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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Republican Mike McCarty runs for Pct. 1 Commissioner Position

Long time Liberty County resident and businessman Mike McCarty is pleased to announce his candidacy for his party’s nomination for the office of County Commissioner of Precinct 1 in the March 6th, 2012 Republican primary.

McCarty has been deeply involved in the community, most notably as a member of the Liberty City Council serving as Mayor Pro-Tem for the last four of seven terms. McCarty also serves as Vice President of the Liberty Community Development Corporation and as a member of the Liberty Municipal Airport Advisory Board. He has been a part of bringing much needed infrastructure improvements to the City of Liberty and also bringing Boomerang Tubular LLC and its over 500 jobs to South Liberty County.

McCarty believes if elected he could encourage economic growth in Precinct 1 as well as all of Liberty County. He states, “It’s important to create jobs and skills here where we live. It is just as important County Commissioners adhere to a budget that does not severely burden those who live here. Transparency must always prevail and good decisions are more important than ever.”

McCarty insists Liberty County will prosper with clear direction and a unified governing body- “Good leadership with a vision must be the driving force in county government. Good ideas and good decisions are a must.”

Again, Mike McCarty is seeking the Republican nomination for Liberty County Commissioner, Precinct 1 in the primary election being held on March 6th, 2012.


Anonymous said...

McCarty stepped up to the plate once before to try and get us a better commissioner and we need to support him again for being willing to take on Fontenot's machine. He will win if we back him this time.

Anonymous said...

Mike is a no nonsense businessman and a good community-minded neighbor. I appreciated him running before and will vote for him again.

Anonymous said...

A clean bill of health and fire in the belly .......go Mike go!

Anonymous said...

Mike and Herbert need to make a pack that whoever loses will support the other one. Groce and Hunt and Brown have all treated our commissioner precinct badly and we need someone who will stnad up for us.

Anonymous said...

Thumbs up Mike!

Anonymous said...

Mike, you have me and my family's vote. Looking forward to having you as our next Commissioner in PCT.# 1.

Anonymous said...

Too beholden to a Liberty family that is anything but Republican. No thanks.

Anonymous said...

Are we to assume that your posting of Herbert Oreschnigg's name on the preferred list that you are endorsing Herbert and not Mike McCarty? Herbert gripes a lot with no action and Mike has a proven record of getting things accomplished with his many years of public service. Just wondering.

Anonymous said...

I thought herbert lived in the Hull- Daisetta area. This is not in PCT # 1.

Anonymous said...

""not in Pct 1""? welcome to the political arena, that Hillary Clinton pioneered: the migrant candidate!

Together with the migrant worker, ACORN's migrant voter, and Obama's migrant birth certificate!

Corporate America has a few of their own:

*migrant corporate offices, *migrant filings of such papers, *migrant American careers and jobs,
*migrant manufacturing plants, *migrant call centers, and of course-
*disappearing American thirty year pension (got one? probably not, if you're under 60, and don't work for the gov't)!

LD: now, tell me again......., exactly WHO should be re-elected (at ANY level) for causing/allowing all of this, and WHY???

Then, we can start the conversation on which MEDIA venues and entities- deserve my patronage and support, for the same deceptions, participations, and omissions!