Sunday, April 8, 2012

Open Letter From LD


According to you... Liberty County Sheriff Patterson’s new official spokesman, “The Outsiders” and your new writer, Edward Shauberger in place of Robert Valdez- The Outsiders are working with unnamed “State”, “Local” and “Federal” agencies. You have openly, publicly and continually proclaimed your working with these unnamed agencies.

This is an open letter to you... Patterson’s “Outsiders”- Name the agencies you are working with and your point of contact, if you are in-fact telling the truth. As a matter of fact, name ONE “Local” agency you are working with other than the Liberty County Sheriff’s office.

Liberty Dispatch


Anonymous said...

The only people these %urds are working with are the people and agencies they are trying to force private or confidential information from.

Hang in there Fairchild and Tidwells.

Anonymous said...

Showbegger is attacking Liberty, Picketts and Warren for the Outsiders now, what a maroon. Eddie, your writing sucks worse than Valdez's.

Anonymous said...

They are liars trying to intimidate people.

Anonymous said...

doncha know? Staying away from any other agency, (with all your scams and Outsiders,) is 'working with' them! I, for one, would appreciate it, if you'd KEEP IT that way! lmao

Anonymous said...

Nobody is "working with" these people. They may be forced into answering an open records requests, but that is as far as it goes.