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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Texas' Election Primary Update

(02/15/2012) SAN ANTONIO - The Texas primaries, which were once key to emerging from next month's Super Tuesday elections with the momentum and backing to win the Republican presidential race, may be pushed into May - and perhaps out of relevance for the race - because of a dispute over the state's proposed redistricting maps.

Although the chances of an April primary are not officially extinguished, even the judges acknowledged those prospects are fading because of logistics. Elections workers from some of Texas' largest counties are pushing May 22 as the next earliest date if maps can be settled quickly.

U.S. District Judge Xavier Rodriguez at one point suggested that June 26 may make the most sense for the primary elections. That would make Texas among the last states in the nation to hold a primary but would also ensure that maps would reflect any Voting Rights Act issues that a Washington court is still deciding.

But Democratic and Republican party officials said they would prefer a vote in late May.

Other news sources are reporting a primary target date of May 29, 2012. No Texas Primary Election date has been written in stone as of today.


Anonymous said...

This is the latest I can ever remember voting in a primary.

Anonymous said...

Hey could someone tell me which party Henry Patterson is running for sheriff in this time? He switches every election.

Anonymous said...

that would be the "JPO" party, for Henry (Jackass Party of Outsiders)

Anonymous said...

or was that "J-POO"? lmao

Anonymous said...

strike that, reverse it! Let's go with the ""POO-J's"" (the Party Of OUTSIDER Jackasses)! ROFL

Every time you see him, or them:

"Hey, Henry... where's your POO-J's"? or

"Yo, Fuddy... nice POO-J's"! or

"Oye, Valdez... donde' esta' su
pinche' POO-J's"? (where's your friggin' poo-j's)? rofl

hang it, WHERE's the songwriter, when he's needed???

(there MUST be a little diddy in all of this, SOMEWHERE)!!!

Anonymous said...

tune of: My Darling Clementine

Oye POO-J's
Oye POO-J's
travel trailers
in the mud

planned indictments,
they were duds.

Got an Eddie
Got a Fuddy
Got a Henry
on your leash

Add a p*sser
name of Chrisss-ter
and his bull-sh*t
you've unleashed.

Anonymous said...

Now this is funny!!!

Anonymous said...