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Monday, April 23, 2012

To LD: “Common Sense” in Cleveland, Texas- I Think Not!!

Cleveland PD Chief Bradshaw

So, “former” Warrant Officer Tommi Ashmore with the Cleveland Police Department was recently terminated from the City of Cleveland after the many loyal, dedicated, and very productive years of service as an officer for the city.

The actual date of termination is still at question. Ashmore was not informed of the termination until April 9, 2012 by her attorneys, who had been advised of the termination on this date by Olson & Olson, the legal firm representing the City of Cleveland through all the many fiascos. Yet when TMPA, TMRS and AFLAC was contacted in regards to Ashmore’s benefits and services, all agencies advised that each had been contacted and informed by city officials, and was provided the termination date for Ashmore to be April 2, 2012. What is almost comical in a sad sense is the fact that the termination letter signed by the Asst. Chief D. Broussard was dated April 4, 2012. Seriously!

The City of Cleveland informed a senior officer, vested with the city that she was “terminated” by mail. I feel this is heartless and unprofessional to say the least. TMPA attorneys are representing Ashmore on the administrative issues, while Moore & Associates will be representing her on Federal violations.

According to the termination signed by Broussard, the approximately 2 ½ month Internal Investigation revealed that Ashmore had been untruthful in her original reply to the Chief’s Complaint she received on or about the end of January 2012. Be advised, that Bradshaw has invested more time and man power in attempt to get Officer Ashmore terminated than any other investigation he has initiated. Since the initial filing of the EEOC complaint by Ashmore, Bradshaw has arrogantly placed Ashmore under numerous investigations.

Within the complaint, Chief Bradshaw accused Ashmore of “leaking” a dashcam video of Sgt. Paul Lowrey blatantly using excessive force by striking a male subject in the subject’s abdomen with the end of Lowrey’s flashlight. Be advised that Sgt. Paul Lowrey was not even on duty at the time of the incident but was working security at a local bar, nor did he contact dispatch as required, and inform of his presence on this scene.

What makes this allegation so sickening was that the brutalized subject was already in handcuffs, on his knees and not resisting or displaying force to the on scene officers. Lowrey struck the subject with such force that you can hear the subject gasp for air at the point of impact. I have some much respected family members in Law Enforcement, and they each were floored that the city allows such behavior, and even more so, the subject did not even do anything to justify going to jail, much less be hit while defenseless.

Be advised this traffic stop that the alleged brutality occurred was conducted on or about December 30, 2011, and no disciplinary actions had been taken against Lowrey in regards to him abusing his power and executing excessive force until the media exposed the video of the wrong doing. Lowrey being exposed for the alleged brutality was obviously a lot less a severe infraction, rather than who dared to leak out the video exposing the brutality.

According to officers, the excessive use of force was forwarded up through the chain of command as directed, to the desk of Chief Mark Bradshaw himself. The absurd behavior demonstrated and documented on video was being ‘ignored’ by Chief Bradshaw, to protect Lowrey who is a known personal friend of Chief Bradshaw.

Bradshaw can ‘say’ the issue of Lowrey beating this subject was being internally investigated, but if so, it is more than a coincidence that Paul Lowrey has not been suspended pending his investigation, yet Officer Ashmore was promptly placed on administrative leave for allegedly ‘telling on’ Lowrey. Lowrey has still been permitted to work extra employment to supplement his income even more. It has been said that Lowrey’s annual pay exceeds that of Asst. Chief Broussard who has been employed for the city way longer.

Ashmore has adamantly denied providing the media with the video of Lowrey allegedly beating this subject while defenseless through her attorneys, and states she is not untruthful. Sgt. Matthews was assigned the duty to investigate the incident involving Lowrey, and also the Internal Investigation involving Ashmore. I, along with many others in the community feel that the FBI should be doing what they are paid to do about Lowrey. There’s a video for Christ sakes! Cleveland PD only has a few detectives, and is too small of an agency to be investigating internals of this caliber. And I’m sorry to inform that Ranger Huff also is a close acquaintance of Bradshaw’s, thus my referring to the FBI.

