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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Shauberger's getaway vehicle.
After engineering perhaps the most lopsided defeat by an incumbent Sheriff in Liberty County’s history, Eddie Shauberger seems to be abandoning the second county he has called home since his start in politics in 1994.

Shauberger ran for County Judge in Liberty County in 1994 and lost. It was the first of four attempts to get a majority of votes in the county. Then he ran unsuccessfully for state representative three consecutive times before he and his partners got in a nasty struggle to take what they could from each other. Shauberger has not run for office since his business dealings with his home healthcare company ended up in multiple lawsuits and criminal charges. In fact his struggles landed him in neighboring Chambers County. Shauberger has alienated many of his friends in Liberty County by his bizarre behavior, but he has subsequently been ordained and preached for several years in Oak Island as he has awaited trial and a resolution of all of his business dealings in Liberty, Texas.

Besides the chaos Shauberger is infamous for like drawing friends into politics, business and legal problems, he also seems to continue to add CPS investigations to the dark shadow that follows him. Shauberger has managed to keep allegations by several of his adopted daughters through the years from becoming public knowledge, or even known by many of those closest to him.

Even with all of his mounting troubles, he has continued to involve himself in politics. Much of the strategy of the Henry Patterson re-election campaign unseen by the public was foretold by Shauberger. He is also rumored to have also been advising Monroe Kreuzer’s bid for Sheriff in Chambers County and Richard Baker. All three races were disasters and kept citizens stirred up in both communities.

One day after those terrible losses it appears Shauberger is quickly retreating to his third county. Liberty Dispatch sources informed us that Shauberger had backed a u-haul up to the parsonage where he lives in Oak Island. It now appears Shauberger is headed for Bexar County.

As Shauberger moves to San Antonio, he leaves behind a trail of tattered, threatened and abused friends, associates, acquaintances and family members.


In the wake of the results coming in on election night, many people wanted to express their opinion about the voters’ decisions. It was late but most comments that came in to Liberty Dispatch were positive comments about the landslide election of a new sheriff. However a few comments came in that were laced with profanity and a reference to Logan Pickett and a rhetorical question similar to this one: “How about the election results, LD?”

Liberty Dispatch did not post the vulgarity-filled comments, but we will answer the question the Pickett supporters have acted as if they know the answer to.

After working over a decade to elect Republicans in this county and starting with zero, we are pleased. Many of the candidates that won Tuesday night have no opponents in the November election. The other Republicans are expected to do well in the general election. We have come so far in so little time after over 100 years of Democratic party domination, it makes me proud of voters in Liberty County. So the implications and the attempt to demonize LD, are pretty stupid as our party is already guaranteed to have made another huge step.

But to respond to those who are sincere in wanting to know how we feel about losing the closest race in the election, we will certainly acknowledge our disappointment. Karen McNair was better prepared to be a district attorney. Liberty Dispatch, at McNair’s request, held back some information that could have embarrassed Pickett and easily made up the difference in the vote totals. Our respect for Karen McNair is only magnified after researching her efforts as the assistant County Attorney and seeing how professional she handled herself in a very competitive political race.

One point that should be made and that is obvious to those who were at Liberty County Republican headquarters on election, Karen McNair was easily the favorite among those who are politically active and devoted to the local party. It would be very easy for Republicans to view Pickett as an opportunist and to declare a four year war on him. However, despite the popularity of Karen McNair and the absence of Logan Pickett at both the local Republican convention and the Republican gathering on election night, LD will take a wait and see attitude toward Pickett.

Will Logan Pickett correct the problems many have identified in the D.A.’s office? Will he continue the antagonism toward the judges? Will he end the selective prosecution and the covert politics that chooses winners and losers based on things other than the law?

Time will tell…

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


(Liberty, Texas May 29, 2012 - posted 7:01 PM) The people have spoken. In 2008 Henry Patterson promised voters across the county if he was elected it would be the end of good ole boy politics in the Sheriff’s Department. And he promised the people of Cleveland that his department would focus much of its attention on them. He hired men that had been rejected in Harris County and hitched his campaign wagon to people who did not live here. Tuesday, March 29th, after weeks of delay because of Democrat judges, voters in Liberty County finally voiced their opinion about Sheriff Patterson’s performance the last three and a half years.

Incumbents are often difficult to beat. They have the advantage of being able to make and to shape the news. So some will call the results of this race an upset, but voters were aware of the leadership problems in the department and they have waited for the election to vote for a change. Liberty Dispatch wants to thank all of those who read and/or contributed to postings that pointed out the problems with Patterson’s administration and his campaign strategists.

Voters have decisively chosen Bobby Rader as the next Sheriff of Liberty County. Rader is not scheduled to officially take office until January 2013.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Liberty County Rising From The Ashes

In Liberty County a war is being waged, a battle of good against evil. The local battle is between the "evil" and corrupt in the Liberty County DA’s office and those who are "good" that we want elected in their place.

The evil in the Liberty County courthouse being the Liberty County DA’s office are guilty of Selective Prosecution, Malicious Prosecution, Official Oppression and Official Misconduct. The problem centers on current County DA Mike Little and the candidate he is pushing namely, Logan Pickett. The "evil" have abused the people’s trust by using the office of the DA’s office to “cash in” and bury those who speak against them. According to allegations, some people in the DA’s office have long taken bribes and will cut deals if you have the money after being charged. Logan Pickett winning the DA's office would help the "evil" in the DA’s office continued bribes worth millions. Allegations have swirled around Logan Pickett guilty of domestic abuse against his wife in Harris and Liberty County, all covered up and secreted by Liberty County Law Enforcement and Logan's dad, Liberty County Mayor, Carl Pickett.

Current DA Mike Little who is vacating office is trying to slip out of office without being criminally charged for his decades of corruption – but not before he pushes his replacement (Logan Pickett) to block any of his deeds from surfacing.

Finally, in over 150 years Liberty County has a chance to elect the “good” over “evil”. Today is the last day to vote for the future of Liberty County and its children.

Sheriff candidate Bobby Rader and Liberty County DA candidate Karen McNair are the “good”. They are the formula for Liberty County to start anew and be a place where all financial types and people can be treated honestly and fairly if we elect these two people. People won’t be targeted because of their speaking out or for political vindictiveness.

Liberty County is on the brink of a new dawning like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

Our Party- The Party of Lincoln

Please vote Tuesday May 29, 2012 to help insure Liberty County's future.

God bless Liberty County and God Bless the USA.

Friday, May 25, 2012


The only questions we have left to ask as the last weekend before the 2012 primaries comes to a close is asking Logan Pickett, Pickett and Pickett law firm, and all of the attorneys that are close friends to them, “Are you really serious?” and “Do you really think voters are that ill-informed?’

The Pickett campaign was the first to sling mud and question whether Karen McNair’s family connections could cause a conflict of interest when it came time to set budgets for the different county departments. When the first round of this sailed out of the hands of Pickett’s campaign, Liberty Dispatch thought the Pickett machine would tell their people to shut that part of political hatchet job down but they didn't.

The mud has not stopped flying however. The Pickett campaign probably turned to this kind of desperate attack because the facts about Logan Pickett signing up to run for District Attorney with close to no experience makes him a hard sell to voters.

But whatever the reason, it is time to make it clear who has the most to gain by electing thirty year old Logan Pickett being elected D.A. In a family of lawyers with a circle of friends full of lawyers, Pickett’s election could mean millions of dollars worth of cases from clients who want to hire someone with an inside track to the prosecutor.

The McNairs do not have these kinds of connections. Neither do they have reputation for having things their way as we have discussed about the Picketts in previous articles. The Picketts are the ultimate insiders and should have been the last to start this kind of campaign. Look at every insult and every innuendo that has been hurled at Karen McNair and if you know the Picketts well enough, you can see that they are more guilty than those they accuse.

