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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Yes, for the last time there is nothing anyone can do to stop someone if they want to run as a Republican. Please, enough of that kind of fatalistic conversation. The fact is anyone can sign up to run in any political party, and the faithful members of any party can protect the integrity of that party by signaling to the voters that this new guy is not one of them.

The question should be when do members of a party stand up and say that one of the candidates on their side of the ballot is not really one of them. For those who like to wax philosophical have endless conversations about such things, please talk to someone other than me. The matter of dealing with a party switcher is really pretty simple.

First and foremost past history should be your guide. You must separate your personal feelings from fact and ask yourself has this candidate just done things I don’t like or has the candidate broken the law? Has the candidate done their job well? If the answer is “no”, why wouldn’t a political party warn voters? The answer is obvious – they should warn voters. They should find out the history of the candidate (by talking to people that have been around a long time) and they should act accordingly.

Second, are their indications that their beliefs match up with that of the political party they want to be supported by?

A third thing to think about in this election cycle is contemplating when they announced their desire to switch parties. If they haven’t switched parties by now, then whether they want to admit it or not, they have experienced Obama and they have stuck with his party – until the last minute. Not an impressive start for a true Republican.

People that have not been in the political realm until the last five or six years may not know enough to decide when someone should be rebuffed that tries to run in their party. But there are still people around who know the history of some of these longtime politicians. It is counterproductive to help someone who does not have the values of the party they run in at heart.

Those who do not know, or find out about, history are likely to repeat history’s mistakes.

Contributor note: A turn-coat by any other name is still a turn-coat.


Anonymous said...

It made me sick to see ole pothole Norman Brown sitting in a Republican Party meeting- my stomach turned. Or should I say TURN-COAT...

Anonymous said...

Or should we say RINO.

Anonymous said...

Wes Hinch should switch parties and join Mr. Selective prosection in trying to persecute political enemies - Democrats, all Democrats!