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Monday, May 14, 2012

Former Republican County Chairman Endorses Sheriff Candidate

Hello Liberty County:

Connie and I have moved on to a different level of our lives. We do not feel the need to tell anyone how to vote and/or who to vote for in Liberty County.

But in this instance I am going to reverse course for just a moment and tell you why you should vote for Bobby Rader.

My first memory of Bobby is in our younger years when we coached against each other during our kids Little Dribbler Basketball days. It seems so long ago now.

We were both competitive but I could tell by his demeanor and actions that he was involved because he loved his kids and he enjoyed being a part of the community. A man who gives of himself in this capacity draws high marks from me. It is difficult to make time to give to your community and accept the criticism that can emanate from parents and spectators. If you have ever served in this capacity, you will understand what I am talking about.

Bobby has always struck me as a just and upright man. When he walks into a room you can sense that he is a genuine person who respects and likes people. He is communicator. He is approachable. He will listen. He is smart. He is business man and has run a successful business. He walks what he talks. He is independent. He does not run with the herd. From my empirical observations, he is one of the true Conservatives in Liberty County.

All of the above traits are what we need in our elected officials.

Again, I encourage you to vote for Bobby Rader and I fully expect him to become the next Sheriff of Liberty County Texas.



Andrew (Andy) McCreight


.. said...

Hey Andy, good to hear from you again man. Take care...

Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear directly from Mr. McCreight, but to be frank I have not talked to any prominent Republican that is active locally that does not favor Rader over Patterson.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

endorse away, but I early voted on May 14th. Sure were piles of names on the state and national ballots, that I'd never heard of (including the perennially non-viables...)
However, I certainly did my best damage... on the LC races!

yo Outsiders: I'd say that it was nice knowin' ya (but it wasn't)!
Come back when ya can't stay so long, ya hear? Lewis bunch: you too, and good riddance!

Anonymous said...

Don't you love it when someone says "...normally I don't..." then follows it with "...but just this one time..." or something similar? Sounds a lot like the guy who buys Playboy for the articles! Just ragging on you Andy. Bobby is a great guy, I have known him for nearly 20 years. He will make a great sheriff. Unlike some of the liberal democracts who declared themselves Republicans and were embraced by many on this site, Bobby has run as a Republican, he has run on his convictions and beliefs. He has my family's votes.

Anonymous said...

I predict that Cleveland diplomas will increase in value, when that corrupt bunch's signatures, no longer appear on them (not that our five homeschoolers will return, with them out of power.) We certainly won't miss them.

Anonymous said...

Hey Logan Picket, when did you quit beating your wife?