The Picketts can be nice people, but anyone who has lived here long and paid attention knows they are elitist. It is easy to be nice when it helps you to gain support to keep you on your throne. It is time to end their reign and let them come down here and breathe the air the rest of us breathe.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Slimy Democrats Trying to Control Republican Races in Liberty County

Television viewers must have been trying to clean the wax out of their ears after hearing the most liberal President in American history tell voters today that Republicans were the spendthrifts and that he is doing all he can do to hold spending down. Amazing!

So amazing I turned the TV off and browsed the internet. But there was no avoiding this kind of spin from Democrats today! Right there in black and white, Todd Fontenot and Allen Youngblood are working the same angle on the internet. Fontenot as commissioner has no rival in Liberty County in the area of spending and borrowing money. And Youngblood and the rest of the local liberal media is working bit by bit to sell voters on that idea and the idea that the new Republican County judge has been the culprit all along Amazing!

This political strategy seemed so lame when it first caught our attention, but Fontenot and Youngblood have picked up some allies and it is time to connect the dots. We have all heard politics makes strange bedfellows but think about what you have seen and heard in the last few weeks and you will see some of our local politicians twisting the truth to suit their needs. Here is the sequence of how this was put together:

1) Democrat Liberty Commissioner Todd Fontenot, desperate to prepare for the November election, decides to start campaigning like he is a conservative and rather than promising voters stuff like he usually does, he talks about saving money.

2) Sheriff Patterson worried that he might lose to Bobby Rader, decides to try and get the black voters in Cleveland’s precinct 20 to vote in the Republican primary for the first time in history.

3) Fontenot decides he could talk black voters in Ames to vote in the Republican primary for the first time, he could have them choose the person he considers to be his weakest potential opponent.

4) Logan Pickett suffering from the almost insurmountable obstacle of having almost no experience launches innuendo about his opponent being a liberal feminist and having connections that could lead to criminal activity… worries people know his opponent too well to believe it. He decides to meet with Patterson and see if he makes some kind of trade for help getting votes in the Cleveland area.

5) Fontenot continues to act like he is trying to cut cost and hold down expenses despite years and years of trying to spend money to keep voters happy to get re-elected. He blames the rising cost on County Judge McNair - despite the fact Judge McNair, Judge Cain, Judge Morefield, and Judge Chambers have worked together to save millions of dollars by not always housing people accused of non-violent crime in jail while they are awaiting trial.

6) One of Patterson closest friends is the CEC Warden Timothy New. He would lose his job if CEC doesn’t get the contract. Patterson allows the people bidding on the jail to see the figures he is going to turn in that show the kind of money he would need to manage the jail. Negotiations go sideways and CEC’s numbers suddenly go up- allegedly with Sheriff Henry Patterson’s scheming help.

7) CEC had already said they were going to raise their fees, but the money saving measures the judges took had them in a vulnerable/negotiating mood. Fontenot publicly expressed his anxiousness to sign the larger contract and skip the negotiations. Patterson’s tip puts CEC in the catbird’s seat.

8) Pickett, even though he knows it isn’t true, liked the “Blame it on a McNair” take because he is running against a McNair and it keeps people from focusing on the fact he has close to “zero” experience. He and Todd have a mutual interest in slinging the same mud. Fontenot and Pickett both need Ames to vote for them and the McNair angle helps them both.


A) The problems with the high cost of the jail started with Todd Fontenot and company. If Todd Fontenot and Logan Pickett and Henry Patterson want to blame a Republican, it is difficult to separate McNair from the other three republican judges. Pickett and Patterson might as well be attacking every Republican. Republicans have taken money saving measures and they are still looking for ways to clean up one of many of the messes Todd Fontenot, Melvin Hunt and Lee Groce left in place.

B) Pickett and Patterson have linked themselves with the biggest tax and spend liberal local Democrat in Liberty County history.

C) Pickett, Patterson, and Fontenot are being a very deceptive by soliciting staunch Democrats to help them win their races.

D) This deceptive plan by Pickett, Patterson, and Fontenot will likely hurt Bobby Rader, Karen McNair, and Mike McCarty.

E) Allen Youngblood’s website warns people to vote for Logan Pickett because Liberty Dispatch is for Karen McNair. What they don’t say is that there has been no louder and consistent voice for Bobby Rader. There is no mystery here. Liberty Dispatch wants to complete the clean up of the good ole boy system. We have supported the candidates that would accomplish that. Youngblood is a liberal Democrat. There is no Democrat running for Sheriff and he, like almost everyone we know is for Rader. Mike Little (Liberty County’s Democrat D.A. and confidant of Youngblood) wants a good ole boy in his spot and as far as Youngblood is concerned, Pickett is the closest person he can find to a Democrat. Fontenot is a Democratic favorite of Little’s because he helps him at budget time. Fontenot has been way more cooperative than a sister in helping him get what he wants at budget time.

Liberty County is on the edge of a new dawning to become a place safe for children and generations to come. What is holding Liberty County from moving forward to be the best place it can be is the corrupt Liberty County DA Mike Little and his “handpicked” DA candidate replacement (slush fund manager) Logan Pickett.

For a better future in Liberty County we need Bobby Rader for Liberty County Sheriff and Karen McNair for Liberty County DA - both elected.

Liberty County Judges hit one out of the park, again...

Via Tuesday's commissioners meeting, Liberty Dispatch has learned that our top judges, Chap Cain, Mark Morefield, Tommy Chambers and Craig McNair have again made Liberty County proud.

The judges have sponsored an A&M Professor and community advocacy group to come in and do in depths study on the feasibility and cost savings of Liberty County taking back control of the Liberty County jail. The Liberty County jail has been plagued with death, drugs, sex, rape, contraband, oppression, beatings and numerous other human rights violations along with many other crimes- all under the watchful eye of C.E.C. Warden Timothy New. This is not the equitable, moral or Republican way. Liberty Dispatch has believed all along that taking back the management and operation of the jail is the best and most equitable thing for the people of Liberty County.

Congratulations to our judges for keeping the faith and exploring ways to make Liberty County a better place for all. Those associated with Liberty Dispatch have fought tirelessly for years to have the kind of representation we now have in place for Liberty County and those elected are showing why they were worth the costly fight. They have to date proven to be a credit to the community and to the Republican Party.

We should not get complacent, our work is not yet done, and we have the remnants of an evil in the courthouse that is almost gone. Keep the faith Liberty County and send the corrupt evil in the DA's office packing next Tuesday.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

ANOTHER- Liberty County Republican Chairman Endorses DA Candidate Karen McNair

Liberty County DA Candidate, Karen McNair Endorsement:

"These stories and information I have had for a while are why I am joining former Liberty County Republican Party Chairman Andy McCreight in endorsing Karen McNair for District Attorney. We need a change and she is the most qualified and least connected person to the good ole boy system in the race."

Richard Pegues, Former Liberty County Republican Chairman

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Liberty County Republican Chairman Endorses Karen McNair

When considering making an endorsement for the position of Liberty County District Attorney one has to seriously focus like a laser on the question of why should this person be in such a community leadership role.

In the case of Liberty County District Attorney, the most important qualities that have to be questioned are experience and fairness.

Karen is the most experienced Candidate running for this position.

When it comes to the question of applying law in a Fair and Judicious manner, I have to give Karen McNair very high marks in this area also. I had the opportunity get to know Karen and her husband Rick over the last couple of years. She served as the Secretary of the Liberty County Republican Party during my term as Chair. They treated me with respect and fairness. They are good people.

I trust Karen McNair to apply the law in a just and upright manner when dealing with the people of Liberty County.

I encourage the people of Liberty County to vote for Karen McNair.

Andrew (Andy) McCreight
Former Liberty County Republican Chairman

Top 10 Reasons Obama Won't be Re-elected

For your viewing pleasure, we are posting a syndicated Top 10 reasons Obama wont be re-elected. You wont find this kind of information on any other website based in Liberty County, Texas- MORE POWERFUL, MORE WATCHED, AND MORE REPUBLICAN AGENDA "Liberty Dispatch".

