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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

PRESS RELEASE: Karen McNair to run for Liberty County DA Position

Life long Liberty County resident and attorney, Karen McNair is pleased to announce her intention to seek her party’s nomination for the office of District Attorney in the March 6th, 2012 Republican primary.

“In serving the citizens of Liberty County as the lead prosecutor with the County Attorney’s Office, I am hitting a new stride, focus and fulfillment in my legal career.   It is exciting to work with the law enforcement officers serving the citizens of Liberty County to maintain and improve the quality of life for all of our cities, communities and neighborhoods.” – Karen McNair                                                         

As lead prosecutor in the Liberty County Attorney’s Office, Karen has worked diligently to implement a strict structure for enforcement of fines and probation terms to discourage further misdemeanor crime in Liberty County.  At the same time, she has worked to minimize “justice delayed” by reducing the number of days an inmate spends in jail between the offense and judgment. 

Karen explained that those implemented reductions preserve the integrity of each citizen’s constitutional rights.  Justice must be fair, impartial, and swift.  Timely completion of prosecution is mandated by the right to a speedy trial.  Those mandates further benefit all the citizens of Liberty County by reducing the overall costs of prosecution to the tax payer while assuring the constitutionally protected rights of the accused. 

“As Americans, our freedoms are ingrained in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  At all times and in every way, prosecution must respect those founding documents.  Justice must be impartial.  Justice must be swift.  Justice must be sure.  It is only then that we remain secure in our lives, our liberties and our pursuits of happiness.” – Karen McNair

Karen McNair is pleased to announce that she is seeking the nomination to the office of District Attorney in the March 6, 2012, Republican Primary Election.   

Monday, November 28, 2011

PRESS RELEASE: Local Liberty businessman has announced he will run for Liberty County Sheriff

Local Liberty businessman Bobby Rader has announced his candidacy for the position of Liberty County Sheriff, running on the Republican Party ticket.

(Liberty, Texas - 11/28/2011) Rader, who has served as Justice of the Peace since January, 1999 and as the city of Liberty Municipal Judge since 2004, brings considerable experience from the business, law enforcement and volunteer arenas to the race.

Rader, the owner of Hall, Rader and Associates, has been involved locally in Liberty since his six-year stint as a Department of Public safety trooper. In 1980, he left the Department and began a career in the insurance industry where he runs a multi-line business. During his residency in Liberty, he raised a family, remained active in community affairs and has been a visible volunteer in local civic clubs, sports groups and educational endeavors.

Rader believes that with his background he will bring much needed change to the Sheriff's Department. "Having worked closely with the past three sheriffs, I have seen things that were good and things that I believe could have been handled better. I would like to make some changes that will better serve all the residents of Liberty County."

The sheriff's position Is Liberty County's top law enforcement officer, a position that includes several components. Along with an administrative component, the job is charged with maintaining the peace and protecting the lives and property of Liberty County citizens. Final components include the supervision of the jail and maintenance of the courthouse security.

Rader has a plan to restore public faith and integrity in the Sheriff's Department. "If elected, I will implement new policy goals for this office and feel that with my experience, they can be accomplished."

His goals include:

1. Proper training in both criminal and civil law for all deputies.

2. Better working relationships with the District Attorney's office and the County Attorney's office resulting in stronger cases for prosecution.

3. Training in case preparation that will also result in stronger prosecution and higher conviction rates.

4. Strong commitment to drug enforcement arrests resulting in convictions.

5. Emergency response training for all employees.

6. Faster response to community concerns and complaints. Rader believes these changes will have a positive result for citizens of Liberty County.

"If elected, I plan to develop a strong spirit of cooperation and teamwork with all the local law enforcement agencies in Liberty County. I will strive for increased utilization of the manpower and talents of Liberty County's volunteer fire personnel who can provide valuable support with crime and accident scenes. Finally, I think we will see the ability to investigate illegal activities that occur in the jail resulting in a more secure facility."

Rader brings the tools needed to deal with the total law enforcement package- experience, integrity and desire for change.

"It has to start somewhere. I ask it to start with your vote for me as the Republican candidate for the position of Liberty County Sheriff."

November 28, 2011- First day Liberty County, Texas Republican sign-up

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Republican Primary candidates pose after day one sign up. 

Front: Wesley N. Hinch – County Attorney (I), A.W. Bowdin for Constable Pct 1, Karen McNair for District Attorney, Chance Ward for Commissioner Pct 3, Robby Thornton for Constable Pct 4 

Middle: Danny Frankum – Constable Pct 3 (I), Henry Patterson – Sheriff (I), Eddie Lowry for Commissioner Pct 3,  Tommy Koen for Constable Pct 3, L.W. Despain – Constable Pct 5 (I) 
Top: Robert ‘Bobby’ Rader for Sheriff, John Otto – State Representative (I), Ricky Brown forTax Assessor, Tim Allision – Constable Pct 1 (I), Ken Coleman for County Chair
(I) - Incumbent

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


When Sheriff Henry Patterson and Eddie Shauberger and The Outsiders were trying to nail Assistant District Attorney Joe Warren, they had dreams of grandeur, but courage more like their little buddy who was at home with his Mommie - Robert Valdez.

They were afraid to approach one of the judges. They claimed they thought all of the judges in the Liberty County courthouse were so crooked that instead of accepting what they called legitimate charges against Joe, they may ask questions about them.

So what did these great crime fighters do? They called and they e-mailed and they called and they e-mailed Richard Pegues. They repeatedly told Pegues they thought the judges were crooked. (The evidence?) The evidence was they had was “an open and shut case against someone in the courthouse” and they were sure none of the judges would accept the charges.

Pegues, former three time Republican county chairman initially told Eddie Shauberger their accusations were ridiculous. He told them to bring their charges and if they were worth anything, any of the judges would do the right thing. Shauberger acted like he went back to the Outsiders and Sheriff Patterson and they were reluctant to move forward. Shauberger told Pegues if he wanted to prove any of these judges was not corrupt that he could prove it by getting a green light for someone to request a warrant on someone in the courthouse. Pegues said that none of them are corrupt and he would say something next time he visited with one of them.

The next time he visited with one of the judges he asked the judge, “If someone in the sheriff’s department came to you and presented evidence of a crime by someone in the courthouse what would you do?”

The judge replied, “I would do what I always do. I would do my job.”

A Liberty County Detective (Outsider?) ultimately did confront the District judge with the probable cause affidavit and the Liberty County judge appropriately passed on issuing the warrant.

After being confronted... Pegues then told Shauberger that the sheriff or whoever should just approach the judge and expect he will do his job.

Question in the course of many exchanges on this matter one must wonder what role Eddie Shauberger plays in Sheriff Patterson’s organization. Is Eddie a detective? What is Patterson’s connection to the Outsiders? Is he somehow paying any of them? Why did they want Joe Warren so bad? They acted like Joe Warren was the worst criminal in Liberty County. Will the Outsiders now try and blame the “investigation” they show cased on Liberty Dispatch? Will they pull out or create an old e-mail and blame Pegues?

These people bragged about their “investigation”. Are they ashamed of it now? Who conducted the “investigation”? Was Eddie or any of his cult investigating Joe Warren? Are they licensed?

I guess we are all just old fashioned in thinking that the sheriff ought to run his department without folks that are not law enforcement and aren’t even Liberty County residents playing private detective.

The judges have proven over and over they will do their job. Is it too much to ask Sheriff Patterson to do the same?

Pegues Affidavit of the Facts

Monday, November 21, 2011


Richard Pegues, a former three time Republican Party chairman and a local government teacher, says that Sheriff Henry Patterson’s hit team has other private citizens in the cross-hairs as the primaries for the sheriff’s re-election bid approaches.

Pegues points out there are several unique things about Sheriff Patterson’s efforts:

1) Though their supporters are bragging that several millionaires from Liberty County will fund his campaign and get him anything he wants, Patterson’s hardest working campaigners are all from outside of Liberty County.

2) Patterson’s supporters from outside the county have said they have been “investigating” people in order to discourage anyone from coming out and working for Patterson’s opponent, longtime Republican hero Bobby Rader. “And that will make you think twice before helping Rader”.

3) An analysis of the calendar makes it clear the people from outside of this county have recently tried to hide under the guise of “media investigators”. Their bragging, and no doubt, their investigating goes back far enough that they are clearly trying to cover up they have had no private investigation license to do what they have done - breaking the law.

4) It is alleged that Sheriff Patterson is either funding this illegal mudslinging under the guise of investigations or his millionaire friends are or his buddies from outside the county are doing this as a “love offering”.

5) One of Henry Patterson’s supporters is quite the chatterbox and he brags that Bobby Rader, a former law enforcement officer and a current judge, will be “the first judge but not the last” to be on the not welcome list formed by this group from outside the county.

