You must separate your personal feelings from fact and ask yourself has this candidate just done things I don’t like or has the candidate broken the law? Has the candidate done their job well? If the answer is “no”, why wouldn’t a political party warn voters? The answer is obvious – they should warn voters. They should find out the history of the candidate (by talking to people that have been around a long time) and they should act accordingly.

Second, are their indications that their beliefs match up with that of the political party they want to be supported by?

A third thing to think about in this election cycle is contemplating when they announced their desire to switch parties. If they haven’t switched parties by now, then whether they want to admit it or not, they have experienced Obama and they have stuck with his party – until the last minute. Not an impressive start for a true Republican.

People that have not been in the political realm until the last five or six years may not know enough to decide when someone should be rebuffed that tries to run in their party. But there are still people around who know the history of some of these longtime politicians. It is counterproductive to help someone who does not have the values of the party they run in at heart.

Those who do not know, or find out about, history are likely to repeat history’s mistakes.

Contributor note: A turn-coat by any other name is still a turn-coat.

DEAR LD- To: Vanesa Brashier


Vanesa was in a hot air balloon and eventually realized she was lost. She lowered altitude and spotted a man in a boat below. She shouted to him, "Excuse me, can you help me? I promised a friend I would meet him an hour ago, but I don't know where I am."

The man consulted his portable GPS and replied, "You're in a hot air balloon approximately 30 feet above a ground elevation of 2,346 feet above sea level. You are 31 degrees, 14.97 minutes north latitude and 100 degrees, 49.09 minutes west longitude."

She rolled her eyes like only Vanesa can and said, "You must be a Republican."
"I am," replied the man. "How did you know?"

"Well," answered the balloonist, "everything you told me is technically correct, but I have no idea what to make of your information, and I'm still lost. Frankly, you've not been much help to me."

The man smiled and responded, "You must be a Democrat."

"I am," replied the balloonist. "But how did you know?"

"Well," said the man, "You don't know where you are or where you're going. You've risen to where you are due to a large quantity of hot air. You've made a promise that you have no idea how to keep, and now you expect ME to solve your problem. You're in EXACTLY the same position you were in before we met, but somehow, now, it's MY fault.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


(Liberty, County - 09/25/2011) The Outsiders came to Liberty County and started investigating the corruption in Liberty County.  After they investigated… they started writing stories about their investigations.

The Outsiders sent their investigation results and stories to 'all' media in Liberty County.  Unfortunately, no other media in Liberty County had the guts, ethics or would go against their racketeering cartel alliance in the Liberty County Courthouse.  They all had a chance to comment and be involved, but instead they ignored the detailed allegations that were made and the evidence.

Obviously some of The Outsiders investigations and the evidence made its way direct to the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department through- The Outsiders.

The Outsiders have done some great work and continue to obviously liaison with the Sheriff’s Office.  According to their website, they are currently investigating the corrupt liberal media in Liberty County and their connection to the racketeering cartel in the Liberty County Courthouse.  Some of their claim to investigation fame was the Joe Warren crimes and subsequent cover-up.

We appreciate the prior historic opportunity to post the filler stories and comments from The Outsiders.

Among the Liberal local websites they appear to want to identify Liberty Dispatch with The Outsiders, a connection we wouldn’t mind but one that has never existed- only a local Liberal/Democrat pipe dream…

Lately, as we near the sign-up time to run for the 2012 election, the local Liberal websites have railed on Sheriff Henry Patterson, what does that tell you? –Liberal Websites- That makes Patterson stand up pretty tall in most Republican circles.

You can learn more about The Outsiders at their website:

Something for the Liberty County Democrats to think about:

"Lastly, we look forward to the upcoming 2012 year primary… the other local media only hopes to influence, suppress and confuse our readers as the election progresses in Liberty County."

The Truth Shall Set You Free!
Contributor, Ray Akins

Story #660


In the wake of the grand jury’s decision to “no bill” Liberty County’s infamous hot-headed Assistant District Attorney Joe Warren, it appears to some that District Attorney Mike Little is orchestrating an all out political attack to prevent further investigation of his ADA.

Among the ad homonym attacks on many of the leaders of the sheriff’s department we are seeing what almost seems like an old fashion western movie “meet me out in the street at high noon” call out. The call out is directed at this website. The problem citizens of Liberty County need to know with that call is that the District Attorney and his political machine have the wrong number. They need to check their local listing.

The Liberty County Sheriff’s Department investigated and brought charges against the District Attorney’s little gun-toting fire plug. Not us. Liberty Dispatch has no inappropriate contact with the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department, direct or indirect. The Sheriff sure as heck is not taking any direction from us. In fact, we are waiting to analyze whether the department is acting in a timely manner on criminal complaints some have recently put before them.

The District Attorney political machine probably knows that, but we will never discount their ability to be deaf, dumb, and blind. In fact, their reputation for selective prosecution and persecution precedes them. They and their little political friends in the media seem intent on making this seem to be about Liberty Dispatch. Even though our number is the wrong number, we hear the phone ringing and our response will be to continue expressing our first amendment right to make the public aware of the problems with D.A. Mike Little. We are used to the local liberal media attacking any messenger instead of reporting the news. If the D.A. and the local media want to spend their time and energy dogging law enforcement and trying to shut us up by acting like we are running the sheriff’s department, as ridiculous as that is – so be it.

Listeners and readers beware. The same people who avoided the FEMA fraud rather than do their jobs, are going one step further this time.


You’re invited to Special Services on September 25-29

Evangelist Darrell Weaver
Singing and Preaching

Let me give you a special invitation to visit our Church during our “Seeking God for Revival” meeting beginning Sunday September 25 at 10:30 am and 1:30 pm and continuing Monday through Thursday evening at 7:00 pm.

If you have thought to visit this will be good time to come. The Evangelist for the week plays the guitar and sings as well as preach the ole fashion Gospel with enthusiasm and passion. I believe you will be greatly blessed, at least, that is our prayer for this week.

If you need a spiritual lift I believe you will find it. You are welcome to come each service and get your spiritual battery charged.

Sunday School 9:30 am
Sunday Morning 10:30 am
Sunday Afternoon 1:30 pm
Monday - Thursday evening 7:00 pm

Beulah Land Baptist Church
43 Beulah Land Drive
Cleveland, Texas 77327

The Church building is located ¼ mile east of FM 2518 on CR 2184.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Wednesday was round one in a what some have said is an inevitable battle of the Titans between the District Attorney’s office and the Sheriff Department. Round One goes to Mike Little as a Liberty County grand jury “no billed” Assistant District Attorney Joe Warren. In a direct confrontation, the investigation of ADA Warren by the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department’s Special Crimes Unit charges of tampering with a witness, terroristic threat and deadly conduct were brought to the grand jury. That grand jury has ruled there was not enough evidence to go to trial with. Now Sheriff Henry Patterson will have to decide if he wants to double down.

