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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dear Liberty Dispatch,

As I reported to you a few days ago, Eddie Shauberger was in the County Clerk’s office at 10:30 looking at campaign finance reports.

I remembered reading on Liberty Dispatch how the people associated with Henry Patterson and the guy above had one of their associates from out of county make a big deal out of some error Judge Mark Morefield innocently made on his campaign finance reports.

I have a theory why this person is doing what he is doing… it looks like he is trying to create a diversion while Patterson and Pickett exploit Liberty County votes.

These same people recruited James Farmer to run for office even though Farmer is not from here. James Farmer has broke campaign law by not even filing one report since his sign-up to run for office. Their own political partner has violated the rules far more than anything they can say about anyone else running for office in Liberty County. Farmer’s violations would appear to be intentional. People are far more likely to forgive an honest mistake than some of the deceptive moves these people are engineering.

My friends are also upset that Henry Patterson has teamed up with our Democratic commissioner Todd Fontenot and Logan Pickett to try and get Democrats in Ames, Texas to vote in the Republican primary. Todd Fontenot wants Ames Democratic voters to choose his opponent; Patterson and Pickett are willing allies because they want Fontenot to influence his fellow Democrats to vote for them.

Logan Pickett and Henry Patterson have joined up with Todd Fontenot in a dirty and desperate move to exploit the black Democrats up in Box 20 and Ames, for votes.

Can Liberty County expect anything different from these corrupt candidates?

Thank God we are so close to sending these people away from the people's business for a better future in Liberty County.


Anonymous said...

All of the old guard in county wide offices have been voted out except for Mike Little.he is trying to keep that old way of things going by pushing off a Pickett on us.If Pickett wins it will keep the political wars going for those of us who are tired of the good old boy system.

Anonymous said...

That is one of the flaws in our system. Our system works well when each party selects their candidates, buit it is full of problems when one party chooses the candidate for the opposing party. Pickett and Paterson should have reported this effort to the party chairman instead of getting involved in it.

Anonymous said...

During the last Presidential election, Oprah Winfrey chose the less-qualified, less-experienced male candidate over the more-qualified, more-experienced female candidate. It didn’t take long for Oprah to feel the backlashd and the country has paid an even greater price. Whatever anyone says the lack of experience is the biggest single issue in the McNair/Pickett race.

Anonymous said...

Let's make the choices simpler. If you've heard the name in politics, for more than two or three years (one term,) then it's a career politician or career political family. Don't VOTE for it!

Anonymous said...

Experience counts, clearly Karen McNair is the best candidate. Her support is far reaching and voters.

Anonymous said...

Mike Little and Logan Pickett keep people on bond for years to financially destroy them then even when they are innocent he still tries these people to cause further harm. Mike Little and Logan Pickett, may you both burn in hell for what you have done to the people of Liberty County.

Anonymous said...

You Mike Little, Logan Pickett and Dan Bradley, you have used the DA's office in Liberty County and Chambers county to attack and oppress your political enemies, GET OUT OF OUR COURTHOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Eddie Shauberger was slinking around last night at the Political Forum at White's Park in Chambers County,hanging with Monroe Kreuzer and Richard Baker. When
are the good people in Oak Island going to wake up and smell the poo??????