6) “Chatterbox” brags that “It doesn’t really matter if you have done anything wrong, we can dig up stuff and make you look like the devil”.

7) There is no probable cause for any of these “investigations” to be funded, or even sanctioned, by Sheriff Patterson.

8) Any connection Sheriff Patterson has to these “investigations” is alleged to be a violation of free speech and clear intimidation and oppression.

9) Sheriff Patterson’s political hit team slings the stupidest accusations and calls things like affidavits from their own team “evidence” of things that are too ridiculous to ever be considered in a court of law. This is an indication of the type of investigatory efforts that our county sheriff has attached to his name – and to our counties’ name

10) Agree with this website’s opinions or not, for those people who say Patterson’s Henchman are similar in any way to Liberty Dispatch or any media think on this: We pose questions we want answers to, in many cases Patterson’s gang knows the answer before they pose the question and presents something to the public that is much different than what they know is true.

For example: Eddie Shauberger has embraced as friends Bobby Rader and Richard Pegues for years and now he is signing affidavits and producing four years old e-mails and trying to make his friends look bad - all on behalf Henry Patterson for Sheriff. Where were his questions and complaints just a few weeks ago?

Liberty County DA Mike Little Not Running

Controversial Liberty County DA Mike Little announced yesterday he will not run again for District Attorney. Little has been the D.A. for Liberty County since 1983. In his 28 years of holding public office he has never had an opponent.

Two candidates have publicly announced their intention to run for District Attorney. Both Assistant County Attorney Karen McNair and attorney James Farmer have said they will sign up in the Republican primary and compete for this office. Months ago it was said that County Attorney Wes Hinch was considering entering this race, but more recently no one seems to be certain that Hinch will even run for County Attorney as rumors have swirled about his dissatisfaction with public service.

As for the Democrats, there is no word whether the three decades Mike Little spent as a Democrat translated into giving any advantage to the Liberty County Democrat Party. Liberty Dispatch wonders if Democrat Chairman Nancy Archer is scrambling to find a candidate. With Little having a large staff of attorneys, it is possible one of them may come forward.

Allegations of homosexual prisoner rape of a black man, along with his malicious prosecution, selective prosecution and official oppression have haunted Mike Little.

The sign up period has been changed to a November 28th first day and a December 16th final day.


The holidays are almost here and it is a time of family gatherings for many Americans. A time when we learn a great deal about our family. It is also a time to think about finding answers to some of the problems we have in our family.

Perhaps more than ever, parents are looking for answers in dealing with their children and the issue of be a sore loser. With statistics indicating children living at home much longer and taking much longer to mature, parents are at their wits end trying to figure out how to help their kids grow up to be normal well adjusted adults who can compete in the real world without being a sore loser.

So what do you do? What do you do when Bobby’s team beats little Henry’s team and a little fellow on Henry’s team starts throwing a fit and throwing everything he can find at Bobby’s team?

Well, it is a little late to resolve the little fellow’s problem immediately. A could pop on the behind and telling him you will talk to him later may be the best you can do. Maturity takes longer for some than others.

But later, when everyone is gone, look for opportunities to do the following:

1. Praise effort. After playing a game, I would reinforce what you know is true about your son, and reward him for TRYING, not just for accomplishing. In your house, keep the language of trying more positive than the language of winning. So say “congratulations for putting in such an effort”. We do that in our home school, too. If they try at math, but don’t do well, they get praised much more than if it was an easy lesson they breezed through.

2. Keep talking about how God sees your child. Just keep talking about how God sees us. I wouldn’t lecture him at 7 on the psychology of winning, because I don’t think kids that age get it. I would, however, surround him with truth. Tell your children that God made them for a purpose. Tell them that they are the way they are for a reason. Tell them that God put them together in exactly that way because they are perfectly made for what He has planned.

3. Teach your child to handle disappointment. Many children have really violent emotions. It hits them so hard they scream, or pick up the board and fling it across the room. It’s not that they’re bad; it’s that the feeling is so overwhelming they don’t know what to do with that. They’re born with anger issues.

So when Henry’s team loses next time, Robert’s Mommy should already have praised him for the way he colors and the way he makes his bed and other daily things. So when the team loses, Robert is full of self esteem and Mommy can compliment him on his efforts. If Robert acts out again, spank him and go back to teaching him the same lessons when in a less competitive environment.

Remember the problem with Robert is he is immature and it may take time for him to grow up and become independent enough to deal with things like the rest of us, but with much love he can get there. And enjoy the holidays!

Local School Teacher Honored - Richard Pegues

Liberty Dispatch would like to thank Mr. Richard Pegues for his diligent contributions and work on Liberty Dispatch. We also want to warn people who google his name. Mr.Pegues has been a great soldier for the cause of democracy and some of his enemies have not enjoyed being outsmarted and out maneuvered.

Until the recent Liberty Dispatch Blog was created- Mr. Pegues only sent in letters to the editor and a few opeds as many others have. 

LD History: Liberty Dispatch Blog was created after the old Liberty Dispatch as an open forum blog for like minded people to post stories, oped and ideas related to conservative interest. Unlike other sites with special (political) interest who take meaningless PIA request, closed court case filings, years old emails and blatantly lie about their meaning, context and timing- Liberty Dispatch post' facts and news.  These special interest sites only obfuscate the truth with manufactured evidence.

As a LD Contributor- Pegues has had to endure false stories attacking him at his school teaching job and false affidavits signed against him by an "outsider criminal" who is supporting an opposing political candidate.

Liberty Dispatch would like to again thank Mr. Pegues for his long connection to the Republican platform, fight against Liberty County corruption, and help to elect the BEST Republican candidates. His efforts have not been made without a cost. His love for country and his selflessness are laudible and his critics are usually downright shameful as they will say just about anything.

Taking Liberty Part 3 - Revisited

As originally written by "Outsiders" Robert Valdez and Clifford Fuddy William. (The original Story has been pulled off LD.)

In Part 3, we, the taxpayers, research the organized corruption in the Liberty County Local Governments that routinely keep the citizens of Liberty County in the dark.
You Robert Valdez are not a taxpayer in Liberty County nor do you pay taxes (or file income tax returns) and neither was Clifford Fuddy William a Liberty County taxpayer.  Only a cult of tax dodging kooks brought into Liberty County by Henry Patterson to help him win a hopeless re-election bid.

Liberty Dispatch blog has earned the right to be the first news source to print this series for several reasons.  One of the best reasons is the great feedback received from our readers. The anonymous comments have been a great source of tips and leads. However, after two popular stories, we received our first anonymous terroristic threat. We can understand that as our stories have the organized criminal element somewhat rattled. We have even come to expect official oppression from the very public servants who are supposed to protect us. In this case, we have someone threatening to kill us via e-mail. Someday, we may know who did this, but we have zero expectations that someone like Liberty County DA, Michael R. “Mike” Little, would do anything to protect us. But what should the public expect if they ever have an issue with the DA’s office or an issue with anyone with the “right connections” to the DA’s office? We will show what kind of run around the public should expect when public officials become so cozy with one another that they feel they are protected, regardless of what they may choose to do to you…
Wow, our comments, stories and readers were so valid and important to you when you thought you could mind bend our readers into voting for Henry Patterson.  Where is your evidence that anyone wanted to kill you?  More of you and your cult's imagined thoughts of grandeur and histrionics.  This email to kill you was some more of your forged and manufactured emails in more attempts to get attention.  Ok... we have read through your endless and meaningless dribble and still can’t find any documented “run around”.

Thomas Reagan Strawn is one of the unfortunate citizens of Liberty County who happens to live right next door to a public official (Alleged Servant) that is very cozy with Liberty County District Attorney, Michael R. “Mike” Little. Back in 2003, Mr. Strawn was prosecuted and convicted by Mike Little for robbery before State District Judge Chap B. Cain III in the 253rd Judicial District Court. The conviction (most unfortunate for Little) was later overturned on appeal. This made DA Mike Little look bad in the eyes of his peers. After all, we only prosecute the guilty and only after affording the Defendant due processes of law… Right? However, this tidbit of old information is offered to help our readers connect the dots, if you please, by showing there is, in fact, a relationship between the two aforementioned individuals. (See Attachment #1, the Chambers County Internet record of Mike Little prosecuting Thomas Reagan Strawn.) With this relationship now well established between the parties, please lend us your ears, stepping back into history some six months of this year.
Thomas Reagan Strawn is a convicted felon.  Mike Little doesn’t prosecute cases in Chap Cain’s court and it was a jury trial who made the decision- out of Judge Cain’s hands.  You and Shaubeger need to get your facts straight.  Somehow because Joe Warren had problems with his neighbor it was because of retribution by the Liberty County DA’s office?  Check your intergalactic connection with your tin foil hat antenna.