There is a great deal at stake, not just for Patterson and Little and Warren – but for all of us. Allegations of selective prosecution by (Democrat) District Attorney Mike Little and indifference to the juvenile problem by (Republican) Wes Hinch may seem like election time rhetoric to some, but to law enforcement it is an ongoing problem. Little and Hinch refused to prosecute former County Judge Phil Fitzgerald and former County Commissioner Lee Groce for FEMA fraud but public outcry forced federal prosecutors to get involved. The feds' grand jury indicted Fitzgerald and Groce. Little and Hinch have both failed to even comment on Liz Beausoliel stealing a District Judge's mail and preparing to misuse it for political purposes/extortion even though she is allegedly on film – “no comment” by both of them.

The way the D.A. and the County Attorney do the people’s business is of interest to many. Therefore this clash is more than the District Attorney’s and the County Attorney’s offices versus the Sheriff Patterson - he is not alone. Liberty Dispatch readers know there is group that calls themselves The Outsiders that have had several postings on Liberty Dispatch concerning this case. They have been indignant about what they have described as a travesty of justice in this case. Among other things they have alleged that there is a photograph that proves Joe Warren’s dog was the trespasser and that the victims of this case have been harassed since this case came to the public’s attention. They have also signaled this case is one in a handful of abuse of office type cases that when coupled with selective prosecution paint a picture of corruption that must be dealt with in order to have integrity in our justice system.

So with the Sheriff and The Outsiders losing round one, the question is what is next? Liberty Dispatch did not investigate this case and we do not know what the grand jurors were shown, or better yet, NOT SHOWN. But in the highly political climate these charges came to them in, we are certain that plenty of others will have something to say about this decision to “no bill” Warren. We watch and wait on the Sheriff and The Outsiders as they make their case to the people of Liberty County.

Beyond the legal aspect of this case, we are concerned about the obvious fact that Assistant Joe Warren has an anger management issue that needs to be resolved. Since District Attorney Mike Little decided early on to stand by his employee, we would hope for this community’s sake that Little signs Joe Warren up for some anger management classes. He needs to deal with whatever issues he has that led him to bring a gun over to his neighbor’s and threaten to kill their dogs and threaten to burn their house down.

It is no secret Liberty Dispatch has been very critical of Mike Little and Wes Hinch and we have laid out many reasons WE THE PEOPLE should expect better from both of them. But Liberty Dispatch will watch and wait from the sidelines as this clash of the Titans continues and The Outsiders cheer on the Special Crimes Unit in their effort to bring to trial some of the alleged criminals they posted about on their website.


Liberty County, 5:10 PM 09/21/2011

Monday, September 19, 2011


A group of private citizens that have presented themselves to the public with almost no information except that they are interested in fighting corruption in Liberty County and that they call themselves “The Outsiders”, will be watching and waiting with the rest of us to hear the results of Wednesday’s Grand Jury.

This group with the motto, “When a man who is honestly mistaken hears the truth, he will either quit being mistaken, or cease to be honest” has carefully documented what they consider highly illegal behavior by a handful of local officials with the results from their own open records requests. Included in their investigations was the infamous Joe Warren case which is now the object of so much interest as it is scheduled for Grand Jury review this coming Wednesday.

Readers of Liberty Dispatch are of course familiar with their crusade because they posted several stories on this website warning Liberty County citizens about a cartel of people who were perverting the justice system. Recently The Outsiders started their own website in order to pursue their goals unencumbered by any restraints or criticism they may have endured because they were mere contributors to Liberty Dispatch. The unknown "Outsiders" still promote their agenda unencumbered by their true identities being reviewed.

No one at Liberty Dispatch is part of the Outsiders so we can only speculate about their motives and their future plans. It appears to us the group has some capable and determined people who research and investigate information they have collected and publicly post findings they think may be of interest to federal investigators and/or the local sheriff’s department in hopes proper authorities will pick up where they left off.

Liberty Dispatch applauds any successful efforts by The Outsiders and anyone else that is sick and tired of the corruption we have been fighting for years. We also applaud any law enforcement that looks for leads anywhere they can find them, including the internet.

Most of Liberty County’s bad apples have been removed via the voting box. We have tried to play a role in informing the public of problems we have become aware of in addition to posting the early actions of The Outsiders and efforts made by the feds and LCSO.

We are however trying to make sure the public is aware that we are fiercely independent from any of these groups. Recently we have become aware of an effort to get the public to see us as one in the same as The Outsiders and as some kind of ad hoc part of the LCSO, we are neither.

As The Outsiders go forward and as the feds and LCSO go forward, we will applaud their successes but we have no desire to be so closely associated with them that we are perceived to be in lock step.

After the Joe Warren indictment... Liberty Dispatch wonders where "The Outsiders" and the LCSO will go next?


Perhaps most famous for being the subject of one of Wayne Dolcefino’s investigations, Jerry Eversole, commissioner of precinct 4 in Harris County, is back in the news. News channels all across Texas reported a story that will cause Eversole to be referred to as “former” County commissioner from now this day forth. Many years ago Eversole was a coach at Liberty High School and his parents lived out there retirement years in Liberty.

At 2 pm today, Harris County Judge Ed Emmett received a resignation letter from the embattled Harris County precinct four commissioner. Eversole has been under an FBI investigation for quite some time. Earlier in the year his trial was declared a mistrial and he now faces a new trial on charges of lying to an FBI investigator. The bribery charges that lead to a previous hung jury were dismissed today. Houston news media is reporting that it is possible that the resignation and new indictments are related in a plea arrangement.

The remaining charge could land Eversole in prison for up to five years although that is probably unlikely according to local news sources. Eversole has reportedly spent over $1 million in legal fees from his campaign funds.

Missing Juveniles / Deputy Sheriff

Yesterday afternoon at approximately 6:00p.m. the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office received a 9-1-1 call from a juvenile male, who indicated he and his friend were lost in a heavily wooded / forested area at the National Wildlife Refuge located south of Dayton, Liberty County on F.M. 1409. Both juveniles were identified as Johnny Whitehead and Aaron Lloyd, both 12 years old and of Dayton, Liberty County.

Deputies from the LCSO responded to the area where the caller indicated they had entered into the woods. Several Deputies, moving apart from each other, entered the densely wooded area in a direct line. Two of the Deputies were only able to enter into the woods a short distance, however, the third Deputy, Deputy Marks was able to proceed a long distance into the woods as the sun began to set. It was at this time Deputy Marks was able to call out to and then hear the boys call back to him. The continued this activity for approximately thirty minutes to an hour and eventually he, Marks linked up with the missing boys. Deputy Marks made an initial assessment of the boys condition and quickly determined both were dehydrated and disoriented.

Deputy Marks, knowing the sun was setting and darkness was going to create more problems for he and the boys attempted to walk himself and the boys out of the woods, back to where Deputy Marks had entered into the woods to begin his search.

Captain Evans with the LCSO arrived on scene along with Liberty Co. EMS. After a short briefing by Corporal Thiess of the LCSO, Captain Evans called for air support as darkness quickly descended and the entire area was dim with visibility of only a few feet.

