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Monday, May 7, 2012

Liberty County Democrat Operative Commits Felonies to Harm Republicans

UPDATE: See the other update of all the internet domain names of community leaders and businesses Murrie Gene Kinney has hijacked- see end of article.

Liberty Dispatch has been given information that a local Democrat operative has intentionally committed multiple felonies to damage Republican candidates in Harris and Liberty counties.

The person in question is Liberty County resident Murrie Gene Kinney. Mr. Kinney is known in the area for sending out kooky and bizarre letters to the editor, threatening people in his own party and other local news media outlets.

Reports also state that Mr. Kinney has lured women to his home numerous times under the guise of helping them with small claims cases born out of the Liberty County Pct. 4 JP's office- only to allegedly sexual harass the women.

Murrie Gene Kinney created and has in reserve for use but not active, only his mail server is activated for that domain name. Lets continue to connect the dots here, then "move on" to the evidence...

Mr.  Louis Guthrie is the Republican challenger in Harris County running for Sheriff against Democrat incumbent Sheriff Adrian Garcia. Mr. Kinney used a domain host well out of the Texas area in an attempt to intentionally deceive and hide his ownership of both domains and others by the use of a private registration service at:

1&1 Internet Inc.
701 Lee Road, Suite 300
Chesterbrook, PA 19087

Unique CSI evidence links below: - name server "" - name server ""

These domains and several others are all commingled into one account owned by Murrie Gene Kinney.

Of all the thousands of domain providers in the US, Mr. Kinney’s illegal domains come back to the above SAME domain provider. We contacted the abuse department at 1&1 and they verified the domain and other offensive websites were being hosted there and "paid for" by Murrie Gene Kinney.

Next, we contacted the Harris County District Attorney's office and asked them what laws if any were broken by Mr. Kinney, they gave us the following information:

Law: Acts 2009, 81st Leg., R.S., Ch. 503, Sec. 1, eff. September 1, 2009. Sec. 33.07. ONLINE IMPERSONATION.

"September 1, 2009, several laws went into effect in Texas, including a law which makes online harassment a third-degree felony.

This new law specifies that a person can be charged with online harassment if he or she uses the name of another person to create a Web page or to post one or more messages on a commercial social networking site without obtaining the other person’s consent with the intent to harm, defraud, intimidate, or threaten any person. Online harassment is a felony punishable by 2-10 years in prison and a fine not to exceed $10,000."

The DA's office said that given the evidence and information... they felt there "would be no problem indicting" someone who had committed the mentioned acts.

Clearly Murrie Jean Kinney has broken the above law/s. After Kinney’s loss in a run for Liberty County Democrat Chair (in some say the most embarrassing upset in Liberty County history) against the incumbent Democrat Chair Nancy Archer... he has intentionally acted breaking the law to exercise his vindictiveness.

It is unknown at this time whether the people who Mr. Kinney has harmed plan to file civil and/or criminal charges including Louis Guthrie and others.

Subject offender information:

Murrie Gene Kinney
DOB: 03/27/1951
TDL: 5939982
38CR 4531
Dayton, TX 775353

Contributor's note: Murrie Gene Kinney has also posted according to his internet provider 1and1. According to 1and1 internet host Murrie Kinney has also bought another one of his "online impersonations" illegal acts/counts.

Below are domain names Murrie Gene Kinney has hijacked- there are more.

Amazon Legal Department threatened to sue him and file criminal charges unless he gave up their domains after trying to shake them down via extortion.

Although some of these domains come back as no webpage, the whois information comes back to Murrie Gene Kinney or one of his fronts.

Its obvious by the domains Murrie Gene Kinney owns that his plan is to extort money from celebrities, local government and corporations.

There is a obvious criminal mind at work in Murrie Jean Kinney to hijack, extort and harass people with his domain ownership.


Anonymous said...

Gene Kinney= Pink Slime

Anonymous said...

Hey Kinney, found you in my cats litter box.

Anonymous said...

Hey LD will you please post his booking photo?

Anonymous said...

Sorry bunch of democraps this guy is connected to Mike Little and Logan Pickett.

Anonymous said...

Mike Little and Logan Pickett knows about this guys illegal acts and is covering for him.

Anonymous said...

Typical Democrat

Anonymous said...

Mike Little a 30 year Democrat is pushing DA candidate Logan Pickett, Hmmmmm something stinks here. You really think Mike Little or anyone from his office would go after a democrat? No, that is only reserved for Republicans.

When I think that Logan Pickett could even be dog catcher for Liberty County I want to vomit. The stink is overwhelming.

Anonymous said...

Ive heard that Allen Youngblood over at I-Dineout was helping and collaborating with Murrie Kenny on this.

Anonymous said...

Its a shame you couldnt have contacted the DA's office in Liberty County because you know Logan Pickett and Mike Little wont do anything. This is just more proof why we need to clean the Liberty County DA's office out.

Anonymous said...

Its one thing to spoof a site but, where Kinney screwed up is that he hijacked a political candidates/person's name. A big NO NO

Anonymous said...

Ive lived in Liberty County many years, Ive seen Gene Kinney go around acting like he was somebody and telling people he was a deputy in Harris county, all lies. This big old lurch like to intimidate people and thinks he is a player, he is a nothing and never has been. Saying he is protected by Mike Little is true and likewise Logan Pickett.

I dont think he has anything to do with Youngblood. He says Youngblood is nothing but a fag and a suck up to Nancy Archer. He calls and harasses many of the county elected officials so much so many have considered taking out a restraining order against him.

He wanted to keep Pruitt in as JP because Pruitt would allow him to "represent" women in his courtroom. And yes, there have been complaints from women about his coming on to them for his "representation". Im glad to see this guy outed, he is a filthy snake in the grass.

Funny thing is, I used to be a Democrat and saw him from time to time and listened to his lies. He was one of the reasons I became a Republican.

Anonymous said...

You can bet Gene Kinney has been working with people in Mike Little's office.

Anonymous said...

Gene Kinneys methods are criminal.

Anonymous said...

The law that Kinney broke is for "online impersonation" shame on you Kinney.

Anonymous said...

I hope that Mr. Guthrie files a criminal referral against Gene Kinney.