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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Shauberger's getaway vehicle.
After engineering perhaps the most lopsided defeat by an incumbent Sheriff in Liberty County’s history, Eddie Shauberger seems to be abandoning the second county he has called home since his start in politics in 1994.

Shauberger ran for County Judge in Liberty County in 1994 and lost. It was the first of four attempts to get a majority of votes in the county. Then he ran unsuccessfully for state representative three consecutive times before he and his partners got in a nasty struggle to take what they could from each other. Shauberger has not run for office since his business dealings with his home healthcare company ended up in multiple lawsuits and criminal charges. In fact his struggles landed him in neighboring Chambers County. Shauberger has alienated many of his friends in Liberty County by his bizarre behavior, but he has subsequently been ordained and preached for several years in Oak Island as he has awaited trial and a resolution of all of his business dealings in Liberty, Texas.

Besides the chaos Shauberger is infamous for like drawing friends into politics, business and legal problems, he also seems to continue to add CPS investigations to the dark shadow that follows him. Shauberger has managed to keep allegations by several of his adopted daughters through the years from becoming public knowledge, or even known by many of those closest to him.

Even with all of his mounting troubles, he has continued to involve himself in politics. Much of the strategy of the Henry Patterson re-election campaign unseen by the public was foretold by Shauberger. He is also rumored to have also been advising Monroe Kreuzer’s bid for Sheriff in Chambers County and Richard Baker. All three races were disasters and kept citizens stirred up in both communities.

One day after those terrible losses it appears Shauberger is quickly retreating to his third county. Liberty Dispatch sources informed us that Shauberger had backed a u-haul up to the parsonage where he lives in Oak Island. It now appears Shauberger is headed for Bexar County.

As Shauberger moves to San Antonio, he leaves behind a trail of tattered, threatened and abused friends, associates, acquaintances and family members.


Anonymous said...

Some Pastor... good riddance.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that people like this are always perverts. He flew below the radar in oak island, the middle of nowhere.

Anonymous said...

Pure evil. May God have mercy on his soul.

Anonymous said...

This man has abused his family and the public trust. We live here in Oak Island and are rejoicing that he is leaving. Evil follows this man and everything he touches.

He's gone, praise God!

Anonymous said...

I hope he is not moving in with his youngest daughter again. Can someone please check this out?

Anonymous said...

Bye Rev, good riddance.

Anonymous said...

let's get a few more U-Hauls going. We could use several in Kirbywood and Circle Drive areas. Another one or two would be useful on Village lane. Don't forget Peach street, Easy street, Campbell street, San Jacinto street, West Hanson, 787, and Plum Grove road, as well. We could use some more out in Moss Hill, along hwy 105. We could include their loading crews, renamed, as part of ""clean up Cleveland"" events. lmao

Anonymous said...

what do you call 5 U-Hauls, full of Outsiders, moving away?

A good start!

Anonymous said...

Run Forrest run...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How can a man reconcile preaching religion with so much focus on peddling corrupt power and influence? Somebody should warn Bexar County.

Anonymous said...

good question. Same situation, in Cleveland. Let's see how the spring elections changed that church's political power.

School Board: they had four seats, of the seven. One was unopposed (Wood), one was defeated (Higginbotham), one stepped down- not running (Lewis) and they ran a replacement- who won (Purkerson.)
Net change, minus 1. Additionally, the fourth one is moving away, to resign this summer. Not having four seats, to control nominating a replacement, they could lose that seat. Net change: minus TWO.
Controlling majority- GONE!

City Council- all unopposed, therefore, no election held. Net change, zero. Controlling majority- intact.

Sheriff's primary- their member, Henry Patterson, handily defeated.
Their other member- Will Cox, finished third. Both combined, were exceeded by Bobby Rader's vote total. Thus, there was no run-off.

County Commissioner, Pct 3- none of the republican candidates were their members. The runoff's winner will face their member (Melvin Hunt) in the November general election.

Anonymous said...

One other "net change": formerly, they held all three school board officer positions (Pres, VP, and Sec'y.) Following new member installations and new officer selections, they only hold the President slot. Net change- minus TWO!

Anonymous said...

The news from north county-

The reason that there wasn't a change at the city council was clear: The damage was already done, and irreversible!!!

Yes, the millions of dollars of lavish buildings (civic center, city hall) were already built, mortgaged to the hilt, and permanent surcharges placed on the water bills (doubling them, in just six years.) In addition, all of the hotel tax moneys were wasted on them, as well (going to fund the lavish expenses of the chamber and the newly added (and not so funny) joke: the "convention and visitors' bureau." The three million dollar civic center (losing over $175,000 last year, in operating costs vs sales and rental receipts,) sits vacant, hundreds of days per year- with a single car in the parking lot

(the lone receptionist- charged with the laughable duties of:
1. customer service (for no customers) and
2. answering phones (that rarely ring))!!!

At least she has time to be a minister, for her equal example of booming business- her house church.

Irretrievable too, were the millions of dollars, lost to the red light camera vendor (at $4750 monthly per camera (3 of 'em,) month 25 and counting... plus commission on the rest)!!!

So too, was the hundreds of thousands in lost sales tax revenue, caused by the citizen business boycotts, due to the above.

Finally, even the red light camera recall petition seems futile, knowing the millions that it cost the city of Houston, in both litigation and settlement costs.

The city had the lowest election turnout in decades
(the school vote, that normally draws 1000, drew less than 300 voters.)
The voters feel helpless and resigned to their fate: endless taxes, endless appraisal increases, (due to totally out of control spending, contract cronyism, embezzlement, stealing of funds, and permanent corruption.)

note: Even 'national day of prayer,' (this month) drew a mere, few dozen. The locals know the futility of prayer vigils, when the corrupt leaders are phony church goers- writing and LEADING the prayers!

(you'll recall how well last year's event altered the drought? Not exactly a heavenly host, heeding that bunch's pleas...)

To add to the farce, the lame duck mayor, penned a proclamation of the event, and announced that it was going in the museum- another Barnett corruption expense, and self patronizing piece of government pork! One wonders when, if ever, the prior 26 mayors' proclamations will be allowed in the Barnet puppet museum??? Don't hold your breath.

Opponents won't sign up for elections, knowing that they'll only face recalls. The local paper is fully in bed with the system, and therefore, useless.

All the voters could do was turn a yearning eye towards May, 2013 (the date of the mayor's term limit,) only to be dejected again, learning that one of her council puppets has been named her chosen successor- to continue, indefinitely, the disastrous spendings and policies, above.
(similarly, the USA's citizens are turning the same yearning eye towards January, 2017- the date of Obama's term limit, knowing and dreading, that Hillary is already the chosen successor)!

LD: your editorial policy of Liberty courthouse square ONLY, has cost Cleveland's citizens dearly, and for years to come!
The citizens' only defense is to start churches, and take properties off the tax roles, both ad valorem, and sales tax exemptions (currently, over 120 of them in Cleveland, and counting)!

Our only solace, is that we can inform LD's readers, so that other LC communities can avoid the same mistakes.

Anonymous said...

oh, so THAT's where Patterson learned the corruption and cronyism, to make the phony jail bid, for Warden whass-hizz-name!

and that's where he found Harry Williams too.

Anonymous said...

awwww, now how do you REALLY feel?

Anonymous said...

forget calling the songwriter. A single song won't cover north county. They'll need an entire musical. God, help us all...