Deputies on scene and Fire Department personnel were using their sirens as a guide point for Deputy Marks. However, the echo effect of the sirens became a hindrance in the densely wooded area. Captain Evans, coordinating with Deputy Marks via radio, utilized a method of “pinging” by gunfire, which has a distinct, sharp sound wave with minimal echo effect. Captain Evans fired several times periodically over about one hour, Deputy Marks responding the like. Captain Evans and Deputy Marks agreed via radio they had become coordinated at a linear point, which narrowed the search area by miles.

Texas D.P.S. had, by this time, responded to the request for air support. A few moments later, Captain Evans received a report from Deputy Marks he too was exhausted, dehydrated and becoming disoriented. Captain Evans then called for a Coast Guard helicopter in an attempt to air lift all three from the woods as they were no longer able to proceed through the forest. The U.S. Coast Guard, without any hesitation, responded immediately.

Once air support was on scene, utilizing special night vision / heat seeking equipment, the exact location of the missing boys and Deputy Marks was determined. An attempt to lower a rescue swimmer to the exhausted trio was unsuccessful due to “rotor wash” which caused the large trees to strike against the rescue swimmer. At this point no air extraction was possible. By utilizing a newly installed multi-channel radio system, the LCSO, DPS and Coast Guard were able to formulate a coordinated plan of action between air and ground units to bring the three out to safety.

The Coast Guard remained overhead deploying their bright spot lights onto Deputy Marks and the boys. The DPS helicopter remained at a higher altitude to provide and overall scene depiction and guide a ground rescue team. One Deputy and several Fire Fighters from the Westlake and Dayton Fire Departments entered into the thick tree line with axes and began the difficult task of reaching the three by ground. After some time, the ground rescue team reached the exhausted boys and Deputy Marks. Both groups, now joined and still under the bright lights and assistance of the Coast Guard and DPS helicopters were able to cut and force their way back out of the forest to safety where waiting Liberty County EMS immediately triaged and treated all three for minor injuries and dehydration.

At this time all three have been treated and released and are at home recovering from this incident. The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank all of the Volunteer Firefighters and citizens who showed up on the scene and offered any assistance they could. Also, a special “thank you” to the United States Coast Guard and the Texas DPS Aircraft Division for your tireless efforts under extremely difficult circumstances. With everyone pulling and working together this incident ended with everyone going home safe to their loved ones.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


For several years Liberty Dispatch has pushed for someone in law enforcement to investigate some of the dark shadows in the corners of our courthouse. We are grateful that a significant number of those investigations have happened in the last few years. As citizens of this county we join with our neighbors trusting that better days for this county are ahead, not just because conservative Republicans have been elected, but because the justice system and the ballot box insisted on higher standards for our public officials.

Liberty Dispatch has become aware of an effort by some of those who are being watched by either (or both) federal investigators and Liberty County Sheriff’s department to act as if we are the ones that are directing their efforts. We assume that those who are churning out this kind of speculation are trying once again to paint the contributors of this website as some kind of evil vengeful group trying to take over the courts and law enforcement. That of course is ridiculous. In fact it has not been until the last few weeks that any one connected with us felt filing complaints with the LCSO had a chance of getting treated fairly. The idea that we are connected to, or running any of their operations, is absurd.

Notably, our efforts to elect Republicans and clean the courthouse up was long before former County Sheriff Greg Arthur and District Attorney Mike Little decided to use the justice system to dispose of their political enemy Ray Akins, a Liberty Dispatch contributor. With that time line in mind, Liberty Dispatch has recently decided that because of our continued involvement in the original mission of electing responsible and honorable public officials, it is best to allow others who have sent us an occasional article to pursue their own agendas and identify themselves and advocate for their causes separate from Liberty Dispatch. On their website they appear to have secured multiple Liberty County businesses and community sponsors.

The status of articles coming from the group known as “The Outsiders” is an example of the changes readers will see from here forward. It is true they made several contributions, but Liberty Dispatch has a limited knowledge of The Outsiders. Even though their relationship to the LCSO and to former LD associate, Eddie Shauberger, is a matter of some public speculation, they are not, nor have they ever been part of Liberty Dispatch any more than someone sending in a letter to the editor. Comments from this group may still be posted, but The Outsiders have formed a new website where those interested in their op-eds can read them. They have started with a few reprinted articles they sent to Liberty Dispatch, including their expose’ on Joe Warren, and now they can expand their editorializing without Liberty Dispatch as a filter. Recently, The Outsiders posted a very informative story about the connection between Vanesa Brashier, Mike Little and Joe Warren.

Another website called “The Liberty Democrat” appears to want to weigh in on behalf of District Attorney Mike Little and i-dineout and KSHN. There is plenty of room for even the voice of those who have perverted and distorted views. We welcome the exchange as we note they have adopted our format. Whether it is just another Allen Youngblood site or if it is Bill Buchanan trying to weigh in through cyberspace, speak your mind. If voters like listening to Obama, they will like hearing from you. If voters wanted to turn a blind eye to the FEMA fraud they will see the world the way you paint it.

Liberty Dispatch may report on the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department a little less frequently just in case there is any possibility of a conflict of interest in any of the investigations being pursued by the department. We have declared we are website in favor of conservative Republican leadership and our readers all know that has been our point of view. But we do not want to leave any impression or take any credit for or appear to be involved with any new special crimes unit from the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department or any other agency knowing some people will attach political motives to our articles as if we are somehow controlling where the investigation/s are targeted.

Friday, September 16, 2011


County Judge Craig McNair voted to break a 2-2 tie in favor of the emergency shelter project that would buy additional land and use $2 million worth of federal grant money to construct it. The vote was along party lines with Democrat Precinct 1 Commissioner Todd Fontenot and Democrat Precinct 3 Commissioner Melvin Hunt voting “no” and Republican County Judge Craig McNair joining Republican Commissioner Charlotte Warner and Republican Commissioner Norman Brown voting “yes”.

Commissioner Fontenot continues to openly resist any strategies proposed by Republicans to save the county money. Fontenot was part of the commissioner’s court, along with Melvin Hunt, who plunged nearly $2 million in the old Wal-Mart building without having a strategy to develop the property. Now Fontenot wants to throw good money away to try and fix the poorly thought out investment him and former Commissioner Lee Groce and former County Judge Phil Fitzgerald sunk taxpayers’ money into. In the absence of Fitzgerald, Fontenot has no rational defense of keeping this property. He seems to be in a rut of just voting to spend, spend, and spend. At least Fitzgerald was thought by many to be out beating the bush to find a good deal.

Fontenot said, “We have existing property and buildings and the end result of all of this is less facility because of less money.”

Fontenot continues to display this same attitude in all of his decisions. His attitude about taking a huge building on prime property off of the tax rolls and having no concrete plans of how to use most of it is an example of his lack of business sense and a disregard for taxpayer money.

