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Sunday, April 8, 2012


“Quo vadis?” The modern usage of the phrase refers to a Christian tradition regarding Saint Peter. According to the apocryphal book The Acts of Peter, Simon Peter is fleeing from likely crucifixion in Rome at the hands of the government, and along the road outside the city he meets the risen Jesus. Peter asks Jesus "Quo vadis?” to which He replies, "Romam vado iterum crucifigi." ("I am going to Rome to be crucified again"). Peter thereby gains the courage to continue his ministry and returns to the city, to eventually be martyred by being crucified upside-down.

Regardless of whether this account from a book that was not included when the Bible was being canonized, the idea that Peter thought he should be leaving Rome when in fact Jesus wanted him there is a cautionary tale for us all- even those who would be ministers. And especially Christians who are living in a democratic republic where their participation is part of being a good citizen and requires so many decisions to be made in less than perfect circumstances.

The recent political activity by a minister from the Cleveland area shows some of the pitfalls that can come and how Aubrey Vaughn’s certainty about what direction he should go could easily be flawed and the opposite of what he should be doing.

Pastor Vaughn has made many political decisions that people can agree or disagree with. He has no drivers’ license because to get one the state wants to verify citizenship by seeing your social security card and Pastor Vaughn refuses to have a social security number. He has been jailed because he believes if his church doesn’t have to pay taxes, why should he. So he is no stranger to drawing a line in the stand and labeling things “good or evil” like he has Bobby Rader and Henry Patterson, except with this new line most people will view he has involved himself in personal attacks.

His activism in the past leaves us with questions – like does he drive without a license? Or shouldn’t he help society pay for “our common defense”, etc. by paying his taxes? And his actions against Bobby Rader leave us with questions too. Quo vadis, Brother Aubrey?

We realize the political team of the man who you support (Sheriff Patterson), has as a common characteristic “tax dodging” tendencies. We realize also they have bragged that they would send you out into public under the well thought of moniker, “Pastor”, and that they could get you to do whatever they wanted you to do. They have indicated a little anti-government rhetoric and a common belief that Jesus is the Son of God has bound you to them so tightly that you would help villainies’ Henry Patterson’s opponent.

But just as Peter headed one way and came to know he should turn around, we ask the same of you Brother. Not about whom you are voting for, but about you casting your Pastor’s pen into this local Sheriff’s race and claiming some kind of discernment about Bobby Rader and his integrity. Bobby Rader is a very well thought of Christian businessman who has helped so many children and so many adults in this community that it would be difficult to even guess how many lives he has effected. The help he offered to people came long before he ran for a political office. His Ted Poe style of administering justice has just added to opportunities Judge Rader has had to do good works.

The political team you have associated yourself with told us months ago that they predicted the commissioners’ court would want Rader to stay on the bench until after voters selected his replacement. They also threatened/extorted and attempted blackmail through their point man Eddie Shauberger that they would use that decision by the court and political spin on certain cases Judge Rader had ruled on to humiliate and berate – "Unless he pulled out of the race against Patterson". Quo vadis, Brother Aubrey?

Bobby Rader is not just highly revered by those who know him, he is loved. Loved by many who would tell you his walk and his talk about His Lord are solid and sincere. Why would a minister of the Gospel characterize Bobby’s decision to continue his work until a replacement has been chosen? You admit it is lawful, but you act as if is not moral. That makes no sense to many of us – and to be frank, the direction you have headed in on this matter seems wrong headed. You don’t have to disavow Patterson as your candidate of choice, but seriously, are you actually going to allow these people to use your position as the Shepherd of a church flock, to try and ruin the reputation of one of the most well thought of men in the county? Based on your opinion that his work in the courts gives him an unfair media advantage over the incumbent Sheriff? Quo vadis Brother Aubrey?