Our story begins on Saturday, April 24, 2010. On that day, Mr. Strawn’s wife, Jennifer J. Strawn, and her father, Mr. Clarence Frazier, were at home when their two dogs managed to dig a hole under their fence where sadly they killed the neighbor’s dog. Allegedly, this caused their neighbor, 1st Assistant District Attorney, Joe Warren, to take time to go home, get his handgun, and cross over his neighbors fence in pursuit of the dogs. When 1st Assistant District Attorney, Mr. Joe Warren, was confronted by Mr. Strawn’s Father in Law, Mr. Frazier, 1st Assistant District Attorney Joe Warren threatened to kill Mr. Strawn’s Father in Law while pointing a gun to his head. Ordinarily this is bad enough, but 1st Assistant District Attorney Warren also made additional threats towards Mrs. Strawn. According witnesses, Mr. Joe Warren threatened should Mrs. Strawn report the incident, 1st Assistant District Attorney Mr. Joe Warren made it clear to witnesses at the scene in this case, stating he would use his position as 1st Assistant District Attorney to prosecute Mr. Strawn “again” and send him back to prison, if they do not comply with Joe Warren’s wishes regarding the dogs. If this is Mike Little’s 1st Assistant, then what are his other assistants like?
Ok. Where are the witness statements that accuse Joe Warren of using his “Position to send Mr. Strawn back to prison if he/they didn’t comply”?  Your tin foil hat fell off when you were writing this paragraph didn't it?

Folks, this is pure unadulterated official oppression by 1st Assistant District Attorney Mr. Joe Warren. Moreover, witnesses stated 1st Assistant District Attorney Mr. Joe Warren threatened to burn down Mr. & Mrs. Strawn’s home as a way to avoid having neighbors that owned dogs. After many weeks of court proceedings and an appeal to a visiting judge, the Strawn family did get their dogs back. Additionally, it was reported that the visiting trial Judge, at the conclusion of the trial, said “there is more going on here than just a dog case.” However, the Strawn family had to live in fear and continue to live in fear, convinced the authorities would ignore their concerns about 1st Assistant District Attorney Mr. Joe Warren’s actions and threats and all reports would be covered up by all government and law enforcement agencies involved. Remember folks, all that is necessary for evil to prevail, is for good men to do nothing!
No one has touched a hair on the Strawn’s head and they have NEVER filed a police report stating such- never a reason to be in fear. More of your lies...  The only fear they have/had is what you Robert Valdez and Fuddy William have created in their minds just so they would cooperate with your UFO kooky investigation.

What say ye good people of Liberty County! Is it possible our local government officials would attempt to cover up for their 1st Assistant District Attorney Mr. Joe Warren in his criminal acts? Additionally, is it credible to state that our local law enforcement agency (City of Liberty Police Department), who is sworn to protect citizens of our County from harm by wrongful acting individuals, would take part in a cover up for their best friend 1st Assistant District Attorney Mr. Joe Warren? Furthermore, would our own Liberty County District Attorney, Michael R. “Mike” Little, partake in the same attempted cover up to protect his 1st Assistant District Attorney Mr. Joe Warren??? Well folks, after evaluating the evidence attached to this undercover investigation…you be the Judge and vote your answer this November! Rest assured Mr. Little will not remove Joe Warren from the position of 1st Assistant District Attorney!!!
Anything you don’t like or agree with is a wrongful act, nuts… How can you prove anyone covered up anything?   Did you see Bigfoot last night?  Your judgment is meaningless- get the memo…

On Sunday, August 15, 2010, armed with the above-mentioned incident / information, a Federal Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request was sent to the City of Liberty seeking copies of any and all reports, records, documents, police dispatch logs, case numbers, cause numbers, court numbers, names and addresses of everyone involved in this situation , including, but not limited to, 1st Assistant District Attorney Mr. Joe Warren, the Strawn family, anything that would explain the circumstances of this case. (See letter dated 08-15-10, attachment #2.)

On Tuesday, August 17, 2010, we received a BIG SURPRISE in the form of a response letter from the only person authorized by law to release information to the public via the Texas Open Records Act and the Federal Freedom of Information Act...Ms. Dianne Tidwell...City Secretary in and for the City of Liberty, Texas. Ms. Tidwell, who also is the wife to City of Liberty’s Police Chief Tidwell, informs us in her response letter dated August 17, 2010 , that the City of Liberty is “not in possession of any records responsive to your request.” (See City of Liberty Response Letter dated August 17, 2010 , attachment #3.) This was a lie and they knew it. They knowingly and intentionally lied to the public in violation of the Federal Freedom of Information Act.
So because Diane Tidwell couldn’t find a record, then she is automatically guilty of a crime.  Robert Valdez, Eddie Shaubuger and Cliff William don’t know the difference between an act, omission, mistake or due diligence... figures.  Oh mighty “Outsiders” of OZ.  What’s no surprise is how you and Fuddy live in a dream world with your own kooky little self imposed judge and jury.

On August 27, 2010 we sent a FOIA request to the City of Liberty and asked for records about police units dispatched to the Strawn's home address. (See attachment #4.)  On September 13, 2010, we received a response with attached data about dangerous dogs, but with no information about allegations against Joe Warren. The City of Liberty also asked the Texas Attorney General for protection so as not to disclose any information on Joe Warren, but again only cited to the Texas Attorney General about Joe Warren’s name coming up while talking about dogs. (See attachments #5, #6, & #7. This is the City of Liberty’s response to us, The City of Liberty’s letter to the Texas Attorney General, and the City of Liberty’s copies with sometimes blacked out information.) Somehow, it seems that the case against Joe Warren is not going to see the light of day. But not in this case if we have anything to do with it.
The City of Liberty did what any government office would do when faced with some kook asking for information they otherwise wouldn’t be entitled to.  Robert Valdez, Shauberger and Cliff William see this as a sign of guilt and/or smoking gun.  Neither is true…

If one studies the last part of attachment #7, it is interesting to see all the duplicate pages of blacked out information provided by the City of Liberty in the police Case Report: Case Number 10-0463. It appears to be 4 pages of solely a dog related incident that has Joe Warren’s name, and his wife’s name, and other personal information blacked out. However, in reality, Case Number 10-0463 has 7 pages of information that includes allegations against Joe Warren and many witness accounts and names. (See attachment #8.) This proves that the police are covering up a crime.
With his vast legal knowledge Valdez acts as if redacting personal information from a PIA request is illegal and a crime.  More of Valdez’s "connect the crop circle" theory.

Somehow, people close to D A Mike Little know that they can do anything to the citizenry without fear of ever paying the consequences of their actions and they know they can threaten to abuse their government powers to keep everyone in line and quiet. Additionally, it is also understood that District Attorney Michael R. “Mike” Little will personally deny any knowledge of this incident involving people close to him.
How do you know what DA Mike Little will say or think?  More Outsiders’ gobble gook.

On September 5, 2010, we, the taxpayers, also investigated the allegations by sending a TORA request to Bobby Rader, Municipal Court Judge of the City of Liberty. (See attachment#11.) In the request, we even provided the city case number and the police incident number, but we still have not received any response.
You’re not “We the Taxpayers” you are we the “Re-elect Henry Patterson” people and lie about the documents (context) you get through PIA request.  He never got the PIA you morons, do you have a green card for a return receipt? NO...

Generally, whenever the questions were important regarding armed threats etc…, the authorities claimed that there were no records, but if we wanted to talk about dogs, then there were lots of records.
More lies... there are no records you speak of- only lies written down from questionable witnesses statements.  Hey Valdez, NEWS FLASH: Questionable witness and impeached witness statements ARE NOT FACT, unless you want to "connect the dots".  Or better yet, when you want to connect the crop circles.

We must state at this point of our story that we do have some good people working in our local government, people who have taken the side of righteousness by supplying us with documents from within their prospective offices so the people of our County can clean up criminals in our offices of trust. Folks, the unnamed men and women have taken great personal risk to give us an opportunity to clean up our County. So please, please do not let them and your children down. Stop them from taking our children' school money, our tax dollars, land, and homes from us for their personal gain. Stay tuned for Part 4, as we continue our undercover investigation into the corruption in Liberty County…
No one has been placed in great personal risk except Joe Warren and his family with the lies posted by you Robert Valdez and Cliff Fuddy William.  A recent Liberty County grand jury no-billed Joe Warren on all counts with the evidence supplied by the great evidence manufactures’- The Outsiders aka Tax Dodger Cult con artist.

Sunday, November 20, 2011


Our readers have raised the same question that was implied in Commissioners’ Court last session. The same question that has been asked of District Attorney Mike Little and partially answered is now being asked of Sheriff Henry Patterson.

Will you tell this community how much money and other assets the LCSO has taken in during your 35 months in office?

Will you also give us exacting proof of how that money has been spent?