This attitude is not surprising from Fontenot however. He has expensive elitist taste and a deceptive method of passing the cost of his taste onto the taxpayers. If he runs for re-election he will brag about not raising taxes, but Fontenot has repeatedly dug into taxpayer pockets by creating bonds or debt in all of the county taxpayers’ names – that may be worse than raising taxes because it postpones the bills like a credit card for future taxpayers.

Fontenot displays his arrogance on a daily basis in many overt ways besides his “buy the biggest and the best” attitude. In the midst of the budget crunch he helped because he lobbied hard for a new precinct barn in the expanded area he was warned was too far from the existing barn. He continues to put a hold on one of the coveted parking places near the courthouse steps with the only reserved parking place for a commissioner in the history of Liberty County. He was indignant about one of his political lieutenants being part of the budget cuts despite reports she does very little work and public revelation that she is an important part of his political machine.

So who can possibly be surprised that Fontenot wants to keep the huge Wal-Mart building rather than sell it and then claim he is saving money by not purchasing a much smaller less expensive building with the federal grant.

Local Liberty County Democrats like to act like they have nothing in common with the tax and spend Democrats in Washington D.C., but their actions speak louder than their campaign lies.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Obama and his supporters have opened a website to fight back against anti-obama activist.

Obama has also acted to mount Democrat counter attacks against "birthers" and other anti-obama issues.

Democrats should feel free to report Liberty Dispatch because we are politically 100% certified anti-obama.

Report Liberty Dispatch for being anti-obama here.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Within four days of celebrating the United States Constitution (September 17, 1787), Liberty County will have a firsthand look at how our Founding Fathers did when they set up a justice system based on the rule of law. James Madison and company envisioned a country with a judicial system that was no respecter of persons. As part of our desire to educate Americans on our Constitution, this country has set the 17th day of September aside and four days later all Liberty County citizens will see Madison’s efforts in our own little corner of the worlds.

On Wednesday September 21st Special Prosecutor Kelly Siegler will present a compelling case against Assistant District Attorney Joe Warren to the Grand Jury.

This case, perhaps more than any casein recent county history, will either assure the common hard working taxpayer in Liberty County that even people high up on the food chain must follow the law or face a jury of their peers or it will send a warning that maybe even our Grand Jury is not above suspicion.

In June, ADA Joe Warren was arrested and charged by the Liberty County Sheriffs Department with witness tampering, terroristic threats and deadly conduct as a result of the aftermath of his dog allegedly digging under the fence and attacking a puppy in the next door neighbor’s yard. The charges allege that Warren drove from the courthouse home and that he got a gun and threatened the neighbors and their two dogs after the two dogs responded to Warren’s dog trespassing and attacking a puppy in the same yard as them.

Increasing the controversy surrounding this case, was the refusal of District Attorney Mike Little to investigate the charges or to put his employee on administrative leave until the case is resolved.

Mike Little and the D.A.’s office have an ongoing relationship with the Grand Jury process and the lack of pursuit of this case has the potential to draw in the Houston media.

DEAR LIBERTY DISPATCH- Youngblood and Fairchild Lies Answered

I have tried to be quiet about the rhetoric which ALLAN YOUNGBLOOD has disseminated, however, after reading one outright LIE after another, I can no longer remain silent. ALLAN YOUNGBLOOD, in his childish fit of rage and sociopathic zeal to discredit the Liberty County Sheriff and his entire staff has told one LIE right after the other.

First, the “cock fighting” incident. ALLAN YOUNGBLOOD failed to mention several facts, which he was well aware of and yet, as the sole publisher of I-Dineout, made the decision to distort the facts of the case and LIE about what actually occurred, what was really being done in the aftermath of the local investigation which has been forwarded to State of Texas and Federal Authorities for their further investigation and operations. You see, ALLAN YOUNGBLOOD, in his unrighteous, self-centered and egotistical behavior, of which he is well known for, provided everyone with this and several other “Editorial” articles. Of course, the word editorial forgives any untruths, LIES or distorted facts under the First Amendment which ALLAN YOUNGBLOOD uses every day to voice his psychotic opinion and escape the legal wrath of his victims.

Second, the Motor Vehicle Accident which Sheriff Patterson was involved in. Sheriff Patterson was NOT AT FAULT in this accident. The other driver failed to control her speed and crashed into the back of his pickup truck. Of course, Chip Fairchild of the Liberty Police Department heard who has been involved in this accident and contacts his “friend” ALLAN YOUNGBLOOD who rushes to the scene where he VIDEIOS and takes STILL PICTURES of Sheriff Patterson and the scene. ALLAN YOUNGBLOOD, once again, exhibiting his mental disorders, and showing his raw, seething zeal to attack and slander Sheriff Patterson and the members of the Sheriff’s Office, prints a story full of LIES and distorted information.

Third, the Cedric Cleveland case. Let’s get this straight from the start, anyone who knows Cedric will tell you, he is not a good guy, he has broken the law many times and was breaking the law that day as well. The LCSO did not even have the Crime Suppression Unit in place at that time (LIE 1), Rex Evans was NOT a Captain at that time (LIE 2), no member of the LCSO kicked open or in any other manner entered the residence or did anything out bounds of Law or Policy that day (LIE 3). Mr. Cleveland, no matter what, is a FELON and HE was in FACT in possession of several FIREARMS that day and that is what HE is going back to PRISON for.

So, just three short stories, all generated by ALLAN YOUNGBLOOD, have been shown to be full of LIES and distorted half-truths all with MALICE and INTENT to discredit, berate, slander and outright chastise Sheriff Patterson and the men and women of the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office. I for one can’t understand why Sheriff Patterson or no member of the Sheriff’s Office hasn’t sued the fire out of ALLAN YOUNGBLOOD yet or at minimum slap him with a restraining order to prevent the deliberate, vicious and unrighteous attacks which ALLAN YOUNGBLOOD is solely responsible for.

It really matters not, as to political party here folks. Republican, Democrat, Tea even the Wig party from the 1700’s, what’s right is right. ALLAN YOUNGBLOOD is NOT right. He has deliberately LIED, repeatedly LIED, to the people of LIBERTY COUNTY. ALLAN YOUNGBLOOD has wrongly declared his own personal, sociopathic war against Sheriff Patterson and the men and women of the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office.

I for one will not stand idly by and continue to watch this unwarranted war rage without putting ALLAN YOUNGBLOOD in check on his LIES. I encourage anyone and everyone who knows what ALLAN YOUNGBLOOD prints is a LIE to call it to everyone’s attention. ALLAN YOUNGBLOOD should NOT be allowed to continue this DISGRACEFUL attack on our Sheriff or his staff. Those men and women bust their bottoms every day and night. Whether it’s in the baking sun, driving rain, snow, whenever, wherever, those men and women put their life on the line for a mere $24,900.00 a year take home salary. My God, each Deputy who has two children or more qualifies for a Lone Star card just to feed his family.

