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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Before the old Liberty County Republican Party Chairman even leaves town, the new one’s plea for keeping everything “positive” among Republicans may be tested. But I hope not.

Over the last few months it has become more and more obvious that some of the most outspoken activists in Liberty county will differ on who they want to win between two potential primary opponents in two different races. My hope is that the group known as The Outsiders who now count former Republican candidate Eddie Shauberger among them, will promote their choice for sheriff and for district attorney in a positive race with no negative campaigning. I am urging Shauberger and The Outsiders to join me in following County Chairman Ken Coleman’s directive and just lay out to the public their view of why they plan to vote the way they plan to vote. I hope they can express why they believe Henry Patterson deserves to serve four more years and why attorney James Farmer should serve the next four years as district attorney while people like me do the same thing on behalf of our choice for these positions.

As for me, I solicited both of the leading candidates for sheriff to run for office years ago and hope they will both discourage negative campaigning as our primary is conducted. Years ago I was the county chairman when Bobby Rader decided he wanted to run for JP and that despite a streak of over 100 years of Democrats holding the position he was running for, Bobby wanted to run as a Republican. Around that same time, I was invited to try and persuade Henry Patterson to run as a Republican for county sheriff. That position had not had a Republican win in over 100 years either and I liked Henry and wanted to help a small handful of people talk him into running in our party. Of course as many of you remember, we were unsuccessful and Henry ran the first time as a Democrat Unfortunately Henry was defeated in the Democrat’s primary by one of the Republican party’s most notorious foes, Greg Arthur. Thankfully, Henry changed his mind four years later and ran as a Republican and beat Arthur. Though I am supporting his primary opponent, I must say that anyone who knows Henry Patterson knows he is a true Republican. Both men are fine family oriented church-going Christians and surely would like a primary race like Chairman Coleman envisions.

Though I like both men and have friends that will support both men, I have come to the conclusion Bobby Rader would be the best man for the job the next four years. I appreciate both men’s contribution to the local Republican Party and wish them both well. Of course I am just any one person and am not sure anyone will really care who I support, but in the tradition of Liberty Dispatch and with the freedom I now have because I do not hold any position in the party, I hereby endorse Bobby Rader for sheriff.

In the primary for district attorney it again is my hope to promote the idea of being “positive” in our primary as I differ from Shauberger and The Outsiders and choose to back Assistant County Attorney Karen McNair rather than James Farmer they have said they will be promoting. I have met James Farmer and in my two brief conversations he seems to be a very capable and very charming person. Over the summer I have been very pleased to get to know Karen McNair and find out who the person that has been working so hard the last few years to help build a stronger local Republican party. The truth is I was very suspicious of Karen before I got to know her, and I have really enjoyed finding out she is a good ole common sense conservative Republican just like her parents and that she is the kind of person who is motivated to do whatever she feels like is best for our community. Again this is just one man’s opinion, but at this time... I will be urging Republicans to choose her as our candidate for the general election.

These endorsements represent the views of Richard Pegues. The former three term Liberty County Republican Party Chairman is one of Liberty Dispatch’s and Liberty County’s most politically knowledgeable contributors .


Anonymous said...

I like your choices. Who gives a rat's ass who the shadowy Outsiders want to support anyway?

Anonymous said...

Holy smokes! Finally, an analysis with which I can completely agree. Ms. McNair is an ethical and hardworking prosecutor. Judge Rader has a great work ethic and is an asset to our community. Both are known conservatives, public servants and above all Professionals who will project the image of our party and county that may help repair our statewide (and perhaps Nationwide) reputation for incompetence. Two people who love the law will be a great addition to the ticket.

Anonymous said...

Republicans have no "statewide or nationwide reputation for incompetence". Someone sounds like they are fence strattling at best. There are a few bad Republicans, Democrats are 100% wrong in their tax and spend efforts to increase the size of government.

Richard Pegues said...

The constant drumbeat of negative comments about the sheriff and the LCSO on is over the top and can have a negative effect on everyone in law enforcement. If you want someone to be sheriff besides Henry Patterson then get them to run and promote them rather than sling mud on people that are risking their lives to protect us all.

Anonymous said...

I agree Richard, Captain Rex has now been called a lier at the car wreck blog. He and the Sheriff Dept. may have a slander suit since he has openly called him a lier.

Anonymous said...

I missed it I guess. Didn't realize Bobby has announced he was running for sheriff.

Anonymous said...

Better still: I endorse all new blood, with no criminal, conspiracy, embezzlement, slush fund, or dishonest tendencies.

Anonymous said...

that lets a bunch of them out

Anonymous said...

Bobby Radar for Sheriff? That's a HORRIBLE thought! He WONT get my vote!

What this man does NOT want you to know is that HE granted a PR bond to one of the MANY men accused of raping the 11 year old girl in Cleveland(when his bond was set at $100,000.00), then told the jail staff to keep it quiet.

Well guess what Bobby Radar, I don't work for the jail, OR YOU, but I have friends who do! They think you are a disgusting individual just as I do!!

I hope ALL PARENTS come to realize just what kind of man Bobby Radar truly is. Rape my kid and get a FREE "get out of jail pass", NO WAY! Yet, he, and sadly the Liberty Dispatch, wants the very people from Liberty County, which has been horrified and torn apart over this rape case, to vote for him? I guess you BOTH think we are all stupid!

I say NO to JUDGE BOBBY RADAR for Sheriff AND J.P. It's time for you to retire and go home! You should be ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!

QUESTION FOR YOU "JUDGE" BOBBY RADAR! Why didn't you let all of the other accused rapists out of jail as well? I'm sure their parents would have appreciated not having to come up with bail money! Oh, I guess it's because they were not your personal friend.

DONT BELIEVE MY COMMENT? CONFIRM IT FOR YOURSELF! SUBMIT AN OPEN RECORDS REQUEST TO THE LCSO FOR ALL BOOK IN RECORDS AND NOTES FOR THE ACCUSSED IN REFERENCE TO THE 11 YEAR OLD GIRL RAPE CASE! (Just better hurry before Judge Radar realizes his disgusting secret has been revealed and threatens the jail staff to adjust the records, or do it himself.....WAIT, that would be wrong and against the law, right???? Or is it questionable, Judge?)

Anonymous said...

My endorsement? All of the 'tune of' songs, from LD!