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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


My name is Byron Schirmbeck. I was the petition organizer for the vote against red light cameras in Baytown. I also recently addressed the Dayton city council as they have placed the question of whether or not Dayton will install red light cameras on the November ballot. Considering the HCRP and Texas GOP have placed a statewide ban on their platform, that the programs are run by corrupt companies and politicians and make the streets less safe from this money grab and citizens have voted out cameras each and everytime this should be something your site should publicize.

Here is the background info

Also, democrat harris county district judge Mike Miller, who is up for re election in 2012 signed an order declaring our election in Baytown void. Any judge that would sign away our votes does not deserve to sit on the bench. Please consider giving these two issues coverage on your site. Please call or email me with any questions. You can see more info at and

Byron Schirmbeck

Proposition 1 passed, the cameras are coming down! Thank you Baytown!


Anonymous said...

awww c'mon, Byron. Everybody's gotta have a slush fund!


dennis s

Anonymous said...

Cleveland...check this out! Read & do! That chief & his lil Peanut of yalls is getting filthy rich...and what's up with an officer acting as a judge on contested red light tickets? I contested mine & the same lil short sh*t who said he reviewed it & discussed it, made a determination of the guilt? Doesn't make sense to me.

Anonymous said...

yes, Paul, (the super mini cop,) is first line review of red light cameras. Then, if you want the judge to review it again, that'll cost ya $50 (court costs). LOL

It's so convenient, when you get to be your own judge and jury, to keep the cash flow coming.

Yo, CHIEF, what do we DO with all that dough??? think, think, thinking...

Ahhhh... GOT it!

Try this scenario and mindset
(don't ya know it's coming...):

Howdy, slush fund. We haven't repainted our squad cars, for what, six weeks now?

(Gotta burn and document, "some" of those bucks, legit, you understand)?

Besides, ain't we got a buddy, or was it a sideline, in the sign and painting business?

Oh, say what? Kelly's taking it over, when he's released next August? Yeah, we owe him...- for covering the rest of us, and taking the fall, alone!!! GOOD MAN!

Say what? Oh, right: Patterson's joining him, whenever his sheriff run's over.... Just grabbing his third or fourth full pension, there. We'll slide in somebody else, soon... maybe YOU, chief???

The rest can go to:

* the "secret account" slush fund

* dept Christmas party in Cancun,
all inclusive w/airfare, of course

* "planning retreat" in Vegas,
(we had a drink and toasted to
"traffic safety", didn't we?) LOL

* "budget workshop" cruise to the virgin islands ('nother toast)!!

* "ride along" awards/tix for
"extreme family sacrifices"!!),
after all, they did a toast too!! LOL

* new 'keep up with the Joneses' Tahoes or super SWAT Hummers
(each has to do a traffic stop, monthly, to qualify as "safety")

(hiya, LCSO, you ignorant little paupers, you!), ROFL

* offshore Cayman accounts,
(can't count on Wall Street, to leave our pension accounts alone,
you dig?) LMAO

Whatdayathink?? should we do it again? (city council's none too sharp or cognizant,)

How about, part cop car, part yellow cab?

Yeah, dippy clerk, turned city manager, will approve anything, right?

That over dressed, church organist, turned mayor, will never suspect a thing (now that's my kind of CPA license holder, the clueless kind!!)...

Works for me, too! ROFL

Anonymous said...

sure wish that wasn't a pretend fantasy. Far too close to the truth.

Anonymous said...

Note that it's not the entire CPD that benefits from that joke red light camera jibberish. From speaking to most of the officers there, they're not only embarrassed the their chief & his gutless spending sprees, but they are also afraid of him & his mischievous retaliation tactics. The moral at that place must be so low, so low that it is merely impossible for these officers to protect our community effectively. From what I here they're too busy protecting themselves and their loved ones from harassment by their own chief, whether directly or indirectly. Sad. What's even more sad is that the city officials are allowing this man to run rampant, hurting his own officers. And according to a few active, respected officers, they go through hell when any mentions of his or his minions behavior. Also hear the city of about to eat a few law suits due to it. What does he care? It's not his money ( his & his minions funds are hidden under redlight account) & he's not even from Cleveland. Taxpayers are eating this 100%! City officials get this man under control! What do you expect when one of the city council members is a known papa ro's drinking buddy of his & his minion Lowery allows him to leave the bar drunk in his suv on the weekends. BTW, this I have recorded. I've been around for years, and I know some of the council are good people, good hardworking people. Do whats right & check this man out closer. Check his few that execute his dirty work out closer. My wife & I saw him in public the other day and she said he looks like a cold man, I'm sure others feel the same if you would begin asking. Ask the public, privately speak to the officers at that department. I'll get off this old man's soap box but I ask again that you do something about that chief & his bullying, selfish ways.