According to sources, the media was not questioned as to who provided the video to them. Again, citizens agree that the media should have been interviewed as well; yet Sgt. Matthews did interview personal acquaintances of Ashmore’s, asking if they had knowledge of Ashmore leaking the video. I am sure this was quite humiliating for Officer Ashmore.

Something the City of Cleveland officials need to strongly consider is that Chief Mark Bradshaw is a bully and does not have many fans, not only in Cleveland, but also in the surrounding communities as well. There are many individuals who pray he will not be damaging the city much longer, and any number of people would probably ran to the media with that video to bring justice and finally have Bradshaw and Lowrey get just a small portion of the hurt they have intentionally caused in others’ lives.

Also, according to Bradshaw’s secretary, Melissa (ironically same name as his ex-wife who divorced him in the 90’s) and the Evidence Tech Officer Vanlake (who by the way does nothing but play on the internet or her nook all day, pull her internet usage to confirm) talking very loudly and openly at a local restaurant, the two “main” doors that secure all pending county case files has been unsecured for up to a year and ½. The locks have been broken, and Chief Bradshaw had knowledge of this and did not repair them. Needless to say, this area that has been unsecured from his negligence is where the “leaked” out video is stored, along with all the other pertinent outstanding county cases. In my opinion, all these cases have been compromised due to Bradshaw’s negligence.

Of course, Bradshaw states the incident was currently being investigated, but a question that a lot of the citizens in Cleveland, as well as fellow officers have is ‘why is Lowrey still on the payroll to this day, never been suspended for the allegation while being investigated, and even up to almost a month after the incident occurred, it was known at CPD that this was a “hush” topic.

Instead of Lowrey being the one held accountable for his actions, Chief Bradshaw has terminated a good officer and has numerous other officers under investigation. I was informed that Bradshaw pushes off Lowrey’s lack of discipline onto others to “pay for”. I even heard Asst. Chief Broussard was written up for Lowrey acquiring a couple grand in overtime in ONE pay period. Not Lowrey, but Broussard. Makes any reasonable person wonder what they know on each other, Bradshaw and Lowrey that is.
Moore & Associates, representing Ashmore, diligently filed the appeal with the City of Cleveland, stating this horrendous act was indeed another form of retaliation towards Ashmore. The real city manager, Dion Miller had informed Ashmore’s attorneys of an appeal hearing regarding her termination being this past Friday. Sources say that the attorneys informed they need to reset to a future date for investigative purposes of their own.

Citizens of Cleveland need to come together and put a stop to all this drama that we did not have before Mark Bradshaw sat in that chief’s chair. From reading past articles, I am aware that Ashmore has filed an EEOC complaint, which has resulted in the filing of a Federal Lawsuit against Mark Bradshaw and the City of Cleveland. When I spoke to Ashmore about these actions, she informed she has been very hurt by Bradshaw and certain city officials who know she is right and have allowed the retaliation to continue to the point that she is now terminated. Ashmore also informed the city refused to mediate and resolve the issues upon filing the EEOC complaint, and Bradshaw, Lowrey and Primeaux continued to retaliate against her for standing up for what is right.

This isn’t Mark Bradshaw’s first rodeo with the EEOC (sexual harassment, pornography, harassment of public servant), nor is it with his own excessive use of force issues while at Humble PD. Have your attorneys do some digging in regards to Bradshaw himself abusing an inmate while in jail. Just fyi.

My words of advice to you Officer Ashmore, hang in there girl! YES, you are right and you have support. Sweetie, you will come out ahead. I seriously don’t think these people read those huge posters the Federal Government demand they place on the walls in break rooms and such. I will leave this with saying multiple counts of discrimination, multiple counts of retaliation and whistleblower act!

Anonymous for now!


Anonymous said...

Bloated toad waste of space reject from Humble.

Anonymous said...

My disappointment in Harry Kelly and Henry Patterson is only surpassed by my disappointment in Chief Bradshaw.

Anonymous said...

Bundle them up. Bradshaw, Patterson, and Melvin Hunt should all be forced to retire. We have new blood that will do these jobs in a way that is better for us.

Anonymous said...

