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Friday, March 16, 2012

Dear Liberty Dispatch

A few weeks ago the blog that follows wreckers around and post the pictures of the latest car crash complained about Sheriff Patterson and the press releases coming out of his department. That blog seemed to indicate some of the meth bust were possibly made up. At the time I read it I thought maybe it was just more Republican hating by a blog that clearly loves liberal Democrats.

But now that we have all of these different marijuana bust where there seems to be no people arrested, I am becoming suspicious. Remember the one where seeds were found and unnamed citizens led officials to them. Or the two large fields where pot was grown and one of them never had an arrest connected with it and the other one only had someone arrested when Liberty Dispatch kept the spotlight on the sheriff’s “arresting pot plants”.

But then just as I think Sheriff Patterson and Rex Evans wouldn’t dare abuse press releases this way that man in Plum Grove went missing Thursday morning a week ago. That one incident has generated a sensational story a day with the Sheriff switching tactics with the weather and all kinds of other factors. I have never seen such a bombastic series of news releases. It looks like the Sheriff either does not have proper training of how to handle this kind of situation or, just as the blog said, he is using the media to keep his name constantly in front of voters.

Shame on Sheriff Patterson for doing this. His deputies are doing plenty of good work in the county and if he wants to release newsworthy real stuff, give them their due. We do not need him and Rex Evans trying to play Superman at election time. This missing man and every other real tragic event deserve the dignity involved in such heart wrenching conditions. They should not be used as a pawn for a sheriff’s re-election.

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Anonymous said...

Now the missing man in the Plum Grove area is considered a criminal case because someone said they overheard someone else say something about this man. Different story from first story I heard on news. What ever happened to the other missing man in that same area? I would be aware of my surroundings if I had to go anywhere around that area of Liberty County.