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Monday, December 12, 2011


For years local Republicans have advertised the good things that would happen if voters put conservatives on every bench in the Liberty County Courthouse. So when the votes were counted in November 2009 and Tommy Chambers, Chap Cain, and Mark Morefield swept into the courthouse with large margins of victory, it was time to put up or shut up.

Liberty County has watched as the months have gone by and these three judges have proven to have been everything conservatives had hoped for. They joined with County Judge Craig McNair and engineered substantial money saving procedures by reducing the time taxpayers pay to house people accused of nonviolent crimes. That program alone will save the county millions over the years.

Then if you look into the day to day work, you find the two new judges are more out of the hard working mold of Chap Cain than the one of their predecessors. 75th District Court Judge Mark Morefield, for example, worked into dark thirty on November 28th to get juries for three cases. Then Judge Morefield presided over almost as many jury trials in four days as former District Judge Rusty Hight use to in a year.

But politically active conservatives are very aware that no matter how efficient and no matter how hard working and no matter fair and just everyone else is in the courthouse, if the people in the District Attorneys office drag their feet and wait as long as they did to get these three cases to trial, then fair and speedy trials will continue to be a problem. Our hats are off to the Judge in these three cases, to the juries, to the bailiffs and the court reporters and everyone else involved …… everyone except the prosecutors - Logan Pickett, and Mike Little. (Part II coming soon)


Anonymous said...

I appreciate those who recognize we need to be frugal with taxpayers money Mayor Pickett and company are considering borrowing more money in the midst of our recession and these judges are cutting cost ....... you can tell who the real conservatives are.

Anonymous said...

Most lawyers are real lazy and real political, Morefield is neither.

Anonymous said...

What about the slush fund D.A. has -hehas not accounted for "spent" dollars ? What about the Sheriff's slush fund? this county has come along way, we do not need to allow Little or Patterson to get re-elected or choose their replacement.

Anonymous said...

What about the slush fund in the County Attny office. Any one concerned about that. There has to be one attny interested in that position. Wes needs to go home. He is a creep.