There are questions Liberty Dispatch has that are connected to those questions. Like, has your son-in-law, Chris Minx, received any benefit, whether financial or otherwise from the county? Has outsider leader Clifford Fuddy William received any benefit, whether financial or otherwise from this county?

We are still waiting for the answer to these questions. Your political cronies have basically told us you do not have to answer according to the law. Is that your position or will you tell our readers what they want to know?

Contributor, Richard Pegues

Saturday, November 19, 2011


I will never forget the sounds and the sight of the young people as they shouted from the hill near the sidewalk leading into the Republican Party of Texas State Convention in Dallas several years ago. The hollering came from seven or eight twenty-something year olds carrying signs that reiterated what they were screaming.

“Render unto Caesar what is Caesars!” one of the young people yelled as Republicans who were attending an early prayer rally walked by.

Placards with political rhetoric and young people yelling at delegates to the convention all expressed their idea that it everyone's Christian duty to avoid participating in democracy? These young people are relying on a snap shot of history and a snapshot of God’s Word when they mention the scripture about Caesar.

Christians should “render” for sure. But their “rendering” in the representative democracy we live under in the United States is a rendering of participation. They should be involved rather than march in protest against those who participate. Not one person in the prayer rally that morning indicated that they were looking for politics to save their soul, but they were reticent about standing up and be counted and making a difference in the direction taken by their family, their city, their county, their state, and their country.

Christians should be involved in choosing good leaders and forming good policies. Christians should pay their taxes ( re: render unto Caesar the coin with his image on it) and follow all laws that do not conflict with God’s law. If in Jesus days on earth, Caesar was up for election then Christians may have “rendered” their support in such a way he was voted out of office. Who knows? God has not changed but the times we live in require us to apply his unchanging Truth to today’s life. In the United States, we can remove bad leaders and be doing God’s will. (That doesn’t mean they will be replaced by perfect leaders however.) We should participate – even when both candidates are good or both are bad. To argue otherwise is to argue that Washington, Adams, and Jefferson have sat on the sidelines and trusted God didn’t want their participation.

So what does the Bible say about bad pastors? Or are all pastors to be dealt with by God and God alone?

While this is definitely not the same as just electing a new leader, it is an important question to consider. Some pastors will tell you that they are not chosen by people and people can not simply “unchoose” them. I agree, but we all should also know that some people who are not called by God to be pastors ….. well they call themselves.

Make no mistake about it. The Bible never calls Christians to remain loyal to corrupt leaders or corrupt pastors. In fact, the Bible clearly forbids churches from clinging to such pastors. 1 Timothy 5:20 says “As for those [pastors] who persist in sin, rebuke them in the presence of all, so that the rest may stand in fear.” There are precious few congregations willing to obey this biblical command. Can you imagine a local church publicly reprimanding a corrupt pastor by bringing him before the congregation?

In some cases, this is exactly what God’s word calls us to do. But for you haters out there, our passage is not endorsing a “witch hunt”. There are some bitter people who would like nothing more than to see a pastor fall.  God will not be mocked and there is no place for pettiness and hatred and backbiting in the church. While many mistakes or perceived imperfections about a pastor should simply be forgiven, it is also true that churches can not afford simply to look the other way on any and all behavior. But the "crime must fit the punishment".

Scripture recognizes our sinful tendency to let bad leaders off the hook. Therefore, 1 Timothy 5:21 insists that even pastors should receive no special favors when it comes to sin. It says “In the presence of God and of Christ Jesus and of the elect angels I charge you to keep these rules without prejudging, doing nothing from partiality.” Even pastors aren’t above God’s law– Churches dishonor the Lord himself by acting as if they are. In the case of suspected gross pastoral sin, the Bible insists on:

1) an unbiased investigation and evaluation of the facts and;

2) public rebuke (a serious reprimand which may include removal from office or even disfellowship) if they are found to be guilty.

I know this sounds unreasonably harsh to some. But apparently the Lord takes pastoral integrity very seriously (see1 Timothy 3:1-7, Titus 1:6-9). So should we. Pastors have a unique potential both to promote spiritual benefit and harm among God’s people. How much physical, psychological, and spiritual devastation might have been avoided had local congregations simply obeyed the Bible’s clear direction in this area?

Friday, November 18, 2011

Patterson's LCSO- Rats Leaving a Sinking Ship

Liberty Dispatch has been given a copy of an unauthorized press release by a Captain from the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office.

The press release in question is from none other than (figurehead) Joe Warren Investigator and Harris County Sheriff Candidate Louis Taylor Guthrie.

Apparently Guthrie decided he needed some positive press without Liberty County Sheriff Henry Patterson's approval.

A local Liberty County news outlet initially posted the press release but then after checking out the strange press release found that it was not an authorized LCSO release and pulled it.

Sources indicate that Guthrie’s press release was a “rogue unauthorized press release” staged as a promotion gimmick for his up and coming run for Harris County Sheriff.

Liberty Dispatch wonders if the proverbial rats are leaving Sheriff Patterson’s sinking ship when his own people are creating their own press releases.  Liberty County Sheriff Henry Patterson's "campaign death spiral" continues.

Below is the shameful, self promoting and some say illegal press release:

For Immediate Release:

On November 17th, 2011, the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office responded to a residence in Dayton, TX in reference to a disturbance involving firearms. Upon arrival, Deputies discovered the disturbance was also narcotics related. The Special Crimes and Narcotics Unit was dispatched to the scene and once inside the residence, Deputies found illegal narcotics including methamphetamine and several hundred prescription pills, two firearms with missing serial numbers and over $72,000 in cash. One suspect, whose identity is not being released at this time, was arrested on scene. The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office, who works closely with Federal Agencies, advised that the case would be prosecuted at the federal level.

Director Louis Guthrie stated, “If you are involved in the illegal sale of narcotics, you will be caught and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law”.

Guthrie seen here in civilian cloths aka Harris County Sheriff Candidate campaign ad. This photo accompanied the odd and unauthorized press release.


Liberty Dispatch and the Pegues’ family want to thank all of their readers for voicing concern and lifting up prayers for Tracy Pegues, the wife of one of our contributors. Tracy underwent surgery this morning at BayShore Medical Center in Pasadena and though surgery was longer than expected, she is now in her hospital room and out of any immediate danger..

Doctors did find and remove a tumor from one of Tracy’s ovaries. Lab results will not be in for 7 to 10 days due to the holiday season. As we have reported before, Tracy’s mother died of cancer at the age of 47 (Tracy is 51), so we are asking believers to continue to pray for her. Before the results come back from the lab, doctors are already requiring that Tracy have test every twelve months for the rest of her life because of her medical profile.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


What an unlikely hero. A man who is not a Liberty County resident, claims again and again he is a member of a group calling themselves the Outsiders and he is here to get rid of all of the corruption in Liberty County.

Someone needs to tell this man he is late to the effort. Voters have already taken care of 90% of what this man says he is here to do. Newly elected officials and most of the old ones left have already changed the direction of Liberty County. Most have steered us toward a more conservative philosophy and are much more respectful of the taxpayers in their approach to providing services and pursuing justice.

But the man declaring himself to be our savior is here nevertheless. His name is Robert Valdez and, though he squeaked through some school, any claim he has to “expert status” is difficult to find. It doesn’t appear he has run for any office or held any position in the any political party or earned a college degree in political science or any other subject or held any law enforcement credentials. Regardless of his lack of formal training, he does have experience as the most prolific writer in the Outsider’s gang. And, by his own self-congratulatory back patting, our hero is very impressed with his own writing and the trail of “evidence” he and the Outsiders have already presented on people they describe as corrupt.

Even though they are in tight with their sponsor-like associate, Sheriff Henry Patterson (who could investigate and arrest and charge people LD or anyone else claims is corrupt), charges have been filed on only one person in Liberty County. Those charges were filed on Assistant District Attorney Joe Warren because of an investigation the Outsider’s Pied Piper Cliff “Fuddy” Williams and associates conducted. Those charges and Robert Valdez’s story first appeared on this website (it no longer appears on Liberty Dispatch), and though we think Joe Warren should have been (at a minimum) required by District Attorney Mike Little to take an anger management class, our goal has been to try to gain enough trust with them since the first time we heard of Valdez and the Outsiders so we could form an opinion about how to deal with them. We were not surprised at all that the Outsiders’ and Sheriff Patterson’s all out effort to get an indictment failed. (Note: We have, however, been surprised that one of the people we asked to help discover who these people were and what they were about switched his allegiance to their side. That was longtime political activists and former Liberty County candidate Eddie Shauberger. In the coming days the public can judge his decision. He has, however, called and cursed us every time we publicly mention his connection to Patterson or the Outsiders. I guess we missed the memo and didn’t know Eddie’s close relationship to the Outsiders and to Patterson were suppose to be kept secret from the public. He has threatened to destroy us and our families.)

