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Friday, January 20, 2012

Conservative Republican Randy McDonald For Chambers County 344th Judicial District Judge

Honorable Randy McDonald
Randy McDonald was born in San Angelo, Texas in 1951. Before college, he lived his entire life in Menard, Texas. During his high school years, he played all sports becoming All District and All West Texas in football. He was the student body president, as well as the first member of the Nation Honor Society. Randy graduated from the University of Texas and South Texas College of Law and moved to Houston. After passing the bar exam, Randy was appointed by Johnny Holmes as an Assistant District Attorney in Harris County, Texas. Randy quickly moved up the ranks and asked to join the special crimes unit. Mr. McDonald then became the Major Narcotics Prosecutor in the Organized Crime Section of the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, he successfully prosecuted cases against legendary attorneys who were considered the best criminal defense attorneys in Texas.

After the District Attorney’s office, Randy went into private practice; where he was managing partner at Taylor, Eggleston, Goodwin and McDonald then Randy McDonald PC where he continues to practice.

Randy moved to Chambers County in 2005 and continued to have an office in Houston and opened a second office in Chambers County.

After having successful legal career, both as a prosecutor and defense attorney, Mr. McDonald feels that his trail experience would benefit the citizens of Chambers County as a District Judge.


Wife-Lisa; Daughter, Christina, and husband Kenny- Christina is a veterinarian assistant and the mother of my first grandchild, Kora; Daughter, Megan-Graduated with High Honors in May of 2011 from the University of Texas and is considering a master’s program; Son, Cody- will be graduating in May, 2012 from Sam Houston State University with a Criminal Justice degree; two rescue dogs, Buddy and Lucy and a cat Bevo.


Former Assistant District Attorney under Johnny Holmes in Harris County; Special Crimes Prosecutor for Narcotics and Organized Crime.

Visiting Judge (approved by all 14 County Criminal Courts, Harris County)

Appointed by Johnny Holmes as Commissioner of the Civil Service Commission (over 1000 cases pending when appointed – 37 pending when resigned)

Spoken to over 15,000 prospective jurors

Managing partner at Taylor, Eggleston, Godwin and McDonald; a general litigation firm representing insurance defense, plaintiffs, family and civil cases

Voted in every Republican Primary since 1978

Adjunct Professor for Bates College of Law and Thurgood Marshall Law School; taught trial advocacy both in criminal and civil law

Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization by the State Bar of Texas

Frequent guest speaker at Sam Houston State University and Rice University on Criminal Justice

Instructor at Houston Police Academy; participated in Chambers County Sheriff’s Department and Mt. Belvieu Police Department training regarding domestic violence

Endorsed by three former United States Attorneys and Republican appointees: Dan Hedges, Ron Woods and Henry Oncken


Anonymous said...

Finally, someone running here in Chambers County we can be proud of!

Anonymous said...

It will take someone like Randy McDonald to fill the big shoes of our judge. Good luck Mr.McDonald, as long as Republican primary voters know a little of your opponent's history and know someone who knows you,it should be clear cut that you are our man.

Anonymous said...

NEWSFLASH: Just received over 30 pages in the mail. (per my request: and from an official LC office address, with a LC letterhead cover letter, no less) It contains official documentation and research of several of the LC slush funds. (of course, I don't have the time, resources, nor inclination, to go through it all, adequately)!

So, who's up for the challenge???
All nighter, at IHOP, anyone...
come one, come all... LEO's welcome!

WBS (write back soon) I need some knowledgable assistance, here!

Anonymous said...

found three interesting items, in the 30+ pages:
1. disbursement to "other participating agencies" Oct. 2010-$23,104.37

2. ditto- Nov. 2009- $59,322.98

3. 2008- A.J. Hartel conference expenses
a.Renaissance St Louis- March
b.Conference expense $426.02
C.Conference expense $506.20
d.NY NY Hotel - June $389.13
e.Conference expense $313.51
f.July-Conf. Expense $1,061.96
g.expenses 3/07-12/07$1,714.55
presumably includes TDCAA at
The OMNI, Corpus Christi hotel
expenses: 1 registration $550
2.lodging $586.50
h.expenses 10/1/08-12/17/08
Cover letter says, for questions, contact the County Auditor...

