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Tuesday, May 1, 2012


At The Cleveland Advocate political forum at the end of March County Attorney Wes Hinch had the line of the night. The gist of Wes Hinch’s comment went like this, “I just hope I get to meet my opponent before the primary election is over”.

James Farmer is the other candidate that will appear on the ballot running for County Attorney. Complete with pictures of his vacant apartment, Liberty Dispatch reported weeks ago on the bizarre circumstances surrounding this Houston attorneys attempt to establish residency without actually living here. We have also reported that Farmer continues to fail to file the necessary campaign finance reports for candidates running for public office. But the mystery goes deeper than that. No one we have talked to in Liberty County has seen or heard from Farmer since he signed up. His “missing in action” includes the absence of any political signs and the lack of appearance at even one public event. That is strange behavior for someone who is running for office.

But is it any stranger than what we have already seen? Our knowledge of James Farmer’s ties to Liberty County start with his circle of associates Sheriff Henry Patterson, Eddie Shauberger, and other campaign advisers. In the light of who is in his political circle, is the deception in establishing residency any stranger than some of their other behavior. Is breaking campaign laws by not filing mandatory reports seem anymore weird than the rest of their sneaky manipulative moves?

James Farmer was recruited to run an actual campaign to help Patterson’s effort to dominate the courthouse. It is possible after all of the initial deception that Farmer spent enough time and heard enough of Shauberger’s plans that he became uncomfortable and refused to appear publicly with these men or even run his race. It could be that Shauberger plans to attack Bobby Rader’s and others' wives and kids was more than Farmer was willing to do. twenty year old divorces and old records of their enemies kids when they were teenagers probably seemed beyond the pale to the struggling Houston attorney. Making up stories about sexual favors paying judges off probably set off an alarm in the attorney's head as his fear of huge defamation lawsuits kept him awake.It could be that after Farmer signed up for office he started feeling like the Patterson campaign was being derailed by some perverted vindictive secret agenda by Shauberger.

Who knows? We do know Patterson seems perfectly comfortable with it. It is not like he was not warned. There is still over four weeks until Election Day and Shauberger has done almost ever despicable and deceptive thing Liberty Dispatch predicted. If you have missed it, count it a blessing. But we all know Patterson got a heads up ahead of time and now has concrete evidence if he wants to say he “knows nothing”. He can’t say he has no probable cause to publicly distance himself from Farmer or from Shauberger or from Shauberger’s comments about kids (of Rader and others) who have not said one word about this race or him.

Patterson won’t do that though. He will play the same kind of blame game he has in so much of what we have reported. He may say Liberty Dispatch started all of this. What a great defense, except that what Liberty Dispatch “started” was posting what Eddie Shauberger told us Patterson’s campaign was going to do to Bobby Rader. We got to hear about all of their “research”. And we got to hear Shauberger say he didn’t care about the truth, he just cared about gathering information that could be used to make his enemies look bad. He said “We are taking the little political things Liberty Dispatch does and taking it to another level. Liberty Dispatch never gets results. This is big boy politics.”

Okay big boy Eddie, get your explanation out and explain Farmer. And while you are at it explain why you went from wanting to embarrass and defeat Mike Little, to wanting to embarrass and defeat Logan Pickett to… now, wanting Logan Pickett to get elected the next District Attorney. Explain it. You keep wanting to make our consistent efforts to elect conservatives something unusual (when we have worked on this for nearly twenty years), but explain to us why you and your creepy associates are so interested in a county you do not live in. Perhaps if you spend a little time answering the questions many in the county are asking, you will have less time to talk about our wives and children. Right Sheriff!

Liberty Dispatch would like readers to please let us know if you see James Farmer. The most likely place to see him we are told would be at breakfast in Cleveland.

Liberty Dispatch is offering a reward for information leading to any sightings of James Farmer in Liberty County.

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