1. Jobs, jobs, jobs

While the official unemployment rate has inched down to close to 8 percent, that number would be much higher if all the discouraged job hunters who stopped looking for work were included. Obama’s record as a job creator is dismal, because the basic tenets of his economic ideology are woefully misguided. Government doesn’t create jobs, it just gets in the way of companies that can.

2. Health care showdown

With the Supreme Court readying its decision on the president’s signature initiative, the Affordable Care Act will be front and center right as the campaign is heating up. No matter how the court rules, the nation will be reminded of the highly unpopular health care overhaul that was enacted with legislative bribes, using arcane congressional rules, and without a shred of bipartisanship.

3. Immigration showdown

The high court will also be issuing its decision on Arizona’s immigration law, SB 1070, which allows local police to check a person’s immigration status. With polls showing a strong majority of Americans favoring the legislation, Obama’s suit against the state is highly unpopular.

4. Dismal economy

The economy is not doing well, given the nation is in the midst of the weakest recovery on record and even that is petering out. With so-called Taxmageddon looming after the election when a host of tax hikes are automatically scheduled to take effect, an Obama victory would ensure a continued weak economy because he will gladly allow them to be enacted.

5. Big government run amok

From Obama’s fictional “Julia,” who can’t get through life without a raft of government programs, to his failed stimulus package, this president is all about crafting a big government solution to every problem. The American people are onto the community organizer spreading the wealth around. They would rather have economic freedom than a government handout.

6. Base depressed

The “hope and change” enthusiasm from 2008 is long gone as voter registration is lagging among the young and minorities. Without a fired-up base, Obama will be hard-pressed to match the turnout he enjoyed four years ago. Millions of voters expected this president to deliver more than high unemployment, a weak economy, and lackluster job creation.

7. GOP on fire

Despite a hard-fought primary, conservatives are beginning to coalesce behind Romney, knowing that the real issue is the defeat of Obama’s big government agenda. Because turnout is always the key in an election, the fact that conservatives will be fired up to remove Obama from office will make the difference.

8. Misguided energy policy

Obama canceled the Keystone XL pipeline, has kept vast amounts of U.S. energy resources off-limits for development, and, through the Environmental Protection Agency, is regulating the coal industry into oblivion. His energy policy is misguided by a devotion to the global warming alarmism cult. No wonder gas prices have soared since he took office.

9. Foreign policy misadventures

Obama is making a mess with his haphazard foreign policy, angering allies like Israel, resetting relations with Russia in the wrong direction, while doing nothing about Iran’s and North Korea’s nuclear ambitions. Obama has apologized for the country’s actions and handed over decision-making to international bodies. Where America was once respected around the world, it is increasingly being seen as a paper tiger.

10. Scandal-plagued administration

From the Fast and Furious gun-running debacle to the General Services Administration’s lavish Las Vegas conferences, from Secret Services officials’ romp with Colombian prostitutes to the politically driven decision to dump taxpayer’s money on green energy companies like the now-bankrupt Solyndra, this administration is increasingly taking on the look of a scandal-plagued enterprise.


Part two, by Richard Pegues

On May 21st I had not had much sleep the night before and when I answered the call to be at jury duty in the 75th District Court at 8:30 AM, I kind of stayed to myself. When Juror 16 spoke up and face to face complained about the District Attorney’s office, it was after lunch. The man’s passionate words were full of frustration and disappointment and when he finished I had one thought: “Even though I bet I am not picked on either jury, I am glad I was here for to hear that juror.”

But my day in the courthouse was not over. During the break, I waived at a former undercover cop as I passed by. He was in the jury pool and caught up with me at the double-door entrance to the courtroom before we re-entered the 75th. We sat and visited for awhile before the business of the court got going again and I learned (and was reminded) about some of the things that the good ole boys system have done in this county.

The undercover cop complained the years he risked his life for the people of this county, one of the most frustrating people to deal with was Mike Little. He said he would make a bust and turn over the confiscated goods to Little and the D.A. would “mess me around”.

If I confiscated automobiles it was not right for the D.A.’s people to drive those vehicles around. If I confiscated money, Little could hold it for us, but when we ask for what sometimes was hundreds of thousands of dollars to be transferred, he would “keep the interest accrued”. Not only that, sometimes they appropriated money to people that had no business getting any benefit from the confiscation – like $25,000 to Commissioner Lee Groce.

Liberty Dispatch has talked about “the slush funds” and now we are hearing once again about its illegal handling and misuse. In less than seven hours in the courtroom, without trying, I confirmed what Liberty Dispatch has said for years now.

Liberty County DA Candidate, Karen McNair Endorsement:

"These stories and information I have had for a while are why I am joining former Liberty County Republican Party Chairman Andy McCreight in endorsing Karen McNair for District Attorney. We need a change and she is the most qualified and least connected person to the good ole boy system in the race."

Richard Pegues, Former Liberty County Republican Chairman

Monday, May 21, 2012


Part one, by Richard Pegues

Monday May 21st parking was scarce around the Liberty County courthouse. The 75th District Court and the County Court-at-Law were both choosing juries and the hallways were wall to wall people a little before 8:30 AM.

It took a few hours to choose two juries for Judge Morefield’s court and I was not chosen, but the whole day was worth it because of one juror – juror number sixteen. When juror number sixteen was asked a question, he did not hold back how he felt about his experience with the courts in Liberty County and he confirmed what Liberty Dispatch has said all along.

Assistant District Attorney Logan Pickett did not make the morning without having to ask his boss, D.A. Mike Little to come help him at the bench, but he did ask the question that set off juror number sixteen. Juror number sixteen responded in reference to Pickett questioning the jury pool about whether they could be fair and balanced and wait until they hear the evidence before deliberating the case at hand, and whether they could give up to a twenty year sentence for burglary of a habitat.

Juror 16:

“I would have a problem with that. If you consider that Liberty County has sentenced someone to only five years for murder, I would find it very difficult to sentence someone to twenty years for this crime”, Juror 16 said in a loud clear voice that carried through the high ceilings of the 75th District Court. Juror 16 looked Logan Pickett in the face and continued, “I think a lot of us have come to realize that our justice in Liberty County is much easier on the rich and powerful and much harder on those not so fortunate.”

It is not known if he knew he was addressing a member of perhaps the most controversial family for this very thing. But his next comment was piercing and could be considered to be aimed partially at Pickett and completely at Pickett’s boss, current DA Mike Little. Juror 16 told us about a case where the accused was told it didn’t matter whether they were convicted or not the decisions made by the D.A.’s office could hold that person under the gun for years.

Here a side note and example also-
of one innocent Liberty Dispatch contributor that has been vindictively and selectively prosecuted and held under the gun (oppressed) for years by Mike Little and has been recently forced to file bankruptcy.  Juror 16's words litterally shook the very foundation of the Liberty County Courthouse.

Assistant District Attorney Logan Pickett changed the topic and moved on to other potential jurors. The race to get him before juries and write stories about his success must not have impressed Juror 16. He got the final word on the subject. And the final word was just what Liberty Dispatch has been saying all along...


A Liberty Dispatch reader reminded us all of how voters in the 2008 Democratic primary were convinced to roll the dice and select a candidate with much less experience and an inflated resume as well as an inflated ego. It is impossible to forget how us conservatives were licking our chops to run against the very youthful looking Illinois lawyer who tilted his head up when he spoke as if he were looking down on his audience.

Boy were we all in for a surprise. With most newspapers and radio stations and TV networks acting as some kind of campaign assistants, Barack Obama beat one of this country’s most well known Vietnam POW’s and a four term Senator. The media Obama had on his side, discounted and even ridiculed any effort to point out all of his “voting present” in the Illinois state senate. They ignored the ridiculous argument that he was a United States Senator when he was running. They convinced enough voters that the two years he spent mostly campaigning for President was also two incredible years of experience in the U.S. Senate. Then, in response to those who pointed to his inflated record, they glossed over his inexperience and took every opportunity to put his name in the paper and on the air waves for free. They used his race and his inexperience to try and create a rock star status with young people and they used the idea of making history to appeal to all others.