Side note- Shauberger: 

*Recently Eddie Shauberger tried to join the Masons in Anahuac, Texas but was soundly and immediately run off from the Masons and advised not to apply again. 

*Also, recently Eddie Shauberger's wife and young daughter suddenly moved away from Eddie in the middle of the night, all the way to San Antonio, Texas.  A complaint of sexual abuse was filed against Shauberger  shortly thereafter and investigated by the Texas Child Protective Services (CPS) for sexual assault on his special needs daughter.  Since Shauberger has been kept away from his daughter in San Antonio for almost a year while he lives alone in Oak Island, Texas- questions mount as to what actions CPS have taken to protect Shauberger's adopted special needs daughter.  Prior to the most recent complaint filed against Eddie Shauberger for sexual abuse of his young special needs daughter, another daughter leveled the same or similar allegations against Eddie Shauberger.  The alleged child abuse claims go all the way back to Shauberber's time in Liberty, Texas.

*Eddie Shauberger is currently under indictment in Liberty County, Texas for filing false government documents and Grand Perjury along with Organized Crime and Theft.

*Eddie Shauberger is "the campaign adviser" for Incumbent Liberty County Sheriff Henry Patterson.

*Eddie Shauberger has serious credibility issues as does his "outsiders".

*Seemingly anyone who Eddie Shauberger gets near becomes his victim.

So let’s answer the questions we can answer. Where does Valdez live and what does he do for a living, what does he believe in, and why does he say he is motivated to “help” us here in Liberty County? Valdez is from Fresno, Texas. He is fifty (plus) years old and has never been married and lives with his mother. It is unclear whether he has a full time job or his mother takes care of him, but he does tinker with engines at least part time. He is a self-proclaimed atheist and a Libertarian. He has indicated the most important immediate goal he has is to get Henry Patterson re-elected sheriff. He says he is motivated to do what has to be done to elect Patterson because that is the lynch pin to rid the county of corruption. And the Outsiders’ list of the corrupt is much longer than most Democrats and most Republicans, and of course, according to them, Liberty County will benefit by them interviewing and choosing replacement public officials.

To put it plain and simple, Valdez is quite the con artist. He will say anything to get what he wants – right now that is to help elect Patterson. He will say anything to discredit anyone that tries to elect anyone other than Patterson. His web of friends weave stories and use open records acts and affidavits (some affidavits within their own group) to confirm lies that they want told. The one time they went to a Grand Jury with any of their mess, the case was no-billed.

It may be that the Outsiders’ work leads to a winning case in court, but they are not likely to be the winners.


The Tea Party initially formed because of a citizen-led backlash against self-absorbed career politicians that are incompetent and unprincipled governance. But in conservative and predominantly Republican areas there has been incidents reported where Republican candidates are trying to beat their opponents in the Republican primary by either forming the local Tea Party or snookering its leadership – effectively trying to win their race by misusing the trust and goodwill of sincere Tea Party activists. What voters who value the Tea Party know however is this election is not about parties but about principles for them.

Principles are what Tea Party members encourage voters to use to discern who they give their vote to. Principles like fiscal responsibilities, constitutionally limited government, free market, abiding by the Constitution, and an emphasis on local control are what the Tea Party promotes. Since we have heard candid, behind-the-scenes remarks by people that say they are organizing and controlling the local Tea Party we thought it would be revealing to analyze the Liberty County sheriff’s race in light of the Tea Party principles.

How does Sheriff Henry Patterson stack up when his record is compared to the Tea Party principles?

The most glaring departure Patterson’s record has from the principles listed above have nothing to do with him running as a Democrat in 2004. They have to do with his associations. They have to do with him allowing The Outsiders to commandeer a portion of Liberty County’s sheriff’s department (see previous articles for further explanation of who this group is). This single ongoing act by Patterson separates him from any pretense of following the Constitution. His campaign people and his “call a friend” help in going after bad guys are more like a secret police than anything else. Most, if not all are unqualified to work in the sheriff’s department. Their work involves investigating people without probable cause – unless probable cause for an investigation is that a citizen is suspected of being a problem for Patterson’s re-election team.

Patterson also violates the cornerstone ideas of the Tea Party. Less government and less intervention in our lives from government. This sheriff has expanded government by inviting outside people in. He has also opened aided and abetted his secret political hit team as they interfere in people’s lives that are for his opponent. The idea of local control is also out the window, with people like Eddie Shauberger from Anahuac and Robert Valdez from Fresno “controlling” the sheriff.

Patterson may be trying to convince people he is the great avenger of corruption and the non-entrenched politician, but it just plain doesn't line up with the facts. For two years Patterson spent more time eye-balling the people in his own department than criminals on the street. The most common explanation for his inability to let people go he didn't think were good for the county was he didn't want to be sued. The fact is in Texas he could have fired whoever he wanted to and it would have been easy to avoid lawsuits. But he didn't. Patterson has become part of the problem. His excuses sound like the ones we have heard for years. When asked why he did not pursue the information given to him on former County Judge Phil Fitzgerald, he sounds no different than those who he has accused of being corrupt.

Patterson’s personal views and how they compare to the Tea Party may or may not be aligned, but his actions and the actions of his closest advisers are definitely more of the calculating politician than a principled conservative. There campaign has bragged that the Tea Party will win it for them. They have also boasted that they have a preacher from the north part of the county, one from Chambers County, and one former evangelist that will draw in the church people. They have expressed great confidence that people in Cleveland especially will trust preachers to know the truth – and implied that the truth they know is who all of us should vote for.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Close to 14 million adult children are still living at home. In some of these cases it is obviously temporary because of divorce or relocation or short term unemployment, but in some cases it last for years, or even decades. There are simple steps both parents and their kids need to take to make their lives more productive, fulfilling and healthy.

For Parents:
Set boundaries without feeling guilt.
Parents need to put down boundaries and stick to them. Even fifty year old children often assume the victim role and say, "I can't do it. I have to live here." Parents buy into this thinking, and then feel guilty because they want to help their kids. When they feed that guilt, they ignore the fact that they are crippling their children's advancement in life. Let your adult children plan their own lives.
Parents should not try to make a life plan for their adult children; this is something they need to devise on their own so they will follow it. Parents can guide and support their kids, but treating them like babies may cause them to regress. They need to be moving ahead and maturing, not regressing into childhood roles. Adult kids should be living as independent young people and making their own way. They need to decide for themselves what they want out of life, and devise a plan to obtain it.

Think about the true meaning of help.

There is an old saying: "Those for whom you do the most, wind up resenting you the worst." Are you really helping your kids if you're not showing them how the real world works? Parents need to redefine what it means to help someone. Look at your motivation for helping your children. If you are doing it to feel better about yourself, then you probably don't have your child's best interest in mind. You don't help people by taking away their self-sufficiency, pride of accomplishment and achievement. Children need to take an initiative and find ways to achieve their goals on their own. If something is important enough for your children, they will find a way to make it happen.

Prepare your children for the world.

"When we talk about loving our children, loving them means preparing them," Dr. Phil tells his guests. In the world, your children will have to pull their own weight and make their own way. If you allow them not to require more from themselves, then they won't, and they won't progress. It is important for your children to learn self-sufficiency, develop high self-esteem and be motivated from early on in life. If you are constantly helping them and taking care of their needs, you are not preparing them for the real world, and in fact, you are actually crippling them. "It's not fair to enable them for a long, long time and then all of a sudden just put them on the street. You own the problem as well," Dr. Phil says. "There's got to be a plan. There's got to be a transition."

For Adult Children:
Take responsibility for yourself.
Oftentimes it is easier to sit back and let others provide for you, while you get accustomed to a comfort zone. By taking the path of least resistance, you reward yourself with comfort and relief from anxiety that comes from reaching for something else. You may feel safe when you don't attempt to change, but you are sabotaging yourself. You are selling out your happiness and putting up with something you don't want.

Require more of yourself. Have a plan to get on your own.
Find a job, something that gives you the pride and independence to be able to say, "I am taking care of myself." Start living where you can get up in the morning and look in the mirror and say, "I'm a grown person; I'm living on my own and I'm proud of that." Dr. Phil asks his guests, "Won't you feel much better when you are totally self-sufficient and running your own life?" Start at an entry-level position if you have to, and then build from there. Saving yourself for a management position is not the place to start. You need to get whatever job you can, and then build for another job. Set some goals and make a timeline to get there.


Life long Liberty County resident and attorney, Karen McNair is pleased to announce her intention to seek her party’s nomination for the office of District Attorney in the March 6th, 2012 Republican primary.