Mark Bradshaw is one of the most despicable people I have ever had the misfortune to meet. He is a dirtbag above all dirtbags. Someone really ought to take a very deep look into the accounting of the all the red light funds Bradshaw is taking in. The city deserves a federal lawsuit! They knew about Bradshaw's previous EEOC complaints when he was at Humble and hired him anyways! Mark Bradshaw is a monster until someone stands up to him then he turns into a shriveling little coward. One day he will have to pay for his sins in this life and the next. COUNT ON IT! And when he throws up a Grand Hailing sign of distress he'll look around and see no one there to help him.

Anonymous said...

Bradshaw is a jerk. Ashmore is fighting a battle for the whole police department and I hope she wins!

Anonymous said...

Is there a bigger cesspool than Cleveland, Texas?

Anonymous said...

Whoever wrote this must not have been told about the obese dispatcher Katherine who solicits sex on craigslist who wrote a statement against Ashmore for Bradshaw. That's his credible witness lmfao! Her and her married boyfriend were looking for another woman on craigslist to have threesomes with! Too funny! And don't get me started on crime scene dunce Amber Van Lake. Her boyfriend looks like a fat lesbian!

Anonymous said...

As a former CPD officer myself, I'm embarrassed. True, Cleveland PD's pay and equipment has always sucked, but we didn't have to be afraid of the superiors. Back in the day, you messed up and they would you on nightshift or bs like was expected. But this is insane and where I work now, we care for each other. So glad I left there!

Anonymous said...

You hang in there Tommi girl, You are one of the best Officers I've ever met & aspire to be as efficient and professional as you. You're a kind and loving person, Some Idiots don't have the privilege of knowing the considerate, caring person you are. They push you to the point of no return.... then they get the horns! Bradshaw messed with the wrong Gal! Thank you for representing all the female officers that didn't have the courage to stand up and say "Oh Hell No Santa'!!!! (and men for that matter) You are MY HERO!
Hang in there Hun Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Change of SCENERY, anyone???
there's a certified police officer job, listed at Coldspring ISD (cocisd.)

Anonymous said...

Last week, the mayor's state of the city address only accounted for the following purchases, out of all the red light camera funds: four squad cars. Where's the rest, Bradshaw and Paul?

BTW: traffic can't be much safer (the only authorized use of the funds) with multiple wrecks this weekend, including a councilman.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Bahahaha. "Chief Bradshaw purchased 4 new patrol cars with the redlight camera funds, isn't he fabulous!"
Lol, his ghetto ass hasn't bought anything! Those cars are on a monthly 'lease'. Yes....a lease!
If for some reason they can't pay for them I guess they'll get repo'd by Humble Wrecker Service, wouldn't that be ironically hilarious

Anonymous said...

oh? Leased? not purchased? With that kind of wear and tear, not to mention, extreme mileage???
That should be a five digit lease termination fee, shouldn't it?

Same brilliant mayor, too... the one that thinks that a town, founded in 1878... is age 75, in 2010. Another degreed idiot.
Somebody needs to call Baylor U, and get her money back on that diploma mill degree! They saw her hick town doctor (daddy) coming, and robbed him blind!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of brilliance, I was told that the Detective investigating this all has worked for 22 different law enforcement agencies. Yes, Sgt Eddie Matthews averages out to an agency a year! Go figure that this is who Bradshaw handed the investigation to. Matthews isn't the saint he makes himself out to be- LADIES. Saved text messages will soon reveal this too.
Isn't it strange how Bradshaw diverted the attention from what should be the main reason for investigations- police brutality by Lowrey!

Anonymous said...

22 agencies? Oh, please! You can do that much at a single game room raid. There's that many agencies, wanting their fingers in the divying up of the spoils- the seizure funds!

Anonymous said...

^^^^^^^ lololol
let's change "to protect and serve" to...... (drum roll, please)
"to swoop, raid, and SEIZE" !!!

Unknown said...

People throughout history hobnob with individuals Just like themselves. Birds of a feather. Look whom Bradshaw is bedding with, so to speak, or visa versa.

Karma and truth always Prevails.
Justice and justice FOR ALL.

Unknown said...

Wow, that was years ago & I'm just now seeing all these comments....thank you all! Needless to say, I have never felt the same about law enforcement since this ordeal.
Tommi Kelley