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Monday, March 5, 2012


Thank God Liberty County is a rural county full of self reliant, second amendment, look-you-in-the-eye, patriots because in the absence of a leader in the sheriff’s office, landowners and next door neighbors are proving to be the best warriors against drugs Liberty County has.

A few weeks ago, a local blogger complained about the truthfulness of press releases coming out of Henry Patterson’s office. But it is time to just ignore what Sheriff Patterson’s re-election machine may or may not do with drug busts and start patrolling our communities and turning crop growers into the rest of the hard working men and women down at the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office and help stamp this cancer in our community out. Between now and Election Day it is obvious Patterson is going to try and appear to have finally hit his stride. People that don’t know what a do-nothing he has been the rest of the time he has been in office might be fooled, but hopefully his efforts to appear to be some great crime fighter while he hides behind his spokespeople will be seen for what it is- a joke.

It could have been de ja vu. Saturday around noon, the owner of a property on CR 2134 in the Romayor area of north Liberty County called law enforcement and told them it looked like they had found a marijuana growing operation in its early stages.

Liberty Dispatch had hoped the Sheriff’s campaign team wouldn’t run out from the heavily wooded area where the operation was discovered and start trying to roll up enough stories to change his image as some great warrior against drugs - although, that is exactly what they did just a few months ago when another private citizen led the LCSO to much larger fields of marijuana.

Perhaps, Patterson, his spokesman Rex Evans, and his campaign team has learned that private citizens deserve the kudos given in cases like these, not law enforcement. Last time Patterson and his re-election gurus immediately took credit for the largest drug busts in county history. Then when it was pointed out no arrests were made during their entire chest beating celebratory rhetoric, Patterson and company turned full circle and said that the Sheriff was just a small part of a larger operation that included the feds, etc. And then, as we have cataloged, Patterson turned full circle again when eventually someone was arrested and again Patterson was declared a conquering hero – nothing much was ever made of the citizen who was responsible for 99% of the case.

So here we go again. Locks on the gates leading to the property had been cut and placed in such a way as to make the gates appear secure to any passerby, but private citizens saw they were cut and decided it was suspicious enough to warrant them looking into the woods further. They found a seed-starter tray holding approximately 100 tiny budding marijuana plants. None of the plants appeared to have been planted in the ground. Scattered around the site were bags of fertilizer, rapid-grow chemicals, clothing, shoes, camping supplies and personal items.

Thus far, none of the items so far have led law enforcement to the identity of the marijuana grower. Liberty Dispatch has a pro law enforcement, conservative point of view and applauds all efforts by those who follow-up on this crime scene and try to arrest those who would sacrifice the health and well being of this nation by selling harmful drugs so they can very selfishly make a profit. But we also believe that a candidate for sheriff or anyone else, who steals “pats on the back” and public kudos from brave patriotic citizens who risk getting involved by reporting what they know, is just plain unacceptable. Not quite as bad, but still unacceptable – this sheriff needs to tell his spokespeople not to jump in front of the media and try and take credit for the follow-up work done on this case.

Here is a novel idea for Sheriff Patterson. Make sure the person who does the work gets the credit.


Anonymous said...

Why do we never hear from this mystery sheriff of ours? His handlers can churn out press releases from now until election day taking credit for the air, wind, and fire, but I will not vote for him.

Anonymous said...

How much longer do we have a "sheriffless" county?

Anonymous said...

I am glad to see you are differentiating between the Sheriff and the hard working deputies that are doing a good job.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate private citizens getting involved and trying to help the drug problem in this county but until we get some new people in the D.A.s office and until we get a proactive sheriff, progress will be slow.

Anonymous said...

What a "gimmick" Sheriff Patterson and Rex Evans are that desperate for attention they hold a press conference over two trays of dead pot plant seedlings found by land owners. This is nothing but a fraud by Patterson and Evans to get votes for Patterson's campaign. Pathetic...

Anonymous said...

i am not sure i would want the bad guys to know my name if i were the one who brought in law enforement, but i hate the way this sheriff patterson sits back and gets his people to report it like he should get credit.

Anonymous said...

what absense?
Here's the local political news:

The sheriff is just another pawn in that corrupt church's field of politicos. Ever the control freaks, they are running a full slate of candidates for Cleveland school board, from their membership- Chris Wood, Doug Higginbotham, and Christina Purkerson.