“In serving the citizens of Liberty County as the lead prosecutor with the County Attorney’s Office, I am hitting a new stride, focus and fulfillment in my legal career. It is exciting to work with the law enforcement officers serving the citizens of Liberty County to maintain and improve the quality of life for all of our cities, communities and neighborhoods.”– Karen McNair

As lead prosecutor in the Liberty County Attorney’s Office, Karen has worked diligently to implement a strict structure for enforcement of fines and probation terms to discourage further misdemeanor crime in Liberty County. At the same time, she has worked to minimize “justice delayed” by reducing the number of days an inmate spends in jail between the offense and judgment.

Karen explained that those implemented reductions preserve the integrity of each citizen’s constitutional rights. Justice must be fair, impartial, and swift. Timely completion of prosecution is mandated by the right to a speedy trial. Those mandates further benefit all the citizens of Liberty County by reducing the overall costs of prosecution to the tax payer while assuring the constitutionally protected rights of the accused.

“As Americans, our freedoms are ingrained in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. At all times and in every way, prosecution must respect those founding documents. Justice must be impartial. Justice must be swift. Justice must be sure. It is only then that we remain secure in our lives, our liberties and our pursuits of happiness.” – Karen McNair

Karen McNair is pleased to announce that she is seeking the nomination to the office of District Attorney in the March 6, 2012, Republican Primary Election.

Monday, November 14, 2011


Signs of Sheriff Henry Patterson’s re-election team responding to Liberty Dispatch have surfaced. After pulling the curtain back on the Outsiders’ plan to use the sheriff to set up their own Oz here in Liberty County, sources informed us that Patterson’s team has already began taking measures to try and conceal Patterson’s relationships. Relationships to people who have said they are pursuing what their own writing has described as “Taking Liberty”. It appears that they know they have shot their re-election campaign in the foot by threatening and bragging about how they are going to “Take Liberty”.

After articles written on Liberty Dispatch linked Patterson to the Outsider’s signal caller Cliff “Fuddy” William and criminal political activist Eddie Shauberger, they are now spreading out in public meetings rather than sitting together (as has been their past practice). Their attendance at a recent Tea Party meeting suggest that they do not believe Tea Party have caught on. Revelation that they are there primarily to promote Patterson for Sheriff, if ignored, will cause local Tea Party’s to have a much more local focus than what Tea Parties across the country are working toward. Nevertheless, Patterson and friends have at least attempted to disguise their behind the scenes relationship by sitting far apart from each other.

Tonight, what we write on Liberty Dispatch compelled these people to hide their agenda and sit far apart from each other. In the coming days and weeks, voters will compel these people to sit far apart from Liberty County’s elective offices.

Liberty Dispatch Postings- "Outsiders Cult"

Liberty Dispatch is in the process of archiving all "The Outsider's" post which have appeared on Liberty Dispatch.  The information will be saved but pulled off the net.  All associated comments will also be removed.  There are now some serious questions as relates to the validity and motives behind "The Outsiders" and associates.

The stories in question will be removed from Liberty Dispatch until further notice.

Post 710

Sunday, November 13, 2011


After posting several stories on this website for a cult like group calling themselves The Outsiders some people’s heads may be spinning if they have not kept up with what is going on. From the beginning Liberty Dispatch was very aware that these people were trying to identify with Liberty Dispatch so they could promote themselves. Because they bragged that they were working closely with Henry Patterson and had the backing of several wealthy people from the Cleveland area, Liberty Dispatch made a decision early on to play along with their sales pitch to put stories on this website.

The Outsiders called their stories “Taking Liberty County”. Appropriate as the name they gave their writing was, we gradually learned that their real plans were to either remove elected officials via indictment and conviction or to paint them as crooked and defeat them at the polls so they could replace them with their members. Early in our relationship Liberty Dispatch visited with various public officials and expressed our concern and advised them of our efforts to discover their modus operandi and how deep the sheriff was involved their plot.

What some people may have perceived as a “parting of the ways” has really been the end of our efforts to discover what these people are doing here in our county. They thought that “Taking Liberty County” would be something that appealed to us and our readers, but those of us who live here have been celebrating the results from the last two elections and we do not appreciate Sheriff Patterson waking up one day and deciding to undo the changes WE THE PEOPLE have mandated so some cult can roost in our community.

We are now dedicated to “take back” anything these people have wrestled control of and, with the help of our readers and the people of this community, to reject this kind of outside influence and purge them from their “occupy Liberty County” mentality. There may be very little Democrats would ever agree with us about, but we are hopeful that anyone who loves this community will see the necessity of prying Cliff Williams’, criminal Eddie Shauberger’s, and other Outsiders’ hands off of the steering wheel to our county law enforcement. And to send them a message that “Step Two” of their plan to replace the judges WE THE PEOPLE just elected is not something that people from outside this community will ever do.

Since Williams and Shauberger have repeatedly bragged that anything is possible when you “have the sheriff in your pocket”, we believe they could have messed up and not covered up some of their connections to Henry Patterson. This should be looked into by the remaining 99% of our public officials – including the majority of Henry Patterson’s sheriff’s department which is NOT a part of this attempt to manipulate our community and exploit past efforts to clean up the county’s government.

Specifically, as we have said before, any money Henry Patterson has access to through his official capacity should be scrutinized. The idea of “follow the money” is just a first step in revealing these people’s activity. Not only should cash, drugs, and other assets seized by the sheriff should be audited, the sheriff should be called to publicly answer about his relationship to the people in question- as we "Take Back Liberty County".


Which is worse than listening to legal advice from someone who knows nothing or listening to someone who knows just enough to get you in trouble?

Everyone has heard that anyone that represents himself in court has a fool for an attorney, but in a day and time when scam artists are looking to make an almighty buck there is other ways to made a fool of. Liberty Dispatch has become aware of two trends in the area of law where people are being fooled. One has been around for decades - people that learn a little law and a little law jargon and use it to convince people they are something they are not. That can be dangerous if you follow their legal advice or get involved in their business based on their “expertise”. But in these changing times fake cyberspace law schools is a new phenomenon.

A fake law degree is not that difficult to earn these days if you know where to look. The internet is filled with so many so-called online universities that offer a wide variety of courses, including baccalaureate and post-graduate education. Not all, but definitely some of these schools are known to operate mainly as diploma mills where fake diplomas are issued. Usually these schools adopt names that you would readily think were real universities – appealing to people looking for classes with historical or religious sounding names.

A good example of this is Kingsfield University, one of 18 illegal schools that operated from 1998 up to 2003. During that time, the university was known to have given out a variety of fake diplomas, including those for baccalaureate and post-graduate degrees and maybe even a fake law degree until the Federal Trade Commission finally shut it down four years ago.

If you are thinking of pursuing a law title through online schools, you should not really find it hard to tell if you are dealing with a virtual scam for which you might end up having a fake law degree. You can start by checking out the school website and its contents. If it appears like a relatively small school, and yet it boasts of a rather large number of colleges, including a law school, then it might be one big diploma mill where a fake law degree will be given out. Often, a legally-operating online school will carry vital information like address, phone number, and even the names of its faculty staff. These are the data that you should look out for. In addition, you should also try to find out if the online school has proper accreditations. If it has legal status, then expect it to list down its regional accrediting agency.

Diploma mills started operating around the middle portion of the 1990′s, amassing profits of about $200 million and became even more popular when the internet assumed worldwide prominence. You could easily get any kind of diploma from these mills, including a fake law degree.

Saturday, November 12, 2011


From a barrage of e-mails coming into Liberty Dispatch, we can tell you both sides want to weigh in on the whereabouts of Sheriff Henry Patterson during his first three years in office.

His supporters, including what appears to be his son-in-law Chris Minx, are adamant as they try to assure the public that Henry Patterson is easy for any voters to find. Patterson’s supporters reject the notion that he is an absentee sheriff just because his spokesman, Rex Evans (and his former spokesman Steve Green), handle as close to 100% of communications with the public as any public official most have ever known.

They infer Patterson is handling the law enforcement while he has hired people to deal with the communications part of the sheriff’s department.

Those voters who would like to see Liberty County elect a new sheriff see it differently. They say it is fine for Patterson to have a spokesman, but that he has hidden from the public far too long by always sending his supporters or spokesmen out to explain his actions. They may have a point. Patterson could not be any less impressive than some of his key re-election/campaign people. One of Patterson supporters that acts like he has the most at stake in his re-election, Eddie Shauberger, bragged to LD a couple of weeks ago that the two recent drug busts all but insured four more years for Patterson. Shauberger was beside himself when the news that hunters had stumbled across a large marijuana field just a few weeks before time for people to sign up to run for office. But in the same conversation Shauberger was asked about the poor planning and incompetence that must have gone on for Patterson to have not arrested any of the growers. Shauberger replied, “Who says this was Henry’s bust?”

