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Sunday, February 12, 2012


As our readers are aware we posted a recent story on one of the leaders of the “Outsiders” named James Donald Farmer. He is a candidate who signed up to run for Liberty County Attorney against the incumbent Wesley Hinch. Farmer’s "Permanent" scam address is a vacant garage apartment on 2621 1/2 Cos Street in Liberty Texas.  The Farmer story we published is -here-.

2621 1/2 Cos Street, fake vacant scam candidate address of James Donald Farmer
James Famer is the legal mind and right hand of the “Outsiders” leader Clifford “Fuddy” William. Again, Liberty Dispatch has also published a story related to Clifford “Fuddy” William -here- and his questionable and bizarre prior candidacy for Texas Supreme Court Justice without a law degree.  James Farmer listed his "Permanent Address" as the scam/false 2621 1/2 Cos Street address- on government documents -here-.
Younger picture of James Farmer 40's
The real question about the “Outsiders” cult seems to be why Liberty County? The answer to that question lies with current Sheriff Henry Patterson. Many allegations swirl around why Patterson invited the “Outsiders” into Liberty County but one thing is for sure, he did invite them into Liberty County. The main reason Patterson invited the “Outsiders” into Liberty County was to help in the defense of Sheriff Patterson’s close friend, ally and Lieutenant, Harry Kelly. Patterson told people he was “In over his head” and felt like he needed to bring in the “Outsiders” cult. As of this date it is clear that Patterson brought in the “Outsiders” out of desperation and has effectively sold his soul to them. Sources indicate that Patterson knew the “Outsiders” cult had success evading and harassing the IRS/Agents and could help him with his perceived Liberty County Government enemies. Sources also indicate that the “Outsiders” cult is an anti-tax splinter anti-government group comprised of Clifford “Fuddy” William’s different churches. It is alleged that Henry Patterson illegally paid Clifford “Fuddy” William under the table as a “Consultant” to help in the investigation and arrest of Liberty County ADA Joe Warren. Outsider underlings Eddie Shauberger along with Robert “Eggplant” Valdez perpetrated an illegal investigation against Joe Warren -here- then ran to open a blog “after the fact” to make it look as if they were news investigators, when in reality they were doing illegal investigations for Henry Patterson without a Private Investigator’s license.

Side note: To date, Henry Patterson has refused to make an accounting of his 2011 and 2012 slush fund/assets...

The “Outsiders” cult has obviously figured that since they are defending “defunct loser” current Sheriff Henry Patterson, they might as well create their own list of candidates- overtly and covertly. Liberty Dispatch has identified many of the “Outsiders” cult political candidates in our “Do not vote list”. Liberty Dispatch was told by reputed “Outsiders” cult writer/underling Roberto Francisco “Eggplant” (tax cheat) Valdez that the “Outsiders” cult want to make Liberty County their national base of operations but needed to “own” the Liberty County Government.

Somehow or another “Outsiders” cult leader Clifford “Fuddy” William along with his wife Shirley Thomas has acquired lots of Liberty County property formally owned by John Stockton and Russell Fairchild. All the properties are titled in the name of “Shirley Thomas”. Liberty Dispatch is suspicious that maybe John Stockton and Russell Fairchild have become unwitting victims of the “Outsiders” cult.
Shirley Thomas' scam candidate address, 2944 Hwy 105 Cleveland Texas. Many "Outsiders" using this address.
As for Shirley Thomas, Clifford “Fuddy” William’s wife- It is very odd that no part of her name connects to William in any way. Either they aren’t actually married or they have a marriage of some questionable convenience. Shirley Thomas has been witnessed as sitting in on private “Outsiders” meetings and making decisions as a reputed “Outsider” cult leader.
Clifford "Fuddy" William's truck used when he visits Cleveland. Truck listed in alias name.
Going back to the fact that the “Outsiders” cult are now running their own candidates in Liberty County it’s interesting to note that Shirley Thomas is running for Liberty County Republican Judge Precinct 2. What’s bizarre is how she is scamming Liberty County just like James Farmer. You will see the picture below of the many travel trailers the “Outsider” cult has moved into Liberty County. From this link you will see that Shirley Thomas is using the address where the cult travel trailers are parked- she listed this address as her "Permanent" Liberty County Judge Precinct 2 address -here-. Her address is just like that of “Outsider Leader” James Farmer, a scam on Liberty County voters and Republican Party along with making false statements on government documents according to records.

Probably even more disturbing is the Liberty County property “Shirley Thomas” has listed in her candidate form is filled with travel trailers of more probable “Outsiders” cult members moving into Liberty County.
Clifford "Fuddy" William and Shirley Thomas' property and alleged "Cult Temple" in the background.
If no other candidate signs up to run against “Shirley Thomas” as the Republican Party Precinct 2 Chair, she will win that position and the “Outsiders” cult will own another piece of the Liberty County political machine.

Shirley “Hunt” Thomas like James Donald Farmer, both “Outsider” cult members are trying to pull a fast one on Liberty County and the voters should be concerned. They are also trying to inject their sinister dogma and control into Liberty County through threat and intimidation.



Anonymous said...

This story clarifes and connects dots for me. Thanks. Rader would have made a better sheriff even if Patterson hadn't weirded out on us, but this ought to make it clear to Republican primary voters.

Anonymous said...

I have been in the same building with these biscuit-eaters and I couldn't help but stare a little. What kind of creepy people have Henry and the Shauberger man gotten tangled up with?

Anonymous said...

These big bad men hiding behind the pulpit and hiding behind a woman's name. Disgraceful!

Anonymous said...

Once again your reporting is a pack of lies. Mrs. Thomas is amrried to Mr. Williams and residency in Texas is wherever you claim it to be. The RV is enough. Same with Farmer. If he is paying rent and his intention is to be a Liberty county resident, he is one. F*ck you Akins! You are a moron and know less about the law than you do about politics. Which is nothing.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Akins thanks for exposing these people. You have been treated most inhospitable since arriving here. First the chairman of your party throwing you under the bridge for his best friend (a democrat) after encouraging you to run. Then getting caught up in all of the deception that Eddie Shauberger drags around like a dust-filled binkie blanketed Linus.

Anonymous said...

Whoa Dude! You better lock the kitties in the house, these crazies will hate this story.

Anonymous said...

Once again you are pointing squarely at Henry Patterson. LD has been supportive of the deputies, but has repeatedly criticized the sheriff and his captains.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know why "Hunt" is emphasized in Shirley Thomas' name?

Anonymous said...

""Why LC"", the article asks???
What if the reason is: for access to the hundreds of thousands of unfettered dollars, in the various LC slush funds???
(hot check, gun range, game room, drug raids, seizure fund, red light camera fund...)
Then, consider the huge streams of money, leaving LC for offshore accounts (such as the Cayman Islands.) Next, consider the rampant payola, as funds are routinely shared, and sent to "other participating agencies" (earlier LC posts) (shades of the Fitz/Groce FEMA scheme, and its kickbacks) Is most of the commissioner's court "on the take"? Same for the Ranger (Huff) and the FBI???
LD: I would suggest researching the passport visa data of prominent folks, to see who goes to the Caymans (to check their assets,) regularly.

Personally, I think that the answer to the opening question, of why LC, is: follow the MONEY!!!
(and how stupidly easy it is to dupe these LC citizens...)