The results are in on that election. Obama won and the country lost. The media proved how they can influence voters by packaging a candidate and by demonizing any media that challenges them. The irony of it all is that there is a good chance Obama will have to turn to Hillary Clinton as his Vice President to have a decent chance of re-election.

Liberty Dispatch is not, and never has been a Hillary Clinton fan. But her race against Obama may be the classic case for many many years to come of how the media use everything in their bag of tricks to get enough voters to cast their vote in a way they wouldn’t cast it in a million years if simply presented with the facts. They exploited and magnified his opponent’s negatives in that primary and then did the same thing to John McCain and we woke up the day after the election to a nightmare that has lasted for nearly four years.

That is history. The question is what voters have learned from all of this. Will we take what we have learned and actively deter our friends and neighbors from drinking the kool-aid again? Time will tell.


Times are changing and some of the people that are used to having their way around here may not like it when they finally understand what that includes.

Efforts to steer voters away from Logan Pickett’s inexperience and other problems are the same old worn out politics we have seen around here for years. For example, readers could have counted three different pictures in one recent edition of one of our local newspapers that have some reference to either Logan Pickett or the Pickett name. Local media just can’t help themselves as they allow these people to put things in the paper just before the election that are either trivial or could easily wait until the week after.

The Pickett campaign may “say” they want a clean race on the merits of each candidate, but they can not afford for voters to focus on “the merits” because few voters would choose to have Joe Warren and company running the D.A.’s office while we wait for years for Logan to learn from him.

And even though Joe Warren and company would like to scare voters about the possibility of the McNair family, no one should criticize the Picketts for their family history. The links Logan Pickett has going back to his great grandfather E. B. Pickett and his service in various positions in Liberty are well known to anyone who has ever had to research records much in the Liberty County courthouse. His passing of his torch to Logan’s grandfather, the late Brad Pickett left the Pickett law firm in the center and influential on almost anything that came through Liberty for the last sixty years.

Imagine, trying to paint a political opponent as someone who has too many connections that could cause citizens to be dominated by one family when you are a Pickett. Logan’s father is currently the mayor of Liberty and his Aunt Sandy was perhaps the most powerful and influential city councilman in the town’s history. All that as the Pickett law firm is no doubt continued using “special connections” to, not just place Logan in the District Attorney’s office and run for D.A. despite the fact he is far and away the least experienced and least accomplished lawyer in that office.

The fact of the matter is the Picketts have forced their will on Liberty, Texas for years. For example think back on the SRMPA and when we had the highest electric bills in the state – the Picketts started and defended the deal made over our co-ownership of that coal burning plant until finally Sandy Pickett ran for mayor and voters pried their hands off the control of the city long enough for new officials to correct some of their dictatorial decisions.

One of the other examples of how controlling the Picketts have been is the tragic case that involved a much younger Mike Little and city council woman Sandy Pickett. Anyone who remembers the details of the removal of Mayor Scott Parker remembers him telling the D.A. he had the council’s approval for the way he billed the city for expenses. But Mike Little prosecuted Scott Parker for the Picketts and the rest is history.

Another shorter lived time in Liberty history that involved Picketts “controlling” our town and treating us like pawns on their chess board has never been aired fully. For a brief time in Liberty’s history we had a local access channel. It aired things like local sports events, a local talk show, and … oh yes, the city council meetings. What the public may not know is what Sandy Pickett declared early on when she heard that a local man was going to use the local access channel: “We will not be televising our meetings.” Was it the cable company or the Picketts that threw up roadblocks to try and stop that station? And was the cable company prompted (by the Picketts) to try and find a way to get them off of the air after the station had successfully begun televising council meetings along with football games etc.?

To a great extent, the Picketts have managed to keep their name out of the news as far as any connection to the new taxing entity – the hospital district. But no doubt they helped their close friend Bruce Stratton. They have been the most major influence bar none in the guiding and direction of the Liberty hospital since before the 1970’s. When voters voted the hospital district down and the promoters of it secretly re-drew new lines and put it before a slightly altered group of voters, it was vintage Pickett politics. If they want a TV station - we have one, if not - we don’t. If they want to collect millions of dollars from taxpayers and play some kind of shell game with the hospital, then they do it. They have a habit of getting what they want. Ask someone that has lived in Liberty, Texas for very long and they will add to the few examples here.

The current D.A.'s office is corrupt to the core with the exception of a few people. Mike Little and Logan Pickett are not the exception, they are the corrupt.

Now they want the next generation Pickett to be the D.A. Maybe it’s time to let them know that they don’t own or run this county.

Liberty County is so close to being the best it can be... unless Logan Picket and Mike Little have their way. Our future in Liberty County and that of our children is in jeopardy- if we don't act...

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dear Liberty Dispatch,

As I reported to you a few days ago, Eddie Shauberger was in the County Clerk’s office at 10:30 looking at campaign finance reports.

I remembered reading on Liberty Dispatch how the people associated with Henry Patterson and the guy above had one of their associates from out of county make a big deal out of some error Judge Mark Morefield innocently made on his campaign finance reports.

I have a theory why this person is doing what he is doing… it looks like he is trying to create a diversion while Patterson and Pickett exploit Liberty County votes.

These same people recruited James Farmer to run for office even though Farmer is not from here. James Farmer has broke campaign law by not even filing one report since his sign-up to run for office. Their own political partner has violated the rules far more than anything they can say about anyone else running for office in Liberty County. Farmer’s violations would appear to be intentional. People are far more likely to forgive an honest mistake than some of the deceptive moves these people are engineering.

My friends are also upset that Henry Patterson has teamed up with our Democratic commissioner Todd Fontenot and Logan Pickett to try and get Democrats in Ames, Texas to vote in the Republican primary. Todd Fontenot wants Ames Democratic voters to choose his opponent; Patterson and Pickett are willing allies because they want Fontenot to influence his fellow Democrats to vote for them.

Logan Pickett and Henry Patterson have joined up with Todd Fontenot in a dirty and desperate move to exploit the black Democrats up in Box 20 and Ames, for votes.

Can Liberty County expect anything different from these corrupt candidates?

Thank God we are so close to sending these people away from the people's business for a better future in Liberty County.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Liberty Dispatch has recently uncovered some unusual and quite desperate campaign plans by Logan Pickett.

Pickett has been spotted more than once with Henry Patterson and his big money backers from Cleveland and some of the Outsiders at their breakfast/political strategy meetings. Liberty Dispatch has been told by inside sources that Patterson’s people have agreed with Pickett to support each other in the primary. Patterson has bragged for months that Cleveland voters will do whatever he tells them to do. Pickett hopes to get Patterson supporters to overlook the huge experience deficit he has and vote for him for District Attorney (over Karen McNair) while he quietly tells people in the Liberty area to vote for Patterson for Sheriff (over Bobby Rader).

In addition to the support alluded to above, Liberty Dispatch has also heard reports that should disturb all Republicans. If carried through, Patterson would spend significant money hiring drivers to pick up and drive people from precinct twenty in Cleveland to early voting polls. On the way to the polls, qualified voters would be reminded to vote fro Pickett and for Patterson. Precinct twenty is one of the most economically challenged areas in the county and they have a long history of voting 99% Democrat. We have not confirmed how much money each voter would receive.

These reports are disturbing and there appears to be more. Information forwarded to Liberty Dispatch concerning Todd Fontenot’s efforts to do the same thing with Pickett has not been corroborated as well. Fontenot has bragged he will get traditional Democrat voters from Ames to the Republican primary in a similar scheme.

Republicans and independents and Rader fans and McNair voters are encouraged to make sure they go vote and bring a friend or two or three. What should be an obvious choice may be challenged with some seedy political maneuvering.

