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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Liberty County Sheriff's Captain found passed out.

(10/11/2011, Liberty County, Texas)  This morning Liberty County Sheriff's Captain Rex Evans was found face down passed out.

Liberty Dispatch readers will remember the wrongful and unmerciful recent attacks by Allen Youngblood and his associated commentors on i-dineout - "directly against Evans" and the whole Liberty County Sheriff's Department.  It is unknown yet what role the continual scurrilous attacks by Youngblood and company may have played in the circumstances leading up to Captain Evan's health issues.

Captain Evans is the public information officer for the Liberty County Sheriff's office and also a detective.

Liberty Dispatch hopes Captain Evans gets well soon along with the many readers of Liberty Dispatch who have voiced they will be praying for Captain Evans.

Contributor, Ray Akins


Anonymous said...

hope he's ok, but that diner, greasy spoon food, at 5:30 am will kill you.

Anonymous said...

Get well soon Rex!

Anonymous said...

Get Well Soon & God Bless You and Yours REX!

Anonymous said...

I hope Rex doesn't let (He Dined out) get to him. Thats just became a gossip site and car wreck blog. Blood pressure and blood sugars can do this do you. I hope Rex will be OK.

Anonymous said...

glad to see that Rex has so many extra thousand-dollar bills, for all these chopper rides. At last report, it was over $19,000 per ride, from Tarkington.

also, it's a wonder that the car wreck blog hasn't accused him of laying down and sleeping on the job (yet)! such class folks, there.

hope you're back soon, Captain.

Anonymous said...

Car blogger back at it again this morning. They are reporting Captain Rex as a lier and a do nothing. Captain Rex you may have a slander suit against that idiot over at the Carwreck blog.

Anonymous said...

prophetic, aren't we, LD?
We sure called that one!

Anonymous said...

Rex, Im sure if you look deep into Allens closet you will find more than lingerie and pink dresses hidden amongst those skeletons.
Rex pay that idiot no attention and keep up the good work. F' em.
Who loves ya brother !

Anonymous said...

Oh Lord, My God, is there no help for the widow's son?

No worries Rex, we all have your back !
While we ( all of the Good men) are headed into the East.
Allen still struggles in the North.
I Guess all of those kind of guys hide in the dark and whisper through the bushes. "Pssst hey buddy, need a friend"? GO AWAY. Your a much hated piece of trash !
"Frank Adam George"

Anonymous said...

WOW ! Frank Adam George...ROFLMFAO
FAG......too funny, Allen, somebody has your number. Your like a turd in a punch bowl. Nobody wants to be near your + self. Glad what you have is not an airborne disease. Allen go to and look up your disease. The first symptoms was that pounding sensation in your butt. GO BACK IN THE CLOSET AND LOCK THE DOOR AND TURN YOUR LIGHTS OUT !

Anonymous said...

Captain Evans we hope you are doing well.

In response to:

Anonymous said...
"glad to see that Rex has so many extra thousand-dollar bills, for all these chopper rides. At last report, it was over $19,000 per ride, from Tarkington"

Do you think Mr. Evans called life flight himself? If so, you're an idiot! EMS personnel make those decisions based on their findings at the scene.

A special shout out of "Thanks" to all of our Liberty County EMS employees! We appreciate all you do and the sacrifices you make to serve our communities!

Anonymous said...

if Cleveland's city ever gets a brain (now, THERE's the kicker!).... they'll get a military surplus chopper, outfit it, and fly their own life flights, from their own airfield- undercutting the HUGE, $19,000price tag of Hermann hospital's scammers. Besides, don't the soon to be, former, Cleveland EMS guys... need a job??

BTW: EMS folks are notorious for over prescribing unnecessary life flights. Makes one wonder what the "referral fee" is (read: kickback)! Or, does dispatch collect it, or the hospital doctor??? Somebody's doing a lot of referrals- many were unnecessary!

Anonymous said...

to the commenter above:
So, If Rex presented some, or all, of the following conditions: (lethargy, indigestion, gas, or sleeping on the job)...
Which of these, did your "all knowing EMS" folks, deem to be life flight urgent and necessary??

After all, didn't the receiving hospital ER find him to be non urgent, in good health (no treatable condition,) and dischargeable???

Are we, now, going to life flight any street drunk, hungover partygoer, morning sickness folks, or exhausted/over tired worker, found sleeping it off?

Get real!

That was a MEGA EXPENSIVE EMS mis-diagnosis (and it ain't their first HUNDRED mis-diagnosis rodeos, either)!!! EMS: It's roughly equivalent to getting your ER trauma doctor's license, out of a Angelina junior college gumball machine. Look what the receiving hospital's REAL ER trauma doctors thought of their BRILLIANT diagnosis.... (that's what they read, whenever they need a good laugh)!!!

Somebody needs to rein in these expensive EMS folks.

Anonymous said...

rein them in? Cleveland city council already did. They hired an outside service, and fired them all! They're all: Fire-ees, in waiting! This event will go down as their last hurrah... a monument to exhuberance and gung ho.