ALLAN, you NEED to stop. NONE of your LIES will convince people they should have Greg Arthur and Chip Fairchild back. The response time to calls, the lack of clearance rate of crimes (24% highest rate) under Greg Arthur, is a disgrace. With the same amount of personnel Greg had, with less money and more calls than ever in the history of the LCSO, Sheriff Patterson and his staff have reached and held a 40% clearance rate, one of the top scores in the entire State of Texas among Sheriff’s Office’s. Rex Evans, who is now a Captain, has brought the LCSO into the 21st Century with a modern, up to date web site for the LCSO (paid for by seized drug money from local crooks), ensured a modern, digital radio system is in place for the Deputies, Fire and EMS Departments. He has organized both stations to a modern standard of operation, even opening a third station in Dayton. Don’t get me wrong. No one is perfect. That’s not what I am saying here. However, ALLAN YONGBLOODS slanderous, unwarranted attacks of the Sheriff and his personnel needs to STOP. The Sheriff and his staff, his entire staff, DO NOT deserve this and we, the citizens, should not tolerate it. SHAME ON YOU ALLAN YOUNGBLOOD, YOU’RE A LIAR. You simply cannot help yourself from lowering your standards and embarrass not only yourself, but the profession of professional literary reporters everywhere.

Oh yeah, one more LIE by ALLAN YOUNGBLOOD before I go! You, ALLAN YOUGBLOOD stated once, the great Chip Fairchild left the LCSO with only one unsolved Homicide. Just one little public records request and I found out you, ALLAN YOUNGBLOOD, LIED AGAIN!!! The total number of unsolved homicides at the time Chip Fairchild left the LCSO is in fact seven (7).

Name withheld due to possible reprisals.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pastor who helped flock rebuild facing charges Ex-partners claim Oak Island preacher falsified records in an alleged scheme PASTOR: Resident of Liberty has run for office, always unsuccessfully

Reprint Courtesy Cindy Horswell and CHRON - Wed 06/03/2009 Houston Chronicle

The pastor of Oak Island Baptist Church, Eddie Shauberger, was a charismatic force when he preached his first sermon after Hurricane Ike had ravaged the fishing village overlooking Trinity Bay in Chambers County. He told his small congregation seated on a concrete slab how to envision healing rather than the destruction engulfing them.

He quickly became a voice for the 300 families there, who had lost nearly everything, including boats used to catch the blue crabs that provided their livelihood. Their church was left a muddy, water-soaked shell with blown-out windows. Donations began to pour in.

But this past Sunday, Shauberger had to speak from the pulpit after being released on $10,000 bond from a Liberty County jail. His sermon made no mention that he now faces felony charges that accuse him of tampering with government records in an alleged scheme to defraud his former partners in a home health care business.

Shauberger and two brothers, Albert and Robert Palmarez, were jointly operating Immanuel Home Health Care Inc. in Liberty when Shauberger accepted the preaching position in Oak Island three years ago. The brothers have since accused Shauberger in a pending civil lawsuit of using falsified documents to embezzle thousands of dollars from them, their attorney John Falson said.

The recent felony charges involve the same documents that Falson said were being used to seize the health care business without the Palmarez brothers' knowledge: a change of ownership form signed by Shauberger and submitted to the Texas Department of Aging and Disability, and articles of dissolution filed by Shauberger with the Texas secretary of state.

About 20 left church

Today, some church members continue to praise Shauberger for his compassion and dedication in soliciting donations to restore Oak Island.

Yet others view Shauberger as more of an opportunist than their savior. About 20 of his critics have left the church and called upon him to resign - complaining of inadequate financial oversight and worrying that his arrest will stymie future contributions.

Shauberger, however, has no intention of relinquishing the pulpit: "The charges against me are absolutely false. All I can tell you is that I'm pleading not guilty."

While Shauberger denies any wrongdoing, he also points to a complaint he filed last year in Denton County. It resulted in Robert Palmarez being charged with forging Shauberger's name to withdraw money from the home health care business. Palmarez's civil attorney said he has evidence the money was used to pay outstanding obligations. A trial is set for Aug. 9.

Although he has no seminary training and his only experience was as a deacon, 54-year-old Shauberger was picked over other candidates to become Oak Island's pastor because of his stirring oratory, members said. At first, Shauberger served as interim pastor, then preached Sundays while still operating the health care business, and finally took over full time after Ike struck in September. The business provided medical workers to assist elderly patients in their homes.

Shauberger continues to commute to the church from Liberty, where he raised his seven children and ran for public office a dozen times. He lost each election - including his last one in 2002 for state representative - but never let that discourage him.

Since being released on bond, he said he has met informally with church leaders, and they want him to stay. He declined to name who was present except one area farmer, Floyd Edmond.

"I don't know about these indictments," Edmond said. "But Shauberger is a man of God. He's helped everybody down here."

Another member who drives the church bus, Kenneth Standley, agreed: "We've talked amongst ourselves and all feel we want to see the real truth or evidence. He's not been proven guilty yet."

Fund use questioned

But Theresa Barrett, the managing editor of the local newspaper and who also lost her home in Oak Island, thinks Shauberger should step aside until the charges against him are resolved.

Mark Pagels, who was the Oak Island Baptist Church music director, and his wife, Darlene, who played the piano, are among those who left the church. The Pagels expressed concern about lax safeguards of incoming donations. They questioned whether a Hurricane Ike recovery fund managed by the church should be used to increase Shauberger's salary from $1,000 to $3,000 a month and pay his wife $10 an hour.

Shuaberger bristled at these accusations, saying no audit has been done but a church treasurer keeps track of all the funds. The treasurer, Kathy Kisner, declined to return phone calls.

The dispute has intensified to the point that it has resulted in personal attacks and inflammatory writings on Internet blogs.

Sue Hawthorne, a church member and councilwoman of a nearby town, wants to see the fighting stop. "I don't believe that will happen until Shauberger is gone," she said.


Few people in and around Texas know that if you go to the hospital in Liberty County, taxpayers in Liberty County will foot the bill.

The Liberty Hospital started out like any other community hospital and operated for years. Then one day the hospital started not paying its bills. With the hospital employers paying themselves more than the hospital could bill- the Obama Syndrome began.

To the rescue comes C. Bruce Stratton a local and some say a very liberal Democrat attorney. Stratton envisioned a hospital district that would tax the land owners in Liberty County and then reimburse the hospital when indigent or non-paid medical bills accrued.

In a strange twist of events, the formed hospital district waited until the hospital owners were in such poor financial shape they could swoop in and threaten civil legal action and with threats of trumped up criminal indictments by Liberty County DA Mike Little. Liberty County, notorious for shake downs, cartels and selective prosecutions, the hospital owners turned tail and ran.

In steps C. Bruce Stratton and company... (hospital district) his quandary was how to take over ownership of the hospital by the hospital district without the district actually owning the hospital. You see, one of the bylaws of the hospital district was that it plays an erroneous role in support of liberal/democrat funding acts, not ownership of the hospital.

In a criminal flash of inspiration, C. Bruce Stratton creates a series of shell corporations which effectively steal the hospital and sell it for a token amount to the shell corporation/s, a series and layers of corporations which eventually down the line of shells stop at a corporation owned by the hospital district.

