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Sunday, January 22, 2012


For those who have been too busy to stop what they are doing and find out why dates pertaining to the 2012 primary elections have changed so much, here is s short catch up article.

There are two competing sets of redistricting maps setting out proposed two different sets of borders of election districts in Texas for the State Legislature and the House of Representatives on the basis of the most recent 10-year census.
One set of maps was drawn by the Legislature, which is controlled by Republicans. Those maps seem to favor Republican candidates. The other set was drawn by a special three-judge federal court in San Antonio, and it increases the voting power of Hispanic voters and seems to help Democratic candidates.

Four House seats hang in the balance and all that is affected by the particulars of state and U.S. congressional lines. The justices have told the Texas courts that the judges have overplayed their role and the role their court should play in redistricting and to go back and use the maps the people elected to the state legislature chose as a basis.

As a result of the Democrats pulling out every stop they can to get their way, the primaries in Texas had already been moved back to April. For those primaries to proceed, officials there said, an answer from the courts was needed by Feb. 1.
It seems Democrats like to have the right to gerrymander when they are the minority just like they did for years when they were the majority. Almost all redistricting maps that are changed are changed to prevent racial discrimination. Democrats try to get the courts to interpret discrimination as they should at least the same percentage of seats for blacks (and for Hispanics) as their percentage of the population. Most Republicans are not as likely to want to categorize people in terms of race or any other category to form special districts.
This decision by the Supreme Court is seen by Republicans as a win for those who believe elected officials rather than judges are the ones the Constitution says should draw the lines. But the Democrats challenge is still having all kinds of bizarre effects on the election. The date of the primary is still unsure and who might be qualified to run for the state Senate or the state House or the U.S. Senate or the U.S. House in an area is still dependent on how the lines are drawn. No ballots can be printed until county chairman know who can run for these offices on their ballot.

The only thing for sure if you are a Democrat running for office in almost every place but the border area, this argument your side just lost at the Supreme Court was about your only chance to win anything. No wonder no one ran for Democrat Party Chairman in Liberty County – ‘Turn Out The Lights, Nancy and John, The Party Is Over”!


Anonymous said...

Just what we need: more politicians changing dates (behind their wives' backs)!!
Clinton started an EPIDEMIC!

When's Tiger Woods gonna run for office, as a democrap (that being his major qualification, you understand.)

Oh, m'y bad... you meant CALENDAR dates!!! SORRY>>>>> ROFL LMAO

Anonymous said...

The Supreme Court was so vague. Ordering a Texas court with a majority of democrats to start the mapping process with the maps the legislature drew as a basis? All Democratshave ever seen in the re-districting process is opportunity to gerrymander. They almost always holler race to try and get their way.The only difference in now and the re-districting from 1990 and before is Republicans have some kind of say in the courts.

Anonymous said...

don't know how, with 11 years of Clinton and Obama judge appointments.

Anonymous said...

Watching President Obama give the state of the union address was like watching a ten year old say what he would do if he won the lottery.

Anonymous said...

""what's up with the changes""?
Well, take heart! Some things never change, for instance:

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This is from the final item, in the Cleveland Community Calendar, at:

Yes, I realize, fully, which town's chapter that is....; but HONESTLY, is it SO BAD, that they need to meet for seven straight hours, and DAILY??? (and release, just in time for happy hour's last call, and the band to start)...rofl

(or is "you know who's"... Hardin high proof reading skills, 'haveing a-nudder fleir uppp')?? LMAO

Anonymous said...

Wow Cleveland...what ya going to be doin next, tying the bad fellars up to the trees in the woods & leave em...teach em a lesson you shore will...idiots!

Anonymous said...

awww, c'mon. Get real, here. Paul Lowery's the PD'a slush fund manager (the red light camera fund's guru.) He's an 'untouchable'.

Even if a lawsuit prevailed against him and pd, it would just be paid from the slush fund (there would, obviously, be SOME way to justify the expense, as "traffic safety"! After all, he WAS assisting at a "traffic stop", WASN'T he??? ROFL LMAO

Anonymous said...

Poor Lowery. Another victim of Napoleon syndrome. What a tough guy he is! Hitting a handcuffed man who's on his knees is the real trademark of a man hehe. What a pansy! He probably would pee himself if he had to actually fight one of those crooks man to man haha. I guess when your a man and your only 5'2 you feel it necessary to try and look tough. ROFLMAO


Anonymous said...

""justify the expense""??
of a SLUSH fund???

Since when, has that ever been the practice? (it's the main reason for starting them, in the first place.)