Anonymous said...

30 pages..... wow! And you don't have the time or resources? It may sound fishy to some but it should sound alzy to all.

Anonymous said...

What is interesting is the high dollars spent in 2009 and 2010 under Wes Hincht. It would be eye opening to get the particulars on this and IT WOULD BE EYE POPPING TO GET IT ON THE SHERIFF'S SLUSH FUND AND THE DA'S.

Anonymous said...

I would just guess Sheriff Patterson likes to stay close to the house and doesn't spend his slush on conferences for himself. Now he may have all kinds of "expenses" that are related to his family and friends. His slush fund should have vehicles etc in it too.

Anonymous said...

Surely, District Attorney Mike Little is investing taxpayer money in his newest and youngest assistant since he is trying to get him to replace him. Logan Pickett, if elected, will need coaching from all of the people under him. A vote for him is a vote for the office to run itself.

Anonymous said...

Logan needs to make a little more effort at domestic duties and learn to control himself at home before wanting to seat his pimple face in the top prosecutor's chair. If people know what he has done, I predict he will not get one woman's vote outside of family and friends.

Anonymous said...

His wife gets to close the curtain to vote, so maybe the previous commnet should not even include all family. The Picketts have always run things around Liberty from behind the scene, now they are sending Logan out like a royal prince to take his crown at age 29 (or 30?)to become a potentate for the rest of our lives.

Anonymous said...

(Nov 09, Oct 10) over $82,000 to ""other participating agencies""???

I want the details on that! The possibilities are mind-boggling:

a. Nov 2009- did this get the FEMA money, via buying it, from FEMA officials- and thus, into the scheme of Fitz and Groce?

b. Oct 2010- did this little gratuity, buy off prosecutors/grand jury members, to buy their freedom?

c. are these the funds that bought Little's Ford Explorer's
(after all, he's a participating, other agency)???

d. Is this money in offshore accounts??? and WHOSE? or who ALL's?

e. timing of both years is right before the holidays... is this the good old boys' Christmas bonuses???

f. Frank Huff was strangely silent towards all the slush funds... are he, and the Rangers, on the take too???

g. Huge amounts of money, in the 30 pages, are going to salaries and retirement items (pages, upon pages of line entries)... is half the world double dipping their regular paychecks, from the slush fund??? Write myself a 30% raise, out of the slush fund... and the entire office, too!!! (includes, roughly $2000, every two weeks, to the LC Atty)!!!

now, where's my 'knowledgable' crew, for that IHOP all-nighter???

Anonymous said...

I recall several news headlines, wherein various LC LEO's were becoming 'federal agents', dually.
Was this the mechanism, to access the slush funds, and get paid as "other participating agencies"?

All that one would have to do, is respond to a regular dispatch call- in your real job, then invoice the slush fund, privately, as your "federal agent" self!!! (who would know? Everybody saw that you were there!!!) WHATTA SCHEME/SCAM!

Anonymous said...

I'm loving this little (pun intended) conjecture session!
Tell us more.

Anonymous said...

well, I'll say this- we've either got the most comatose, or the most on the take, group of county commissioners, in history.

Now, (that we can see the schemes, and the prevailing LC mindsets) let's see what the other slush funds reveal: gun range, hot check, game room, drug raid seizures,...

The big question becomes: who can we get to investigate and prosecute it, that ISN'T one of the "other participating agencies," that's ALREADY on the slush fund take???? (and does that leave ANYBODY)!!!

Calling..... Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Clean Cop, Honest Politician, non-corrupt liberal media (Vanesa,) and Smart Aggie

couldn't rofl, lmao, nor lol... it's just too damned close to home real, this time.

Anonymous said...

If Baker wins every Democrat lawyer from Liberty County will crowd into Chambers County so Baker can help them cash in.

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