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Friday, March 23, 2012


Let’s put preferences aside and talk about the scenario most likely to occur as we move forward in the contest for who will serve as the nation’s President for four years beginning in January 2013.

Every Republican I know says they will support whoever wins the Republican primary against Barack Obama. They almost all say the same thing – we can not afford four more years of Obama. But if Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum can’t gather enough votes to stop Romney, the chances of holding onto the White House by liberals are nearly 100%.

“How can you justify saying such a thing when gas prices and the economy and unemployment and so many other important things about this country are in such unacceptable shape?” a reasonable person might say.

The un-played card in this whole thing will be played if Romney challenges Obama. And it may not always appear to be played by Democrats. Some of the most conservative people in this country will be encouraged to worry about a Romney Presidency. When computers are booted up after the primary and google has a rush of people wanting to know more details on Mitt Romney’s Mormonism they will be greeted by things like the following list of ten most weird things about Romney’s beliefs:

10) The earth was created near Kolob over a period of 6000 years (six "days" in Kolob time), and then flung to its present solar system after the fall of Adam
9) There are many gods (also see #4)
8) Joseph Smith taught there is a Heavenly Mother.
7) Jesus, all angels, Lucifer, all demons, and all human beings are originally spirit brothers and sisters.
6) Defining marriage as between a man and a woman… or even between one man and one woman... does not preclude an individual man from having a 'marriage' with more than one woman (e.g. Russell Nelson, an LDS Apostle, is currently sealed to two women).
5) Heavenly Father had physical sex with Mary to sire Jesus' human body.
4) Heavenly Father had a Father, who had a Father, who had a Father.....
3) The Bible is corrupt...but the exact corrupt parts have never been identified...even though the LDS prophets have had a direct line to God since 1830.
2) Heavenly Father changes his mind when enough human pressure is exerted (e.g. blacks getting priesthood, earthly polygamy ending, etc)
1) Polygamy is still practiced and will continue to be in the hereafter. Mormon men may be sealed to more than one wife today....only one at a time. [Edited for accuracy]

Liberals will have a field day discussing religion, but the clincher for them will be that evangelicals who have never voted for anyone but a Republican for President, will express so many doubts that people who have waited for nearly four year to oust Obama will not show up on Election Day.

The intolerance that liberals are guilty of and that they project so consistently on Republicans will finally seem to manifest. Christian Republicans will be turned off by perversions Mormons promote concerning the Bible and all of the crazy made up myths from Joseph Smith forward. They won’t vote for Obama and they may even appear in polls to be holding their collective noses with the intention of backing Romney. But enough of the rabid conservative his voter will be sedated by revelations about Mormonism to give Obama second term.

Obama’s “Christianity” a la Reverend Wright will end up trumping a Mormon Romney when the card is played. And grass roots Republicans will once again regret that the wheelers and dealers in the party pushed a less conservative candidate forward to run in the general election. They will spend four years watching the country under perform and thinking about the greatness we could have achieved had a Santorum/Rubio administration been the source of leadership from 2013 forward for 16 years.

Concerned Republican Voter


Anonymous said...

My same exact thoughts about Romney. He acts like a fake person to me, by the way he waves to people and the way he tries to turn around or walk. He looks like he is putting on a show for the press. I would rather vote for Santorun or Gingrich than Romney.

Anonymous said...

The democrats will be into distoration and spin to try to win the election for their narcisstic marxist dear leader no matter who is the candidate.

If the dems try to play the attack the candidate's religion game and no matter who the nominee is they will, it will backfire. Every, religion, every single one, can be spun to sound crazy, intolerent or whatever. That is every religion. Think about it. The dems are anti-relgion period. Most people care how the candidate lives his life and have no interest in doctrines of a relgion.

You can get the Mormon response to every one of the claims raised in that list on their websites if religious precepts are what you are into, but when you get to the bottom of the motives of those who attack anybody's religion you will find someone making money on religion by selling books, or making speeches. ect. You might take note that the Mormon's have no books, no websites, no travelling talkers who attack anybody's religion. But enough about that.

It looks like enough people in the Republican Primary are not voting on religious preference to stop the Mormon. That is good. That is American. This is not Saudi Arabia and anyone can believe whatever they please in America. It's called religious freedom. This country was founded on that precept.

Mormons live clean lives, pay taxes, serve in the military and do a tremendous amount of service- including for people of other faiths. I think we have all seen Romney does not get shaken up by anything. I have no fear that he will handle any criticism of his religion with maturity and a tolerent response. This guy will not crack under pressure.

Anonymous said...

SANTORUM/RUBIO ticket??? I and my family would love to believe that can be the choice against Obama in November. Other than the religious reason you gave, we have discerned a number of other legitimate reasons why Santorum should be the Republican nominee over Romney. Thanks to whoever wrote this article...we are with you all the way!