Thankfully, the Lewis boy has had enough of his household's adverse press, and is stepping aside. His sister, board secretary, has moved out of the district, but is trying to keep from resigning, to maintain the church's power. There's a full court press, to cover up her true residence, on the other side of Splendora (her own announcement or her facebook page (Susan-Lewis-Adams), notwithstanding. rofl

Likewise, the other control freaks from that church-the Barnetts, are running their entire appointed puppet team, for re-election to city council: Cuellar- related to the flower family, of which the Barnetts are their major residential customers, and the board member of the William Barnett foundation, Carolyn McWaters.

Their silly little, self patronizing museum (at taxpayer's expense, natch), will be extinct- soon after the term limits of its founders (Barnetts, Powers, and advocate clique), who railroaded it, (the same way as the chamber in the civic center deal, and all the lavish city palaces, of the past five years.) It never has had enough paying customers, to pay its own light bill, let alone rent.

Like the Obama and Clinton administrations victims, Cleveland will be highly relieved to see the Barnett crowd's reign ended, by term limits. Fifteen months, and counting... Granted, we'll be paying for their excesses, for decades to come.

Ditto for the advocate clique (Jones crowd)- who aren't getting any younger, nor slimmer.
Longevity and mortality, will take their toll, in due course.

Finally, the church itself is seeing a decade of attendance declines, together with a recent trend of staff relocatings, and member flight. Their hispanic congregation's leader was seen on Sunday morning, at Lowe's in Humble.

Anonymous said...

So much for any theory that dennis hibernates during the winter.
Sic them corrupt Baptist bears! (Barnett's a BU grad.) lol

He left out the fact that
"squirrel" Hunt, and a constable are members of that church, too.

Anonymous said...

thanks for omitting the racism. There's no mention of the recalling of all the black group, save one, on the city council. The entire contingent, on the school board was ousted, as well, by vote. (May, 2011)

The black community made no attempt to field candidates and reclaim those seats, in either body (city council and school board.) The recalls, together with the gang rape arrests, have served a grim form of notice on their community. Vidor just moved the hq, 50 miles to the west!

One can only presume that all of those former office holders, have returned to private life. Their names will not appear on this spring's ballots; though I think that I heard somewhere, that Durlene Davis was interested in a county chair (Dem) position.(?) Does anybody know if that was filed?

Anonymous said...

NEWSFLASH: ""in the absense of""... try forced sterilization
of bubba-ettes, because....

The most frightening thing around LC, (and FAR more prevalent than a middle eastern terrorist,) is....

yes, he's struck again. see:

ya'll grab your skewers and wienies. If anybody strikes a spark, it's WIENIE roast time!

(that is, AFTER the free air-show, watching BUBBA become an "instant astronaut.") Yo, NASA, we need to file a flight plan, on the double!

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who doesn't understand wth he's talking bout in the above comment or where it came out of left field? Shut up Dennis. Go play with your kid some more. You make no sense.

Anonymous said...

We would be rolling on the floor and laughing- if it wasn't so real, so dangerous, and so close to home. Glad that the day care kids were moved to the public library and fed. I would note that the public works crew is in violation of the dig test rules. They didn't bother to call, or wait to have lines marked.

If memory serves, this isn't the first time that public works has ruptured a gas line on Easy street. Not too many years ago, they ruptured another one, the same way, at the opposite end of Easy street. We all watched, from the D & M diner.

Recently, they were at the east end of Williams street, doing the same thing, as well. Had they ruptured a line at that site, we're talking 30 inch high pressure interstate lines, that belong to Kinder Morgan. Those three lines are the ones that go through the high school grounds and Kirbywood golf course. I hope that the new city manager puts a stop to this dangerous, reckless, and careless group of morons.

Also, the county commissioner put in both streets, (Shell and Jefferson,) right across those Kinder Morgan lines. He didn't even bother to call for information, free onsite monitors, or permission. He just started buldozing. I recall that he got a major A** chewing over it, as well.

These public works and county crews are the largest danger to the public in the area. Too much heavy equipment. Too much ignorance. Too little competent supervision.

We'll have to wait to see what the bill from Centerpoint energy will be, for all the damages...
It will almost certainly be in the tens of thousands.

Yes, stupidity is VERY expensive, especially when the rest of us, the innocent ones, have to pay it (and had no right of supervision)! That'll be another increase on our water bills- "the Mike Ulbig stupidity surcharge" (director of Public Works, who's SUPPOSED to be supervising these clowns)!

just saying

Anonymous said...

in the absense of the government WATCHING their own city and county idiots! This entire story in Cleveland today, is so very, very stupid. Can't the county just de-annex that place?

Anonymous said...