The corrupt element like Logan Pickett and Henry Patterson is hanging on and using whatever dirty tricks they can to get elected or trick the people of Liberty County.

After over 100 years, Liberty County is on the brink of being the kind of place people can be proud to safely raise their families.

If we act, we can stop people like the Picketts who have held a stranglehold and oppressed Liberty, Texas and they are now reaching for ALL of Liberty County.

Will the people of Liberty County have the courage to stop the century old corruption?

Will it be too late to act against these corrupt people as they broaden their power grab or will we stop them?


After just over three years on the job, City of Cleveland Police Chief Mark Bradshaw is resigning his position effective June 1st. Remember that date and calculate the odds of it being a coincidence as we explain how this is all part of a political scheme to assure Henry Patterson has a power base in law enforcement.

Bradshaw’s resignation is a welcomed event, but only if it helps Cleveland improve the quality of law enforcement they have had in this century. Days before Bradshaw’s resignation, “Chatterbox” (a/k/a/ Eddie Shauberger), Henry Patterson’s political guru, was out running his mouth and trying to impress a few people with his connection to the movers and shakers in Cleveland. He was bragging about how Chief Bradshaw’s resignation cleared the way for Sheriff Patterson to become the part of the Cleveland Police Department again if Patterson’s re-election bid continued to go poorly. Almost like local Charlie Sheen, Chatterbox was declaring victory even after voters express in large numbers how much they want a different sheriff.

“Winning!” seems to be what the handful of rich business men and Chatterbox and all of the Outsiders are saying. The timing of Bradshaw’s resignation is perfect for Patterson if these men really have the power over the people of Cleveland like they say they do. After the votes are counted May 29th Patterson will lose and all of the men he has imported with troubling records from Harris County law enforcement will need a job. And lo and behold! Cleveland needs a police chief. And a police force. Problem solved – according to Patterson’s people.

Months ago Chatterbox said Cleveland voters would be made to vote for Henry Patterson regardless of anything they heard or saw. Confident and smug, he told us all his people had to do to get support for Patterson in the Cleveland community was to talk about how the South part of Liberty County never has cared about Cleveland. He laughed and said nothing could stop Patterson.

Well, he was wrong. Patterson will lose the Sheriff’s race. But Patterson unusual campaign tactic of campaigning almost exclusively in the north part of the county will help Chatterbox and company sell Cleveland on the idea that the people in the south are somehow against them. It is not true, but it is the type of divide and conquers strategy we see Obama use all of the time. Because he has some serious stains on his otherwise unimpressive record as Sheriff, people in the south part of the county have had no real reason to consider voting for him. Since we rarely see or hear from him, he has not changed many minds down here.

But he has run hard up north. He has had to. He has to try and overcome the memory of his last days as Assistant Police Chief in Cleveland when he was one of three people with a key to the evidence room and hundreds of guns came up missing (and Patterson’s buddy went to prison for a few years as the feds came in and prosecuted). He has to work hard to get his Cleveland numbers up since revelations were made public that he knew about former Phil Fitzgerald’s FEMA fraud early on and refused to pursue it.

Patterson’s people have redefined “winning”. I am sure they still would love for Patterson to win the sheriff’s race, but if not they desperately need big numbers in the Cleveland area. Then they can point southward and say, “It is us against them. Let’s show them they can’t do Henry this way. Let’s hire him back in our police department”.

2009 Copyright Liberty Dispatch - do not use without permission
Liberty Dispatch believes the voters will win the Sheriff’s race by giving Bobby Rader a majority. We believe he is simply the best candidate for the job. Liberty Dispatch also believes it is the taxpayers in the Cleveland area that will have to stop Chatterbox and his people from choosing their next Police Chief. We believe there would be some fine candidates apply if given an opportunity. But it is the people of Cleveland who will decide who are “winning”… and if they will be manipulated. We have not verified if Patterson has plans to resign the day after he loses the Sheriff’s race and accept the Chief of Police job in Cleveland – he may or may not have that kind of pull. Or he may have it set up for a friend to get that job, a friend that is ready to hold the door open and let him and Harry Kelly back in the evidence room for more guns grabs.

2009 Copyright Liberty Dispatch - do not use without permission


T.J. Aulds, writer for The Daily News is reporting that Liberty ISD Superintendent Dr. Cynthia Lusignola was just voted to be the Texas City ISD’s next superintendent with a unanimous vote Tuesday.

According to Aulds, school board president Hal Biery hailed Lusignolo's experience in a school district that has a large industrial base like Texas City. She will start on the job July 1 and her first priority will be to "go to school" and meet with community, business and industry leaders to get a better feel for the school district.

Lusignolo told the paper she was excited to join the district and bragged about the community support for the school district as she donned a black and orange outfit reflecting school colors.

Lusignola’s departure from Liberty’s single largest employer may catch some off guard, but others have noted her house has been up for sale for weeks. Her unsuccessful attempts to raise bond money for school improvements and the budget shortfall that caused cutbacks in staffing were areas her detractors would point to as examples of her leadership. While her willingness to teach an algebra class herself and her constant consistent drive for excellence would be what her fans would highlight.

Fan or foe, LISD is expected to almost immediately appoint an interim superintendent. An interim will fill the shoes while the school board is expected to try and collect and analyze applications and find their next educational leader towards the end of June.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Former Republican County Chairman Endorses Sheriff Candidate

Hello Liberty County:

Connie and I have moved on to a different level of our lives. We do not feel the need to tell anyone how to vote and/or who to vote for in Liberty County.

But in this instance I am going to reverse course for just a moment and tell you why you should vote for Bobby Rader.

My first memory of Bobby is in our younger years when we coached against each other during our kids Little Dribbler Basketball days. It seems so long ago now.

We were both competitive but I could tell by his demeanor and actions that he was involved because he loved his kids and he enjoyed being a part of the community. A man who gives of himself in this capacity draws high marks from me. It is difficult to make time to give to your community and accept the criticism that can emanate from parents and spectators. If you have ever served in this capacity, you will understand what I am talking about.

Bobby has always struck me as a just and upright man. When he walks into a room you can sense that he is a genuine person who respects and likes people. He is communicator. He is approachable. He will listen. He is smart. He is business man and has run a successful business. He walks what he talks. He is independent. He does not run with the herd. From my empirical observations, he is one of the true Conservatives in Liberty County.

All of the above traits are what we need in our elected officials.

Again, I encourage you to vote for Bobby Rader and I fully expect him to become the next Sheriff of Liberty County Texas.



Andrew (Andy) McCreight

Cleveland police chief resigns

Cleveland Police Chief Mark Bradshaw tendered his resignation from the City of Cleveland effective June 1, 2012.

Bradshaw began work March 23, 2009 with the City of Cleveland, eager to help the organization move forward and has accomplished many goals.

"The Cleveland Police Department has progressed into the 21st century during my tenure as Chief of Police. The officers and staff are more professional, qualified and have received more training than ever before. Thousands of dollars of technology, equipment, vehicles and an additional patrol officer have been added to the department at no cost to the citizens of Cleveland," stated Bradshaw.

In response to Bradshaw's resignation, Cleveland City Manager Dion Miller said, "I appreciate Chief Bradshaw’s assistance to me since I arrived in Cleveland. He has exhibited professionalism and wants the best for the City of Cleveland, the Police Department, and law enforcement.

Miller went on to add that Bradshaw has initiated training opportunities for police department personnel, improved the equipment used by the department, and has been quite active in community events and functions during his tenure as police chief in Cleveland.

"I wish Chief Bradshaw the best and brightest future in his endeavors," said Miller.

Bradshaw further thanked the city administration for the opportunities afforded him and thanked the officers and civilian staff for their service and support. Bradshaw will spend time with his family before considering other opportunities.