Patterson’s supporters ridicule anyone saying that Patterson is not very visible. We have not heard them defend the sheriff by pointing to various crime scenes where Patterson has recently been on hand, rather we always hear “the breakfast defense”. His supporters, one of which seems to be a very angry son-in-law, point to various places in Cleveland that Patterson eats breakfasts with a handful of his friends. They argue that he is available every morning to voters or reporters or anyone that has a question about anything the sheriff’s actions. They would tell our readers and the taxpayers of this county that any complaint they have about the sheriff’s communication with the public is ridiculous – ridiculous because he eats breakfast every morning… in public in Cleveland…

When the public wants to know what kind of money is coming into the sheriff’s department because of seizures, they don’t want to go to the Hot Biscuit in Cleveland and interrupt the sheriff’s visit with The Outsiders. When taxpayers want to hear an accounting of how that money has been spent, they don’t want to go to the breakfast buffet at The Plantation in Cleveland and ask their questions in front of a son-in-law with anger issues – a son-in-law that very well could be the recipient of some of that money. Taxpayers want a public accounting on a regular basis of large sums of money coming through politician’s hands. They don’t want to be dismissed by saying, “Meet me at I-HOP if you want to know.” They don’t want a short stack of pancakes with their answer. And Liberty Dispatch doesn’t want just a number from Patterson or any other public official handling this kind of off budget money. We want to follow the money – what came in, how the money was used, and then later, show me the paper trail.

Liberty Dispatch finds it ironic that The Outsiders are threatening to “make public personal ‘revelations’ “ about potential opponents and people supporting Bobby Rader for sheriff because we are asking the same questions of Henry Patterson that have been asked of other public officials. It might make people wonder -are they receiving any of this money? We are amazed at the change in perspective of Chris Minx, Robert Valdez and Eddie Shauberger- disappointed that they think ranting on the phone or demeaning comments on the computer about us would cause us to “get out of this race or support Henry.”

Chris Minx says he wants to “educate” us. If he is, I hope it is not more kooky stuff.


Liberty Dispatch is concerned, like I am sure many of our readers are, about the growing problems of child abuse. From the recent revelations about the revered and trusted assistant coach at Penn State to internet seduction to the growing numbers of reported parental sexual abuse, it is sad.

Your reaction to the disclosure will have a big effect on how your child deals with the trauma of sexual abuse. Children whose parents/caregivers are supportive heal more quickly from the abuse.

To be supportive, the first thing you should do is to get your child as far away from the abuser as possible. After that it is important to:

1) Stay calm. Hearing that your child has been abused can bring up powerful emotions, if you become upset, angry, or out of control, this will only make it more difficult for your child to disclose

2)Believe your child, and let your child know that he or she is not to blame for what happened. Praise your child for being brave and for telling about the sexual abuse.

3) Protect your child by getting him or her away from the abuser and immediately
reporting the abuse to local authorities.

If you are not sure who, to contact, call the ChildHelp® National Child Abuse Hotline at 1.800.4.A.CHILD (1.800.422.4453; or, for immediate help, call 911.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Questions for Liberty County Sheriff Patterson

Inquiries have come into Liberty Dispatch questioning Henry Patterson’s management of the Liberty County Sheriff’s Department money.

For fiscal 2010 Liberty County Sheriff Henry Patterson has not filed reports which would show the public the amount of seized assets or forfeitures money he has on hand.

Liberty Dispatch readers question and wonder why Henry Patterson has chosen not to disclose how much money he has seized from criminals.

There is much public speculation about where the money has gone either in part or in whole. The money seized by Patterson could be as much as one million dollars, but there is no trace of the money or disclosure- including how some of that money may have already been spent.

Liberty Dispatch readers wonder if some of the money Sheriff Patterson has underneath the Sheriff's Office mattress has been given or paid to "the outsiders" and Clifford Fuddy William as a "consultant"? Money paid to Fuddy as a "consultant" to "get" the long list of "the outsider's" and Patterson's political enemies- i.e. Joe Warren etal?

This story is about the seized and forfeited money Patterson has with no oversight or accountability used to pay for rouge investigations, retaliation, his political operatives and campaign disguised as "paid consultants".

The questions continue...

Gloria Allred


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dear Liberty Dispatch,


In my view, Liberty County voters have batted a thousand in the last few years when it comes to sheriff races. And, despite what sounds like a very organized and, up until recently, secret effort by people from outside Liberty County to influence us to not make the best choice this time, I believe voters will continue upgrading.

In my book Democrat Greg Arthur came to office with valuable experience and with a great deal of promise. He was good at organizing and building a more competent department with good morale. In many ways the sheriff’s department under his management improved in the way they “served and protected” our community.

As the years went by however, Arthur personal decisions and moral failings almost seem to be reflected in the culture within the department. As is true with many who hold political office, he was starting to make more and more decisions based on politics and protecting his power by helping allies and hurting political enemies. In the 2008 election voters overwhelmingly voted for change. Indeed, in Arthur’s own neighborhood he was soundly beaten.

Voters in 2008 voted for a man whose home life by all accounts is a good one. They voted for a man who had no personal attachments to some of the bad apples that were giving the sheriff’s department a bad reputation and causing problems. When Henry Patterson was elected, the voters chose the only route they had to clean up problems in the sheriff’s department.

Now as the 2012 Republican primary approaches, voters will have another chance to continue their streak of choosing the best person to lead at the time. After four years of questions by federal investigators and voters about some of the people the new sheriff brought in to help the department, the arrest and conviction of Captain Harry Kelly and other decisions have caused a downward spiral in the morale within the department. Patterson freed the department from one of the most morally challenged deputies in the history of the county, but that took two years and left the best of our deputies feeling like they were more under the microscope than those committing crimes around the county.

Though those in the department may not agree, the sheriff’s purging of the department was needed and it would never have been done if Patterson had not been elected. But Patterson’s choice in bringing in help has been almost like a red flag to people on all sides of politics in Liberty County. His special crimes unit, though a good idea in theory, has taken manpower off of the streets and more and more sounds like it has some of the aspects of more politics than law enforcement. Rumors about Patterson almost turning over the department to people who are not licensed law enforcement or licensed private eyes- who also are key people in his re-election campaign, appear to be having names and faces added to the stories we are just beginning to hear.

In my opinion, Sheriff Patterson has served his purpose, but when we hear how he has handled some of the problems left him, I believe voters will agree that help is needed. But the help that is needed will not be outsiders invited into Liberty County by Patterson, but a new sheriff. The times demand a sheriff who has a law enforcement background, but also has real good business skills.

Arthur was popular among many in the department, but he gave deputies something he was not free to give. He gave them comp time. He gave them so much comp time that it literally set the taxpayer up for millions of dollars of debt that was never approved and never showed up on the books. He passed that problem on to Patterson. Patterson has now spent three years simply letting people off to reduce the comp time. He has done this at the same time he has pulled deputies off of patrol to work on special projects. Both the last two sheriffs have had areas they were good at, but 2012 is a time when we need a new kind of sheriff. One that is able to manage money and organize men. It has been many many years since we had a sheriff that had regular press conferences and answered questions so the public could understand what the goals of the department are. Now is the time for a sheriff that will do that.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Liberty Dispatch has confirmed that last Friday a three-judge federal panel in San Antonio issued an order significantly changing the deadlines for candidates filing and other county election procedures for the upcoming March 6, 2012 primary elections.

November 28, 2011 will now be the first day to file an application for a place on the Liberty County primary election ballot instead of this Saturday, November 12. December 15, 2011 rather than December 12, will be the last fro candidates to file to run for office.

The court is the result of legal challenges to Texas’ legislative and congressional redistricting plans adopted by the 82nd Legislature earlier this year, but it affects county offices too. There are numerous plaintiffs in the on-going, Shannon Perez, et al, vs State of Texas.

Unconfirmed - candidate sign up moved

Liberty dispatch has just learned that Texas courts have moved the 2012 candidate sign up to November 28, 2011. More on this breaking story later.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Pollster Predicts 2012 Republican 'Wave Election'

Mitt Romney's campaign pollster, Neil Newhouse, said this morning that 2012 looks like a "potentially wave election" and he believes it will be an "extension" of the Republican wave of 2010. "Republicans can't wait for this election," Newhouse said at a breakfast sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor.

While Newhouse cautioned that predictions a year out from the election are difficult to make, he predicted the GOP would win control of the Senate and most likely retain control of the House of Representatives. "Republicans could win more seats in the House," Newhouse said.

Democrats currently have a slight edge over the GOP in an average of the generic congressional ballot.


Contributor, Ray Akins

Post number 700

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Eddie Shauberger is predicting that big money, smarter politics, new revelations (election time) evidence of corruption” from his Outsider associates, and North/West Liberty County voters will make Henry Patterson a shoe-in to win re-election as Liberty County Sheriff.