"makes no sense"? Well, you're the only one who doesn't get it. The rest of us fully understand the recklessnes involved, and the senseless endangerment of all of us, including those day care kids. Read the blogs, and you'll find county workers that had to evacuate their offices, on neighboring Campbell street. Maybe, you need to go back to the advocate. They're still catering to dense types.

Anonymous said...

I agree. The number one cause of bubbas, is pregnant bubba-ettes. We wouldn't have any of these bubbas being idiots, if the government would quit letting these females make babies. Yo, Obamacare: where's the coverage that make this kind of sense? Shouldn't IQ's be measured in this decision process?

As in, the stupider, the earlier they get fixed! IQ = 50, fixed at age 11. IQ = 50. then fixed at age 10.

Advocate clique: offspring get fixed at birth, or next week! The oxycontin kid should already be fixed. All drug users, fixed immediately. Same for their kids.
All GLBT: fixed immediately, and all of their kids.

We can solve the stupidity problem in a single generation, as soon as we quit letting it breed!

Anonymous said...

I agree. We need to concentrate on eliminating the cause of the problem, rather than putting a bandaid on the symptoms. This is why the pill pushing school of medicine doesn't work. It doesn't address the cause, only the symptom.

Yes, forced sterilization would solve a future multitude of societal ills for our planet, as well as overpopulation. However, like the need for a new Texas Constitution, we've never been able to agree, on who gets to be on the panel that decides it.

It's just another good idea,
that will never happen...

Here's a few more, such good ideas, that won't ever happen:

high paying jobs for all Americans, government spending controls, balanced federal budgets, high mileage cars (WHY?they cost more than their fuel savings), solar panel homes (WHY?they cost more than they save,) safe investments, drug free school zones, retirement pensions for baby boomers, a solvent Social Security trust fund (that doesn't belong to Mexico), and honest politicians.

(yes, that was just the short list. Care to add on?)

Anonymous said...

The blogs. LOL. For all his criticism of the Advocate, DS is finding out all his information about the gas leak from the Advocate's Facebook page and website. Doesn't it seem just a tab hypocritical to then poke fun at the very ones keeping you informed?

Anonymous said...

maybe the advocate needs to make a partnership with ds?? (Especially, when they can't withstand his scrutiny, or publishing the truth.) They certainly can't beat him. Join him.

Anonymous said...

questions, bubbalanders: if the actual intent of the EDC (if not, the chamber) is to attract business, to the most unattractive community imaginable.... (drugs, gang rapes, conspiracies, schools, corruption, slush funds, cliques, crime, meth labs,...) then why is the person who personally knows so many CEO's in Houston, not on the EDC? Wouldn't the first name basis, yacht club directories, and country club insider links be of some assistance? (or haven't ya'll figured out yet, that the sole credentials, of a local HS graduate, Barnett puppet, or advocate clique, isn't working...?)lmao

Anonymous said...

like PjBoo says: give them a few years, and we'll rename their museum appropriately: DWEM house (dead white european men).

dennis s pointed out, from the onset, that it intentionally left out the vast majority of the area's history- by the hispanics (over 400 years), and native Americans (hundreds, upon hundreds of years)!!!

That DWEM museum is a Barnett, Barnett puppets, first baptist, and advocate clique farse. Nothing more. Naturally, it had to be funded on the public dime, in the old city hall for free, utilities paid, etc. Just another Barnett, self patronizing scheme, that will turn to dust, soon after they do.

Old Cowboy said...

Well, Henry Patterson you done it again. You have single handily blamed all his Liberty County Jail responsibilities on:

1. Jay Arnold;
2. The Commissioners;
3. And Craig McNair.

Patterson, you are a disgrace to the badge and a disgrace to your office as Liberty County Sheriff.

You are like Sargent Schultz from the Hogan's Heroes, you "hear nothing" and you "know nothing". You are a sad sack! You are a brown stain on Liberty Counties underwear.

You told the commissioners you would have to hire 60 people to run the jail, LMFAO- you idiot!

Resign from office immediately!

PS: Quit manufacturing fake pot bust for press releases too.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Henry Patterson is legally responsible for the Jail and EVERYTHING that goes on in it. If he didnt have his head up Timmothy New's butt so far, he would be taking action to clean up the jail instead of forcing the commissioners to do his job.

Anonymous said...

It was real easy for Patterson and Fontenot to try to lay this off on someone who couldn't be there to defend themselves.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, slugs....

Anonymous said...

Dennis S. you're the town weirdo, just saying.