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Monday, February 27, 2012

Children in Need...

There are some things in this world we can almost all agree on. One of those things is rescuing children from unhealthy and abusive situations. In stark contrast to our political writing and our normal confrontational and expose’ format, please find below excerpts from an excellent article written by Kevin Ladd and shared with the community via The Cleveland Advocate and The Dayton News that encourages helping children in the most vulnerable situations:

The number of foster children in Liberty County has risen dramatically in the past few weeks, depleting supplies at the local Rainbow Room and prompting Children’s Protective Services to seek additional donations — both monetary and essential items for the room.

CPS Board President Helen Green says the numbers have been stunning.

“We now have 230 children in foster care in Liberty County,” she said. “At Christmas we had 160. Eleven children were removed from one home in Dayton recently. Of course there are many other children under supervision that have not been removed from their homes.”

You can find the full story at:


Anonymous said...

This world has gone crazy with child molesters.

Anonymous said...

Child predators are the scumof the earth.

Anonymous said...

""children in need""???

fair question... in fact, it hits closer to home than that.

NEWSFLASH: what is Cleveland ISD's
plan- to replace trustee, Susan Lewis Adams, who:
1. sold her Cleveland home, at 301 Inglewood, five weeks ago...
2. moved approx twenty miles away, southwest of Splendora, to hwy 242
3. no longer RESIDES in the district, and
4. whose term isn't up for this spring's elections- which involves three different trustee seats????

In sum, nobody has children, in more dire ""need"", that Cleveland ISD!

Anonymous said...

Im going to make a donation and I encourage others to do the same.

Anonymous said...

DS, go away. No one cares about your opinion.

Anonymous said...

you wish

Anonymous said...

Hahaha at ^^^ !! Thought I was the only one who knew that was Dennis.

Anonymous said...

NEWSFLASH: wonder why LC slush fund documents are suddenly showing up at 10th and Calder in Beaumont. Wonder who got stupid, and shouldn't have? Was Harry Kelly crying for roommates, up in Leavenworth? just asking

Anonymous said...


click @%^@^#
click *$&*$%&^%

That was the advocate's clique firing at DS with both barrels of their EMPTY shotgun (the barrels are 'stalking' and 'trespass warning'.) They emptied their guns, to no avail, three or four years ago. They've been out of ammo, ever since.

They cry 'stalking' every time one of their clique gets investigated and caught. They want everyone but their clique to get 'trespass warnings' (read: bullying by exclusion.)

The result: nobody falls over. Nobody listens to them. Nobody cares. Everybody weathers the bout of horse laughter, at their expense.

Anonymous said...

uh oh, Advocate's ""stalking"" LD again! Send her a ""criminal trespass"" warning. rofl