Eddie, a former Liberty County resident, is confident that his experience in Liberty County politics makes him an expert at analyzing and influencing the potential sheriff’s race between current sheriff Henry Patterson and challenger Bobby Rader. When he talks about this race he boasts almost as if the votes have already been counted as he talks about several wealthy backers making sure Patterson will have all the money he needs to present his case for re-election and his campaigns opposition research of Bobby Rader.

Eddie’s confident expressions of a sure victory are almost always followed by alluding to investigations of Rader by part of Patterson’s re-election team (the infamous Outsiders). He has said they will unload on Bobby Rader as soon as Rader declares his candidacy. I have asked to see or hear about the damning information they imply they have, but no smoking gun has been presented. Rather than provide a reason for me to change my mind about Rader, they are holding it for election time.

For some reason Eddie has become very angry because I don’t support his choice for sheriff. In fact, since I failed to support Patterson, Eddie has admitted the Outsiders have “investigated” me and that I am now I am “dirty”. In fact, he has gone much further than that and ranted and raved and included what seems like an endless barrage of calling my wife all kinds of names. This man who when accused of multiple felonies turned around and found absolutely no one, BUT ME, willing to speak publicly in his defense is mad at me and attacking my family because of a sheriff’s race.

Ironically Eddie is on record saying that he and the Outsiders will use politics and public accusations to defame Rader and me. I say ironically because my public defense of Eddie has always been, and still is, that if it weren’t for politics, the case involving his company would never have been in a criminal court. Eddie’s business associates were stealing from the company and his actions were borne from their forging checks and sucking money out of the company and making it difficult for him to pay employees and other debts. I sympathized with his position and, along with Ray Akins, was drawn into taking some public condemnation on his behalf (Ray was drawn into much more than just public condemnation, but that is another story I won’t cover here and now). So it is ironic that Eddie is now going to use politics and spin and innuendo to try and do his own version of the same thing to me (because of a sheriff’s race I had little interest in until his crazy behavior).

I don’t really understand what is going on with him these days, but Eddie is making plenty of bold predictions. He seems sure that Patterson will be the first in a long line of Outsider political victories and includes defeating all three judges in the courthouse in the 2014 election cycle. His overconfidence is staggering. His big talk about Patterson is not just based on big money, he adds to his self assurance as he consistently declares that the north part of Liberty County will vote for his man Patterson. I never have been that confident that people will blindly vote for the person that lives nearest them, but he is.

Strangely absent from his analysis, Eddie really doesn’t refer much to Patterson’s accomplishments in his first three years. Nor does Eddie spend any time rebutting criticism that Patterson never seems to speak for himself and that many people say they never see or hear Patterson. Accusations that Patterson has long regular breakfasts with his buddies and that he not only gets off to late starts, he is known to head home early (around 3:00 PM) most days, seem unimportant to Eddie. He seems to have a deep abiding faith that people from the Cleveland area will always support anyone over someone from the South/East part of the county.

Eddie tops off his rationale of why Patterson is unbeatable by pointing out how much more he knows way more about politics than me. What a strange comment. I didn’t know we were in competition, but I guess he is. I really haven’t been involved in politics to get a position or make money or because I needed connections in the courthouse or to go around and say I was smarter than everyone else, like me or not, most people know I got involved to make sure that conservatives in the Republican party would one day be at least competitive. But, from what I can tell, I guess Eddie and his buddies have “investigated” me and right here before the election they say they are going to show how “dirty” I am and then “wrap me around Rader’s neck”. Funny thing about it, they also indicated all of the “investigating” would go away if Rader would “seek any job but the sheriff’s job”. (extortion?)

So who really cares about what Eddie says or what I say… no one, or next to no one. But I do care what he says, or his little friends say, about Bobby Rader. They may be able to take a few of the thousands of the decisions Rader has made as a judge or a lawman and twists them like many political campaigns do, but I think people know Rader and they will care about that kind of thing being done to one of our hardest working public servants. Unfortunately for these Outsiders, people know Rader and he is well liked and people know how he runs the people’s business and they keep electing him.

I not only care about what Eddie says about Rader in the future, I also care about what he has already said about my wife Tracy Pegues. I have stuck with my original goals despite some public criticism of my motivations or my views. I have worked with others for fifteen years to offer Liberty County voters options besides whoever the Democrats nominated. Some may hate me for something I have said or done along the way, but no one on the other side has attacked my family. No one but the man I have called friend and that I have sat next to in criminal court. As the sheriff’s race approached Eddie started unleashing all kinds of vile comments about my wife Tracy… that is over the top. Somebody may say Pegues deserves what he gets, but that should be Richard Pegues, not Tracy. It reminds me of when Eddie’s wife was attacked by people out in Hardin. The similarities are many including the attackers knew Cindy Shauberger was very sick when the attacks were being made – Ray Akins and myself fought the relentless attack by the democrats on Cindy Shauberger. Tracy has been facing life threatening physical problems and will undergo surgery soon. What’s Eddie’s comment about this? “Richard is just trying to get sympathy”. That was not his attitude when Cindy was attacked. Eddie! This is just a sheriff’s race; please leave my family out of it.

I don’t know where loud inappropriate cursing and calling my wife ugly names fits in their campaign strategy, but I am hoping Eddie and his team focus on helping Patterson and leaving Tracy’s name out of their mouths. Eddie has told his family and the church he pastors down in Oak Island to stop looking at Liberty Dispatch now that he sees his and the Outsider’s strategy of acting like they are the ones being attacked will not keep us from posting the truth. What has gone on in the background off of the internet has been merciless and we are preparing ourselves and our readers for their scorched earth election season revelations.

My apologies for so much talk about myself, but my friend Eddie decided weeks ago that he was going to make me either support Patterson or get out of politics. I will do neither Eddie. As several of us tried to tell you before your last state rep race, you should do the latter.

LD Contributor, Richard Pegues

Liberty Dispatch Contributors

To Liberty Dispatch Readers:

There have been some "spoof emails" circulating concerning the contributors to Liberty Dispatch.

For the record, there are quite a few contributors to Liberty Dispatch. In particular, Ray Akins is a contributor and has no desire whatsoever to discontinue as a contributor to Liberty Dispatch.

There are no particular owners of Liberty Dispatch, only blog contributors as a public forum.

Any other information out there should be considered a lie and wishful thinking by the corrupt.

Liberty Dispatch

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Time out! Hold the phone. All of the positive reports generated by press releases from the Sheriff’s Department have some political friends of Sheriff Patterson riding high on cloud nine, but even though I am sure to be criticized by his re-election machine, I have got questions about the last two busts.

First before I ask the questions, I want to make a few things clear to the readers of Liberty Dispatch. About fifteen years ago I was invited to my first Republican meeting and I discovered that the group of people running the Republican Party in this county back then did not care about running candidates. So for fifteen years I have worked with whoever would work with me to make democracy work by restoring a two party system. I believed, along with others, that the lack of competition had created an environment ripe for corruption in our local government. It never has been a personal vendetta and I have received far more criticism than I have given.

I have been invited to write my opinion on here and appreciate that anyone would even care what it is, but in some ways I am no different than any of the conservatives expressing opinions in the media. My opinion is my opinion and what anyone else says is their opinion.

I know Sheriff Henry Patterson and since I have been invited to express my political opinion on this website, I am not bashful to express my opinion of the job Henry is doing as Sheriff and the Sheriff’s race . As I have said before I even like Henry, but he is holding an elected position and I believe and hope there will be a better candidate running for sheriff in this next election cycle. As I have written before part of my criticism of Henry is that he has allowed these people called the Outsiders to have far too much influence in the department my tax dollars pay for. But there is much much more to criticize.

Let’s take the recent marijuana busts. At first I cheered news that large pot fields had been discovered and would be destroyed. I never spent a second thinking about how much credit the Sheriff should get for the department following up on tips and seizing all of the illegal plants. I knew it was an election year and that Henry had a bunch of people that were for him last time that would like to see him replaced this time, but I just figured this kind of timely busts is one of the advantages of incumbency.

I thought these busts were a feather in Sheriff Patterson’s cap until a friend in law enforcement pointed out what should have happened. If Henry’s public relations people want to give him credit for arresting a whole field of pot plants, then he should also get credit for allowing a whole gang of pot growing dope dealers to escape arrests.

If Henry Patterson’s people want to send press releases out detailing how they protected the plants throughout the night that is fine. I salute our sheriff’s department and the work they do. But I don’t know why voters would return Henry Patterson to office because his men followed tips and found all of this pot and then Henry failed to set up a situation so everyone involved in this operation would be arrested.

Why didn’t Henry set up cameras and arrest the dope dealers (along with the dope)? It appears these tips were looked at in terms of political gain rather than in terms of what law enforcement elsewhere regularly does with a case like this. Did we not want to catch the criminals?

I like you Henry, but I believe we have to do better than this or the criminals win.

Richard Pegues