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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dear Liberty Dispatch,

Republicans are running our government in the black despite still having to pay for all of the democrats stupid half baked mistakes.

Recently taxpayers discovered the appraisal of the old WalMart building came in at just over $1.3 million. How many of our hard earned dollars did Democrats pay for that building? $2.1 million dollars? How many months has it been off of the tax rolls?

I am sick and tired of the never ending waste. We are still waiting to hear how we can force our District Attorney to stop buying things like the SUV parked in his driveway and spend some of his slush fund money on budget items so we can save the county some money. I bet Mike Little is a big tipper when the county is picking up the tab.

If people in the south part of this county only knew how Melvin Hunt operates, they would save some money by voting to centralize funding and decision-making by commissioners.

Republicans are making great progress. Most of them anyway But it will be wonderful for them and for all of us when they get out from underneath the cloud that was left before they took office.


Anonymous said...

Good comment. I have been tired of their wastful spending, for years. That old Wal-Mart building was just one fine example of that.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it interesting how appraisals magically drop, the minute that a bank or the government forecloses on a property. I always wondered how those licensed appraisers kept their licenses. Then, I wondered what the state agency, that supposedly monitors and supervises its license holders, actually does! I just gave up, when I realized how many other state agencies, are just as corrupt and apathetic. Don't get anyone started, on the ones that supposedly supervise this, or that.

Anonymous said...

Do you know how taxpayer money is spent on illegal immigrants/Mexicans? Thats where the real money is being thrown away. What is our local Liberty County Officals doing about this overwhelming super expensive problem??? Are they working on it in any way, or just busy putting up signs in Spanish for them????

Anonymous said...

signs in Spanish? That's just the beginning. All gov't workers who even meet them, or speak with them (teachers, social workers, principals,) must all be bi-lingual, preferably, Mexican citizens. There goes our jobs, outsourced by our own gov't regulations.

Anonymous said...

These illegals are being furnished food,housing,clothing and medical on the tax payers dollars. Take the Liberty County Hospital District for one example.

Anonymous said...

Hey LD, look at this article:
Where's the three bid process?
Why the no bid process?
Why hasn't this illegal taxing entity (chamber of commerce) been put on the ballot, for voter approval- prior to saddling us with the bills, and giving them our dollars?

Who needs them? (Why can't the city receptionist hand out the city brochures, maps, new resident packets, and referrals?
Why can't she be considered the 'face of the city')????

Why is the only one considered, the insider deal, and worst for the taxpayers? Why re-up, or renew, with such incompetence and negative cash flow? see:

Can't somebody think outside the box?