Saturday CNN’s Don Lemon said, “Tomorrow we will see in black churches across this country whether black ministers will push their congregations to support the first black President in history or whether they will continue to try and be a 'good Christian' and support what most people who believe the Bible believe about gays and gay marriage.” (Don Lemon is openly gay and an advocate for gay marriage and his comments are construed to be anti-Christian).

Liberty Dispatch would like to encourage conservatives and Bible believing Christians to vote in the May 29th Republican primary and send those who would under mind those things that have made this country great a message (the liberal media says we will have a low turnout due to apathy)

Please find below statistics on where Americans currently stand on gay marriage:
Total percentage of Americans who Strongly favor/favor Gay Marriage
Total percentage of Americans who Oppose/Strongly oppose Gay Marriage
Total percentage of Americans who are unsure about Gay Marriage
Total percentage support for gay marriage has increased annually for the past two decades
Total number of gay couples
Total percentage of highest concentration of gay couples (Washington D.C.)
Total percentage of lowest concentration of gay couples (North and South Dakota)
Total percentage of gay population in most cities
Total number of U.S. states that gay marriage is legal
Total number of U.S. states that recognize out of state gay marriages
Total percentage of Americans who believe gays should be allowed to marry
Total percentage of Americans who believe gays shouldn’t be allowed to marry
Total percentage of Americans who are unsure whether or not gays should be able to marry

Saturday, May 12, 2012


Logan Pickett on ladder, Mike Little holding
Watching trends in political campaigns can tell observers a great deal more about some politicians than they want us to know. For example, when Logan Pickett started his campaign off by emphasizing “experience”, it only magnified how truly inexperienced he is.
Pickett has made it difficult to vote for him when he indicated his experience versus Karen McNair’s. Pickett embellished, obscured and even downright lied about his experience. Then when the truth was told and voters became very aware that Pickett could not possibly have anywhere near the experience of Mrs. McNair, Pickett attacked the Republican Party.

Now Pickett’s campaign is either showing a total disregard for voter’s recent decisions and Republicans break-thru at the polls or they are just totally desperate to find some reason for voters to elect him. For example, local Republicans have for years questioned John Archer having his hands in  in local tax collecting. Archer and his wife have alternately been the county chairman of the Democratic Party, and they have also periodically been involved in collecting delinquent Liberty County taxes.  Countywide suspicions have been confirmed about Democrat Mark McClelland choosing the Archers again and again to collect Liberty County taxes and then "advancing" or "paying" Archer before John Archer collected even one red cent. There is no record of Logan Pickett or his father, Liberty City Mayor Carl Pickett or DA Mike Little filing charges or expressing ANY concern about Archer or the checks made out to him by the Mark McClelland – Copies of these checks some say "illegal checks" made to Archer (checks of more than $10,000 each) have been posted on Liberty Dispatch.

Now Pickett is attacking the decision of three newly elected Republicans in choosing a new way of dealing with this troubling area and the results of that decision are yet to happen. there is no record of Pickett raising questions about the Democrats handling of this issue - an issue that involves hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars.

In an effort to get passed the fact he is short on experience compared to Karen McNair, the Logan Pickett campaign is attacking the Republicans who voters have overwhelming elected. Instead of  giving the commissioners court a thumbs up for recently selecting a very highly respected attorney that is beyond the grasp of John Archer, Logan Pickett (a supposed Republican) wants to win so badly he is theorizing a conspiracy that is centered around his own party and Craig McNair.

Pickett publicly incoherently rambles about Craig McNair and how his sister is somehow involved in a conspiracy. Voters overwhelmingly elected the County Judge and County Judge Craig McNair has at most one vote in commissioners’ court. Does Pickett think the County Judge is a dishonest?  -or- Is he simply allowing McNair’s character to be disparaged and the Republican Party to be tarnished unfairly because it is the only negative thing he can say about his opponent? If he has any evidence of a crime - other than being his opponent - he should know (with almost two years of experience) what to do.

Is Pickett saying to Karen McNair, “Okay, people now know you have a lot of experience and I have very little, but I will make them vote for me because I will scare the hell out of them by painting your brother as a bad person?”

If he wants to climb the ladder of success and rule and reign in Liberty like his family expects, he may want to try and not alienate the voters and the local Republican Party.

We believe all of Pickett's odd ramblings have been connected to some sort of diversionary tactic. There have been repeated allegations and calls of domestic abuse issues surrounding Logan Pickett that have many Liberty County voters very concerned.  Pickett's diversionary tactics have not quieted the public concerns surrounding his domestic abuse allegations.

Contributor’s Note: Liberty Dispatch has not previously mentioned our suspicions about Logan Pickett signing up to run for office as a Republican based on Mike Little's urging. Now… we openly question Logan Pickett’s running for office as a Republican because of his actions to harm our party and those who are the respected backbone of our party like Judge Craig McNair, Judge Cain, Judge Morefield, Judge Chambers, Judge Rader and County Attorney Karen McNair.

Shame on you Logan Pickett... You have obviously been corrupted by Mike Little.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

FACTS AND MERIT ONLY- Another look at the D.A.'s Race

Those who would like to shut down the comment section of this website aside, here is something for readers wanting to exclude themselves from all of the questions about the personal lives of either of the candidates for District Attorney and look closer at the facts.

Karen McNair has prosecuted 4866 criminals:
  • 535 DWI’s.
  • 699 Drug Cases.
  • 436 Assaults.
  • 1291 Thefts and Burglaries.
  • 1905 Miscellaneous offenses.
Logan Pickett’s prosecution record:
  • Logan Pickett has admitted he has not prosecuted even one case by himself.
  • His numbers have greatly varied depending on when and who he has been speaking to.
  • Logan Pickett's Liberty County case record  -0
Logan Pickett
Recently Pickett supporters have complained about comments sent in to this website. The most frequent complaint is that Liberty Dispatch is “mudslinging” after we posted the year Pickett graduated from law school and how inexperienced he is as the newest lawyer hired by our overly political District Attorney’s office. We reject criticism meant to try and suppress the truth about the lack of experience of Pickett.

False, exaggerated or distorted press releases greatly inflate Logan Pickett's record. But Pickett on the other hand, has had several press releases that make things like his “preparation” for a slam dunk case is something worthy of highlighting. The truth is it was a routine case and his preparation was routine. Worse still, it is very possible the District Attorney in his efforts to coax voters to elect the person he has hand-picked to replace himself, is using county time and resources to distort Pickett’s contribution to cases in our courts. Regardless of the hyperbole in the D.A.'s recent press releases, it is not possible for Pickett to have much experience since receiving a law degree just 60 months ago and only recently going to work in the D.A.’s office. Pickett and his boss do not have enough cases to attach his name to and give him credit for in order to make him look ready to May primary voters. They should have agreed to let Pickett prosecute one case by himself, but they have not risked it.

So while Pickett supporters complain about people’s comments and allegations of Logan Pickett's domestic problems and criticize McNair’s comments about being a more active, hard working District Attorney that is more effectively organized than the group training the youngest lawyer in the office. Pickett would have voters believe that the person with far more experience than himself just doesn’t understand how things work. McNair however, is declaring her intentions to be more than simply the manager of the four Assistant District Attorneys. She will help with the load and prosecute some cases herself. And she will fix the inefficient scheduling that always partners two assistants together and by doing so slows the courts down. She is experienced and can easily be the assistant, or second, in a share of the cases while overlooking the cases as a whole.

Logan Pickett has made up a straw man argument and then used his made up scenario to sling mud.  Logan Pickett and Mike Little must think the voters in Liberty County are stupid...

McNair is saying she is used to working hard and she plans on continuing her hard work. But Pickett and his boss, the same people who have recently passed fifty cases to McNair’s department ..... well they sit around and try to figure ways to beat Karen. Mike Little and Logan Pickett sit around and devise all kinds of phoney bologna press releases about how great a star Logan Picket is while Karen McNair quietly and efficiently does her prosecuting for Liberty County. She has a record and it is a good one. He, like all young people, is at a starting place. He needs to be in a place he can get experience. Running the chief prosecutor's office is not that place.


Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Ignoring the fact that one of the candidates for Liberty County District Attorney just got his law degree about sixty months ago and the ink on his employment contract with the county is almost still drying, the most liberal of all who claim to be news media is shilling for Logan Pickett. With Logan Pickett’s new job with the Liberty County DA and then he immediately signs up to run for DA… is reminiscent of County Attorney carpetbagger candidate James Farmer running. Our readers will remember the story we ran about James Farmer renting a garage apartment in Liberty, Texas then changing his Texas drivers license to reflect his residency as Liberty, Texas to scam voters. Likewise Pickett is also trying to scam and appear to be something he is not… (Farmer note, see bottom)

As some of our readers have pointed out to us, all positive comments about Logan Pickett or any of the Pickett family seems to be posted on a local Democrat website that claims to be news media. And, as our readers point out, negative comments about Pickett have not been posted. Positive comments about Republican candidate for District Attorney Karen McNair are not being posted. There is nothing unexpected here however. Nothing illegal… There is nothing apart from the website’s commitment to Democrats (or as close to a Democrat as is available – the Democrat incumbent’s hand picked replacement). A liberal owns the website and, even though he never warns his audience, he exercises his rights as the owner of the blog by pushing his agenda- Lapdog...

The former food distribution website predictably is supporting the status quo candidate in spite of the fact he is woefully inexperienced. Almost anyone in the county could predict this by observation of past endorsements, but Liberty Dispatch is very aware that the website has had a “special” relationship to the current D.A.’s office and there was never any question for us that the website would fail to consider how risky it is to elect someone who is not prepared to be the chief prosecutor of the county. The owner of the website in question has been allowed to use the assets of this D.A.’s office to do his own private personal investigations for years. The blog owner wants to make sure “business as usual” continues so he can continue to use public assets. He has no candidate running as a Democrat so he holds his nose and goes along with the decision that to win this office Logan Pickett will have to run on the GOP ticket- Lapdog...

Isn’t it odd and kind of comical how that such a Democrat website has to bend over to promote a Republican (RINO) candidate like Logan Pickett. This also shows how deep the corruption permeates in Liberty County and where it emanates from - Lapdog...

The blog in question became known as “the car wreck site” because its owner, and only “reporter”, chases car wrecks he hears about on his scanner and puts the most gruesome pictures he can take on his website so he can make money. Money probably also has something to do with his other Republican endorsement. His website has been forced to support the longest serving Republican officeholder in his bid for Sheriff because of the dollars and sense. It just made no sense NOT to support Bobby Rader for Sheriff because the incumbent, though a Democrat three years ago, is so controversial and ineffective that supporting him would be like electing the Captain of the Titanic “Seaman of the Year” as his ship sunk into the Atlantic. This car wreck blog read the tea leaves and for the first time any of us can remember, sided with most local Republicans – including the people that buy ads on his website- Lapdog...

The most important reason people are for Rader could be because we believe he will dramatically improve the leadership in the Sheriff’s department. The most important reason people are for Karen McNair could be because we believe she is the only person in the race who is ready on day one to lead the District Attorney’s office in its goal of serving the public and pursuing justice, not politics. Liberty Dispatch has no hidden agenda. Just like the owner of the car wreck site, we chose sides decades ago. We are still for Republicans and we are not out to profit by it. He on the other hand- Lapdog...

Candidate James Farmer note: James Farmer has scammed Liberty County and now he is scamming the Texas Ethics Commission- James Farmer has broken campaign finance laws and election ethics laws by not filing numerous mandatory campaign finance reports. Farmer’s supporters being comprised of a local cult and Sheriff Henry Patterson have been very critical of some of our local judges and other elected officials we support- for alleged campaign finance report problems. These people should look at their own illegal behavior before they point the finger at others.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Liberty County Sheriff and Clearance Rates...

The clearance rate Sheriff Patterson is advertising makes it look like there is at least one reason to support to candidates whose campaigns have been struggling as they approach their May 29th date to face primary voters.

Bloated and deceptive clearance rate numbers would indicate that Sheriff Patterson has focused his department in a way that has the LCSO performing at a mark above the average in the state. If the numbers were not purposely inflated it would also be a boost to the campaign to keep continuity in a District Attorney’s office that has suffered one revelation after another of being more involved in politics than is acceptable.

Patterson was claiming his 40% clearance rate can be verified through Governor Perry’s office. But he, and the D.A.’s office, have been conspicuously quiet after revelations that all the numbers from the Governor’s office come directly from the sheriff’s office in each county.

Patterson has manipulated the numbers to look far better than they actually are. Patterson’s skewing of the numbers to help his re-election are partially based on closing cases in ways that keep unsolved crimes from hurting his clearance rate. There is more to it than that, but his actions clearly represent the type of politics he has practiced as a substitute for leadership. The clearance rate in actuality is close to 15%. Patterson’s decisions on how to focus the time and efforts of the resources of his department should not reflect on the efforts of the deputies who dutiful follow orders and risk their lives to protect this community.

To be fair, Patterson’s gaming of these numbers, is not likely to have involved Logan Pickett. Assistant DA Pickett has not been with the D.A.’s office very long and his inexperience (graduating law school in 2006) would tend to make any effort along this line was either solely made by the LCSO or in connection with someone more experienced in the D.A.’s office. Holding Pickett responsible for any numbers reflecting the success of the D.A.’s office while Judge Rusty Hight manipulated public perception is unwarranted also because of the timeline and his inexperience. Hight and the D.A.’s office would revisit court cases just a few days after some verdicts were made in very public venues and the convictions would sometimes take a very dramatic turn from what the public was left to expect as the lack of community oversight left the D.A.’s office and Hight to their own devices. One example was when it looked like a halfway tough sentence on a criminal found guilty of a serious sex crime was probated the next day when the courtroom was empty.

Patterson promised to be different from his opponent/predecessor and rid Liberty County of the remaining good ole boys. He won that race and within days looked the other way when evidence of FEMA fraud by County Judge Phil Fitzgerald was presented to him by law enforcement. He has not arrested or helped to remove one good ole boy from office in his very controversial tenure as Sheriff.

Patterson has been more like the person he replaced than he is prepared to admit. Patterson has said in his campaign, “If you like what you have seen from the Sheriff’s department the last three years, vote for me and you will get more of the same.”

The District Attorney’s race is likely to produce change regardless of who wins. Logan Pickett’s inexperience would leave him heavily dependent on Joe Warren. Warren and Pickett are likely to continue the practices (as best they can) they have learned as they marched behind Mike Little. If assistant County Attorney Karen McNair wins, voters can expect to see the kind of work she is doing for the county now - less politics and more work.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Liberty County Democrat Operative Commits Felonies to Harm Republicans

UPDATE: See the other update of all the internet domain names of community leaders and businesses Murrie Gene Kinney has hijacked- see end of article.

Liberty Dispatch has been given information that a local Democrat operative has intentionally committed multiple felonies to damage Republican candidates in Harris and Liberty counties.

The person in question is Liberty County resident Murrie Gene Kinney. Mr. Kinney is known in the area for sending out kooky and bizarre letters to the editor, threatening people in his own party and other local news media outlets.

Reports also state that Mr. Kinney has lured women to his home numerous times under the guise of helping them with small claims cases born out of the Liberty County Pct. 4 JP's office- only to allegedly sexual harass the women.

Murrie Gene Kinney created and has in reserve for use but not active, only his mail server is activated for that domain name. Lets continue to connect the dots here, then "move on" to the evidence...

Mr.  Louis Guthrie is the Republican challenger in Harris County running for Sheriff against Democrat incumbent Sheriff Adrian Garcia. Mr. Kinney used a domain host well out of the Texas area in an attempt to intentionally deceive and hide his ownership of both domains and others by the use of a private registration service at:

1&1 Internet Inc.
701 Lee Road, Suite 300
Chesterbrook, PA 19087

Unique CSI evidence links below: - name server "" - name server ""

These domains and several others are all commingled into one account owned by Murrie Gene Kinney.