Liberty County taxpayers have unwittingly been duped into owning a machine built and designed to provide termed medical treatment to anyone who traipses through Liberty County with or without money for treatment.

The money banked from taxpayers as scalped by the Liberty Hospital District is a financial formula for disaster and one diametrically opposed by our Republican Party, TEA Party and conservative platform.

When indigents find out about this free medical hospital, illegals and others from far and wide will come to have free childbirths and procedures.

The future of this taxpayer scheme is unknown but… what we know for sure is that a legally questionable entity has been created to get an ever increasing amount of our money and for generations to come.

Contributor, Ray Akins

Monday, September 12, 2011

Brashier- in the Tank to Help the D.A.

Assistant District Attorney Joe Warren was arrested on charges of Tampering with a Witness, Terroristic Threats and Deadly Conduct related to an incident that allegedly took place a year earlier. It seems to some of us that rather than do her job as a journalist, internet newspaper editor Vanessa Brashier has been steadily trying to help Warren and his controversial boss, District Attorney Mike Little. Forget the justice system and forget the Constitutional protection that gives freedom to the press to search for truth – Vanessa Brashier and Mike Little seem to have some kind of pact. Last week Brashier’s efforts begin anew as she becomes part of the story instead of reporting it.

This quote is the newest in her attempt to prejudice the potential jury pool: “When no local judge would sign the arrest warrant against Warren, it was taken to and signed by a judge outside the county, Judge Don Burgess.” That information could have been communicated like this: “Even though some have said three local judges were willing to sit in judgment, for appearance and to uphold the highest standard, the senior most experienced standby judge, Judge Don Burgess, was brought in to insure a fair trial.

Though Brashier quotes crime scene reports that seem to be trying to paint a picture of what happened, a picture of the scene shows that Warren’s dog clearly dug under the fence and was the attacker. Either Brashier is incompetent and has not discovered the picture that settles the fact that Joe Warren’s dog trespassed and started the dog fight. (Before running back under the fence the dog attacked a little puppy before two dogs case after him.) The picture speaks 1000 words, so if Vanessa Brashier is not incompetent and has seen the picture, perhaps it speaks words that do not fit into what she and Mike Little want the public to know.

Despite the charges against him and many complaints of a lack of professionalism, Warren remains an employee of the Liberty County District Attorney’s office on this issue is the cherry on top for anyone wanting to show how she is in the tank for Little and Warren. Brashier’s report last week says Warren was in court handling his assigned cases and she never challenges the weak and ridiculous defense Little has for allowing someone to prosecute cases when under a legal cloud like Warren is.
She simply quotes the D.A.: “I am giving him the benefit of the doubt. He is going to remain employed here.”

Then she asks her readers to accept a very flawed comparison when she mimics Little and says, “Warren is not the first Liberty County official to be arrested, but not immediately removed from his position.”

She knows well the idea of someone prosecuting cases that is headed toward indictment can put a cloud over the entire justice system. But she gladly goes along with Little and never questions why Warren was not put on administrative leave. Instead she really reveals how much of a tool she has become for Little when rather than questioning Little’s poor decision making, she uses a sheriff department employee as an example of why it is okay for Little to let Warren continue to prosecute cases until he is indicted. Little helped convict this guy and Brashier not only crams his name in her story, she also gets another good chuckle with Little when she crams what the man was sentenced to in a story about the soon to come grand jury that will decide Warren’s fate.

The sad thing is that Brashier wanted that sheriff department’s employee to be put on leave back then and now she is using his situation to justify this case. This reporter needs to identify her writing when it is “political editorial” rather than imply it is a news story.

Who cares if she wants certain elected officials to hold certain offices? But plenty of us care if she is using a “newspaper” without identifying her bias. She may fit in well with KSHN”s Bill Buchanan or Allen Youngblood’s, but when she expresses things that are clearly meant to influence the outcome of a criminal investigation, she should come clean. Her paper should come clean. They should say we are in the business of helping send people to jail and helping to keep people out of jail and what constitutes their formula for taking the side they take.

Independent prosecutor Kelly Siegler will present the case to the Liberty County grand jury on Sept. 21.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Comments by former disenfranchised or demoted law enforcement joined with political hacks meant to try and diminish the good work of our sheriff’s department might have backfired. This comment on a local blog, “When Greg Arthur was Sheriff those game rooms were shut down” has revived old allegations about how game rooms were handled in the Greg Arthur/Chip Fairchild administration.

The constant drum beat of criticism of the sheriff’s department is meant to single out Sheriff Henry Patterson and help whoever the Democrats want to run for that office in 2012. But more than all of the misleading comments posted on the Democrat blog, this one has brought up memories of why we should all celebrate that Arthur and Fairchild are no longer roaming the county in uniform with a county issued gun.

While Patterson’s team is making arrest and always fighting against crime, that comment reminds many of us of how game rooms shut down and relocated on what seemed like a rotating basis under the former sheriff and his infamous sidekick. Allegations that there was pay-offs and coordination between game room owners and the Arthur administration were all but gone and never proven, but efforts to hurt this community perceived by some to be coming from the same former officials has revived the possibility.

The administration before Sheriff Patterson’s were known to be serial adulterers with long sharp knives ready to cut political opponents up when needed (symbolism knives of course). Much of the rest of their activities is still under possible investigation, but using game rooms to highlight their moral and professional superiority is awful bold and it also is very calculating. Re-painting a new version of the Arthur administration’s alleged successes would only affect his loyalist supporters and those so young they don’t remember.

There is a sheriff’s race coming in 2012, but there does not have to be an assault on truth or local history. And there does not have to be an assault on the work of the men and women who risk their lives to protect us as we lay our heads down to go to sleep here in Liberty County.

This sheriff’s department is not sanctioning bribes from game room owners. This sheriff’s department is not turning its head while members are running around on their wives. This sheriffs department took a department with some bad characters in it and got rid of them. They took the overtime hours that had built up under Arthur and was causing huge budget problems and they fixed it. It has not been a fun place to work, but this sheriff’s department is a much much better department than when Henry Patterson took over.

Thanks for reminding us Chip!

Friday, September 9, 2011

MIKE and HILLARY Sitting in a Tree

Three years ago Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and local Liberty County District Attorney Mike Little had an interesting decision to make. They both made the same decision and they both should be held accountable for the consequences.

When Barack Obama became the heir apparent to lead the Democrat Party in a new and more left liberal leaning direction, Hillary chose to join his cabinet rather than wait until now to run against his wrong-headed philosophy. Mike Little had the same choice. Both chose to play supportive roles and build their own futures based on the direction Obama led the Democrat’s party.

Looking back we all can wonder what would have happened IF they had rejected rather than supported Obama. What would have happened if Hillary had remained a Senator from New York and thrown her hat in the ring to win the Democrat’s nomination for President? What would have happened if Mike Little had publicly denounced Obama and his big spending, big government and maybe even prepared to run as an independent or a Republican?

