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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Part two, by Richard Pegues

On May 21st I had not had much sleep the night before and when I answered the call to be at jury duty in the 75th District Court at 8:30 AM, I kind of stayed to myself. When Juror 16 spoke up and face to face complained about the District Attorney’s office, it was after lunch. The man’s passionate words were full of frustration and disappointment and when he finished I had one thought: “Even though I bet I am not picked on either jury, I am glad I was here for to hear that juror.”

But my day in the courthouse was not over. During the break, I waived at a former undercover cop as I passed by. He was in the jury pool and caught up with me at the double-door entrance to the courtroom before we re-entered the 75th. We sat and visited for awhile before the business of the court got going again and I learned (and was reminded) about some of the things that the good ole boys system have done in this county.

The undercover cop complained the years he risked his life for the people of this county, one of the most frustrating people to deal with was Mike Little. He said he would make a bust and turn over the confiscated goods to Little and the D.A. would “mess me around”.

If I confiscated automobiles it was not right for the D.A.’s people to drive those vehicles around. If I confiscated money, Little could hold it for us, but when we ask for what sometimes was hundreds of thousands of dollars to be transferred, he would “keep the interest accrued”. Not only that, sometimes they appropriated money to people that had no business getting any benefit from the confiscation – like $25,000 to Commissioner Lee Groce.

Liberty Dispatch has talked about “the slush funds” and now we are hearing once again about its illegal handling and misuse. In less than seven hours in the courtroom, without trying, I confirmed what Liberty Dispatch has said for years now.

Liberty County DA Candidate, Karen McNair Endorsement:

"These stories and information I have had for a while are why I am joining former Liberty County Republican Party Chairman Andy McCreight in endorsing Karen McNair for District Attorney. We need a change and she is the most qualified and least connected person to the good ole boy system in the race."

Richard Pegues, Former Liberty County Republican Chairman


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

People like Little and Pickett pay no attention to these kinds of allegations. They think "all of us little people" just don't understand. i tell you what I understand. mike little drove a white SUV for many months and he was not suppose to. that vehicle was confiscated. little should have claimed the use of that vehicle on his taxes - or better yet left the vehicle alone. His pay includes no vehicle.

Anonymous said...

Pickett represents several generations of corruption, the corrupt element is trying to pass the torch to Logan Pickett.

Anonymous said...

It is too much to ask a voter to vote for someone who has no where near enough experience to be a district attorney.

Hates wife beaters! said...

Hey Logan, when did you quit beating your wife you hot head. I suppose you want to become DA so you can beat her and she wont be able to do anything about it.

Hates wife beaters too! said...

He has many people covering up his domestic abuse.