Of all the thousands of domain providers in the US, Mr. Kinney’s illegal domains come back to the above SAME domain provider. We contacted the abuse department at 1&1 and they verified the domain and other offensive websites were being hosted there and "paid for" by Murrie Gene Kinney.

Next, we contacted the Harris County District Attorney's office and asked them what laws if any were broken by Mr. Kinney, they gave us the following information:

Law: Acts 2009, 81st Leg., R.S., Ch. 503, Sec. 1, eff. September 1, 2009. Sec. 33.07. ONLINE IMPERSONATION.

"September 1, 2009, several laws went into effect in Texas, including a law which makes online harassment a third-degree felony.

This new law specifies that a person can be charged with online harassment if he or she uses the name of another person to create a Web page or to post one or more messages on a commercial social networking site without obtaining the other person’s consent with the intent to harm, defraud, intimidate, or threaten any person. Online harassment is a felony punishable by 2-10 years in prison and a fine not to exceed $10,000."

The DA's office said that given the evidence and information... they felt there "would be no problem indicting" someone who had committed the mentioned acts.

Clearly Murrie Jean Kinney has broken the above law/s. After Kinney’s loss in a run for Liberty County Democrat Chair (in some say the most embarrassing upset in Liberty County history) against the incumbent Democrat Chair Nancy Archer... he has intentionally acted breaking the law to exercise his vindictiveness.

It is unknown at this time whether the people who Mr. Kinney has harmed plan to file civil and/or criminal charges including Louis Guthrie and others.

Subject offender information:

Murrie Gene Kinney
DOB: 03/27/1951
TDL: 5939982
38CR 4531
Dayton, TX 775353

Contributor's note: Murrie Gene Kinney has also posted according to his internet provider 1and1. According to 1and1 internet host Murrie Kinney has also bought another one of his "online impersonations" illegal acts/counts.

Below are domain names Murrie Gene Kinney has hijacked- there are more.

Amazon Legal Department threatened to sue him and file criminal charges unless he gave up their domains after trying to shake them down via extortion.

Although some of these domains come back as no webpage, the whois information comes back to Murrie Gene Kinney or one of his fronts.

Its obvious by the domains Murrie Gene Kinney owns that his plan is to extort money from celebrities, local government and corporations.

There is a obvious criminal mind at work in Murrie Jean Kinney to hijack, extort and harass people with his domain ownership.

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Here is what we have posted in our new “Liberty County did you know?” area: 

DA Candidate- Logan Pickett law license: 11/2006

DA Candidate- Karen McNair law license: 08/1982

The facts are... Pickett is just getting started. Even the sixty-something months since he graduated were not all dedicated to anything near like what he would do as district attorney. Only since Michael Mark resigned a few months ago did Pickett begin to get a little practice at trying criminal cases in the prosecutor’s office. He is as green as it gets. DA Candidate Karen McNair has been practicing law since about the same year Logan Pickett was born.

Almost four years ago, Democrat voters decided to ignore the facts and give Barack Obama a chance to be President. Many of us believe he was the least qualified and least likely politician to be successful in our lifetime (and maybe in history), but he was elected nevertheless. And this country has suffered because they elected someone the Democratic establishment packaged and made look irresistible. Most Liberty County voters voted against Obama because of his lack of experience and there is great hope that these same voters will go to the primary and do the same thing and help elect Karen McNair. She is ready and he is not. But whoever gets the most votes wins the position. So please vote Tuesday May 29th.

Friday, May 4, 2012


Schools, Churches, Political Parties, Etc.

When I was young my Father explained to me what people meant when they used the word “politics”. According to him, politics was the art or science of guiding or influencing people. He told me politics was not a positive word or a negative word, it was just a fact of life. Politics, according to him, was everywhere people are trying to get something done.

Liberty Dispatch periodically will get comments sent in that are never posted because of how different the politics of institutions like school and church are than the politics LD’s main focus concentrates on. Some of the comments about schools or people running the schools in either the administration or on the school board are very worthwhile and legitimate topics for community conversation, but the politics surrounding “art or science of guiding or influencing” the education of our young people is usually an entirely different world from the politics involving full time paid elected officials.

The realization of the importance of educating young people and the current data on how it is done most effectively has caused LD to shy away from posting people’s critical analysis or most anything else about our schools. Current professional development in the area of mid management and superintendent level training tends to point to the “synergetic” leadership style as the one that is most likely to transform a community into the most it can be. That recommended style of leadership, synergism in public education, is something LD wants to promote, not hinder. Synergism’s effectiveness is undeniable when it is truly achieved. A school system that is truly practicing synergy is working together so well that it squeezes more out of all of those involved than it would seem possible. It promotes maximum participation by all and it can yield results that sometimes make social scientist compare it to making 1 + 1 = 3. It requires strong leaders that are professionals at listening and who are experts at diplomacy. Synergy is not a top down dictatorial method of leadership. In a school setting, it is an inclusive dynamic way of bringing in all of the resources and ideas of a community to make the school the best it can be.

Times are particularly tough for those who have made the personal sacrifice of giving up their time to serve on a school board and those who are leading a school or a school system. LD recognizes these tough economic times for public education in Texas should be treated by all of us as a time to show extra patience and understanding toward the people trying to “guide and influence” the schools. It is a time when we should all get on board when leadership tries something. We can disagree and recommend something else before a decision is made, but when our leaders commit to trying something, we should do all we can to make it work. If we want our schools to work, we will guard against the more traditional reaction of hoping to remove leaders who are making decisions we don’t agree with. In times like these, leaders may not have the options their critics think they do. The politics surrounding schools should be more of a collaborative effort than party politics.

Church politics are different also. Some would say, “There should be no politics in the church” but I am using that term like I defined above – the art of guiding or influencing people. Churches should have goals and standards or to use the rhetoric of the Bible, “dream and visions”. Churches that do not are likely to fail.

LD has occasional messages sent to us that have people wanting to air out a disagreement in a church. Again, we are unlikely to ever post such comments. The church has God as its head and He has an Under-shepherd or Pastor in charge at each church. Churches need to be in unity to be effective. They need to undergird, support, and pray for their Pastor. There may be some degree of democracy or even synergism. But ultimately the Pastor is called by God and the congregation should simply recognize his calling and yield to his leadership. Traditional “politicking” and building and forming coalitions to gain a majority to do something “your way”, can easily undermine the structure God has set up. The “government” He has set up in His church teaches us all how to submit to authority, etc. and most times when we fail to yield simply because we had a “better way of doing something”, we also fail to receive the fullness of His blessing (part of His blessing is the transformation that occurs through obedience). “Obedience is better than sacrifice”, is a scripture that applies here but not to our democracy.

Political party politics is a different matter however. Those who say they wish we could all just get along simply have no understanding of how democracy has worked in this country since George Washington’s cabinet splintered off and formed political parties. Our representative republic functions best with a system where both sides (and even multiple sides) are aggressively trying to achieve their goals. Almost like a prosecutor and a defense lawyer. Both have a role to play to make the system work. The price of them “getting along” too much would be justice. Political parties and campaigns identify the positives and negatives about people who are running for elective office. That is not the problem with this country. There may have never been a campaign any more negative than when John Adams ran against Thomas Jefferson at the turn of the 19th century. And this country thrived in a system where politics was ultra competitive.

Partisan party politics involves deciding who WE THE PEOPLE will hire to do a public service job. It is not about synergism, but it is about who is going to lead from the position being voted on. It is not about unity and trying to accomplish the same goals, but it is usually about two different visions of what government should and should not do. We should look at the candidates and their plans for the future and we should be thankful we live in a country that has a second amendment that protects the freedom of speech in political contest.  People should not be turned off by tough campaigning. Instead they should tune in. We are choosing our leaders and serious open conversations help to make the choices clearer.