Instead, Hillary and Mike hoped that Obama’s promise that “the waters would recede and earth would heal” somehow would magically come true and that their fate would rise with the fate of their new political messiah. Instead, Hillary and Mike witnessing the waters of a bad economy receding, they are like many Americans and are climbing up a tree to try and escape the disastrous consequences of Keynesian economics and Obamacare.

The tree they have chosen as their lifeboat in a storm is obviously falling. Now the only question is do they have the unmitigated gall to turn on Obama and declare they never knew him. Will Hillary resign from his cabinet after years of loyalty? Will Mike Little try and convince Republicans he is one of us after all?

Surely not! Mike and Hillary sitting in a tree K-I-SS-ING.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


There they go again! Allen Youngblood , Chip Fairchild, and others who find themselves out in the cold with no power or influence in the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department so they have re-started an all out scorched earth campaign against Republican Sheriff Henry Patterson.

Other than the rejection this group has experienced since good ole boy and former sheriff Greg Arthur was sent packing in a very humiliating election loss, they have their usual reasons to spin and try to cast dispersions in a way that tries to influence the public to see things the same perverted way they do. Their efforts are ineffective and disorganized and anyone that knows how liberal Youngblood is or how much of a opportunistic profiteer Chip Fairchild is, sees right through their efforts.

Their inconsistent and bombastic attacks on Sheriff Patterson cover the gamut. One minute they are complaining he is not in front of the cameras and the microphones at crime scenes and the next minute they are trying to use his spokesman to make him look like he is a publicity hound. Which is it Allen? They don’t seem to be able to make up their mind which way they want to try and paint Henry Patterson.

The truth about Sheriff Patterson is that he is the epitome of the type of man Harry Truman talked about when he said that there was no limit to what can be accomplished when no one cares who gets the credit. Just the opposite of Arthur, this sheriff’s spokesman rarely even mentions the Patterson. This sheriff has a spokesman to inform the public, not to run the kind of quasi-campaign Greg Arthur ran with Chip Fairchild on the radio and in the rest of the media 24/7 trying to make sure the public viewed Greg Arthur the way they wanted him to be viewed. Narcissistic behavior went way down in the sheriff’s department when Arthur was defeated and Fairchild left the department.

Sheriff Patterson’s sees no need in the kind of image shaping deceptive practices done by Arthur and Fairchild. Sheriff Patterson is known to be faithful to his wife and a hard working crime fighter that deals from the top of the deck. He is a conservative church going family man that has never been involved in playing the political games Arthur and Fairchild and Youngblood dabble in all of the time. He doesn’t approve of womanizing and he doesn’t need some pimp media types to cover his butt.

Allen Youngblood is doing a disservice to this community by ignoring the facts alleged about different public officials and instead going after the man that was clearly and overwhelmingly elected to clean up this county.


Several weeks ago Liberty Dispatch received a story from a contributor who had a good track record of writing articles that raised important questions about some of the actions of our local public officials. In good faith Liberty Dispatch posted the story and stood behind it until some of what the contributor alleged seemed to be in conflict with the facts. Even though the part of the story in question was not necessarily the major thrust of the story, it still had political and personal implications.

The thrust of the article revolved around the alleged criminal acts of Assistant District Attorney Joe Warren and his gun wielding threats against his neighbors after his boxer dug underneath a fence and died in a retaliatory counter attack after the dog attacked a puppy. We have no reason to believe Joe Warren’s actions are any less criminal than originally reported, but the contributor also implicated some kind of wrong doing or incompetence by Justice of the Peace Bobby Rader. A great deal of the information about Rader was wrong and the result of poor investigating.

Sources have told Liberty Dispatch that Judge Rader made the contributor aware of the mistakes in the article and that Rader was told it would be corrected. The correction at the time this article is being prepared to post has not come.

While awaiting a possible interview of Judge Rader by the contributor (and a retraction), Liberty Dispatch has posted three articles pointing out the commitment and the fine work Judge Rader has done for this community. After each article the contributor (and/or associates of the contributor) has become very indignant. Rather than prepare an apology and a correction, it appears the contributor has been spending more time and effort trying to dig up dirt on Judge Rader.

When every one of the contributor’s new allegations proved to be false, the contributor (and/or associates of the contributor) began threatening the people writing positive articles about Judge Rader. With multiple vile and curse-filled phone conversations threatening to expose one of our contributor’s child’s youthful indiscretions and making up all kinds of nasty lies about one of the wives of our contributors.

Liberty Dispatch has posted some serious allegations on this website. We have not posted things we have known to be untrue. In fact Liberty Dispatch knows there is enough evidence on some of the allegations we have posted to arrest, indict, and convict certain individuals. Like everyone else we wait impatiently and wonder what is wrong with our local system of justice that nothing has been done about some of these allegations. But in the case of the comments about Judge Rader, we have come to the conclusion that not only will there be no retraction by the contributor, but that they will continue to look for something to damage Judge Rader with. That is simply unconscionable to us.

Judge Rader they have not fulfilled their promise of a retraction to you, but we intend for this to be the next best thing. We waited and it never came. Though our posting of this article may be met with all kinds of more allegations, we will not ignore the injustice committed against you.

Liberty Dispatch is no stranger to hardball politics. We are not whining about it or claiming victim status. We are once again just presenting the facts as we know them to be. We stand behind the stories applauding Judge Rader and his work in this community and we repudiate the contributor’s efforts to put Judge Rader in a light that the facts simply do not support.

As for the threats to those connected with this website, our reporting on this story is not necessarily over if someone really wants to play hardball. Years of threats by a dominant Democratic party have hardened us to even the idea of relenting to avoid some kind of effort to spin and embarrass us. Even though dragging children and wives into a political argument about how public officials are doing their jobs is a new all time low, we still believe the public (when informed) will be fair and just in forming their opinions. We stand prepared to redirect any stones thrown in the wrong direction and any stories that do not ring true

To paraphrase a recent President, “bring it on”. In the world of politics we all live in glass houses.

Richard Pegues

Friday, September 2, 2011


Some may call it unreasonable or too hardball when the Tea Party refuses to give in and support candidates that are not doing what they believe is necessary, but many of us call it principled politics.

The carrot and the stick approach has been around long before the Tea Party or Liberty Dispatch sided with only those who were doing what they considered right. In fact that type of politics existed before there was even one political party in this country.

George Washington was President before political parties but he practiced the idea of being positive and supportive of those who were moving in the direction he believed to be best for the country and making it obvious he did not approve anyone who was fighting against what he was for.

The examples are many but the best comes right out of the shoot when Washington first takes office. Washington had promised as President he was going to tour every state in the Union. That tour was on horseback and by carriage and was not an easy thing, but he kept his promise. But he made sure to give precedence to every state that ratified the Constitution first. Washington had to zig and zag around Delaware to do it, but he waited until he had rode to every other state in the Union before he set foot in Delaware as President. Delaware had finally yielded to the Constitution and George Washington had finally come to their state.