These people, this political team of Patterson’s… history will record have faithfully been at the same political meetings you have attended – they do their work in secret and they have secret motivations. Pictures of Valdez and Fuddy Williams and others are hard to come by. Are they not deceivers, Pastor? They have been careful to position themselves in their writing as “grateful for the assistance of local authorities”, yet we can not find one local authority, except Henry Patterson, who wants to be associated with them. They have bragged privately that they will unseat every one of the judges the voters have just elected. But their public writing acts like they are here to help WE THE PEOPLE.

Quo vadis, Brother Aubrey? We respect your courage to take a stand, but are you going to ask the rest of us to join you and these political chameleons in the soon to come distortion of Judge Rader’s work on the bench? Judge Rader ran as a Republcian when there were no local Republicans. He refused to go along to get along. His actions as a judge are very similar to that of Ted Poe. Highly energetic, innovative, honest, and the hardest working JP in the county – Bobby Rader deserves better.


Anonymous said...

This guy Vaughn is a kook and a tool of the outsiders and the cleveland texas good ole boy click. Liberty County officials need to stick together to fight the cleveland good ole boy take over of Liberty County. The fight has just begun. Now the good ole boys in cleveland including patterson are using a political hack who hides behind being a pastor to save their assault on Liberty County.

Anonymous said...

Pastor Vaughan caught the first train he thought was headed in the same direction as he was. He is trained to look for the best in people and is totally oblivious to much of what is going on behind the scenes. His use of BeulahLand and his letter questioning Judge Rader's continued judgeship makes him LOOK like he is part of a group that is bad news. Let's see if the Pastor learns something or if he gets defensive.

Anonymous said...

Hey LD, read Aubrey's rebuttal and it makes what you have written even look more true! He endorses atterson while saying he is not endorsing him. It gets worse.

Anonymous said...

Re: Radiogram Post...Concern about Rader holding JP status....Really? If Henry was so worried about the competition maybe he should of done his job these past few years. I still have never seen him out in public on a scene or even at the S.O. Bobby Rader does an outstanding job as the JP, City Judge and his Insurance company. Oh yea did I mention every morning he magistrates the arrestees at the jail too. You can ALWAYS count on him. Seems to me someone is worried and ya know what...they have good reason to be. Ahhhh...this election is hands down. Sheriff Rader all the way!!!! Rader has the expierence (past DPS trooper) and expierence of the law civil and criminal. He handles it all even is good with the juveniles. He is not biased, he is a hard and dependable person who is responsible and fair. Bobby Rader will do a great job. Henry had his chance and this job is a little too much for him.

Anonymous said...

We have some real $hits as commissioners BUT... They did the right thing this time voting to keep Rader as JP until the election in a few weeks. EXCEPT for Melvin Hunt who voted against Rader, what a &urd.

Anonymous said...

The Vaughan man has about two dozen people who agree enough with some of his unusually political and defiant messages to go to his church.........

Anonymous said...

^^^^^ that's why he was assigned to homeless shelters, rather than a Houston church. Derelicts get assigned to derelicts.

Anonymous said...

He is a fruit.

Anonymous said...

Strip away all the trappings and you see cults operate along two core guidelines: Money and power.

Anonymous said...

Fuddy, Shauberger, Vaughn and ?

Authoritarian Personality: Another charming trait of cult leaders and those surrounding them is the concept of the authoritarian personality.

Although not a recognized DSM IV personality disorder, it is a recognized psychological term. It is an ugly blend of Narcissistic personality, Paranoid personality, Obsessive-Compulsive, Histrionic Personality
Disorders and about sixteen different ugly disorders. All of which translate into the fact that the cult leader (and his followers) are corkscrews with legs (no, that term isn't in the DSM either).

Charisma: Often when people hear about cults and their behaviors they wonder "How could anyone fall for that?" Aside from the fact that there is a huge number of followers with either Dependent Personality Disorder or Narcissistic Personality Disorder among the ranks, the simple fact is these leaders could charm the socks off a snake. They are that charismatic. This and the offer to solve all your deep-seated insecurities and self-esteem issues make them very appealing to the above mentioned mindsets.