Recently the Tea Party and Liberty Dispatch have been accused of favoring and promoting some people while they talk unfavorably towards others. Make no mistake about it that is true. But no matter what you hear about the motivations of that strategy the Tea party and Liberty Dispatch have employed that strategy from day one. We both call it integrity. We both believe it is counterproductive to be promoting people who have proven they are not conservatives. We have both openly explained that was our goal long before anyone even noticed our existence. Long before people that do not agree with us started saying what ever they could to derail our efforts.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Top Notch Republican Runs For Liberty County State Senate Rep.

Senator Robert Nichols (R-Jacksonville) is announcing his bid for reelection for Texas Senate District 3. Following redistricting, the district includes all or part of 19 counties. Houston, Trinity, Liberty and Orange counties are new to the district.

“Serving the people of Senate District 3 is a tremendous honor,” said Nichols. “I ask for their support so we can continue the work of making government smaller, more efficient and more accountable.”

Nichols, first elected in 2006, has a strong conservative record focused on limited government and representing the district’s interests. He authored and passed legislation to reduce government spending, protect landowners, and encourage free-markets. He is widely respected as one of the state’s experts on transportation policy.

Nichols is recognized as one of Texas’ most effective and hardest-working legislators. His peers elected Nichols Chairman of the Senate Republican Caucus and the Texas Association of Business named him a champion of free enterprise. He was also named a champion for children by the Equity Center for his work to improve the school finance system.

“The priorities of Senate District 3 are my priorities,” said Nichols. He says his legislative agenda is driven by the interests of the citizens he represents. “When people share their problems and concerns with us, we really do work to fix them.”

“I’ve done my best to serve the district, and I think my record speaks to the strong conservative values of the people I represent,” said Nichols. “It’s a privilege to ask for their vote.”


On January 9, 2007, Robert Lee Nichols was sworn in to represent the citizens of Texas State Senate District 3, which is comprised of 16 counties ranging from southern Tyler to just north of Houston and stretching east to the Texas-Louisiana border.

In the Texas Senate, Nichols serves as vice chair of the Intergovernmental Relations Committee and sits on the Transportation and Homeland Security, Health and Human Services, and Nominations Committees.

Senator Nichols’ proposal to put a two-year moratorium on private toll roads became a landmark issue of the 2007 legislative session and led to dramatic reforms that protect Texas drivers. He also authored or sponsored legislation to increase the rights of Texas homeowners, reduce Medicaid fraud, prevent child fatalities, and increase penalties for those tampering with evidence in a murder investigation.

Senator Nichols' Website

Toll Road peddlers beware!

McNair Stands True to Conservative Ideas

(09/01/2011- Liberty, Texas) At a recent Commissioner's Court meeting our Liberty County Judge Craig McNair showed why Liberty Dispatch supported him in the last primary and general election.

McNair comes from several generations of well respected Republicans who have selflessly and tirelessly contributed to our party. The McNairs have proven they are willing to incorporate the conservative platform into real world action. The Republican Party has a proven formula for fiscal responsibility and the McNairs aren't afraid to use that formula.

With each commissioner's meeting McNair continues to stand up to those who would seek to continue damaging Liberty County for their own selfish motives.

Liberty Dispatch hopes other Liberty County Republican office holders learn from the McNair formula and stand up to the harmful liberal and RINO interest that still poisons Liberty County.

With the coming election sign-up for the 2012 drawing near, people interested in signing up to run for public office need to take a lesson from McNair's action.  If you cant support the system with conservative values and fiscal responsibility- don't waste the voter's time.

Ray Akins, Contributor


When the Liberty County Precinct Commissioners held their final budget workshop on Wednesday we all had a chance to hear why the county is facing an approximate $5 million deficit for next year’s budget and is expected to use money from its cash reserves to have a balanced budget.

Two words are the best example of why we have this problem. “Todd Fontenot.”

Precinct 1 County Commissioner Fontenot objected to having a secretary removed from his maintenance department saying she has been critical to the operation of the maintenance department. The Democratic Commissioner says this position is needed and he will fight to keep it. Fontenot failed to say the position is held by one of the most active Democratic operatives in the county and that she happens to be best known in his commissioner area. He also failed to rebut allegations that the employee in question is not known for doing much and has had a dubious work experience in the past at best.

Fontenot just doesn’t seem to get the budget problems that years of his leadership have caused and the resolve that newly elected Republicans have to cut up the symbolic credit card of years past. Fontenot is also pushing for $81,000 that he had previously requested to construct a new maintenance and storage facility in the Dayton area. Fontenot and his Democratic buddies passed a screwy inefficient re-redistricting plan ten years ago that was more concerned with getting Democrats elected than watching out for taxpayer money. Now he wants this new building because the problems he was warned about years ago have come home to roost.

Fontenot has indicated he will “vote against the budget” in protest of taking his hand picked vote getter off of the payroll and to show disapproval of not getting a second county barn for his precinct.

Liberty County Judge Craig McNair was dissuaded by all of Fontenot’s impractical self centered rantings. The County Judge said the maintenance and operation of the courthouse could be placed under his operation rather than have Fontenot continue this kind of management. McNair was critical of Fontenot’s past performance and his fiscal irresponsibility of the department. McNair pointed to the poor handling of the replacement of the county jail air conditioning unit as an example of Fontenot’s legacy.

“I had to step up to the plate to get the jail situation moving,” said McNair.

Fontenot tried to fire back by criticizing McNair’s proposal to sell the old Wal-Mart building instead of turning it into county offices. But the infamous money pit Fontenot refers to was obtained while he was on commissioner’s court and McNair was still a local businessman and taxpayer. Fontenot seems oblivious to the fact that McNair was swept into office along with other Republicans to begin to clean up the mess he himself made.

“What are we going to do with a $1.8 million building?” Fontenot asked.

“We don’t have money to spend,” said McNair. “We are not going to get another credit card when we have three that we can’t pay. I didn’t get us into this debt, but I am tasked with getting us out of it.”

McNair repeated that he felt that the county maintenance department had not been well handled over the past several years.

Harold Seay, county auditor, noted that last year’s budget used $8 million from the county’s cash reserve fund balance and that this year, the county will probably use $5 million to balance the budget. Seay added remarks that seemed aimed at Commissioners Fontenot and Hunt.

“The old county judge did make the budget but you can’t just blame him,” said Seay. “The previous budgets were voted unanimously by the whole court.”

“I appreciate everyone coming,” said McNair. “I promise that we are listening and taking notes. I want to emphasize the seriousness of the situation with the economic crunch.”

McNair noted that while the meeting was the last budget workshop, his doors were still open for discussion from the county departments and he would also be discussing these issues on the phone with department leaders.

The final budget is expected to be prepared and voted on by the commissioner’s court on Sept. 13. Still no mention has been made of the other active Democratic operative that has for years enjoyed being rewarded for his hard work helping elect Democrats by being the honcho of the local HUD department. With little to nothing to recommend him, Willie Carter continues to hang on to the spoils of past Democratic Party domination of Liberty County.

Stay tuned. It appears as if our new officials are more interested in getting the job done for the people who pay the bills than all of the party politics and payoffs.